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2019年11月21日 10:51:54 | 作者:问医门户 | 来源:新华社
In the wake of an unofficial Hong Kong referendum demanding political reform, activists in nearby Macau are planning their own civil referendum to gauge citizen demand for democracy.在香港举行要求政治改革的非正式投票之后不久,的政治活动人士正计划举行全民公投以衡量市民的民主诉求。The former Portuguese colony, a short ferry ride from Hong Kong, is governed by China and like Hong Kong is a special administrative region with its own political and economic systems. Since Macau returned to Chinese rule in 1999, like Hong Kong, it has been led by a Chief Executive selected by an election committee dominated by corporations and pro-Beijing interests. Currently, only 400 Macanese citizens are given a say in electing the top leader of the 30-square kilometer peninsula and archipelago. Fernando Chui, the current Chief Executive, is currently running unopposed in an election next month.曾为葡萄牙殖民地,与香港仅一水之隔。现在由中国统治,与香港一样是拥有独立政治、经济体制的特别行政区。于1999年回归中国,之后也像香港一样由行政长官领导,行政长官由一个企业界及亲北京人士主导的选举委员会选举产生。目前这个面积30多平方公里、由半岛和群岛组成的特别行政区内只有400名公民可参与行政长官选举投票。现任行政长官崔世安(Fernando Chui)在下个月的选举中暂无对手。Macau#39;s unofficial referendum, planned for August 24-30, echoes the public vote organized last month in Hong Kong by pro-democracy activists Occupy Central. According to Macau Conscience, the activist group sponsoring the vote in Macau, their plan did not take off until a local rally for democracy experienced higher-than-expected turnout in May.上个月持民主的维权组织“占领中环”(Occupy Central)在香港组织了公投后,的非官方公投计划于8月24日至30日举行。据举办投票的维权组织“良心”(Macau Conscience)称,5月份当地的一次民主集会参与人数超过预期,之后他们才萌生了公投的想法。#39;It was a surprise to me to see 20,000 Macau residents at our rally,#39; Macau Conscience member Jason Chao told China Real Time. #39;Not many citizens really understand how the Chief Executive has been elected, and we want to give them an experience to exercise their civil rights and fight for a democratic election system.#39;“良心”成员Jason Chao对“中国实时报”(China Real Time)栏目表示,看到两万居民参加他们的集会让他感到很意外。他说:“很多市民并不真正了解行政长官是如何选举出来的,我们希望使他们有一次行使公民权利、为民主选举制度而战的经历。”It#39;s not the first time that Macanese democracy activists have sponsored a public vote. In April 2012, a similar effort drew limited participants, with only 2,600 Macau residents taking part. This year, organizers hope to replicate Occupy Central#39;s unexpected success.这并非民主活动人士首次举行公众投票。2012年4月,一次类似的活动吸引了有限的参与者,只有2,600名居民参加。今年,组织者希望能够复制“占领中环”的意外成功。Macau Conscience#39;s referendum will have two questions: whether residents support universal suffrage for Macau in 2019, and whether they have confidence in the current Chief Executive, Mr. Chui. If a challenger for the city#39;s top office emerges in time for the vote by the city#39;s election committee, which begins on August 24, it will ask respondents which candidate they prefer.“良心”的投票将包括两个问题:居民是否持2019年普选,以及对现任特区行政长官崔世安是否有信心。如果在8月24日选举委员会开始投票前出现特首竞争人选,它将询问受访者更青睐哪位候选人。The prospects for a democratic Macau, however, are tempered by legal and economic realities. One critical difference between the democratic demonstrations in Hong Kong and Macau lies in their constitutions: while the goal of one day establishing universal suffrage is enshrined in the Hong Kong#39;s Basic Law, Macau#39;s Basic Law does not include the words #39;universal suffrage#39; at all.不过,法律和经济现实抑制了的民主化前景。香港和民主示威活动的一个重要区别在于它们的制度不同:最终实现普选的目标就写在香港基本法中,而的基本法中根本没有提到普选一词。Macau, the #39;Monte Carlo of the Orient,#39; is also heavily dependent on tourism from mainland China. Gambling tourism makes up about 50% of the city#39;s economy and Macau remains the only place in China where Chinese citizens are legally allowed to gamble.有“东方蒙特卡洛”之称,仍然严重依赖中国大陆游客发展旅游业。旅游占该地区经济活动的50%左右,仍然是中国唯一一个合法的地区。 /201407/310802China#39;s quality watchdog has started a campaign to ensure the safety of escalators after a mother in Hubei province was killed on an escalator at a department store after pushing her son to safety.湖北省一位母亲在百货公司搭乘自动扶梯时被卷入,临死前将儿子托出扶梯,随后中国质检总局开展安全检查确保自动扶梯安全运行。In a statement released on Tuesday, the special equipment bureau of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine said it has ordered quality watch-dogs at local levels to examine the safety of escalators and moving sidewalks.周二,国家质检总局特种设备局在发布的一份声明中称,已经下令要求地方各级质检部门对自动扶梯和自动人行道开展安全检查。Unsafe equipment should be suspended immediately and repaired, the authority said.该部门称,不安全的设备应当立即停止使用进行维修。The measures followed the death of Xiang Liujuan, a 31-year-old woman from Jingzhou, Hubei province, who was killed on Saturday when she fell into a gap between the floor and the escalator at a store in Jingzhou.此前的周六,湖北省荆州市一名31岁的女子向柳娟在当地一家百货公司搭乘自动扶梯时,因陷入楼层和扶梯之间的空隙而被卷入电梯致死。Surveillance of the accident, showing Xiang lifting her toddler son to safety as she fell, was uploaded to social media, where it was shared more than 100,000 times on Sina Weibo.事故监控录像显示,向柳娟在陷入电梯之后,将其幼小的儿子托到安全的地方,这段视频被上传到了社交媒体上,并在新浪微中转发超过10万次。The number of escalators and elevators in China has risen sharply in the past decade amid the intense urbanization drive, according to the quality watchdog.质检部门称,在过去的10年间,由于城市化进程加快,国内自动扶梯和垂直电梯的数量急剧上升。In another accident on Tuesday, a woman in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, was killed after getting stuck between an elevator and a platform in a factory.周二发生的另一起事故,是江苏省无锡市的一名女子被卡在一家工厂的垂直电梯和平台之间致死。China had more than 3.6 million elevators and escalators in service by the end of last year, and the number is increasing by 20 percent each year. In 2003, the country had only 300,000 elevators in service.截止去年年底,中国有360万升降电梯和自动扶梯在运行,并以每年20%的速度在增长。而2003年全国总共才有30万垂直电梯在使用。A separate safety campaign was launched in March for elevators. Forty-eight elevator accidents resulting in 36 deaths were reported last year, according to the watchdog.质检部门消息称,去年有记录的垂直电梯事故达48起并造成36人死亡,今年3月份开展了垂直电梯专项安全检查。;The supervision of elevator safety in China is done by government departments, while in Western countries the responsibility lies with the users and property owners,; said an official with the administration#39;s special equipment bureau, who asked not to be identified.质检总局特种设备局一位不愿透漏姓名的官员称:“在西方国家电梯安全检查由用户和业主负责,而我国则是由政府部门来完成。”The subject of liability for a large number of elevators remains unclear, and that has made safety supervision difficult, he said.他说,大量电梯的责任归属不够明确,这使得安全监督很困难。;The safety problem mainly lies in the elevators that were put into service before 2003, when safety standards for equipment was relatively low,; he said.“出现安全问题的电梯大部分是在2003年以前安装投入使用的,当时的设备安全标准相对较低。”他说。An emergency response system has been established for elevators in 11 cities across the country, and residents who become trapped in elevators can dial 96333 to request rescue, the quality watchdog said.质检部门称,全国有11个城市建立了电梯应急响应系统,居民如果被困在天梯内,可拨打96333请求救援。 /201507/389442Maybe money can#39;t buy happiness. But it can buy status, and status can indeed make us a bit happier.金钱或许买不到幸福,但能买到地位,而身份地位的确能让我们更幸福一些。An article in Time describes new research from Chris Boyce, a psychologist at the University of Warwick, and Simon Moore, a psychologist at Cardiff University. The pair sought to understand why societies that became wealthier didn#39;t become collectively happier. After all, rising incomes and wealth made individuals happier, up to a certain point of course.《时代》(Time)杂志的一篇文章描述了华威大学的伊斯和卡迪夫大学的尔这两位心理学家的最新研究。二人试图了解为什么更加富裕的社会却没有实现集体幸福感的增强。毕竟,收入和财富的增加当然会在一定程度上让一个人更幸福。So the researchers decided to dig deeper into what is called the #39;reference-income hypothesis,#39; a fancy way of saying that wealth is relative. If an entire country gets richer at the same time, individuals wouldn#39;t necessarily feel wealthier, since their relative positions in society hadn#39;t changed.因此研究人员决定深入挖掘所谓的“相对收入假定”。这是说明财富相对论的一种假想方式。如果整个国家同时变得更富裕,个人并不一定会感到更富有,因为他们在社会中的相对地位并未发生改变。Most people don#39;t compare themselves with an abstract national average. Messrs. Boyce and Moore decided to try to figure out how people compare themselves with their neighbors, colleagues at work or friends from college. The higher their rank, the greater their sense of happiness and self-worth would likely be.大多数人不会拿自己和抽象的全国平均水平进行比较。伊斯和尔决定设法弄清人们如何拿自己与左邻右舍、工作中的同事或大学时的朋友相比较。他们的排名越高,幸福感和自我价值意识也可能越强。#39;For example, people might care about whether they are the second most highly paid person, or the eighth most highly paid person, in their comparison set,#39; write the authors.作者写道,例如,人们可能会在意在进行比较的所有人中,他们的薪水究竟是排在第二位,还是排在第八位。They found that the person#39;s rank within the comparison set was a stronger predictor of happiness than absolute wealth. #39;If absolute income matters, as we increased our income, everybody should get happier at a national level, but we don#39;t seem to,#39; Mr. Boyce said. #39;So what we are showing is that in terms of life satisfaction, rank is a better predictor than absolute wealth.#39;他们发现,人们在比较中的排名比其绝对财富更能预示他的幸福程度。伊斯说,如果绝对收入与幸福有关,当收入增加时,全国每一个人都应该更幸福,但看来并非如此。因此我们认为,排名比绝对财富更能预示一个人的生活满意度。The research may help explain why there is much consternation about wealth inequality over the past two decades even though standards of living have improved for many in the lower strata.这一研究可能有助于解释为什么在过去20年间,纵然许多社会低层人员的生活标准也得到改善,人们还是对贫富不均感到如此的恐慌。 /201508/390055

China’s housing bubble continued to deflate in July, with a third straight monthly decline in the price of new homes.中国房地产泡沫在7月继续萎缩,新房价格连续第三个月下跌。The National Bureau of Statistics said average prices across 70 large and medium-sized cities fell by 0.9% in the month, an acceleration from drops of 0.2% in May and 0.5% in June. It said prices fell in 64 of the cities surveyed.国家统计局表示,中国70个大中型城市的房价在7月平均下跌0.9%,较之5月的0.2%和6月的0.5%跌幅更加严重。据国家统计局称,在全部被调查城市中有64个出现了房价下跌现象。The figures come only a few days after the central bank announced a sharp drop in the amount of new loans being given by Chinese banks in July, a development that it put down to banks trying to reduce exposure to real estate and tighten their risk management standards.而就在该数据发布前几天,央行宣布,中国各大在7月份的放贷量出现了显著下降。央行将其归因于正试图减少房地产贷款,提高了风险控制标准。Years of easy money have fueled a massive construction boom across the country, as hundreds of millions of workers have migrated to the cities from the countryside. But there have been increasing signs this year that the supply of new housing has outstripped demand, leaving banks sitting on a lot of loans to developers that have turned sour.随着中国的数亿劳动力从农村移居城市,房地产多年来一直是暴利行业,在全国范围内掀起了大规模的建房热潮。但今年,有越来越多的迹象表明,新房供应量已经超过了需求量,导致借给开发商的大量资金已成为不良贷款。The authorities have tried to address the problem by leaning on the country’s largest banks to increase their buffers against potential losses. They have also approved the creation of ‘bad banks’ in five regions where the housing bubble was most inflated, with a view to transferring bad loans out of the banking system, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.有关部门试图通过依靠一些国内最大的增加资本缓冲,以应对可能的损失。据《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)本周一报道称,中国政府同意在房地产泡沫最为严重的五个地区成立“坏账”,以清理账目上的不良贷款。In year-on-year terms, prices were still up by 2.5%, but the rate of increase has slowed from nearly 10% at the start of the year.与去年同期相比,今年中国的房价总体仍上涨了2.5%,但自年初以来房价的同比增长速度已经下降了近10%。China’s government is targeting growth of around 7.5% this year, but the rate slowed substantially in the first quarter as the economy struggled with the government’s top priority of rebalancing it away from exports to domestic consumption. The government and central bank then enacted a range of stimulus measures that appeared to revive activity, and factory output was on the rise again by June.中国政府将今年的经济增长目标定在了7.5%左右,但第一季度政府将工作重点放在调整经济重心从出口导向转向国内消费上,经济增速放缓。随后,政府和央行推行了一系列刺激措施,似乎扭转了态势,制造业产出在6月有所回升。However, evidence of weakness still continues to come in from a number of areas, and Reuters reported Monday that foreign direct investment hit a two-year low in July. In addition to the economic slowdown, investor sentiment has also suffered from a number of territorial disputes with its neighbors, which are all big investors into China. Also, the country’s antitrust authorities are increasingly flexing their muscles in an effort to stop what they see as price gouging by foreign companies.然而,中国经济的疲软依然在许多领域有所体现。路透社(Reuters)在本周一报道称,中国7月的外商直接投资(FDI)创造了两年来的新低。除去经济衰退之外,投资者情绪也由于中国与邻国的一系列领土争端受到影响。同时,中国的反垄断部门也正在增强执法力度,打击外国公司存在的价格欺诈现象。 /201408/323292

The of the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in South Carolina is seen by some advocates of police reform as evidence of the rising power of technological weapons in their fight.在一些警务改革的倡导者看来,一段记录了发生在南卡罗来纳州一名白人警官开击毙一名手无寸铁的黑人男性的视频, 可以用来印科技武器在争取警务改革的斗争中开始起到越来越大的作用。That includes the smartphone camera, and with it, a growing number of apps produced by activists that streamline the process of capturing and broadcasting s of police interacting with citizens.这包括了智能手机和伴随着智能手机兴起的许许多多的应用程序,活动分子们开发的这些应用程序可以将记录和传播警民互动视频的流程变得很简单。“A lot of times, until these s show up, the officer is going to walk,” said Darren Baptiste, the creator of Cop Watch, an iPhone app that automatically begins recording when you tap its icon and automatically uploads the to YouTube when the recording is stopped.“在这些视频出现之前,很多时候(打死黑人的)警察会一走了之”,一个名叫Cop Watch的iphone应用程序的开发者达伦·巴普提斯特(Darren Baptise)表示。这个应用程序在你点开程序的时候就会自动开始录像,而当录像停止的时候应用程序会自动将视频上传到YouTube。Mr. Baptiste, 47, is an app developer in Toronto, where several episodes of force by police — some of them eventually deemed unlawful — have been captured by citizens wielding cameras over the last few years. He said that when photographing the police during intense situations, people often get flustered — they may forget to hit record, or may not know how, or where, to upload a . There have also been cases in which police, sometimes in violation of the law, confiscated cameras or phones containing stored recordings.今年47岁的巴普提斯特是一名多伦多的应用程序开发者。而他所在的城市近几年有好几段由公民拿起相机拍摄视频记录了警察使用暴力的场景,其中好几起最终都被判定为非法行为。巴普提斯特说,人们在这种紧张时刻拍摄警察通常会很慌乱——很有可能会忘记按下录像键或者完全不懂如何上传视频或者去哪上传。以前也有过警察在违法的时候把围观者拍下他们违法视频的相机或者手机没收掉的情况。The app, which Mr. Baptiste created with the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence, an advocacy group based in Toronto, is meant to make recording the police easier and to make the footage less vulnerable to confiscation by the authorities. Once a user uploads a , the group is notified, and its staff can review and, if necessary, alert the news media and authorities of any apparent wrongdoing by police.这个应用程序是巴普提斯特和一个多伦多名叫“停止警察暴力网络”(Network for the Elimination of Police Violence)的倡导组织一起开发的,其目标是把拍摄记录警察变得更简单,并且让视频更难被权力机构没收。每次有用户上传视频的时候,他们的组织都会收到通知,随后就会有组织人员审查视频,在有必要的时候他们会将任何明显的警方过错通知给新闻媒体和有关权力机构。Though it is only the latest in a string of cases in which amateur photography has been used to document officers’ use of force, the South Carolina shooting demonstrates the power of citizen-captured in the most salient way. Michael T. Slager, the officer in the case, initially said that Walter L. Scott, a driver who had been stopped for a broken taillight, had taken his stun gun during a scuffle. The , captured on a cellphone by a bystander, instead showed the officer shooting Mr. Scott eight times while he ran away. On Tuesday, Mr. Slager was charged with murder.虽然这只是最近一系列非专业摄影记录警察暴力事件中的最新一次,南卡击事件还是非常明显的展现出公民拍摄视频的巨大作用。涉案警官迈克尔·T·斯雷格(Michael T. Slager) 最开始说因为驾驶汽车的尾灯破损而被他拦下的司机沃尔特·L·斯科特(Walter L. Scott)在扭打过程中掏出了手。然而一个旁观者用手机拍下的视频记录下了在斯科特逃跑过程中这名警官八次开射击当事人的场景。斯雷格警官在周二以谋杀罪名被指控。Cop Watch is one of a number of programs for smartphones aimed at helping citizens broadcast encounters with the police. In 2011, during the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Jason Van Anden, an artist and technologist, created “I’m Getting Arrested,” an app that could automatically send text messages to a list of prepopulated close contacts with the push of a button. Later, inspired by Mr. Van Anden’s app, the New York Civil Liberties Union developed the “Stop and Frisk Watch” app, a response to a line of policing tactics championed by then-mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration.Cop Watch只是许许多多为了方便公民记录和传播与警方冲突场景而设计的智能手机程序之一。在2011年占领华尔街运动发展到最高峰的时候,名为杰森·凡·安顿(Jason Van Anden)的艺术家和工艺师创建了名为“我要被捕了(I’m Getting Arrested)”的应用程序,这个程序允许用户通过简单按键就可以自动发送短信给一系列提前设定好的紧密联系人名单 。随后,在凡·安顿的应用程序的启发下,纽约公民自由联盟(New York Civil Liberties Union)也开发了名为“Stop and Frisk Watch”的应用程序,作为对当时纽约市长迈克尔·布隆伯格(Michael Bloomberg)政府拥护的警务策略的响应。The N.Y.C.L.U. app allows a bystander to record from an Android-based phone or iPhone by just pressing a button on the phone’s frame. The app can send a report of a police encounter directly to the group for evaluation.纽约公民自由联盟的应用程序让路人可以从安卓手机或者苹果手机直接按下手机侧面的按键来录像,程序可以直接把与警方冲突的举报发送给公民自由联盟,由他们来进行评估。“We, sadly, thought the technology would be equally useful for young men of color in New York City,” said Jennifer Carnig, the director of communications for the N.Y.C.L.U. “Of course, in New York City if you touch your pocket to get your phone during an encounter with the police, you can end up dead.”“不幸的是,我们以为这项技术对于纽约市的有色种族年轻人也同样有用,”纽约公民自由联盟的媒体总监珍尼佛·佳妮格(Jennifer Garnig)表示。“当然,在纽约,如果你在和警方冲突过程中伸手掏口袋拿手机的话,你最后可能会丧命。”Mrs. Carnig said the app was used heavily last year during the protests surrounding the #BlackLivesMatter movement, which was spurred by the police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager in Ferguson, Mo.佳妮格说,去年因为美国密苏里州弗格森发生的警方击毙一名手无寸铁的黑人青年迈克尔·布朗(Michael Brown)而发起的“黑人性命也很重要”( #BlackLivesMatter)抗议示威游行活动期间,他们的应用程序有很高的使用量。The episodes also brought greater interest in police-worn body cameras, which record every police interaction with a citizen and upload the to a server, where it would be available for later review. The Obama administration has called for 3 million in funding for police departments to outfit their officers with cameras.这些事件也让公众对给警方佩戴随身相机产生了更大的兴趣,这些相机能够记录下每一次警方与公民之间的互动,并将视频上传到一个务器,可以用于随后需要的审查。奥巴马政府已经要求拨款2.63亿美元给各地警察局来为警官配备相机。At least some police advocates are comfortable, to a degree, in outfitting officers with body cameras and wearable technology to monitor police encounters with citizens. But the details of how that process might go has, in some states, has slowed overall adoption of the process.至少有些警方的持者还能够在一定程度上接受给警官们配备随身相机和可穿戴设备,用以监控警方和民众之间的冲突。但是具体到此项目的进程,有些州的配置过程还是非常缓慢。“There are privacy concerns for officers, victims and members of the community that need to be fully vetted,” said Ryan Alphin, executive director of the South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Association, who is currently lobbying the state Legislature on two bills that would incorporate body camera technology into the rank-and file law enforcement agencies in the state.“有些涉及到警官、受害者和相关群体的隐私权的事务还是需要全面审查,”南卡罗来纳州执法委员协会的执行理事瑞恩·阿尔芬(Ryan Alphin)说道,他正在游说州立法机构通过两项法案,让随身相机技术普及到州内执法机构的所有普通成员。Two of the largest police departments in the country, Los Angeles and Houston, are in the early stages of deploying body cameras to all of their field officers and dozens of smaller departments are well underway in their plans.全国最大的两个警察局洛杉矶和休斯顿警局已经开始为所有出勤警官配备随身相机,许多其他小规模的警局也已经开始这项计划。Scott Greenwood, a civil rights lawyer who focuses on police misconduct and who has consulted with police departments on how to deploy cameras, said that the rise of smartphone cameras had spurred police interest in body cameras.斯科特·格林伍德(Scott Greenwood)是一名专注于警方不法行为领域的民权律师,他也和警局就如何开展配备相机的事务进行过商议,他表示智能手机相机的兴起让警方对随身相机有了很大兴趣。“Law enforcement should not hope to rely on the existence of external of witnesses,” he said. “It is best for the profession, community relations, and solid, constitutional policing to have the police departments create that record itself, and the best way to do that is on the officer.”“执法不应该寄希望于依赖外界目击者拍摄的视频。拥有警察局自己创建的视频记录对于这一职业、社区关系和强有力又符合宪法的警务都有极大的好处,而记录的最好方式就是让警官佩戴记录设备。” 格林伍德说。When it comes to citizen-captured , there are few questions regarding legality, said Mickey Osterreicher, general counsel of the National Press Photographers Association. Mr. Osterreicher said that he talked to people on a weekly basis who had been told by police to stop recording their activities. In almost all cases, the police are wrong to do so.而对于公民拍摄的视频,合法性几乎不会成为问题,美国国家摄影记者协会(National Press Photographers Association)的总顾问米基·奥斯特瑞琪(Mickey Osterreicher)表示。他说他每周都会和被警察制止拍摄警方活动过的民众进行谈话。基本上在所有这些情况中警方都没有权利这样做。“If you are in a public place, you have the right to record anything you see,” he said. “That is the First Amendment.”“只要在公共场合,你就有权记录下任何你看到的东西,这是美国宪法第一修正案规定的,” 奥斯特瑞琪说。There are exceptions for safety and for interference with police work. An officer can tell a camera-wielding bystander to step back a few feet, or to step out of a dangerous place, like a busy street. Mr. Osterreicher said that he frequently conducted training sessions with police departments on their responsibilities when being filmed.在威胁人参安全和妨碍警方执法的情况下有一些例外。警察可以让拿着相机拍摄的路人后退几英尺或者离开像繁忙的马路这杨有危险的区域。 奥斯特瑞琪说他经常为警方提供相关培训,让警官们学习自己在被拍摄情况下的责任。“The younger officers get it — they’re used to being filmed,” he said, and some also see the footage as a way to clear up any accusations of wrongdoing. “The older officers are the ones who sometimes see it as questioning their authority.”“年轻警官很理解——他们习惯被相机拍摄,”他说,而且有些年轻警官也会把录像带看成面对指控自己执法中犯错时明自己清白的方式。“年长一些的警官会觉得这是对他们权威的质疑。”So far, the Cop Watch app has not garnered evidence of police misconduct. Usage has been low. In the year that the app has been available, Mr. Baptiste said that about 2,000 people have signed in to the program, and about 1,000 s have been uploaded, most of which show people trying out the program.到目前为止,Cop Watch应用程序还没有搜集到任何警方违法行为的据。这个应用程序的使用量还很低。在应用程序推出的那年,巴普提斯特说有约2千人登陆过他们的应用程序,有约1千个视频上传,但是大部门视频都是用户对程序的测试。“This is truly one of those things that you hope people wouldn’t want to use it,” Mr. Baptiste said. “The main point of this app is to make people talk about why we have an app like this in the first place.”“这真的就是那种你不希望民众想用到的东西,”巴普提斯特说,“有这个程序的主要目的就是让大家来讨论有这种应用程序出现的原因。” /201504/369391

Deflationary pressures at China#39;s manufacturers have reached their strongest in a year-and-a-half.中国制造业通货紧缩压力达到两年半来的最高点。As key commodity prices continue to drop, China#39;s producer price index tumbled to a year-over-year pace of -2.7 per cent pace last month.在一些关键的大宗商品价格继续下跌之际,上个月中国的生产者价格指数(PPI)大幅下跌,同比跌幅为2.7%。PPI has now been caught in deflation for 33 months. The -2.7 per cent print is half a point lower than October, as a slowing economy and a turning housing market weakens demand for industrial goods.这使得中国的PPI已连续33个月处于通缩状态。由于经济放缓以及楼市的逆转降低了对工业品的需求,上个月2.7%的跌幅比10月份还扩大了0.5个百分点。Forecasters were looking for deflation of -2.4 per cent.分析师曾预期PPI同比下跌2.4%。Moody#39;s Analytics said before the figures hit:“Producer prices continue to fall, because of the oversupply of many industrial goods. The slowdown in housing is causing excess supplies of steel, cement and other sectors. Ample supply of global commodities such as iron ore and crude oil are also pushing input costs down.”在该数据公布之前,穆迪分析(Moody#39;s Analytics)曾表示:“由于许多工业品供过于求,生产者价格继续下滑。楼市增长放缓正在导致钢铁、混凝土及其他产业的过度供给。此外,铁矿石和原油等全球大宗商品的充足货源,也压低了输入成本。”Meantime, inflation for consumers remains benign. CPI slowed to 1.4 per cent year over year - the slowest since November 2009. The CPI index was as high as 2.5 per cent earlier in the year but prices have subdued as the property market cools.与此同时,消费品通胀依然保持温和状态。消费品价格指数(CPI)同比增长率放缓至1.4%,这是2009年11月以来的最低通胀率。今年早些时候,中国CPI通胀率曾高达2.5%。不过,随着楼市降温,物价也已受到抑制。 /201412/348048

60% doctors verbally abused近六成医师遭语言暴力A white paper on the status quo of Chinese doctors was released Wednesday.《中国医师执业状况白皮书》27日发布。The findings in 2014 revealed a disturbing situation. In 2014, 52.72% of doctors worked 40 to 60 hours per week, and 32.69% worked more than 60 hours a week; 59.8% of doctors had been subjected to verbal violence, and 13.1% were victims of physical violence.2014年的调研结果揭露了令人堪忧的现状:52.72%的医师平均每周工作时间在40-60小时,32.69%的医师一周工作在60小时以上;59.8%的医务人员受到过语言暴力,13.1%的医务人员受到过身体上的伤害。 /201505/377755

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