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Peugeot PantsIf you can't afford a Peugeot, just buy the pants! 标致汽车(Peugeot)裤子如果买不起标致汽车,那就买条裤子吧。 /201104/131275A day after fleecing Andorra 6-0, English soccer star David Beckham launched a new underwear campaign for the Giorgio Armani fashion label。  在(贝克汉姆所在的英格兰队)六比零狂胜安道尔队一天之后,英国足球明星大卫#8226;贝克汉姆为时尚品牌乔治#8226;阿玛尼新拍摄的内衣广告正式推出。  Beckham said he was "proud but a little embarrassed" by the colossal billboard photograph of himself in nothing but a pair of tight, black briefs emblazoned with the Emporio Armani eagle logo, which now looms over London's Oxford Street retail hub。  贝克汉姆的巨幅广告出现在伦敦商业中心——牛津街的街头。海报上的贝克汉姆只穿了一条饰有安普里奥#8226;阿玛尼品牌鹰标的黑色贴身短内裤。对此,他感到“自豪但也有点儿尴尬”。  The 34-year-old Beckham, currently on loan to AC Milan from the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, and his Spice Girl wife, Victoria, have stripped down before for Armani campaigns。  现年34岁的贝克汉姆从洛杉矶队租借至AC米兰队,他的妻子维多利亚是辣组合成员之一,之前也曾为阿玛尼拍摄内衣广告。  The photograph shows the English sex symbol naked except for the underpants, perched on a chair with his legs sp. A braided rope is draped around his torso and partially covers his tattooed arms。  照片上,这位英国性感明星只穿了一条内裤,除此之外一丝不挂。他劈腿坐在椅子上,身上缠着麻花状的绳子,盖住了一部份纹身的上臂。 /200906/74550What can you do to recall your dreams more often and interpret them more clearly? The experts offer these tips: 为了更容易回忆起梦境并阐释它的意义,你应该怎么做才好呢?以下是专家们提供的一些方法: 1. Incubate an idea.Before you go to sleep, consciously think about a topic or a person you'd like to dream about. Pose a question that's troubling you and see how your dream responds to it. Follow these tips so you will be able to interpret your own dreams. 酝酿你的想法。在你入睡之前,下意识地去想你希望梦到的某件事情,或是某个人。提出一直困扰你的问题,然后看看梦境是如何为你解答的。按照这些方法做,你就能解释自己的梦境了。 2. Keep track.Next to your bed, place a pad and pen, or a tape recorder or laptop, to record your dreams as soon as you wake up. 跟踪梦境。在你的床旁边,放好本子和笔,或是录音机,又或是笔记本电脑,这样你可以在醒来时马上记录下你的梦境。 3. Try to awaken naturally,without the help of an alarm clock or barking dog that can disrupt your dream cycle. If your schedule doesn't allow you to sleep in during the week, begin your dream journal on a weekend or during a vacation. 睡到自然醒。不要让闹钟或叫声打扰你的睡眠周期。如果你的时间表令你无法在工作周睡到自然醒,那么你可以选择在周末或是假期的时候睡大觉。 4. Wake up slowly.For the first moment after you awaken, lie still and keep your eyes closed, because your dream may be connected to your body position while you slept. Try to recollect the dream and then store it in your memory by giving it a name like "Late for an Exam" or "My Date with Ashley Judd." When you rise, immediately write down as many images, feelings and impressions as you can. 推迟起床。当你刚刚醒来的那一刻,躺着别动,也别张开眼睛。因为你的梦可能和你睡着时的身体姿势有关。努力回想你的梦,并给这些梦起个名字,记入大脑。比如“考试迟到”,或“我与阿什利·贾德的约会”等。起订后,马上记下任何你可以回想起来的画面,感觉和印象。 /201105/138588Since 1789 the Debrett#39;s publishing house, which describes itself as ;Britain#39;s leading experts on manners and behaviour,; has been offering authoritative guides on how to handle life#39;s social curveballs with tact, breeding, and aplomb.自1789年以来,自诩为;英国顶级礼仪与举止专家;的德布雷特出版公司(Debrett#39;s)就一直出版各种权威礼仪指南,教导人们如何机智、有教养并沉着地处理各种社交问题。Now it has addressed one of life#39;s high, inside fastballs: divorce.现在,这家出版公司又瞄准了人生中一个重大的难题:离婚。Its volume on this unusually bellicose subject was authored by the family law department of Mishcon de Reya, a London-based, transatlantic law firm. The resulting collaboration, Debrett#39;s Guide to Civilised Separation, debuts February 29. (Though the book is never so indiscreet as to say so, Mishcon represented Diana, Princess of Wales, in connection with her divorce.)《德布雷特文明离婚指南》(Debrett#39;s Guide to Civilised Separation)一书将于2月29日问世。这本书由Mishcon de Reya律师事务所的家庭法律部编撰,探讨了离婚这个格外充满火药味的话题。这家律师事务所总部位于伦敦,是一家欧洲法律机构。(虽然这本新书并没有不知分寸地乱说,但Mishcon de Reya事务所确实在威尔士王妃离婚案中担任了戴安娜王妃的法律代表。)In this handsome, 61-page paperback;the cover shows a poker-faced lovebird taking flight from its poker-faced ex-mate;the Mishcon lawyers provide compassionate but clear-eyed advice about the emotional process they#39;ve observed so many times from a healthy distance. Though Americans may bridle at the notion of being taught manners, the book really just aims to give sound advice for getting through the ordeal with maximum dispatch and minimum damage to children. Following its advice could save you some billable hours, too, the solicitors point out, since, as Robert Louis Stevenson once observed, ;Compromise is the best and cheapest lawyer.;这本装帧精美的平装本共61页,封面是一只面无表情的爱情鸟正在飞离它那面无表情的前任;爱侣;。Mishcon de Reya事务所的律师们一直站在必要的距离之外观察离婚这个情绪化的过程。他们在书中根据大量的观察,给出了富有同情心但又异常冷静的建议。美国人或许会对这种教授礼仪的概念不屑一顾,不过这本书实际上只是试图提供一些合理的建议,帮助读者在这个让人倍感煎熬的过程中实现最高的效率,以及最大程度地降低对孩子的伤害。律师们指出,遵循书中的建议也可以让人们省下一笔钱,不用花冤枉钱去资讯按小时收费的律师;正如罗伯特bull;路易斯bull;斯蒂文森曾说过的:;体谅是最出色、最便宜的律师。;The book#39;s advice is, of course, ;aspirational,; says Sandra Davis, the head of Mishcon#39;s divorce unit, in an interview, ;because inevitably divorce is a very destructive event and people don#39;t always feel at their best nor can they react positively to every situation with a great degree of control. But certainly when there are children involved it#39;s important to be able to maintain a co-parenting relationship.;Mishcon de Reya事务所离婚部门的负责人桑德拉;戴维斯在一次采访中表示,书中的建议当然是;人们梦寐以求的;,;因为离婚必然具有非常巨大的破坏力。人们有时候难免情绪低落,也无法拿出极佳的自制力来积极应对所有的情况。但可以肯定的是,如果离婚牵扯到小孩,能否保持共同抚养的关系是非常重要的一点。;While safeguarding the children#39;s emotional health is its own reward, it happens to be sound financial policy, too, notes Mishcon#39;s New York-based family law partner, Michael Stutman, in an interview. Cooperation can save expenses on ;all the collaterals; of ;unwinding the mess that you#39;ve made,; he explains, like when ;you start trotting the children off to therapists and tutors because they#39;re not paying attention, because they#39;re distracted, because they#39;re anxious.;Mishcon de Reya事务所的纽约地区家庭法律合伙人迈克尔;斯塔特曼在一次采访中称,保障孩子们的情绪健康不仅是为了孩子们好,同时也是明智的理财策略。他解释道,事情搞得一团糟之后再做补救需要花钱,但合作却能省下这笔的费用。譬如下面这种情况:(因为处理不善);孩子开始出现注意力不集中、容易分心、焦虑等现象,(做父母的只得心急火燎地)带他们去看治疗师和心理辅导师。;。The book#39;s advice is wide-ranging and practical, including suggestions about how to tell the children; how to dress and behave in court; how and where to conduct visitational handovers; how to deal with post-divorce bar mitzvahs, weddings, and funerals; getting back on your feet romantically, and more.这本书的建议涉及范围很广,也很实用,包括:如何告诉孩子父母要离婚的消息;出席法庭时穿什么,在法庭上的行为举止应该注意什么问题;如何以及在哪里进行探视交接;如何处理离婚后男孩的受诫礼、婚礼以及葬礼;如何从头再来,投入新的恋情,等等。 /201202/171952

To learn a foreign language, the culture background of the target language will helps a lot. Take this sentence For example: 学习外语,外语的文化背景十分重要。以下面的句子为例: They had planned on marrying as soon as they graduated from high school but "Uncle Sam" had other ideas. 他们计划高中一毕业就结婚,但“山姆大叔”却另有主意。 Most of us know the "Uncle Sam" means the government of ed States. But suppose we don't know it, we will got misunderstanded. 大多数人都知道“山姆大叔”指美国政府,但是设想我们不了解这个词,我们就会弄不清是什么意思。 "Uncle Sam"是美国人的绰号。它源自1812-1814年间美英战争时期的一个历史传说。相传在纽约州的特洛伊城(Troy)有位年长的肉类加工商,名叫山缪尔#8226;威尔逊(Samuel Wilson)。他勤劳、诚实、能干,很有威信,人们亲切地叫他"山姆大叔(Uncle Sam)"(注:Sam为Samuel的昵称)。这位山姆大叔也是一位爱国者,他与父兄曾参加过美国独立战争。在1812年的美英战争中,他的工厂与政府签了一份为军队生产桶装牛肉的合同,美国政府每当收到他交来的经其亲自检验合格的牛肉,就将肉装入特制的木桶,并在桶上盖上US的记号。由于Uncle Sam的首字母是US,而美国(The ed States)的缩写也是U.S.,于是人们便把这两个名称合二为一了,意即那些经"山姆大叔"之手的牛肉,成了"美国"的财产。于是当地的人们就把"山姆大叔"当成美国的绰号,并逐渐流传开来。  19世纪30年代,美国漫画家根据历史传说,赋予"山姆大叔"形象,于是出现了一个蓄着胡子的高瘦老头形象。他头戴饰星高顶帽,身穿红、白、蓝三色燕尾和条纹裤(美国星条旗的图案)。虽白发苍髯,却精神矍铄,一派威仪。从此,这一形象就成了美国的象征。"山姆大叔"勤劳开朗的性格和爱国热忱,体现了美国人民的天性和精神。因此,1961年,美国国会正式承认"山姆大叔"为美国的民族象征和代表。 美国人的绰号,除了"Uncle Sam"外,还有"Brother Jonathan"和"Yankee"。"Brother Jonathan"代表美国人,源自华盛顿的好友,美国民族英雄、革命志士"Jonathan Trumbull"(1710-1785)。据说,华盛顿经常向他请教问题,而且亲切地唤他作"Brother Jonathan(乔纳森兄弟)"。至于"Yankee",最初是指在美国东北部新英格兰地区定居的殖民者。在美国南北战争(1861-1865)期间,"Yankee"的含义扩大了。南方军人把北方各州的士兵都叫作"Yankee(北方佬)"。在第一次世界大战(1914-1918)期间,"Yankee"简化成"Yank"。一唱起"The Yanks Are Coming(扬克来了)"这歌,欧洲那些处境艰难的协约国人民无不欢欣流泪。从那时起,"Yankee"对于欧洲人来说,就成了美国兵或美国人的代称了。在拉丁美洲,Yankee拼作Yanqui,在民族独立运动风起云涌的五十年代,长期遭受美国剥削和压迫的拉丁美洲人民发出了Yanqui go home!(美国佬滚回老家去!)的吼声,对美国的经济利益和政治影响可说是一个巨大的打击。

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