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重庆二院整形价格是多少重庆市治疗胎记价格Taking a page from the popularity of dollar stores in the U.S., consumer-goods manufacturers, retailers and restaurants throughout the euro zone have discovered the power of the round price point and are introducing one-euro products aimed at budget-conscious shoppers. 从美国“一美元商店”的高人气获得启发,欧元区的消费品生产商、零售商和餐厅发现了这一价格点的魅力,纷纷向想要省钱的购物者推出价格为一欧元的商品。 Unilever, Danone SA, Starbucks Corp. and McDonald#39;s Corp. in recent months have pushed one-euro products to light a fire under a consumer market in deep recession. The recession in Italy, for example, has pushed the number of Italians living below the poverty line up 14% in the past two years, spurring families to cut back on basic staples such as food. 联合利华(Unilever)、达能集团(Danone SA)、星巴克(Starbucks Corp.)和麦当劳(McDonald’s Corp.)最近几个月都力推一欧元商品,刺激处于深度衰退之中的消费者市场。比如,过去两年中,意大利的经济衰退促使生活在贫困线以下的意大利人增加了14%,刺激意大利家庭缩减在食品等基本商品上的出。 #39;Poverty is returning to Europe,#39; says Jan Zijderveld, head of Europe for packaged-goods maker Unilever. #39;You see 120 million people in that low-income segment. We need to get our brands to consumers who are having a hard time making ends meet.#39; 包装商品生产商联合利华的欧洲负责人齐德维尔德(Jan Zijderveld)说,贫困正重返欧洲。你看到有1.2亿人属于低收入群体。我们要让我们的品牌为消费者接受,他们如今生计艰难。 As a result, the one-euro price, about .30, is emerging as an important tool in responding to the euro zone#39;s crisis. Manufacturers are shrinking existing products to fit into the price, while restaurants and supermarkets are discounting items to grab the attention of consumers -- all in an effort to prop up the profitability of their European businesses. 因此,一欧元的价格(约合1.30美元)成了响应欧元区危机的一个重要工具。生产商们正缩减现有产品的规格以符合这个价格,餐厅和超市则将商品打折以吸引消费者的注意――这一切都是为了撑其欧洲业务的赢利能力。 #39;One euro is a magic price point in Europe right now,#39; says Lloyd Burdett, head of global clients for Futures Co., a consumer-insights consulting firm. #39;There is a feeling that the stuff will arrive at that price point anyway and their margins were going to get squeezed.#39; 洞察消费者需求的咨询公司Futures Co.的全球客户主管伯德特(Lloyd Burdett)说,在欧洲,一欧元现在是一个有魔力的价格点。给人的感觉是,商品无论如何都会达到这个价格点,其利润空间将遭到挤压。 The dollar-store concept gained a foothold in Europe with the U.K.#39;s Poundland Ltd. chain. Poundland was founded in 1990, but it exploded in the past decade, with 450 stores today that sell pregnancy tests, light bulbs, toilet paper and other items to Britons of all income levels. The retailer is adding 60 stores a year offering thousands of products at the #39;round pound#39; price point. 一美元商店的概念在欧洲立足与英国的Poundland Ltd.连锁有关。Poundland创建于1990年,但在过去10年中飞速发展,如今拥有450家门店,向所有收入水平的英国人出售验棒、灯泡、厕纸以及其他商品。这家零售商每年新增60家门店,提供成千上万种价格为整整一英镑的产品。 After Britain, the concept found its way to the euro zone via Germany, where several chains specialize in one-euro products. A leader is Germany#39;s TEDi GmbH, which started in 2004 and has opened about 150 stores a year that mostly carry one-euro products, such as beauty supplies, stationery and games. TEDi now has more than 1,300 outlets in Germany and began expanding into Austria and Slovenia. 继英国之后,“一元店”的概念通过德国进入了欧元区,德国有几家连锁店专门销售一欧元商品。其中一家领先者为德国的TEDi GmbH。该公司创建于2004年,每年开设约150家门店,主要销售一欧元商品,如美容产品、文具及游戏。TEDi如今在德国有1,300多家门店,并开始向奥地利和斯洛文尼亚扩张。 Just as in the U.S., the lure of the one-euro price point in a dismal economic environment stems from a simple, easy-to-understand price that supplanted the 99-cent price tag. 跟在美国一样,在不景气的经济环境中,一欧元这个价格点的吸引力源自一个简单易懂的价格,它排挤掉了0.99美元的价格标签。 #39;The one-euro price has an immediate impact,#39; says Massimo Bellandi, who has a stand selling one-euro toiletries, household items and stationery at an open market in the Italian town of Marina di Pietrasanta. #39;It lights a fire in our customers.#39; On a recent Saturday morning, large, handmade yellow posters emblazoned with #39;Everything at One Euro#39; hung over a stand piled high with products such as toilet paper, Nivea hand cream and Timotei shampoo, a Unilever brand. His sales of one-euro items have risen about 20% in the last couple of years. 贝兰迪(Massimo Bellandi)在意大利Marina di Pietrasanta镇的一个露天市场经营一个摊位,出售价格为一欧元的化妆用品、家居用品和文具。他说,一欧元这个价格能够产生即时的影响。它点燃了顾客的热情。不久前一个周六的上午,写着“所有商品均为一欧元”的手工制作大幅海报挂在摊位上方,摊位上堆满了厕纸、妮维雅(Nivea)护手霜和联合利华出品的Timotei洗发水等商品。过去几年里,他的一欧元商品销售额增加了约20%。 The boom has help wipe away the stigma of one-euro stores, as consumers -- rich and poor -- find virtue in landing a bargain. In response, consumer-goods makers who had shunned discount stores in Europe increasingly are making less-expensive products for such outlets. Consumer-goods makers also have jumped on the trend as a way to fight the rise of private labels and maintain shopper loyalty. 一欧元店的繁荣帮助消除了其带来的耻辱感,因为消费者(无论穷富)都发现了购买廉价商品的好处。受此影响,此前避开欧洲折扣店的消费品制造商现在越来越多地为这种商店制造价格便宜的产品。消费品制造商迎合这一趋势也是为了应对私人品牌的崛起以及保持顾客忠诚度。 The push fits into a broader trend of shrinking package sizes in Europe. Unilever has launched a series of small packages, including some priced at one-euro, use expertise gained in developing markets. 这一趋势也与欧洲更广泛的缩小包装尺寸的趋势相吻合。联合利华已推出一系列小包装产品,其中一些产品定价在一欧元,这一举措利用了该公司在发展中国家市场取得的经验。 Smaller packages are a tried-and-true formula by consumer-goods companies to generate higher profits from cash-strapped consumers. Manufacturers spend less on packaging, while the unit price of the item is normally higher than for large packs. 推出小包装产品是消费品公司从囊中羞涩的消费者获得更高利润的一个可靠方法。制造商们得以减少包装出,同时小包装产品的单价通常要高于大包装产品。 #39;It#39;s easier to downsize a pack than demand price increases from the consumer,#39; says Tom Vierhile, of consulting firm Datamonitor. #39;Consumers are more sensitive to the final price they pay than the size of the box.#39; 咨询公司Datamonitor的沃海勒(Tom Vierhile)说,缩小包装尺寸要比提高产品售价容易的多,与包装尺寸相比,消费者对他们最终付的价格更为敏感。 Silvana Cocci, a 62-year-old grandmother from the central Italian town of Prato, is drawn by the one-euro products at discount shops. With an elderly mother to support, Ms. Cocci has grown more worried about her budget in the past couple of years and has switched to one-euro products for items that she considered generic, such as hand soap. 来自意大利中部城市普拉托的现年62岁的科奇(Silvana Cocci)被折扣店里的一欧元产品所吸引。由于要赡养年迈的母亲,过去几年科奇对自己的预算状况越发感到担忧,在肥皂等她称为一般性商品方面,她已经转为购买一欧元产品。 #39;It#39;s not like we can#39;t afford things, but you just don#39;t know what will happen next,#39; she says. 她说,并不是说我们买不起贵一些的产品,但你不知道接下来将发生什么。 In Spain, Unilever has introduced a five-wash package of its Surf detergent priced at 1 euro. In Italy the company is promoting a range of one-euro Cornetto ice creams this summer, with the price splashed on the cone. 在西班牙,联合利华已经推出售价一欧元的Surf洗涤产品五件套装。在意大利,今年夏季该公司正在推销一系列散装出售的售价一欧元的可爱多(Cornetto)冰激凌。 French dairy group Danone, which has been hit hard by the downturn in Europe, is recommending that retailers sell its four-pack of Danette, a puddinglike dessert, for 1 euro, rather than the usual price of 1.39 euros. It produced new packages emblazoned with #39;Prix Choc#39; on the front. 法国乳品集团达能对四个装的布丁甜点Danette给出的建议零售价是1欧元,原先售价是1.39欧元。该公司为这个产品换了新包装,在前面印上了“Prix Choc”。达能因欧洲的衰退而遭受了严重打击。 Restaurants and cafes also are getting in on the trend. Starbucks this spring rolled out a line of #39;petite#39; cookies, croissants, and pastries for 1 euro each. And in Spain, Italy and Germany, McDonald#39;s is offering a changing selection of products for 1 euro. At the moment, it is selling beer and Coke at 1 euro each in Spain and salads and milkshakes for the same price in Italy. 餐馆和咖啡馆也加入这一潮流。星巴克在今年春季推出了“小”曲奇、牛角面包和甜点,售价均为一欧元。在西班牙、意大利和德国,麦当劳推出了会经常调整的一欧元产品系列。目前,麦当劳在西班牙出售均为一欧元的啤酒和可乐,在意大利出售同样价格的沙拉和奶昔。 The push is paying off. In 2008, Spanish restaurant chain 100 Montaditos introduced a Euromania deal on Wednesdays that helped triple sales through 2011. The items -- a mix of mini b rolls topped with Spanish ham, sauces or other ingredients -- don#39;t change, but on those days virtually every item costs 1 euro. Last summer, as consumption collapsed amid Spain#39;s second recession in five years, the company began offering Euromania on Sundays as well. 此举取得了成功。2008年,西班牙餐饮连锁店100 Montaditos开始在每周三提供Euromania餐,到2011年该公司销售额增长了两倍,这在一定程度上也是受到这个计划的提振。Euromania餐的菜单包括几款上面撒着西班牙火腿和调味汁等作料的迷你面包卷,这个菜单不会改动,但在周三实际上每款产品的售价都在一欧元。去年夏季,在西班牙出现的五年来第二次衰退导致消费受到冲击之际,该公司开始在每周日也提供Euromania餐。 #39;Euromania on Wednesdays has been the engine of the company,#39; spokeswoman Anne Corcuera said. The number of 100 Montaditos outlets in Spain increased to 250 last year from 112 in 2007. The company plans to add 100 restaurants in Spain, while expanding in Portugal, Italy and the U.K. 该公司发言人科奎拉(Anne Corcuera)说,每周三的Euromania餐一直是公司的增长引擎。去年100 Montaditos在西班牙的餐馆数量从2007年的112家增至250家。该公司计划在西班牙增开100家餐馆,同时在葡萄牙、意大利和英国进行扩张。 /201308/253346重庆市星辰美容整形手术费多少钱 This is the tear-jerking moment a proud father is captured on camera celebrating his son#39;s exam result.得知儿子通过了数学考试,父亲骄傲无比狂喜庆祝,这催泪的一幕被摄影机悄悄记录了下来。After setting up the hidden camera, the boy summons his father to the kitchen, ominously telling him: #39;I#39;ve just got something from school, I need you to come and look at it.#39;儿子设置好了隐蔽摄像头之后,将父亲叫到厨房里,用预示着坏消息的语气对父亲说:“学校里发了一个文件得要你来看看。”His father, who can be heard shouting from elsewhere in the house, asks: #39;Has something happened?!#39;, to which the mischievous teenager, Aria, replies: #39;Yes! It#39;s really important#39;.我们可以听到父亲从其他房间里传来的对话声,“发生什么事了吗?”,调皮的少年奥里亚回答说,“是的,是很重要的事。”As his nervous-looking father approaches, Aria says: #39;Come and have a chat with me. Just come in, and that#39;, he says while passing over a piece of paper displaying the result.当一脸担心的父亲走进厨房时,奥里亚说:“过来我们聊聊吧。过来,看看这个吧”,他说着把成绩单递给父亲。After seeing his son has achieved a C grade in the maths exam, the man asks: #39;Is that real!?,#39; before bursting into tears of joy.看到儿子在数学考试中得了C,爸爸问“这是真的吗?”,然后喜极而泣。The pair embrace before the disbelieving dad asks again, #39;Are you sure!? They#39;ve not made a mistake!? I can#39;t believe it, I just can#39;t believe it!#39;父子俩拥抱了一会儿,然后爸爸又觉得不敢相信,问:“你确定吗?学校不会弄错了吧?我不敢相信!我简直不敢相信!”A mere year before the was filmed, the schoolboy received an F in the subject, he explained,#39;In England you need a C to basically do anything with you life. I#39;ve never been amazing academically and have struggled through school. Neither me or my dad or my teachers thought I was going to get my C, for me it was tough. When I told my Dad who means the world to me this was his reaction...Enjoy#39;.奥里亚解释道,在这段视频拍摄前一年,他曾在数学考试中只拿到了F。“在英国,无论你以后从事什么职业,数学考试至少要拿个C。我的成绩一向不好,勉强在学校混到现在。无论我自己、我爸爸还是我的老师都没想到我能拿到C,这对我来说很不容易。爸爸是世界上对我最重要的人。当我告诉他我及格了的时候,这就是他的反应——激动无比。”Still reeling from the news, his ecstatic father tells him: #39;You#39;re set for life! You#39;re set for life!#39;.狂喜的爸爸还在为这个消息感到眩晕,他对儿子说:“万事开头难,现在你一定会一帆风顺了!一帆风顺!”The teen is seen smiling into the camera at the end of the , seemingly as thrilled with the result as his emotional father.在视频的最后,我们看到少年对着摄像机微笑,似乎他和激动的父亲一样对自己的考试成绩兴奋无比。 /201310/262212重庆三峡中心医院祛痘多少钱

泸州激光祛痣多少钱一颗Never mind the historic castles, rolling countryside, famous lochs, St. Andrews golf course, renowned culinary dishes and the fact that England’s royal family loves to vacation there.忘了城堡古迹、起伏的乡野、闻名于世的湖泊、圣安德鲁斯高尔夫球场、声名在外的菜肴,也忘了这里是英国皇家热爱的度假胜地吧。When it comes to promoting itself as a tourist destination, Scotland is relying on two four-legged creatures named Fivla and Vitamin to draw visitors in.宣传自己的旅行项目吸引游客,苏格兰靠的是两只四条腿儿的生物:矮种马Fivla和Vitamin。And it’s not even dressing the Shetland ponies in the country’s native kilts or putting bagpipes nearby. No, Scotland’s tourism board is outfitting them in cardigans.而且,这两只设得兰矮种马身上穿的并不是当地的方格呢短裙,他们也没有在小马的身旁放上风笛,苏格兰的旅游局给它们穿上的是针织贸易。The dressing of the ponies marked the launch of the “Year of Natural Scotland” campaign undertaken by Scotland’s National Tourism Organization to encourage people to “Come and celebrate Scotland’s outstanding natural beauty throughout 2013,” according to its website.这两只穿着贸易的矮种马标志着“苏格兰自然年”活动的开始。根据活动网站介绍,这个活动由苏格兰国家旅游组织,旨在鼓励人们“前往苏格兰,欣赏苏格兰2013年的自然胜景”。Fivla and Vitamin have been dubbed “pony ambassadors” to help promote the campaign, which features a year’s worth of activities and insider tips on exploring Scotland’s natural beauty.Fivla和Vitamin 是宣传这次活动的“矮种马形象大使”,这次活动将重点介绍苏格兰一年中的各种活动,以及探寻苏格兰自然美景的贴心提示。“We were looking for a photo which encapsulated Scotland’s stunning natural landscapes, highlighted somewhere a little off the beaten track, and included some true Scottish locals,” a spokesperson told A News.“我们的打算是找一张包含苏格兰的自然胜景的照片,展示一些真正苏格兰当地特色,我们希望是比较特别的东西。” 活动发言人告诉A新闻网。“Shetland, and in particular Shetland ponies, instantly sprang to mind,” the spokesperson said.“设得兰群岛,特别是设得兰矮种马,一下就跳入我的脑海。”发言人说道。The ponies are dressed in jumpers created from Shetland wool and created specifically for them by local knitter Doreen Brown, notes the caption accompanying the series of photos of the pair online.矮种马系列照片下的标题注明,它们身上穿的连体装是由当地居民多琳·布朗为小马度身定制编织的,使用的材料正是设得兰羊毛。Fivla, a 17-year-old white pony, and 18-year-old Vitamin, cared for by Frances Taylor and Jo Tonkinson, were quite comfortable in their Shetland surroundings.17岁的白色矮种马Fivla和18岁的Vitamin是由弗朗西丝·泰勒和乔·汤姆金森两人照料的,他们穿着设得兰羊毛衫,看清上去非常舒适自在。“Its safe to say both Fivla and Vitamin didn’t seem to mind all the attention their custom made attire brought them,” the website says.“可以肯定地说,Fivla和Vitamin一点都不介意这身定制装带来的关注。” 活动网站这样介绍道。 /201301/223531重庆第六医院光子嫩肤多少钱 Kissing may be one of the most wonderful ways of expressing love, affection, and happiness. Depending on who you#39;re kissing, there are tons of different ways to do it -- you kiss your kids much differently than you kiss your spouse.亲吻或许是表达喜爱、感情和幸福最美妙的方法之一。根据你亲吻对象的不同,有许多种不同的亲吻方式:亲吻孩子与亲吻爱人是截然不同的。But there are a lot of things I bet you don#39;t know about kissing (I know I was surprised!). Read on to learn some surprising things about smooching!然而我确信,关于亲吻这事儿,有许多事情是你不知道的(我知道我感到很惊奇!)读下面的文字来了解一下关于亲吻的一些令人惊奇的事情吧!1) Kissing is really, really good for you -- We all know kissing FEELS good, but did you know it#39;s good for your health too? Yep! Kissing improves skin, helps our blood circulate, prevents cavities, and can even relieve those pesky headaches! So don#39;t use the whole ;I have a headache; excuse the next time you want to get down and dirty!1. 亲吻真的、真的对你有好处。 我们都知道亲吻的时候感觉很妙,但是你知道这对你的健康也很有好处吗?是的!亲吻可以改善肌肤,促进血液循环,预防蛀牙,甚至还能减轻那些讨厌的头痛!因此下一次你想要拒绝他人的吻并觉得脏的时候,不要用“我头疼”当借口了!2) Kissing gets you high -- The endorphins (our body#39;s natural painkillers) released during a make-out session are reported to be a whopping 200 times more powerful than a dose of morphine. That would be why you feel giddy and happy after you#39;ve been kissing someone dreamy for a while!2. 亲吻让你兴奋。 据说亲热的时候所释放的内啡肽(我们身体里天然的镇痛剂)比一剂吗啡的功效强大200倍。这或许就是为什么你在与梦中情人亲吻之后感到幸福得快要晕过去了!3) Kissing is pretty germy -- A single kiss can pass on almost 300 different types of bacteria, and a long kiss can leave you with more than a million bacteria. Be sure to pass the mouthwash and brush your teeth before a good make-out session.3. 亲吻会传播很多细菌。 小亲一下可以传递将近300种不同的细菌,一个长吻则会给你留下超过一百万个细菌。一定要在好好亲热之前漱漱口、刷刷牙。4) Kissing can give you diseases -- Mono used to be called ;the kissing disease; before we learned that the illness can be picked up on other surfaces as well. One strain of herpes is also passed through kissing, so be careful who you kiss!4. 亲吻会让你生病。 传染性单核细胞增多症曾被称为“接吻病”,之后我们才知道这种疾病也可能通过其他表面染上。疱疹的破裂也可以因亲吻传播,所以要小心你亲的人!5) There#39;s no such thing as an ;Eskimo kiss; -- You learned as a kid that the act of rubbing noses was considered an ;Eskimo kiss.; It#39;s not true. Alaskans kiss the same way the rest of the world does.5. 没有“爱斯基吻”这一说。 你小时候所了解的相互擦鼻子的行为被称为“爱斯基吻”。这不是真的。阿拉斯加州人跟世界上其他地方的人一样也这样亲吻。6) Kissing is (sometimes) illegal -- There are some antiquated laws that exist around the U.S. In Ceder Rapids, Iowa, for instance, kissing strangers is illegal. In Hartford, Connecticut, it#39;s against the law to kiss your husband on a Sunday! Talk about the need for some new laws, huh?6. 亲吻(有时)是违法的。 在美国有些地区,比如爱荷华州的锡达拉皮兹,仍存在着一些古老的律法,规定亲吻陌生人是违法的。在康涅狄格州首府哈特福特,在星期天亲吻你的丈夫居然是违法的!该说说你对新律法的需求了,是吧?7) Kissing vacation -- The average person spends about 15 days of their entire life kissing. Talk about an extra-long vacation!7. 亲吻假期。 平均一个人会在一生当中花大约15天的时间来亲吻。说说这个额外的长假吧!8) Kissing burns calories -- French kissing is reported to use 34 different muscles in your face. A short peck can burn a couple of calories, while a passionate embrace can burn 26 calories a minute! Now THAT#39;S cause for celebration -- and eating a cupcake.8. 亲吻燃烧卡路里。 据说法式香吻会用到你面部的34块不同的肌肉。轻轻一吻会燃烧两卡,而一个深情的拥抱则会在一分钟内燃烧26卡!9) Lips are sensitive -- Lips are 100 times more sensitive than the tips of the fingers. Even genitals aren#39;t as sensitive as lips.9. 嘴唇很敏感。 嘴唇的敏感度比指尖的高达100倍。即便是私处也不及嘴唇敏感。10) Even primates do it -- Chimps kiss with open mouths (no tongue), and bonobos, the smartest of the primates, kiss with their tongues.10. 灵长类动物也会亲吻。 黑猩猩会张开嘴亲吻(不用舌头),灵长类动物里最聪明的倭黑猩猩用舌头来亲吻。Did any of these kissing facts surprise you?以上有关亲吻的真相是否有哪一条让你感到惊讶呢?BY:暖盈929 /201303/228904重庆市十院在那儿

巫山县改脸型的费用Kids who eat better perform better in school, a new study of Nova Scotia fifth-graders confirms.Students who ate an adequate amount of fruit, vegetables, protein, fiber and other components of a healthy diet were significantly less likely to fail a literacy test, Dr. Paul J. Veugelers of the University of Alberta in Edmonton and colleagues found.While a healthy diet is generally assumed to be important for good school performance, there has actually been little research on this topic, Veugelers and his colleagues note. To investigate, they looked at 4,589 fifth-graders participating in the Children's Lifestyle and School-performance Study, 875 (19.1 percent) of whom had failed an elementary literacy assessment.The better a student's eating habits based on several measures of diet quality, including adequacy and variety, the less likely he or she was to have failed the test, the researchers found, even after they adjusted the data for the effects of parental income and education, school, and sex. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, and getting fewer calories from fat, was also associated with a lower risk of failing the test.To date, Veugelers and his team say, most research on diet and school performance has focused on the importance of eating breakfast, as well as the ill effects of hunger and malnutrition."This study extends current knowledge in this area by demonstrating the independent importance of overall diet quality to academic performance," the researchers conclude. (加拿大)一项对新斯科舍省五年级小学生开展的研究实,饮食习惯好的孩子学习成绩也比较好。加拿大埃德蒙顿亚伯达大学的鲍尔#8226;J#8226;维格勒士及其同事发现,饮食健康,摄入足量水果、蔬菜、蛋白质和纤维等营养成分的学生读写测试不及格的可能性较低。维格勒及其同事指出,大家都想当然地认为健康的饮食对于孩子的学习成绩很重要,但实际上有关这一问题的研究却很少。为了弄清这一问题,研究人员对4589名五年级学生开展了一项“儿童生活方式与学习成绩”的研究,其中有875名学生未通过小学读写水平测试。研究人员发现,饮食习惯较健康的学生考试不及格的几率较小,在综合考虑学生父母的收入及教育程度、就读学校和性等因素的影响后得出的结论也是如此。学生饮食习惯的健康与否主要以饮食质量的几个指标为依据,其中包括所摄入食物的量和种类。此外,研究发现,在摄入大量水果蔬菜和较少高脂肪食品的情况下,学生读写测试不及格的几率也会降低。维格勒及其研究小组称,目前有关儿童饮食与学习成绩的多数研究主要着眼于吃早餐的重要性,以及饥饿和营养不良可能导致的后果。研究人员得出结论:“该研究展示了总体饮食质量对孩子学习成绩的独有重要性,是对这一领域现有研究成果的进一步拓展。” /200804/35921 你想戒烟吗?教你简法七则A couple of days ago I met a friend of mine at a local cafeteria for a chat. At one point we started talking about habits. My friend confessed that he smokes 30 cigarettes a day and has tried several times to quit smoking but every time he failed. I shared with him the tips that helped me quit smoking. Like him I had tried several times to quit smoking and finally I succeeded.We agreed that since I have first hand experience I will be his coach to quit smoking. The following are the tips that I shared with my friend.1. Believe that you can do itSaying things like “I will try to quit smoking” will never make you quit. You first of all have to decide with yourself that you really want to quit. I believe that 90% of the people who try to quit smoking and fail is because they in the first place did not mean to quit.2. Get to know how harmful cigarettes areSpend a week browsing the internet and gather some content about how harmful cigarettes are. Find pictures of lungs of people who smoke. Get to know what effects cigarettes have on you and the people around you. This will help you convince yourself that quitting the bad habit of smoking makes real sense.3. Make a planPlan how you are going to quit over a period of time. Be aware don’t make it easy for yourself. If you smoke 30 cigarettes a day, you can completely quit smoking in less than a month. Yes, I am not joking.4. Make it publicDon’t keep the news for yourself. Make other people pressure you. If you say to your family, friends and colleagues that you are quitting, then you have no chance of smoking at least when you are in their presence. Also by making it public, you will stop being offered cigarettes by friends who still think that you are a smoker. This was the most difficult part for me.5. Replace cigarettesOne of the most difficult things at first when you quit smoking is what to do to replace smoking. I used to find myself mimicking the movement I used to do while smoking, even though it had been months since I quitted. The only solution to this is to replace a cigarette with a non alcoholic drink. Every now and then instead of taking a puff, you take a sip.6. Start exercisingThis is the best tip. I was going to put it the first one but I know that if I had done that, most of the people would not have the rest of the article. Even when I was giving tips to my friend, I didn’t tell him this tip as the first one. But I am a strong believer that exercises helped me to quit. I went to a gym and subscribed for 6 months. Then I started to do some basic cardio. It was then when I realized how harmful smoking is.I challenged myself to improve my stamina by completely quitting smoking and exercise daily. The challenge to increase my stamina made it easier to throw away all the packets of cigarettes that I had in my office desk.7. Be rootlessUnfortunately there are people (I don’t call them friends) who even though you tell them that you are trying very hard to quit smoking, they still insist that you should take a cigarette. They start this nonsense that one cigarette will not harm you. The point is not harm; the point is that you start smoking again by taking a single puff. Be rootless, be y to even avoid the company of such people since they will make it extremely hard for you to quit. Spare me some words:A true friends respects your opinion and if you tell him that you are trying to quit smoking, he will help you achieve that goal rather than making your challenge more difficult. 几天前, 我在本地的一家自助餐馆里和我的一个朋友见了面并聊了会. 不知怎地, 我们聊起了关于习惯的话题. 我的那位朋友承认, 他一天要抽30根烟, 虽然他也曾几次尝试戒烟, 但每次都是以失败而告终. 我和他一样, 也曾几次试过戒烟, 但是最后, 我终于成功了.我们都同意, 正因为我有关于戒烟第一手的经验, 所以我会教他如何戒烟. 下面是我和朋友分享的几条关于如何戒烟的小贴示.1.相信你可以做到告诉你自己诸如"我会试着戒烟"这样的话,将让你永不会中途放弃. 首先, 你必须自己下定决心, 你自己是真的想要戒烟. 我相信, 90%尝试戒烟却中途放弃而致失败的人是因为他们一开始就不是真的想去戒烟.2.了解到香烟危害之大花一周时间浏览下英特网, 收集些关于香烟危害之大的相关内容. 找些烟民们肺部的图片. 了解下香烟对你和你周身的人会有怎样的危害. 这会帮助你说自己, 告别吸烟这个坏习惯是确有其益.3.制定计划计划下你打算用多久来戒烟. 要意识到, 那不会那么轻松. 如果你每天收30根烟, 你能在不到一个月的时间里彻底戒掉抽烟的恶习. 是的, 我不是在开玩笑.4.把你要戒烟的消息公之于众不要自己一个人偷偷的戒烟. 把你要戒烟的消息公之于众, 让其他人给你施压. 如果你告诉你的家庭成员, 朋友抑或你的同事你要戒烟的消息, 那么至少在他们面前你就没机会抽上一口了. 把你要戒烟的消息公之于众, 你那些原以为你还抽的朋友也就不会再给你烟了. 这对你来说是最为困难的一步.5.用别的东西代替香烟当你开始戒烟最困难的步骤之一, 莫过于用什么来代替香烟. 我曾发现自己会去模仿吸烟时的动作, 甚至是在我戒烟几月后也会如是. 唯一可以用来代替香烟的就是不含酒精的饮品. 每每你想要抽上一口的时候, 啜上一小口吧.6.开始锻炼这是最好的一条帖示. 我本想把它放在第一条的, 但我知道, 如果我如是做了, 大多的人就不会读完这篇文章了. 就算是告诉我朋友这几条帖示的时候, 我也没把这条当作第一条先告诉他. 但是, 我深信锻炼能帮助我戒烟. 我戒烟的那段时间, 我去家了健身房, 并续了为期半年的约. 那之后, 我开始做一些扩充心肺功能的运动. 从那时候我才知道, 戒烟的危害有多么大.我为了能彻底戒掉烟瘾,我每天都做运动来挑战自己以此来增加自己的耐力. 而增加耐力的挑战让我能更轻松的把我办公桌里的那些整包整包的烟丢在脑后.7.不要受别人的影响不幸的是, 仍有些人(这些人我不愿把他们称为朋友)即使你告诉他们你正在努力的戒烟, 他们还是坚持说你该来一根. 他们会说一根烟不会对你有害的鬼话. 关键并不在是不是有害, 而在一旦你抽了那根你就会又开始抽了. 不要受别人的影响, 做好躲开你公司那么人的准备, 因为他们会让戒烟变的非常困难. 记住我一些话:一个真正的朋友会尊重你的选择, 而且如果你告诉他你开始戒烟, 他会帮你达成戒烟的目标而非让戒烟变的更难. /200803/31402江北区儿童医院电话挂号重庆第十三医院费用




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