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Last October, Lisa Su became the first female leader of a major semiconductor company. As Advanced Micro Devices AMD 1.16% new CEO, the long-time technologist also became one of the 25 women CEOs in the Fortune 500. She has since spent the past few months trying to get the company—which, like larger rival Intel, has suffered from slumping PC sales—back on a path of profitable growth. To explain how she plans to do that (and to share her thoughts on breaking the glass ceiling at AMD and her passion for gaming), Su sat down for an exclusive interview with Fortune this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.去年十月,苏姿丰成为一家大型半导体公司的首位女性掌门人。作为超威半导体(AMD)的新CEO,这位经验丰富的技术专家也由此成为《财富》500强企业中仅有的25名女性CEO之一。过去几个月,她一直试图令超威重返盈利轨道,因为超威像英特尔一样,近来也遭受了PC销量下滑的冲击。上周,苏姿丰在的CES展上接受了《财富》的独家专访,详解了她的公司复兴计划,她对自己在超威打破女性职业晋升瓶颈的看法,以及她对游戏的热情。Edited excerpts:以下是经过编辑的采访摘要:FORTUNE: You’re a few months in to the job now. What do you hope to do, and what’s the plan?《财富》:你上任已经几个月了。你打算做些什么?你的计划是什么?Lisa Su:It’s been just about 90 days, and it’s been fabulous. I have been with the company for a couple of years and in the semiconductor industry for over 20 years. It is incredibly fun to run a company like AMD. I’ve spent most of the last quarter on the road. So that’s a lot of time with customers and partners and employees. The most interesting thing is just talking about the technology and why it’s exciting and important and we’re going with it. I grew up as a technology geek, and now I get to live the part for real.苏姿丰:差不多90天了,感觉非常好。我已经在这家公司工作几年了,在半导体行业也已经摸爬滚打了20多年。运营像超威这样一家公司是非常有意思的。上个季度的大部分时间,我都在路上,花了很多时间见客户、合作伙伴和员工。最有意思的事就是讨论技术,它为什么令人兴奋,为什么重要,我们为什么要做它。我从小就是个“极客”,而现在它成了我的生活。Semiconductors have always been my background, so building chips and seeing the product of our designs go into devices is really cool for me. I think the vision that I’m trying to establish for AMD is that we are a company with technology that’s really, really leading edge, and we’re going into the most important applications over the next five years. So 50 billion devices will be connected together and there will be all different types of devices. You’ll have PCs and cars and more, and all of them need computing and visualization. That’s what we do.我的背景一直是半导体,所以我觉得,生产芯片、看着我们设计的产品进入电子设备,是一件很酷的事。我认为我想为超威建立的愿景就是,我们是一家技术非常先进的公司,而且我们要做的正是未来五年里应用最广的东西。未来联网的设备将达到500亿台,而且也将会有各种不同的设备。比如说,你的PC和汽车都需要计算和虚拟化。那就是我们要做的事情。How can you differentiate the company going forward?展望未来,你如何让这家公司实现差异化?Diversifying the business is definitely a good thing. But for me, it’s really about product applications and what we can enable and inspire. I think AMD is at our best when we’re working with a customer and allowing them to do something they couldn’t do before. That is not the history of the company—the history of the company is that we’ve been second source to other people. I think we really need to change that, that’s the nugget I’d like to change. Two years from now if we’re sitting here, you should be thinking, “Hey, these are all the cool things that AMD is in”—not that AMD is a second source to somebody else.让业务多样化绝对是一件好事。但在我看来,更重要的是产品的应用,以及我们能够促成什么、启发什么。我认为超威正处于最好的时期,因为我们能让客户做一些以前做不了的事情。那并不是公司的历史——我们过去一直被很多人视为第二选择。我认为我们确实需要改变这一点。两年后如果我再坐在这里,你应该会想:“嘿,这么多非常酷的东西都有超威参与。”到那时,超威将不再是位于其它公司之后的第二选择。So what kind of cool things, for example?你们正在参与开发哪些非常酷的产品,能举个例子吗?Like the iMac 5K display. It has all of the technology that we can pack and graphics and visualization in a beautiful form factor. Also game consoles—that’s really a product that enables so much. I happen to have lots of game consoles in my house, and for our holiday party we did Just Dance [a “rhythm game” developed and published by Ubisoft]. It’s not a fighter game, but it’s a different way of socializing and bringing technology to the forefront. I think that’s what I’d like AMD to be known for—you know, we bring cool applications to the market.比如iMac 5K显示器。它集成了我们现有的全部技术,还有图形和虚拟化等等,而且外形也很漂亮。此外还有游戏机,它是一个具有很大潜能的产品。我家里就有很多游戏机,在家里开假日派对的时候,我们就会玩《舞力全开》(一款由Ubisoft公司开发的“旋律游戏”)。它不是一个对战游戏,而是一种全新的社交方式,而且把科技推到了前沿。我想这就是我希望超威能够享有的声誉——你知道,我们会把很酷的应用推向市场。You’ve been in the industry for a long time. How has it changed? There seems to be a changing of the guard at a lot of companies at the moment and rapid technology changes.你进入这个行业已经很长时间了,它有什么变化吗?目前似乎有许多公司都更换了掌门人,而且技术变革的速度也非常快。The pace of change has increased. It’s not measured on years anymore; you can actually see it in a shorter time scale. Putting management changes aside—because every company has management changes and that’s not necessarily the primary factor—the market is changing and it’s because the technology is changing so fast. If you think about the period of time between when we went from PCs being the center of the universe to smartphones to tablets to now, where it’s not any one of those things but really a collection of hundreds of devices that have become important, I think it’s really because those changes have accelerated that it causes us as technology people to be much smarter or more predictive of what has to happen. Because when we make an investment in technology today it will take us three years to see if it will pay off. So we have to be predicting what will happen three years from now.变革的速度已经加快了。它不再是按年来计算,你可以在更短的时间周期看到变革。先把管理层更换放在一边——因为每家公司都有管理层变革,那未必是一个主要因素。市场也在发生变化,因为技术的变革实在太快了。想想我们从PC过渡到智能手机和平板电脑再到现在所用的时间,特别是现在这些东西中没有任何一项占统治地位,而是几百种设备都变得很重要,我想这的确是因为这些变化已经加速,它使我们这些搞科技的人变得更聪明了,或者更能预见到下一步会发生什么。因为如果我们今天做出一项技术投资,三年就可以见到效果。所以我们必须能够预测三年后会发生什么。I joke about this but a lot of people ask me why AMD isn’t in smartphones. I say, “That’s an interesting question but you should have asked me that three years ago.” What you should be asking me today is what’s going to be important three years from now. That’s the part of our industry that I think makes it so interesting to be in, because the important money is what are we investing in in the future.我曾开玩笑地说起这一点,但很多人问我,为什么超威没有进入智能手机行业。我说:“这是一个很有意思的问题,但你应该在三年前问我。”你今天问我的问题应该是三年以后什么最重要。这正是为什么我觉得这个行业非常有意思,因为重要的是我们未来要投资什么。But there’s still a lot of money in mobile. Was the decision not to be there a mistake?但目前还是有很多资金投在了移动上,没有进入移动领域是不是一个错误?I think the decision was one that was made three years ago. And I view it as, you have to play to your strengths. There are a lot of phones that are going to be sold and that’s good. But our strengths are in computing and visualization. So playing to our strengths is key.我想这个决定是三年前做出来的。我认为我们必须扬长避短。虽然卖出去的手机的确很多,这也很好,但我们的优势在于计算和虚拟化,所以发挥优势很关键。AMD is in two very large markets [PCs and gaming] but not dominant in either. Is that a problem?超威同时在两个非常大的市场里弈(PC和游戏),但没有主宰其中任何一个。这是不是一个问题?The way I think about it is that I would probably define the markets differently as we go forward. The market is going to be defined by those 50 billion connected devices. So the question is does it end up being that there’s a set of applications where different technologies are satisfying different applications. I think AMD has a set of technologies that can service a broad number of those applications. It’s different than if we’re talking about microscopic changes on a quarterly basis. There you tend to get into who lost and gained a percentage point of market share.我对这个问题的看法是,随着公司的进一步发展,我可能会对市场做不同的定义。未来市场将由那500亿台联网设备来定义。所以问题是,未来会不会演变成有很多的应用,需要各种不同的技术满足不同的应用。我认为超威就有一系列不同的技术,可以满足大量应用。它与那种按季度衡量的“小步快走”的变革是不同的。在后者的语境中,你可能会更关注谁赢谁输,或者占了多少市场份额。So you’re saying that who’s going to be dominant could be different because the market categories could be different?所以你是说,市场的主宰者可能会变,因为市场类别本身可能会变?Yes. I firmly believe that the innovation in computing is still really in its infancy. As good as our phone is today, the speech recognition and the face recognition isn’t very good today. So there’s still plenty of innovation to be had.是的。我坚信计算领域的创新仍然处于早期阶段。虽然现在你的手机已经挺不错了,但语音识别和面部识别功能仍然不是很好。所以还有很多的创新要做。Is running this company something you always aspired to do?执掌这家公司是不是你一直渴望做的事情?It’s definitely something I aspired to do. I went to school at MIT with a whole bunch of engineers. And then I started work one day and asked myself, “why do all of these MIT Ph.D.s work for Harvard MBAs?” Why should it be like that? I was one of those engineers who thought, “Why are these people making those dumb decisions?” So it’s fun to be the person making them. This is a fantastic opportunity.当然这是我一直渴望的。我在麻省理工学院的很多同学都是工程师。然后有一天我开始工作了,我问自己:“为什么这么多麻省理工的士要给哈佛的MBA打工?”为什么会是这样?另外很多工程师包括我自己都会想:“为什么这些人做的决策这么蠢?”所以自己去当决策人是挺有意思的,这是一个非常美妙的机会。You’re also the first woman to run a major semiconductor company.你也是第一个执掌一家大型半导体公司的女性。I’ve heard that.我听说了。Is that a significant milestone to you?这对你是一个重大的里程碑吗?I think I’m honored by it. I’m honored more by the fact that if you had asked me what I want to be when I grew up, it would have been pretty much here. Just 90 days into a job it’s hard to talk about legacy, but what’s more important to me is that when you grade AMD, whether it’s three years from now or five years from now, you grade it on that this was a fantastic set of assets that she turned into something special. That would be a phenomenal grade to have. So that’s more important than do I happen to be the first [woman] today.我觉得很光荣。这是因为如果你在我小时候问我,长大了想当什么,我的很可能就是这样一份工作。现在我上任刚刚90天,还谈不上能带给这家公司多大的影响。但当你在三年或五年以后评价超威时,如果你觉得这位CEO带来了一些特别的东西,留下了一笔很出色的资产,我就会觉得那是一个很不寻常的评价。那比我现在是不是第一位女性CEO要重要得多。(财富中文网) /201501/354389The moment Google announced it was letting users download their entire search histories, I clicked — and downloaded a cache of 128,948 searches, the sum total of my last 12 years, five months, one week and three days online. I fully expected to be reminded of those repeated requests for ‘‘Finnish gymnastics’’ and ‘‘comorbidity of insomnia and brain lesioning,’’ but what surprised me was how regularly I searched for other search engines: ‘‘alternative search engines,’’ ‘‘alt search engines,’’ ‘‘search engines that aren’t Google,’’ ‘‘search engines better than Google.’’谷歌(Google)刚一宣布用户可以下载完整的历史搜索记录,我就去点了——于是下载了128948条搜索缓存,这是我过去总在网时长——12年5个月1周零3天——的搜索量。我期待着被一些重复的词条提醒:“芬兰体操”、“失眠共病与脑损伤”。然而让我感到惊讶的是,我搜索其他搜索引擎的频率竟如此之高:“其他搜索引擎”、“替代搜索引擎”、“除谷歌以外的搜索引擎”、“比谷歌好用的搜索引擎”。That’s how I first found my way to Mystery Google, a site that within a year of its introduction in 2009 rebranded itself as Mystery Seeker, the name under which it still operates. The site, in any iteration, has always been an enigma. It’s not clear who founded it, or who runs it, or whether it changed its name because Google threatened legal action or just acquired the domain. By contrast, what the site does is remarkably transparent. You type what you please and click Search; what you get in return are the results for the last query given to the site.我就是这样发现了“Mystery Google”。它上线于2009年,在不到一年时间里重新做了品牌推广,更名为“Mystery Seeker”,现在也还叫这个名字。不管叫什么,这个网站一直都是一个谜。创建它的人未知,运营它的人未知,更不知道更名是否是迫于谷歌的法律威胁,还是谷歌吞掉了这个域名。与此相反的是,这个网站的工作机制很容易理解。用户随便敲进去什么喜欢的东西,点击“搜索”,收到的结果是网站收到的最后一个搜索请求的结果。For example, just now I typed “Who runs Mystery Seeker?” and received results for ‘‘lesbian kittens’’ — apparently the request of the user just before me. The site is an exercise in collective perversion, an antisocial yet communitarian prank. You have to give before you receive, so while I began every session trying to baffle the subsequent seeker, I always ended up off-site, having been outclassed by a stranger: pages on Lincoln-assassination conspiracy theories, Nazi time travel, Mesoamerican apocalypse prophecies and, inevitably, pornography.举个例子,现在,我打入“运营Mystery Seeker的人是谁?”,收到的结果是关于“同性恋小母猫”的搜索内容——显然,我之前的一个用户搜索了这个词条。这个网站是一个集体变态下的行为,一种反社会但又彼此相交流的恶作剧。收到结果之前,你必须给予结果,每次我开始想要给下一个搜索者制造点困惑,我都被陌生人比下去,以出局收场:刺杀林肯阴谋论的文献资料,穿越到纳粹,中美洲末日预言,还有无法避免地,色情。Whenever the results I got were smutty, or racist, I’d respond — I flattered myself that I was responding — by searching for ‘‘feminism’’ or ‘‘peculiar institution.’’ If I got results pertaining to ‘‘Mad Men’’ or ‘‘The Office,’’ the next search I’d log would be for Shostakovich or Goya. These were feeble, futile gestures, of course, self-congratulatory exercises in compensatory karma. I was telling my successor to get some culture. I should’ve been telling myself to get a life.只要得到荤一点的结果,或者种族主义的,我都会回应——我让自己觉得我是在回应——通过搜索“女性主义”或者“奴隶制度”。如果我得到了《广告狂人》(Mad Men)和《办公室》(The Office)的搜索结果,我的下一条搜索会是“肖斯塔科维奇”或“戈雅”。这些是羸弱而又无意义的举动,当然,也是一种自吹自擂的自作自受。我是要告诉我的下一位,有点文化吧。其实我也应该告诉自己,有点生活吧。At the same time, I was investigating the more practical, or just more traditional, alternatives to Google: Bing (owned by Microsoft), Yahoo (operated by Google back then and by Bing now), Info.com (an aggregator of Yahoo/Bing, Google and others) and newer sites like DuckDuckGo and IxQuick (which don’t track your search history), Gibiru and Unbubble (which don’t censor results) and Wolfram Alpha (which curates results).与此同时,我确实在深入研究更加实用,或者说更加传统的谷歌替代品:微软所有的必应(Bing),以前由谷歌运营而现在归于必应的雅虎(Yahoo),雅虎、必应、谷歌和其他引擎的集合品Info.com,还有一些新一点的网站,如DuckDuckGo和IxQuick。IxQuick不记载用户的搜索历史,另外还有Gibiru和Unbubble,不审查结果审查,以及对结果进行编排处理Wolfram Alpha。They were all too organized, too logical — the results were all the same, with only slight differences in the order of their presentation. It seemed to me that the Search Engine of Tomorow couldn’t be concerned with the best way to find what users were searching for, but with the best way to find what users didn’t even know they were searching for.不过这些都太过组织化、逻辑化,它们的搜索结果都差不多,仅在展示的顺序上有细微差别。对我来说,未来的搜索引擎不是去搀和着研究什么最好的方式,以知道用户在搜索什么,而是去研究用户自己都不知道他们在搜索的东西。Among the more entertaining challengers was Bananaslug.com: You type in a word and choose a category — Archetypes, Colors, Emotions — from which the site selects its own word to search in tandem. For instance, I typed in ‘‘Guantánamo’’ and chose the category Jargon Words; the site appended the word ‘‘parse.’’ The results of this collaboration comprised two types of hits: op-eds about the effects of closing the Guantánamo Bay prison and op-eds about the effects of keeping it open. Both sides found the future difficult to parse.存在一些更具精神的挑战者,Bananaslug.com是其中之一:你敲进去一个词,选择一个种类——原型,颜色,情绪——从你选择的种类里,这个网站会选择它自己的关键词来叠加搜索。比如,我就敲进去“关塔那”,然后选择“行业术语”这个种类;网站会挑选“分析”。这样的结果是两个,一个是关闭关塔那监狱的观点,另一个是开放的观点。两边都觉得未来很难分析。Millionshort.com elides the top 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or one million results of your search, providing more direct connection to less popular chatter. Wackosearch.com determines pertinence by impertinence: Search for “surrealism,” and get sites for the I.C.B.E. (the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette) and an online pregnancy test; search for “socialism,” get sites called Corpses for Sale or Create Farts, and feel proud that in America even irrelevancy is calculated — and while that irrelevancy is free, its method of calculation is proprietary.Millionshort.com则会忽略用户搜索结果的前100、1000、10000、10000或1000000个,这样,它提供了一种联系,让用户接触到不那么流行的话语材料。Wackosearch.com则以不合理性定义合理性:搜索“超现实主义”,得到国际洗手间礼仪中心(the International Center for Bathroom Etiquette),还有,一个线上怀测试;搜索“社会主义”,得到“待售死尸”(Corpses for Sale)和“制屁”(Create Farts)网站,然后你还会感到骄傲,因为在美国,连非相关结果都被计算了。虽然非相关结果是免费的,但这种计算方法是有专利的。Today, most search engines can differentiate among the meanings of “free,” though I’m not always convinced their users can. Google might cost nothing to use, but it compiles dossiers on consumers that it charges advertisers to access. The hope, and the pleasure, of tinkering around with nonsensical search engines has always been the generation of nonsensical data: a man (me?) clicking links for what he doesn’t need or want (latex lederhosen?) can’t be marketed to. There was joy in this, a pubescent pride in having jammed the system and evaded its consequences. This was recreation as political act — or so it seemed.如今,许多搜索引擎都可以区别“免费”这个词的多种含义,虽然我并不觉得他们的用户都能分辨其中的差别。使用谷歌可能不会花任何钱,但谷歌整理了关于用户的私密数据,并以这种档案的接近性向广告商要价。修改这些无意义的搜索结果的乐趣和希望在于,产生出无意义的数据:一个点击了他并不需要或者想要(上胶的皮短裤?)的链接的男人(我?),无法成为市场推广的目标了。这其中自有快乐,就像是一种青春期时期的自豪,给系统添点堵,并逃离后果。也像是类似政治行为的一种消遣——或者,看上去是吧。But as I immersed myself in the workings of search as research for a novel, I became disabused of the idea. My mode of protest was too quixotic: A number of the alt-search engines I’ve mentioned are built on the Bing platform, or are ‘‘Powered by Google,’’ according to the tagline that such sites are required to display. After all, the biggest companies have the best algorithms; smaller sites merely engineer filters and tack their humor on.不过,随着我慢慢像为一本小说做研究一样沉浸在这些搜索的运行原理中,我开始不这么信任这种想法了。我的反抗模式过于浮夸:从网站上被要求显示的标语中可以看到,好几个我提到的替代的搜索引擎,其实是在必应上建立的,或者由谷歌持的。总之,最大的公司拥有最好的算法。小网站仅能够做些过滤,然后融入他们自己的幽默。Even if the joke was on me, I liked it all the same. Besides, it was worth it for the education. I enjoyed the laughs; let them enjoy the data.就算我自己成了一个笑话,也还是乐此不疲。无论如何,这个过程总值得学习。我享受这些笑点,那么,也让那些人去享受他们的数据吧。 /201508/392906If buying Chinese shares was not aly sufficiently entertaining, Imax is about to increase the thrill factor still further — by listing shares in its China unit on Hong Kong’s stock market.如果说买入中国股票还不够有意思,IMAX正准备进一步提高刺激程度——它将把其中国分部在香港上市。Although the issue is small — up to a maximum 7m if the overallotment option is exercised — it should attract interest. China’s entertainment industry is representative of the shift in the economy from investment to consumption, and buying experiences over things. Last year, China’s box office became the first outside the US to surpass bn, with revenues rising nearly two-fifths year on year, says researcher IHS Technology.虽然募资规模较小——在行使超额配股权的情况下最多也只有3.17亿美元——这只股票应该会吸引投资者的兴趣。中国业是中国经济从投资驱动向消费驱动转型的一个代表性行业,它也代表着体验型消费的流行。研究机构IHS Technology表示,去年中国成为美国以外首个电影票房收入突破40亿美元的国家,增长了近五分之二。Imax China looks well placed to benefit. The company makes money from equipment sales, revenue sharing agreements and systems maintenance. Its partners operate 251 cinemas in greater China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan) with a further 214 to be installed up to 2021.IMAX中国(IMAX China)非常有希望从这种增长中获益。该公司通过设备销售、收入分账协议及系统维护赚钱。在包括香港和台湾在内的大中华区,IMAX的合作方运营着251家电影院,到2021年还要再建设214家。There is more room to grow. Imax and similar non-conventional screening technologies account for less than 5 per cent of a broader cinema market that is still underpenetrated. China has only 1.8 silver screens per 100,000 people, compared with 14.9 in the US; lower-tier cities with fewer screens are experiencing the most rapid box office growth. The company also plans to build a facility to convert Chinese-language films to the 3D Imax format. Revenue sharing arrangements for such movies are typically more generous than for Hollywood flicks, which accounted for 22 out 28 films screened by Imax in China last year.增长空间很大。在渗透率仍然不高的中国电影市场,IMAX和其他非常规银幕技术所占的份额还不到5%。中国每10万人只拥有1.8块银幕,大大低于美国的14.9块。在银幕更少的中国三四线城市,票房增长最为迅猛。该公司还计划建设一座工厂,将中文电影转制成3D IMAX格式。比起好莱坞电影,此类电影的收入分账一般更高。去年IMAX在中国上映了28部电影,22部都是好莱坞电影。The proposed issue of new and existing shares could give the company a market value as high as .6bn. On a price to earnings ratio of 30 times 2016 earnings — a premium to the parent’s 26 times — Imax China would need to more than double its 2014 earnings to justify the top end of the price range. It may well do that. But buyers will have to be confident that Chinese cinema goers continue to put high value on the novelty of an Imax ticket.IMAX中国计划发售现有股份和新股,公司市值可能达到16亿美元。相对2016年预期盈利,市盈率为30倍,高于其母公司的26倍。IMAX中国需要拿出比2014年高一倍以上的盈利,才能明其发行价区间的高端是合理的。这是很有可能做到的。不过,购股者必须抱有这样的信心:中国观影者会继续热衷于IMAX电影所带来的新鲜感。 /201509/401127The battle between the U.S. Justice Department and Apple returns to a federal courtroom Monday as the government tries to get the iPhone maker to comply with an order to help it access the phone of a mass shooter.美国司法部与苹果公司星期一将在一家联邦法院展开交锋。美国政府试图迫使苹果公司遵从一项法官的命令,协助当局获取大规模击案凶手法鲁克的手机所存信息。A magistrate judge said last week Apple must provide software to allow the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to guess the password on an iPhone given to Syed Rizwan Farook by his employer before he and his wife Tafsheen Malik killed 14 people in San Bernardino, California last year.一名法官上星期说,苹果公司必须提供一种软件,使联邦调查局得以破解法鲁克的iPhone密码。去年,法鲁克和他的妻子马利克在加利福尼亚州的圣巴尔纳迪奥杀害了14人。But Apple rejected what it called the ;unprecedented; order to create a backdoor that could allow someone with the software to access any iPhone and put its customers at risk of hacking.但苹果公司拒绝从这项它所称的“没有先例”的命令,不同意提供帮助获取iPhone所存信息的软件,使其客户面临遭黑客入侵的危险。The government fired back with a motion to make Apple comply, and ahead of Monday#39;s hearing FBI Director James Comey insisted the government is not trying to set any precedent for future cases or ;set a master key loose on the land.;美国政府进行反击,向法院提出申诉,以迫使苹果公司就范。联邦调查局局长科米在星期一举行法院听之前强调说,美国政府并不试图为今后设立一个先例,也不会“丢下一把任人使用的万能钥匙”。 /201602/427680Huawei, the Chinese telecoms company, has been given the all-clear over fears it may compromise UK national security.针对华为(Huawei)是否可能损害英国国家安全的担忧,这家中国电信设备制造商如今已经获得了“完全健康通知”。Risks from using equipment provided by the company have been “sufficiently mitigated”, according to the first report into the operation that vets its technology in the UK.针对华为在英国供应的技术,首份审查评估报告称,使用该公司所提供的设备的风险已被“充分缓解”。Huawei is one of the UK’s largest providers of telecoms equipment, with deals in place to provide critical national infrastructure as well as the technology behind services from companies such as BT, EE, Virgin Media, O2 and Sky.华为是英国最大的电信设备供应商之一,按照已经签署的协议提供关键的国家基础设施,也向英国电信运营商,如英国电信(BT)、EE、维珍媒体(Virgin Media)、O2和Sky,提供技术设备。However, concerns have been raised in countries such as the US and Australia about potential links to the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army in spite of strong denials from the group.不过,在美国和澳大利亚等国家,有人对于华为与中国政府和解放军的潜在联系提出了关切,尽管该集团强烈否认存在这种联系。A cyber security evaluation centre in Banbury was established in 2010 by Huawei to take apart the physical equipment and software used in the UK to mitigate risks to national security.2010年,华为在英国班伯里(Banbury)建立了一个网络安全评估中心,负责分解并剖析在英国使用的硬件设备和软件,以缓解对国家安全构成的风险。In the report for the national security adviser, the centre’s oversight board said the “technical assurance” provided by Banbury was of “sufficient scope and quality to meet its obligations”.该中心的监督委员会在提交国家安全顾问的报告中表示,班伯里提供的“技术保”具有“足够的涵盖范围和质量,足以履行其义务”。Huawei has also pledged further funds to expand the centre.华为还承诺提供更多资金以扩大这个中心。A management audit by Ernst amp; Young showed the centre was sufficiently independent from Huawei, which will address concerns about the centre and its staff being fully funded by the Chinese group.安永会计师事务所(Ernst amp; Young)的一项管理审计显示,该中心已经足够独立于华为公司,这将化解有关该中心及其工作人员完全由这家中资集团资助的担忧。Three concerns were identified by the report, although these were rated as “low risk”. They included difficulties in recruiting staff owing to a lack of cyber security skills as well as the reluctance of potential new recruits to complete security clearance.报告提出了三项关注,尽管它们都被评为“低风险”。它们包括:缺乏网络安全技能所导致的招聘困难,以及潜在的新聘人员不愿接受安全审查。Ernst amp; Young found some staff working at the centre without developed vetting clearance — the most comprehensive type of security vetting — although this has now been reduced to just two.安永发现,在该中心工作的一些工作人员尚未通过“高度审查”(developed vetting,简称DV),即最全面的安全审查,尽管其人数已减至两人。The report also found “tensions” between teams working in the centre and the Huawei response team in Shenzhen, but decided they did not have a “detrimental effect on the security of the UK networks”.报告还发现,在班伯里中心工作的团队和华为在深圳的响应小组之间关系“紧张”,但得出结论认为,这并未“对英国网络安全造成不利影响”。Senior government representatives visited Huawei in Shenzhen in January 2015, according to the report, when the company provided further reassurances.报告称,英国政府高级代表2015年1月在深圳走访了华为,当时该公司提供了进一步的保。David Pollington, former Microsoft cyber security expert, has been lined up to replace retiring chief Andy Hopkins at the Banbury centre.微软(Microsoft)前网络安全专家戴维#8226;波林顿(David Pollington)已被任命为班伯里中心的下一任负责人,接替即将退休的首席安迪#8226;霍普金斯(Andy Hopkins)。Huawei has also sought to alleviate concerns over corporate governance with the appointment of former BP chief executive Lord Browne to head a UK board of directors to oversee British operations.华为还任命英国石油(BP)前首席执行官布朗勋爵(Lord Browne)执掌一个英国董事会,由其监督在英业务,以求减轻有关公司治理的担忧。In a statement, Huawei said it was “pleased to be playing its part in providing reassurance to its UK customers of the quality of our products and solutions”.华为在一份声明中表示,该公司“很高兴能够发挥自己的作用,就本公司产品和解决方案的质量向英国客户提供保”。 /201503/366743

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