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From: 亚瑟的双语客 (Author: Arthur Zhang)Now most of the workers and public servants work from 9 am to 5 pm. Some of them even work from 8 am or 8:30 am to 5 pm. However, according to the global Internet survey done by the UK Sleep Council, the Mediterranean siesta was the right idea all along. The UK Sleep Council called on the country’s bosses to end nine-to-five working in favor of more flexible hours. They believe what would really pump up the pulse of worker productivity is a nice afternoon nap, rather than those bonuses and incentives. Forty-one percent of the 12,000 people who responded to the council’s survey said they were most productive in the morning, while 38 percent said they hit their stride in the evening. “The implication is that the majority are not fully alert in the middle of the day – the traditional time for a siesta in hot countries.” said sleep expert Dr. Chris Idzikowskii. “We must conclude from this survey that the traditional nine-to-five working day does not suit the majority.” He suggested that allowing workers to follow their natural sleeping habits would actually benefit employers by allowing them to expand their working hours and be more productive. Fortunately, being a college lecturer, I don’t have to go to work everyday. I only work three days a week, but during the three days I work really long hours and have no time for a wee little siesta. I’m usually so tired and sleepy in the afternoon, which really affects the vitality of my classes. I used to feel very guilty and sorry for the students of the afternoon classes, but then I excused myself by thinking I’m not a man wearing his shorts outside the long pants (superman does). I strongly support Dr Chris Idzikowskii’s idea for two reasons. One is when people have flexible working hours they could reach their highest productivity. On top of that, flexible working hours means that people don’t have to work all at the same time, in that way we could avoid traffic congestions and jams. Therefore it’s really killing two birds (maybe 7 or 8 birds) with one stone! What do you reckon, guys? 朝九晚五的工作是一种折磨现在大多数的工人和公职人员从上午9:00工作到下午5:00点,一些人甚至从上午8:00或8:30工作到下午5:00,但是根据由英国睡眠(调查)委员会所做的全球外戚农工商调查,地中海国家的午间小憩一直(被认为)是个好主意.英国睡眠(调查)委员会要求老板们结束朝九晚五的工作方式,而选择灵活的时间.他们相信真正能够提高工人生产积极性的是一个很好的午间小睡而不是那些奖金和鼓励. 在12000人回应的调查中,有41%说他们在早上更有效率,38%说他们在晚上才能使出干劲. Chris Idzikowskii士说"调查显示大多数人在中午不完全活跃-这个时间是炎热的国家的午休时间""我们刻意从这个调查中得出结论:大多数人不适合朝九晚五的工作时间"他建议允许工人们按照自己自然的睡眠习惯,从而延长工作时间,这样真正对老板有好处也更有生产力. 作为一个大学讲师我很幸运不用每天去上班,我一周只要工作三天,但是在这三天我工作很长很长时间没有一点时间可以小睡一下.下午我通常感觉又累又困,从而影响了课堂的活力.我常常对下午课上的学生感到很抱歉,但是我想我又不是超人以此原谅了自己. 我有两个理由强烈持士的观点.一个是当人们有灵活的时间的时候他们的效率能达到最高.另一个原因是灵活的时间对意味着人们不必在同样的时间工作,这样可以避免交通拥挤和堵塞.这真是一箭双雕(也许是更多)!你认为呢? /200801/25617。

Amazon is nearing deals with the world’s largest record labels to launch a subscription music streaming service as soon as next month, according to two people familiar with the matter. 据两位知情人士透露,亚马逊(Amazon)接近与全球各大唱片公司达成交易,最快于下月推出付费音乐流媒体务。Pandora is also closing in on licensing agreements for an on-demand streaming service, which the internet radio provider has said it aims to debut later this year. Pandora也即将获得点播流媒体务的许可权协议,这家互联网广播提供商表示,计划在今年晚些时候推出该务。However, a September launch is unlikely, according to someone close to the company. 但据熟悉该公司的人表示,9月推出的可能性不大。Both companies are planning services for .99 a month, the price point that has become the industry standard, putting them in direct competition with Spotify and Apple Music for listeners. 两家公司均计划以每月9.99美元——该价位已成为行业标准——的价格推出务,这令它们要直接与Spotify和Apple Music争夺听众。If the deals go through, Amazon and Pandora will enter a crowded field as the industry looks to replace years of shrinking album sales with streaming, which has become the dominant form of digital music consumption. 如果这些交易成功落实,亚马逊和Pandora将进入一块拥挤的领域,该行业正寻求以流媒体来取代多年萎缩的专辑销售;流媒体已成为数字音乐消费的主要形式。Spotify, Apple, SoundCloud, Deezer, Tidal and Google Play also offer music subscriptions for .99 a month, while Vevo has flagged plans to introduce a service later this year. Spotify、苹果、SoundCloud、Deezer和Google Play也提供音乐订阅,费用均为每月9.99美元,Vevo表示有计划在今年晚些时候推出一项务。Spotify and Apple Music have a clear lead over the competition, with 30m and 15m paying customers, respectively. Spotify与Apple Music在这场竞争中拥有明显的领先优势,其付费用户人数分别为30001500万。Amazon is likely to pay the music labels royalty rates comparable to those of Apple, according to people familiar with the negotiations. 据熟悉亚马逊与唱片公司谈判的人士表示,亚马逊向这些公司付的版税很可能与苹果相当。Apple pays slightly higher rates than Spotify, which pays about 70 per cent of its revenue to music rights holders. 苹果付的版税略高于Spotify,后者约70%的收入上交给音乐版权持有者。Amazon did not reply to a request for comment. 亚马逊未回复置评请求。 /201608/463617。

Kids who eat better perform better in school, a new study of Nova Scotia fifth-graders confirms.Students who ate an adequate amount of fruit, vegetables, protein, fiber and other components of a healthy diet were significantly less likely to fail a literacy test, Dr. Paul J. Veugelers of the University of Alberta in Edmonton and colleagues found.While a healthy diet is generally assumed to be important for good school performance, there has actually been little research on this topic, Veugelers and his colleagues note. To investigate, they looked at 4,589 fifth-graders participating in the Children's Lifestyle and School-performance Study, 875 (19.1 percent) of whom had failed an elementary literacy assessment.The better a student's eating habits based on several measures of diet quality, including adequacy and variety, the less likely he or she was to have failed the test, the researchers found, even after they adjusted the data for the effects of parental income and education, school, and sex. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, and getting fewer calories from fat, was also associated with a lower risk of failing the test.To date, Veugelers and his team say, most research on diet and school performance has focused on the importance of eating breakfast, as well as the ill effects of hunger and malnutrition."This study extends current knowledge in this area by demonstrating the independent importance of overall diet quality to academic performance," the researchers conclude. (加拿大)一项对新斯科舍省五年级小学生开展的研究实,饮食习惯好的孩子学习成绩也比较好。加拿大埃德蒙顿亚伯达大学的鲍尔#8226;J#8226;维格勒士及其同事发现,饮食健康,摄入足量水果、蔬菜、蛋白质和纤维等营养成分的学生读写测试不及格的可能性较低。维格勒及其同事指出,大家都想当然地认为健康的饮食对于孩子的学习成绩很重要,但实际上有关这一问题的研究却很少。为了弄清这一问题,研究人员对4589名五年级学生开展了一项“儿童生活方式与学习成绩”的研究,其中有875名学生未通过小学读写水平测试。研究人员发现,饮食习惯较健康的学生考试不及格的几率较小,在综合考虑学生父母的收入及教育程度、就读学校和性等因素的影响后得出的结论也是如此。学生饮食习惯的健康与否主要以饮食质量的几个指标为依据,其中包括所摄入食物的量和种类。此外,研究发现,在摄入大量水果蔬菜和较少高脂肪食品的情况下,学生读写测试不及格的几率也会降低。维格勒及其研究小组称,目前有关儿童饮食与学习成绩的多数研究主要着眼于吃早餐的重要性,以及饥饿和营养不良可能导致的后果。研究人员得出结论:“该研究展示了总体饮食质量对孩子学习成绩的独有重要性,是对这一领域现有研究成果的进一步拓展。” /200804/35921。

Koreas Hold Family Reunions Via Video Link数百名南北韩人星期二通过视频联线心情激动地和亲人团聚。这是南北韩和解的最新努力。参加团聚的人当中最年长的102岁韩国老人几十年来第一次看到了生活在北韩的儿子。1945年朝鲜半岛分裂造成数百万家庭离散。三天的视频团聚活动中,有120个家庭的865人将通过视频得以见面。南北韩计划5月在北韩金刚山恢复离散家庭面对面团聚。北韩今年2月同意了一项有关核问题的协议,此后南北韩本月恢复了会谈和交流。Hundreds of North and South Koreans held emotional family reunions through links Tuesday as part of renewed reconciliation efforts between the two countries. South Korea's oldest participant, who is 102-year-old , met his North Korean son for the first time in decades. Millions of families were separated by the division of the Korean peninsula in 1945.Three days of reunions are being held for 865 people from 120 families. The two Koreas plan to resume face-to-face reunions in May at North Korea's Mount Kumgang.North and South Korea resumed talks and exchanges this month after Pyongyang agreed in February to go forward with a nuclear deal.北爱尔兰对立派系领袖达权力分享协议 Northern Ireland's Rival Leaders Reach Deal on Sharing Power北爱尔兰新教和天主教政治领导人宣布了一项今年5月8号组建权力分享政府的协议。星期一在贝尔法斯特宣布这项突破性协议之前, 强硬派的新教领导人佩斯里和天主教新芬党领袖亚当斯举行了首次面对面的谈判。这对宿敌过去一直通过第三方进行谈判,他们这次在英国为组建政府而制订的最后期限结束前仅数小时举行了会晤。他们在宣布这项协议时并排坐在一起。80岁的佩斯里说,“过去特定环境下的发生恐怖和悲剧”不能阻碍“为我们的后代建立一个更好、更稳定的未来”。爱尔兰共和军政治党亚当斯说,协议“标志着新世代的开始”。英国首相布莱尔在伦敦赞扬这个协议。他说:“我们过去10年来做的一切努力都是为了这一刻的到来。”Protestant and Catholic political leaders in Northern Ireland have announced a deal to form a power-sharing government on May eighth.The breakthrough, announced Monday in Belfast, came after the first face-to-face talks between hardline Protestant leader Ian Paisley and Catholic Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams.The bitter foes, who previously negotiated through third parties, met just hours ahead of a British deadline for the formation of a government. They sat side-by-side in announcing the deal.The 80-year-old Paisley said the "justified horrors and tragedies of the past" must not become "a barrier to a better and more stable future for our children."Adams, who heads the political wing of the Irish Republican Army, said the deal "marks the beginning of a new era."In London, British Prime Minister Tony Blair hailed the pact, saying "everything we have done for the past 10 years has been in preparation for this moment."韩国将封锁更多外国色情网站 South Korea to Block More Foreign Pornographic Web Sites韩国政府表示, 将在5月前再封锁180家外国色情网站,打击色情门户网站。韩国信息和通讯部说,这次行动的目的是封锁那些含有未成年人可以进入的具有淫秽内容的网站。首尔目前正在加大打击网上色情的力度,因为最近韩国的一些主要网站贴出了具有明显色情内容的录像。这些片段被删除前已经成为观看人数最多的录像片段。韩国信息和通讯部星期一还表示, 将加强昼夜滤除网上色情内容的行动小组的力量。韩国的高速上网非常普及,大部份人口经常使用电脑和其他电子通讯装置。South Korea's government says it will block an additional 180 foreign pornographic Web sites by May as part of a campaign against local Internet portals with sexual content. South Korea's Ministry of Information and Communications says the move is aimed at eliminating access to Web sites containing obscene material that could be viewed by minors.Seoul is stepping up its crackdown on Internet pornography after sexually-explicit clips were recently posted onto major South Korean portals. The clips became the most widely-viewed s in South Korea for several hours before they were deleted. The South Korean ministry also said Monday it will strengthen a task force that filters out pornographic Internet material around the clock. South Korea has widesp high-speed Internet access and a large percentage of the population uses computers and other electronic communications devices regularly. /200803/32945。

Google and Apple are the most valuable companies in the world, and undoubted winners from the smartphone boom. 谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)是全球市值数一数二的两家公司,无疑也是智能手机大发展的赢家。In their wake lies Nokia’s handset business, which was sold to Microsoft and later wound down.在他们身后躺着诺基亚(Nokia)的手机业务,后者被出售给微软(Microsoft),后来关闭了。But, when it comes to defending themselves against the arsenal of patents Nokia built up in its years at the top, the US tech heavyweights want the world to view them as victims of unfair and anti-competitive behaviour.但是,在谈到对抗诺基亚在其巅峰时期累积的专利库的时候,这两家美国科技巨擘希望世界将它们视为不公平和反竞争行为的受害者。That rather delicious irony emerged this week, as Apple filed a private antitrust suit against two companies that have acted as enforcers of Nokia’s patent portfolio. 这种极具讽刺意味的事情发生在上周,苹果对代理诺基亚专利组合的两家公司提起了反垄断私人诉讼。Apple claimed that Nokia was taking advantage of a legal system that is ripe for abuse by carving up its patent holdings and passing them on to specialist firms. 苹果宣称,诺基亚将所持专利切割成几块、将其转移至专业公司,是在利用一个易于被滥用的法律制度。In the heated rhetoric of the intellectual property industry, Nokia had become that most detested of animals: a patent troll.在知识产权领域激烈的口水仗当中,诺基亚已成为最令人憎恶的专利流氓。Google took aim at the same arrangement in a complaint to European regulators four years ago. 谷歌4年前在向欧洲监管机构提起的申诉中将矛头对准了同样的行为。It accused the Finnish company and Microsoft of colluding to raise smartphone prices and sidestep patent concessions that are essential to the smooth running of tech markets.它指责诺基亚和微软合谋提高智能手机价格,回避科技市场平稳运转的关键——专利特许。Today, it is tempting to view all of this as a battle involving deep-pocketed companies that are more than capable of taking care of themselves. 如今,人们会忍不住将这一切视为那些财大气粗、完全有能力照顾自己的公司之间的一场战斗。But it has thrown a spotlight on an important question for the tech industry at large.但它也突显出整个科技行业的一个重要问题。At issue are patent assertion entities — specialised companies set up to buy and enforce IP rights. 争议焦点是专利主张实体,即那些专门为了收购并行使知识产权而设立的公司。According to critics, these mercenaries feel no qualms about abusing a shaky legal system to demand excessive royalties, upsetting a delicate balance in the tech world between inventors and the companies that gain from their inventions.批评者们表示,这些雇佣兵放肆地滥用一个漏洞百出的法律体系来要求过高的专利费,打乱了科技行业发明者和发明受益公司之间的微妙平衡。Some aspects of the patent enforcers are more obnoxious than others. 专利行使公司的其中一些做法尤其令人反感。In a recent study, the US Federal Trade Commission generally approved of what it termed portfolio PAEs — companies that buy large bundles of patents — as they provide a useful economic function, and more than half of them share profits with the inventors.在最近的一项研究中,美国联邦贸易委员会(FTC)基本上持其所称的组合式专利主张实体,即大量购买专利的公司,因为它们提供了有用的经济功能,而且其中逾半数公司与发明者分享了利润。True, they may be more willing to resort to legal action than tech companies with industry relationships to protect, and they are set up with the expertise and risk capital to go to war. 的确,与需要考虑维护行业关系的科技公司相比,它们可能更愿意诉诸法律行动,而且它们有充足的专长和风险资本来发起诉讼战。But this by itself does not make them evil.但这本身并不让它们成为魔鬼。A second, more serious question is whether PAEs engage in asymmetric warfare. 第二个更为严肃的问题是,专利主张实体是否发起了不对称战争。As off-the-shelf legal vehicles with no operating businesses of their own, they can sue without fear of a countersuit. 作为自己没有任何运营业务的现成法律实体,他们可以放心提起诉讼而不用担心反诉。They might also act as shell companies for the original patent owners, making it harder for defendants to press for legal discovery from the companies that first won the patent rights. 它们也可能作为专利初始所有人的壳公司,让被告方更难要求对最初赢得专利权的公司进行法律取。These less welcome side-effects seem acceptable if they are outweighed by the benefits of outsourcing legal rights. 如果外包法律权利的收益超过这些不太受欢迎的副作用,那么这一点似乎还可以接受,But there are other, more pernicious results that may be harder to swallow.但还有其他更有害的结果更难以让人接受。One is the secrecy around some PAEs. 一是一些专利主张实体的神秘性。When the ultimate beneficiary of a legal action is hidden, it is impossible for defendants to hit back with their own legal action.当一起法律诉讼的最终受益人不明确的时候,被告方不可能发起自己的法律诉讼予以反击。PAEs may also resort to dubious tactics, 专利主张实体也可能使用一些阴招。such as sping a portfolio of patents through a number of different legal entities then forcing a company such as Apple to buy multiple licences to what amounts to the same technology. 比如将一系列专利转移至许多不同的法律实体,然后迫使苹果等公司为本质上相同的技术购买多项专利。This practice is known in the industry as royalty stacking.这种做法在业内被称为专利费叠加(royalty stacking)。Another valid concern is whether some companies have used PAEs to escape their obligations to maintain open industry standards. 另一个站得住脚的担忧是,一些公司是否利用专利主张实体来逃避保持开放行业标准的义务。When they own patents to technology that plays a part in industry standards, companies such as Nokia accept limits on how aggressively they can enforce their rights. 当拥有对行业标准有影响的技术专利时,对于其能够以多大力度行使权利,诺基亚等公司接受一定的限制。But, once the patents are held by an arm’s length company, the same restraints might not apply.但一旦专利是由一家关联公司持有的,同样的限制可能不适用。Apple’s claims would carry more weight if the company itself had not been accused of balking at the industry’s usual methods for dealing with technology standards. 如果苹果自身没有被指回避业内处理技术标准的通常做法,它的主张将更有分量。But one of Nokia’s suits charges the iPhone maker with refusing to license a set of patents used in the H.264 compression standard, even though many other tech companies have accepted the same terms. 但诺基亚在一起诉讼中指控苹果拒绝向H.264视频压缩标准中使用的一系列专利付专利费,即便其他许多科技公司接受了同样的条款。It is also questionable whether European competition regulators would race to the defence of US tech companies that have come under other scrutiny in Brussels.同时还令人质疑的是,欧洲反垄断监管机构是否会急于捍卫在其它问题上受到布鲁塞尔审查的美国科技公司。With the amounts at stake rising — and patent enforcers now an entrenched part of the legal landscape — a closer look at their tactics appears overdue.随着牵涉到的利益不断加大——专利行使公司如今是法律版图中根深蒂固的一部分——我们似乎早该密切关注它们的战术。 /201612/485726。