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Vladimir Putin on Thursday admitted he isin love, fuelling rumours over a relationship with Olympic gymnast AlinaKabayeva.普京周四承认自己正在恋爱中,有谣言称他的对象正是奥林匹克运动员阿林娜·卡巴耶娃Denying he had completely gone wild inhis romantic life, the divorced strongman revealed that he loves and is lovedin return, but refused to disclose the identity of his mystery partner.他拒绝承认自己疯狂的陷入了恋爱,而是说他爱着这个女人,而这个女人也爱着他,并拒绝透露他神秘伴侣的身份If true, it could mean that Russiamost eligible man is no longer available.如果真是如此的话,这意味着这个最令人中意的俄罗斯男人已经心有所属了Putin has been leading bachelor life more than a year since he split with wife Lyudmila after 30 years of marriage.在与共处30年的妻子离婚后,普京已经单身了一年多The subject of Putin private life hasbeen seen as taboo in Moscow but yesterday he was asked by a journalist at hisannuThe 6 year old replied: I do, I tell you.俄罗斯一直将普京的个人生活视为禁忌,但是昨天记着询问他这个问题时,他说:“是的,我有爱人了”By contrast, when reports first emerged sixyears ago linking him to Kabayeva, now 31, he angrily denounced those who withtheir snotty noses and erotic fantasies prowl into others lives.与此形成鲜明对比的是,六年前第一次有报道说他和现年31岁的阿林娜·卡巴耶娃有关系时,他愤怒的谴责了那些窥探他人私生活的人It is more than a year since he broke fromLyudmila, mother of his two grown-up daughters who are never seen in public.现在,他与自己的妻子Lyudmila已经离婚一年多了,育有两个成年的女儿,她们从来没有在公共场合出现过 5

It seems the Grammy Awards just don’t favor Katy Perry – the US singer and songwriter has been nominated times her music without ever taking home a prize. But Twitter users and music lovers obviously don’t see eye-to-eye with the award committee.看起来格莱美大奖真的是不钟情凯蒂#86;佩里——这位美国创作型歌手已经被提名次,但是却没有一次抱奖而归但是很显然,推特用户和音乐爱好者和与格莱美奖项委员会的看法不同In Perry became the most followed person on Twitter and, with nearly 70 million followers today, she still reigns supreme.年,佩里成为推特上粉丝最多的明星到今天,已拥有7000万粉丝的她,领头羊的地位仍不可撼动In an interview with USA Today she shared her secrets to successfully managing social media, giving tips such as “don’t use it just to promote yourself”, “don’t be self-*indulgent” and “ignore your haters”.在接受《今日美国报纸的采访时,她分享了成功驾驭社交媒体的秘密,列举的窍门有“别把它只当做推销自己的工具”,“别太沉浸在自我中”和“无视那些讨厌你的人”等Perry isn’t just friendly with her fans online, she also makes connections with them in the real world.佩里并不只是在网上与粉丝友好互动,她还在现实生活中与他们保持联系This month, the 30-year-old pop star brought her Prismatic World Tour to Guangzhou and Shanghai. Tickets were sold out shortly after they went on sale online.这个月,这位30岁流行歌手开办的五光十色世界巡回演唱会转战到了广州和上海演唱会门票在网上开售后短时间内被一抢而空The artist gave her all to meet fans’ high expectations, belting through a selection of her most popular hits including “Roar”, style Teenage Dream and Firework. She even invited fans to come up on stage to teach her to say “I love you” in Chinese and “Fruit Sister”, as she is called by many Chinese fans, making her screaming fans even crazier.为了满足粉丝的超高期待,这位艺术家使出了浑身解数,串烧了多首她的最流行热门歌曲,包括“咆哮”中文歌名用书名号,“少年梦”和“焰火”她甚至还把粉丝请到舞台上去,让他们教她用汉语说“我爱你”和“水果”,因为许多中国粉丝都这样叫她这一举动让舞台下尖叫的粉丝更加难以自拔On social media, Perry doesn’t fight back against every rumor or criticism directed her way. Her music, which stands as her foothold in the business, also keeps her style consistent. She sticks to herself and pays no attention to anyone who says otherwise.使用社交媒体时,佩里不会回击每一个针对她的流言或指责她赖以安身立命的音乐也保持着她不变的风格她坚持自我,无视否定她的人Perry first made her entrance into the music biz in with her hit single I Kissed a Girl, and she came to international fame with the multi-platinum album Teenage Dream in . Unwilling to join the ranks of the average pop-rock idols, Perry developed a controversial style featuring colorful dresses and straightward lyrics.佩里在年凭单曲“我吻了一个女孩” 初次进军音乐界,年发行的白金唱片《少年梦则为她带来了国际盛誉佩里无意与一般的流行-摇滚偶像为伍,而是以色斑斓的穿着及直接明了的歌词自成一派With her latest album Prism (), she’s developed a “cooler” and “more sophisticated” style, as she told global lifestyle magazine Elle. In Roar, a musical autobiography about her transmation from a passive girl into a woman who can stand on her own two feet, she stresses self-empowerment and self-esteem.她对环球时尚杂志《依都锦表示,在其最新专辑《棱镜()中,她的风格更加“酷炫”、“老道”歌曲“咆哮”中,她用音乐书写了自传,讲述了自己从一个消极的女孩蜕变成自立的成熟女性的过程,凸显了自强与自尊In a conversation with USA Today, Perry offered up this observation: “If you tried to please everyone, you’d have no sense of self. You’d lose yourself in the process of being a people-pleaser and there’d be nothing unique left.”在与《今日美国报刊的对话中,佩里分享了自己的心得:“如果你试图取悦每个人,那你就不会有自我意识就会在取悦别人中丢掉自我,丧失独一无二的自己” 3739

LOS ANGELES— Alejandro G. I#1;árritu’s “Birdman” and Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” were showered with honors on Thursday as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences confirmed what’s been whispered months: Those are the films to beat at the 87th Oscar show on Feb. .洛杉矶——星期四,亚利桑德罗·G·伊纳里多(Alejandro G. I#1;árritu)的《鸟人(Birdman)与理查德·林特莱克的《少年时代(Boyhood)获得多项奥斯卡提名,美国电影艺术与科学学院仿佛实了数月以来的议论:这两部电影将在月日举行的第87届奥斯卡颁奖典礼上满载而归But several films with as many or more nominations — including “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “The Imitation Game” — showed perhaps enough strength to surpass them, after all.但也有些电影获得了同样多,乃至更多的提名,或许有足够实力超过这两部影片,包括《布达佩斯大饭店和《模仿游戏Both “Birdman” and “Boyhood” took nominations best director and best picture. But so did “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” by Wes Anderson, and “The Imitation Game,” by Morten Tyldum. In all, eight best picture nominees were selected, including Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper,” Ava DuVernay’s “Selma,”James Marsh’s “The Theory of Everything,” Damien Chazelle’s“Whiplash.”《鸟人和《少年时代都获得了最佳导演与最佳电影提名韦斯·安德森(Wes Anderson)的《布达佩斯大饭店(The Grand Budapest Hotel)和莫腾·泰杜姆(Morten Tyldum)的《模仿游戏也是如此八部获得最佳电影提名的影片还包括克林特·伊斯特伍德(Clint Eastwood)的《美国狙击手(American Sniper)、艾娃·德约列(Ava DuVernay)的《塞尔玛(Selma)、詹姆斯·马什(James Marsh)的《万物理论(The Theory of Everthing)以及达米安·沙泽勒(Damien Chazelle)的《爆裂鼓手(Whiplash)“Selma” and “Whiplash” have ceased to be surprises, as both have popped up with awards and nominations throughout the season. But each comes from a relatively new director, making their best picture nominations notable.《塞尔玛和《爆裂鼓手获得提名并不算意外,二者都在本季脱颖而出,获得多个奖项与提名但两部影片的导演都是新人,它们获得最佳影片提名也格外引人关注“Birdman” — whose full title is “Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance” — and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” each garnered nine nominations. “The Imitation Game” had eight, and “Boyhood” had six, scoring heavily in the major categories.《鸟人(它的全名应该是《鸟人或无知的意外美德)与《布达佩斯大饭店都获得九项提名,《模仿游戏获得八项提名,《少年时代获得六项提名,但都集中在重要奖项“Boyhood” and “Birdman” were each bolstered by nominations both supporting actor and actress: Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette in “Boyhood,” and Edward Norton and Emma Stone in “Birdman.”《少年时代与《鸟人都获得了最佳男女配角奖,他们是《少年时代中的伊桑·霍克(Ethan Hawke)与帕特丽夏·阿奎特(Patricia Arquette),以及《鸟人中的爱德华·诺顿(Edward Norton)和艾玛·斯通(Emma Stone)Among actors, Michael Keaton received his expected nomination his bravura turn in “Birdman” as an aging screen superhero seeking salvation on the stage. Just as inevitably, Eddie Redmayne — a fellow winner at the Golden Globes on Sunday — was nominated playing the physically damaged, cerebrally soaring Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.”在最佳男主角奖项中,迈克尔·基顿(Michael Keaton)不负众望,因他在《鸟人中的华丽表现获得提名,他在片中的角色是一个上了年纪的超级影星,在戏剧舞台上寻求拯救同样不出所料的是,周日获得金球奖的艾迪·雷德梅恩(Eddie Redmayne)也因在《万物理论中饰演身体残疾、心智高蹈的斯蒂芬·霍金(Stephen Hawking)而获得提名Benedict Cumberbatch from “The Imitation Game,” Steve Carell from “Foxcatcher,” and Bradley Cooper from “American Sniper” rounded out the best actor field.主演《模仿游戏的本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)、主演《狐狸猎手(Foxcatcher)中的史蒂夫·卡瑞尔(Steve Carell),以及主演《美国狙击手中的布拉德利·库珀(Bradley Cooper)也分获最佳男主角提名Among actresses, the year’s choices have been less obvious, as various permances grabbed attention — often haggard portrayals of deeply troubled women — at pre-Oscar awards stops.The Academy’s nominations went to Marion Cotillard “Two Days, One Night”; Felicity Jones “The Theory of Everything”; Julianne Moore “Still Alice”; Rosamund Pike “Gone Girl”; and Reese Witherspoon “Wild.”在最佳女主角奖领域,今年的选择并不明显——特别是上届奥斯卡奖中有许多女星的表演令人瞩目,尤其是那些形容憔悴、深陷烦恼的女人最后获得提名的包括主演了《两天一夜(Two Days, One Night)的玛丽昂·歌迪亚(Marion Cotillard)、主演《万物理论的费莉希蒂·琼斯(Felicity Jones)、主演《依然爱丽丝(Still Alice)的茱莉安·尔(Julianne Moore)、主演《消失的爱人(Gone Girl)的罗莎蒙德·派克(Rosamund Pike)和主演《涉足荒野(Wild)的瑞茜·威瑟斯彭(Reese Witherspoon)The remaining supporting actors were Robert Duvall “The Judge,” Mark Ruffalo, “Foxcatcher” and J. K. Simmons “Whiplash.” The other supporting actress nominees were Laura Dern “Wild,” Keira Knightley “The Imitation Game” and Meryl Streep, an Oscar perennial, “Into the Woods.’’其他获得最佳男配角奖提名的演员还包括出演《法官老爹(The Judge)的罗伯特·杜瓦尔(Robert Duvall)、出演《狐狸猎手的马克·鲁弗洛(Mark Ruffalo)以及出演《爆裂鼓手的J·K·西蒙斯(J.K. Simmons)其他获得最佳女配角奖提名的演员还包括出演《涉足荒野的劳拉·邓恩(Laura Dern)、出演《模仿游戏的凯拉·奈特莉(Keira Knightley)和出演了《魔法黑森林(Into the Woods)的奥斯卡常青树梅丽尔·斯特里普(Meryl Streep)Ms. Dern recounted getting the predawn news from her press agent. “She said, ‘You don’t sound so enthusiastic.’ And I said, ‘No, no, it’s just that my son is asleep,’ ” Ms. Dern said from her car on Thursday morning. “It’s totally delicious.”邓恩女士说自己是在黎明时分从经纪公司那里知道这个消息的“她说,‘你听上去好像不怎么热情’我说,‘不,不,只是因为我儿子还在睡觉,’”星期四早上,邓恩在自己的车子里接受采访时说“这真是太好了”The documentary nominations brought some surprises, as “Life Itself,” about the film critic Roger Ebert, and “Keep On Keepin’ On,” about the trumpeter Clark Terry, were omitted. Nominations went to “Citizenfour”; “Finding Vivian Maier”; “Last Days in Vietnam”; “The Salt of the Earth”; and “Virunga.”最佳纪录片提名中有一些意外,关于影评人罗杰·伊伯特(Roger Ebert)生平的纪录片《人生如戏(Life Itself)和关于小号手克拉特·特里(Clark Terry)的纪录片《坚持到底(Keep On Keepin’ On)双双落选获得提名的影片包括《第四公民(Citizenfour)、《寻找薇薇安·迈尔(Finding Vivian Maier)、《在越南最后的日子(Last Days in Vietnam)、《地球之盐(The Salt of the Earth)和《维龙加(Virunga)The big miss in the animated film category was “The LEGO Movie.”The academy nominated “Big Hero 6”; “The Boxtrolls”; “How to Train Your Dragon ”; “Song of the Sea”; and “The Tale of Princess Kaguya.”在长篇动画奖项,未获提名的重要影片是《乐高大电影(The LEGO Movie)学院把提名颁给了《超能陆战队(Big Hero 6)、《盒子怪(The Boxtrolls)、《驯龙高手(How to Train Your Dragon )、《海洋之歌(Song of the Sea)和《辉夜姬物语The reappearance of “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” a lighthearted caper set in a rambling Eastern European hotel that was released early in the year, has leavened an awards season that has otherwise been laced with weightier drama. “The Imitation Game,” from the Weinstein Company, an Oscar powerhouse, has also remained strong.今年年初上映的《布达佩斯大饭店是一个轻松的诈骗故事,发生在一家杂乱无章的东欧酒店里,它为这个充满沉重题材的颁奖季增添了活跃的因素《模仿游戏来自韦恩斯坦公司,它是奥斯卡奖的有力角逐者,势头强劲But it is the matchup between “Birdman” and “Boyhood” that commands the most attention. Like brandy and Benedictine, the two have been paired through the long season, as they picked up a string of awards and nominations. “Birdman” is tough-minded and bitter. “Boyhood” is warm, with subtle turns filmed over years. They complement each other, and have begun to look almost like a double bill.但《鸟人与《少年时代之间的角逐吸引了最多关注,两部影片都获得了一系列奖项与提名,它们就像白兰地与当酒一样,在这漫长的季节里被人们相提并论《鸟人坚强、实际而又辛酸《少年时代拍了年的时间,有着温暖的基调和微妙的转折二者堪称互为补充,简直可以双片连放了The nominations were announced in two waves, beginning at 5:30 a.m. Pacific time. The first list focused on less closely watched categories, like sound mixing, documentary shorts and visual effects.提名从太平洋时间5:30开始分两部分宣布第一批名单主要是那些较少受到关注的奖项,诸如最佳混音奖、最佳纪录片短片奖和最佳视觉效果奖In one telltale category among those, film editing nominations went to “American Sniper”; “Boyhood”; “The Grand Budapest Hotel”; “The Imitation Game”; and “Whiplash.” That was a bit of a snub “Selma,” which made the best picture list, but had only one other nomination, its song.这其中有一个奖项格外能说明问题,最佳剪辑奖提名由《美国狙击手、《少年时代、《布达佩斯大饭店、《模仿游戏和《爆裂鼓手分获获得最佳影片提名的《塞尔玛在这个奖项受到了怠慢,不过它获得了最佳原创歌曲提名On the flip side, “Foxcatcher,” overlooked in the best picture category, earned nominations its director, Bennett Miller, as well as makeup, screenplay and the permances of two actors, Mr. Carell and Mr. Ruffalo.此外,《狐狸猎手没有获得最佳影片提名,但导演贝尼特·米勒(Bennett Miller)获得了最佳导演提名,此外该片还获得最佳化妆和最佳剧本提名,卡瑞尔和鲁弗洛分获最佳男主角和最佳男配角提名Ms. Streep now has 19 acting nominations to her credit: an Academy record. No minorities made the acting lists, though David Oyelowo, who played the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in “Selma,” had been widely regarded as a best actor prospect.斯特里普在演艺生涯中获得的奥斯卡提名已经达到19项,创造了纪录在表演奖项中没有少数族裔演员入围,尽管在《塞尔玛中饰演小马丁·路德·金士的大卫·奥伊罗(David Oyelowo)曾被广泛认为有可能获得最佳男主演提名(Writing on Twitter of her film’s best picture nomination, Ms. DuVernay, the “Selma” director, pointedly called Mr. Oyelowo “our miracle” and seemed to brush aside weaker-than-expected Academy support in other categories. “March on!” she wrote.)(《塞尔玛的导演德约列获得了最佳导演提名,她在Twitter上别有深意地称奥伊罗是“我们的奇迹”,奥斯卡在其他奖项之中对《塞尔玛的认可似乎不如预期,但她好像并不在乎“前进吧!”她写道)The technical categories were kind to Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar,” but a coveted cinematography nomination eluded the film — “Ida,” a Polish film that also earned a nomination best eign-language film, got an unexpected nod there. And with that, “Interstellar,” once anticipated as a possible front-runner, slipped onto the back bench.克里斯托弗·诺兰(Christopher Nolan)的《星际穿越(Interstellar)获得了多个技术奖项但令人觊觎的最佳摄影奖却没有提名《星际穿越,而是令人意外地给了波兰电影《修女艾达(Ida)一个名额,《修女艾达亦获得了最佳外语片提名《星际穿越一度被视为这个奖项中的领跑者,结果却落到了后面Among companies, Fox Searchlight, with “Birdman,” “The Grand Budapest Hotel” and “Wild,” received nominations, the most in its history. Sony Pictures Classics also had a proud morning. The small indie film of Sony Pictures Entertainment had 18 nominations, its best showing ever.在各大公司之中,福克斯探照灯公司凭借《鸟人、《布达佩斯大饭店和《涉足荒野,共获得项提名,创造了公司时尚的最好成绩索尼经典影业也收获颇丰,它是索尼影视公司旗下一个较小的独立电影部门,此次共获得18项提名,也是它史上的最好成绩Long on art, short on watchability, the year’s films have struggled to find an audience. Among the best picture nominees, not one has yet been a breakout hit. At the domestic box office, in fact, all eight combined have taken in less than last year’s “Gravity,” a nominee that drew about million in sales.今年的电影大都注重艺术性,较少性,竭力试图吸引观众获得最佳电影提名的影片没有一部是票房大片事实上,在国内,这八部影片的票房加起来也没有超过去年的《地心引力(Gravity),这部影片亦获得了奥斯卡奖提名,同时获得了.7亿美元的票房According to BoxOffice.com, the combined nominees best picture last year took in .6 million by the morning of the nominations; this year’s crop has sold only $.9 million worth of tickets.根据BoxOffice.com网站统计,截止到提名公布当天上午,去年获得奥斯卡提名的影片总票房达到6.86亿美元;今年获提名的影片总票房只有.9亿美元The soft permance raises a red flag television ratings on Oscar night; the Golden Globes got by on Sunday with only a modest drop. They had possibly more star power in their hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, than the academy will with Neil Patrick Harris.这种疲软的表现为今年奥斯卡颁奖礼的电视收视率拉响了警报;周日的金球奖颁奖礼收视率略有下降而且金球奖的主持人是蒂娜·菲(Tina Fey)和艾米·波勒(Amy Poehler),比今年奥斯卡奖的主持人尼尔·帕特里克·哈里斯(Neil Patrick Harris)星光更盛“It’s been a long, slow, gradual release and only now is going wider,” said Mr. Miller, the director of “Foxcatcher,” which first eased into theaters on Nov. . “When you struggle to create something, and it gets noticed, you feel deep gratitude,” he said of the film’s five nominations.“影片上映是个漫长、缓慢,渐进的过程,到现在才开始广泛传播,”《狐狸猎手的导演米勒说,该片直到去年月日才在影院上映“当你努力创作,终于被人们所注意时,你会觉得深深感激,”《狐狸猎手获得五项提名Among the morning’s other disappointments were “Cake,” which did not produce an acting nomination Jennifer Aniston’s perhaps too brave, too damaged permance. Also left out wasJessica Chastain, who had been in the running both “Interstellar” and “A Most Violent Year,” which got nothing.提名当天另一部失意的影片是《蛋糕(Cake),詹妮弗·安妮斯顿(Jennifer Aniston)在片中献上了或许是过于勇敢、过于自毁的演出,却没有获得表演奖提名同样失意的还有杰西卡·查斯坦(Jessica Chastain),她以《星际穿越(Interstellar)和《至暴之年(A Most Violent Year)中的角色参加角逐,均未能获得提名Paul Thomas Anderson’s “Inherent Vice,” after a rocky time with critics and audience alike, showed surprising life. It took nominations its script and costume design.保罗·托马斯·安德森(Paul Thomas Anderson)的《性本恶(Inherent Vice)受到家和观众的恶评,却展现出了惊人的生命力它获得了最佳剧本奖与最佳装设计奖的提名“Gone Girl,” a rare pop movie in the Oscar lineup, had been nominated four Golden Globes, but garnered only one Oscar nomination, the sexy, scary permance by its leading lady, Ms. Pike. “Nightcrawler” had aspired to nominations its lead actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, and even best picture: It was recently nominated as a top film by the Producers Guild of America. But it earned only one nomination, its screenplay.《消失的爱人是奥斯卡影片中少见的流行类影片,共获得四项金球奖提名,但只获得一项奥斯卡提名——派克女士性感而惊悚的表演使她跻身最佳女主角提名之列《夜行者(Nightcrawler)本希望其男主演杰克·吉伦哈尔(Jake Gyllenhaal)能获得提名,甚至希望获得最佳影片提名——最近它被美国制片人工会提名为最佳影片但最后它只获得了最佳剧本奖提名Perhaps the biggest shockers, though — audience members in the academy’s Samuel Goldwyn Theater gasped at the omissions — were those snubs in the documentary category. Heavy campaigning behind both “Life Itself,” which was presumed to have a constituency its movie world theme, and “Keep On Keepin’ On,” which was supported by the musician-producer Quincy Jones, were shut out.不过,或许纪录片门类中的落选者们才是最令人惊讶的——出席于塞缪尔·格尔温剧场举办的提名仪式的观众们全都惊呆了被广泛宣传的《人生如戏和《坚持到底双双落马前者是关于电影题材的,人们本以为它会获得广泛持,后者则有音乐家兼制作人昆西·琼斯(Quincy Jones)加盟When the dust settles on the day’s nominations, it will probably be clear that virtually every picture in the running shows pockets of weakness. “Boyhood” was strong in the top categories, but short among the technical crowd — it is all about storytelling, not grand cinema. “Birdman” had a weird miss among film editors, known their predictive power. “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” heavy with nominations, had no actor in the running. “The Imitation Game” had no leading lady — Ms. Knightley was honored as a supporting player — and missed with cinematographers. Mr. Marsh was not nominated as director of “The Theory of Everything.”提名尘埃落定之后,或许可以看清,所有获得多项提名的影片都有其弱项《少年时代在重要奖项中表现强劲,但却没有获得技术奖项的青睐,它全是关乎叙事,没有宏大的电影手法《鸟人不可思议地被各种剪辑奖项忽略了,众所周知,这些奖项是很能预测大奖归属的《布达佩斯大饭店获得多项提名,却没有获得表演奖项提名《模仿游戏中没有女主角——奈特莉获得的是最佳女配角提名——也没有获得摄影方面的奖项《万物理论的导演马什没有获得导演奖提名So it is still a race. And, as Mr. Linklater said on Sunday, in accepting an award at the Globes, where “Boyhood” won best drama: “No one’s perfect.”所以竞争仍然激烈正如林克莱特在周日接受《少年时代所获得的最佳影片奖时所说:“没有人是完美的” 50

She been cutting a slimmer figure since losing weight after recovering from throat surgery last year. And as she ran errands in West London, the singer was showing off the effects of her weight loss in pair of leggings and jumper. Accompanied by boyfriend Simon Konecki, a male friend and her beloved dachshund dog Louie, the 3-year-old was spotted about and about in Notting Hill. The trio started off lunching in a cafe, bee checking out some vintage shops and getting a caffeine fix in a Pret A Manger. After picking up a few vintage items from the Rellik boutique on Golborne Road, they headed off to Clutter Prop Hire in Park Royal, North West London.自从做了声带手术后,Adele已经消瘦了很多最近她被拍到和男友Simon Konecki以及自己的小Louie一同逛街在一家小餐馆吃完午餐后,Adele前往了一家古董衣的专卖店淘货

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