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江西赣州仁济医院人流价格表会昌县妇幼保健院官网1. Could you introduce yourself?你能介绍一下自己吗?. Can you make a self-introduction?你可以自我介绍一下吗?3. I am a local resident and I am an English major.我是当地人,英语专业毕业. I am years old and have been employed in the company delivery office the last years.我今年岁,过去两年在一个公司做收发工作5. I am a person of determination and I like playing car racing.我是个很果断的人,爱好赛车6. I am nearsighted and I have been wearing glasses since I was little.我是近视眼,从小就戴眼镜7. Ive worked in a multinational as an automation software test engineer years.我在一家跨国公司做了两年的自动化软件测试工程师8. My birthplace is Suzhou and I was born in a middle-sized family.我出生在苏州一个中等人口的家庭9. I was the Academic Pace-setter in college and I was a government-supported student.大学时我是学习标兵,还是公费生. I have passion in being a chef and I have a chef certificate.我很喜欢做厨师,还有厨师资格Dialogue 1对话 1A: Hi, this is A Conpany. Is that Zhao Ning?A: 你好,这里是A公司你是赵宁吗?B: Yes, speaking.B: 是的,我是A: Could you introduce yourself?A: 你能介绍一下自己吗?B: Yes. I am a local resident and I am an English major.B: 好我是当地人,英语专业毕业Dialogue 对话 A: Hi, this is Emily from Green Trees Co. Is that Li Bing?A: 你好,我是绿林公司的你是李冰吗?B: Yes,speaking.B: 是的,我是A: Can you make a self-introduction?A: 你可以自我介绍一下吗?B: OK. I am years old and have been employed in the company delivery office the last years.B: 好的我今年岁, 过去两年在一个公司做收发工作 350信丰县治疗女性疾病哪家医院好的 第66期:In a Stationary StoreY:Id like to see that pen,please.Y:我想看一看那笔X:You mean fihis one?X:您说这吗?Y:No,the other one in the brown case.Y:不是,是棕色盒子的那一X:Oh,this one.…Here.X:哦,这一...您请看Y:May I try it?Y:我可以写写看吗?X:Sure.X:当然可以Y:It’s very smooth.Ill take it.Y:很好写,我买了X:Cash or charge?X:您是付现还是刷卡呢?Y:Charge,please.Y:请刷卡好了其他出国旅游英语句型:1.Ill take it.我要买下它例:A:This tie looks good on you.B:OK.Ill take it.甲:这条领带戴在你身上真好看乙:好吧我就买下来了.Cash or charge?付现还是刷卡呢? Will you pay by cash or charge?例:A:Will you pay by cash or charge?B:Cash.甲:您要付现金还是刷卡?乙:付现 3691Russia considers the former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden a free man and will not extradite him despite Washington charging him with spying, President Vladimir Putin said yesterday, a move likely to deepen a diplomatic row dispute.俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)昨日称,俄罗斯认为美国前情报分析员爱德华#8226;斯诺Edward Snowden)是个自由人,尽管美国指控他犯有间谍罪,但俄罗斯不会引渡他。此言很可能加深外交纠纷。Mr Putin told a press conference in Finland that Mr Snowden was still in the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport after arriving there from Hong Kong on Sunday.普京在芬兰举行的新闻发布会上表示,周日从香港抵达莫斯科的斯诺登,仍然滞留在莫斯科谢列梅捷沃机场的转机区域。“Mr Snowden is a free man,Mr Putin said. “The sooner he selects his final destination point, the better both for us and for himself.”“斯诺登是一个自由的人,”普京表示,“他越快选择最终目的地,对我们和他自己就越奀?”Russia and the US do not have an extradition treaty and so Moscow would not meet Washington’s request to return the former analyst to America.俄罗斯和美国未签署引渡条约,因此俄罗斯政府将不会应美方要求,将这位前情报分析员遣返回美国。“We can only hand over foreign citizens to countries with which we have an appropriate international agreement on the extradition of criminals,the president said.普京称:“我们只会将外国公民移交给那些与我们签订了引渡罪犯双边协议的国家。”Russian agents had never worked with Mr Snowden, Mr Putin said, adding that he hoped the case, which has stirred a diplomatic dispute in recent days, would not affect relations with Washington, even though he described Washington’s criticism of Moscow for Mr Snowden’s evasion of arrest as “ravings and rubbish普京称,俄罗斯情报人员从未与斯诺登合作,并表示,希望近日引发外交纠纷的斯诺登一案不会影响俄美关系,即便他形容美国在斯诺登逃避逮捕一事上对俄罗斯的批评是“没有意义的胡言乱语”。Mr Putin’s comments came after Sergei Lavrov, Russian foreign minister, defended his country’s conduct in the affair.之前,俄罗斯外长谢尔#8226;拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)为本国在此事件上的行为做出辩护。“We consider the attempts to accuse the Russian side of violating US laws, and practically of involvement in a plot, to be absolutely groundless and unacceptable,said Mr Lavrov, speaking at a joint news conference with Algeria’s foreign minister in Moscow.拉夫罗夫在莫斯科与阿尔及利亚外长联合举行的新闻发布会上表示:“我们认为指控俄方违反美国法律、而且实际上指控俄方参与一个阴谋的企图是没有根据、不可接受的。”He added: “There are no legal grounds for such conduct of US officials.”他补充道:“美国官员的此类行为缺乏法律依据。”Beijing was equally scathing of the US. “The ed Statescriticism of China’s central government is baseless. China absolutely cannot accept it,Hua Chunying, a foreign ministry spokeswoman, said in Beijing yesterday. She has also rejected US criticism of Hong Kong, a Chinese territory, for letting Mr Snowden leave.中国政府同样对美国态度尖锐。外交部女发言人华春莹昨日在北京表示:“美方对中国中央政府的指责缺乏依据,中方对此不能接受。”她还驳斥了美国对中国特别行政区香港允许斯诺登离境的批评。Washington on Monday criticised both Moscow and Beijing for allowing Mr Snowden to evade arrest.周一,美国政府指责中俄两国放任斯诺登逃避逮捕。John Kerry, the US secretary of state, toned down the rhetoric yesterday, calling for “calm and reasonablenessfrom Russia.美国国务卿约#8226;克里(John Kerry)昨日放缓语气,呼吁俄罗斯方面展现出“冷静与合理”。“We would hope that Russia would not side with someone who is a fugitive from justice,Mr Kerry said at a news conference in Saudi Arabia.克里在沙特阿拉伯举行的新闻发布会上表示:“我们希望俄罗斯不会持一个逃避司法正义的人。”In his comments yesterday, Mr Putin also suggested that Moscow sympathised with Mr Snowden from a civil rights perspective, drawing comparisons with Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.普京在昨天发表的中还暗示,俄方从公民权利的角度同情斯诺登,并且将他与维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始人朱利安#8226;阿桑Julian Assange)相提并论。Mr Snowden has not been seen since he arrived at Moscow on Sunday afternoon on a flight from Hong Kong.自周日下午乘机从香港抵达莫斯科以来,斯诺登一直没有露面。Washington has charged Mr Snowden with theft of government property, unauthorised communication of national defence information and wilful communication of classified communications intelligence. All the charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 yearsimprisonment.美国政府指控斯诺登窃取政府财产,未经授权传播国家防务信息,故意透露机密情报。每项罪名最高可判处10年监禁。来 /201306/245548赣州兴国人民医院专家预约

全南县陂头镇陂头卫生院预约是不是真的Google Partners in China Issue Plea to Web GiantA group of Google Inc.'s partners in China have sent an impassioned plea to the Internet giant, saying their businesses are in jeopardy if Google closes its Chinese search engine and demanding to know how they will be compensated.The letter, viewed by The Wall Street Journal, states Google hasn't given its advertising resellers in China guidance since its announcement in January that it may close its Chinese search site, Google.cn. The letter says the companies have watched their business decline and worry they will be forced out of business if Google withdraws.The message, which listed 27 Google advertising resellers in China, was sent Monday by email to John Liu, who leads Google's sales team and oversees the company's business operations in greater China, according to one of the resellers on the list, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.The letter demands an explanation of how the resellers will be treated if Google has to leave China or shut down Google.cn.The companies have sales staff that focus on selling advertising that runs on Google.'We understand that Google has its own values, but we cannot understand why, until this day, Google has not communicated with us how the matter will be solved,' the letter states.A Google spokeswoman said the company had received the letter and was reviewing it. The letter was also posted on the Web site of China's state-run television broadcaster.The Google reseller said the companies are 'facing operating pressure' due to the uncertainty of Google's status in China, but not all of the resellers had a part in drawing up the letter.'We really hope Google would face up to the problems and try to find ways to solve them,' the reseller said.Google, which has yet to follow through on an announcement in January to stop filtering results on Google.cn, has been in negotiations with Chinese authorities over the extent to which it can continue operating.The saga is being closely watched by Google users in China, which has the most Internet users of any nation and would be dominated almost entirely by easily controlled Chinese companies if Google exits the market. Analysts estimate that Google has tens of millions of users here.Convinced the company would take action on Monday, hundreds of Google users stayed awake the entire night to monitor search results on the Web site for any indication that filters had been lifted.Users swapped analyses of results for keyword queries like '1989 student protest,' a reference to the Tiananmen Square crackdown, because such content is considered politically sensitive in China and is often filtered.Some users published screenshots of Google results that seemed to be uncensored, but it wasn't possible to determine what the causes of those inconsistencies were. As of Tuesday, Google's results were still censored in China.'Many users are wondering why Google is so indecisive and some of them have lost their patience,' said Issac Mao, an independent Chinese-Internet researcher and blogger.Google's standoff with the Chinese government has highlighted the sometimes perilous regulatory web that entangles foreign companies in the country.China operates a licensing system, policed by regulators, that requires all foreign investors to seek approval to conduct business activities within a defined scope.Companies that breach the terms of their license risk being closed down, which is the position in which Google now finds itself having declared it is no longer willing to censor its search results.No area of business in China is more politically sensitive than the Internet, or more heavily regulated. China bars foreign companies from owning an 'Internet content provider' license to provide services in the country. For that, Google needed to partner with a Chinese company, which holds the ICP license from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in order to provide services in China.A Google spokeswoman declined to comment on the status of Google's ICP license, but said licenses are 'generally' due to be renewed this month.Still, it is unclear to what extent the license renewal is influencing Google's decision making, if at all, according to a person familiar with Google's China plans.Google's commercial operations also have to be registered with the Ministry of Commerce. On Tuesday, Ministry of Commerce spokesman Yao Jian said Google has two companies registered, but so far the ministry hasn't received any reports regarding an exit of either company.'If the two companies want to exit from China they will have to go through a procedure including reporting to the commerce ministry,' Mr. Yao said, citing China's foreign investment law. He didn't elaborate.Google grapples with a slew of agencies that have a say over the Internet. These include the Ministry of Public Security, which deals with criminal activities on the Web, including political dissent; the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, responsible for broadcasting; and the Publicity Department of the Chinese Communist Party, which ensures that the media adheres to political orthodoxy.For 'anything that has to do with the Internet, you could be facing as many as a half dozen ministries,' said David Wolf, chief executive of Wolf Group Asia, a Beijing-based marketing strategy firm. /201003/99036寻乌县人民医院医生名单 星级典句:第一句: Can I buy some stamps and envelopes here?这儿卖邮票和信封吗?A: Can I buy some stamps and envelopes here?这儿卖邮票和信封吗?B: Yes. How many stamps and envelopes do you want to buy?是的您要买几张邮票和几个信封?第二句: Could you tell me where I can get the registered envelope and some stamps?请告诉我在哪儿能买到挂号信封和邮票?A: Excuse me. Could you tell me where I can get the registered envelope and some stamps?请问我在哪儿能买到挂号信封和邮票?B: At that counter.在哪个柜台其他表达法:IThe envelpe was firmly sealed.这个信封封的很严实Please address the envelope bee mailing the letter.寄信前,请在信封上写上地址 38785赣州安远医院是什么医院

兴国县中医院几楼 Part Navigation第部分 航行1.You are entering fairway.1.你船正进入航道.We are in sight..我们处于互见状态3.You are passing fishing area.3.你船正通过渔区.You are in middle of fairway..你船在航道中间5.You are approaching starboard limit of fairway.5.你船正接近航道右侧边缘6.you are approaching port limit of fairway.6.你船正接近航道左侧边缘7.Your position is Buoy No.3 distance 3 cables to port side of reference line.7.你船的位置在3号浮,距左侧参照线3链8.your posiion is Buoy No distance cables to starboard of reference line.8.你船的位置在号浮,距右侧参照线链9.Your position is 00 meters from intersection of reference line.9.你船的位置距参照线交点00米.You are getting close to vessel ahead..你船正接近前方船只.Vessel on opposite course is passing your port side..对驶船正从你船左舷驶过.Vessel on opposite course is passing yopur starboard side..对驶船正从你船右舷驶过.MV Tian Jiang is kilometers ahead of us on your port vow..“天河”船在你左舷船头公里处.MV Tian He is kilometers ahead of me on the starboard vow..“天河”船在你右舷船头公里处.MV Tian Huai on ahead of us on opposite course..“天河”船与你船对遇.We are in close quarters situation..我们两船正处于紧迫局面.Vessel is entering fairway at fairway buoy No...船在航道号浮标处进入航道18.Vessel is leaving fairway at Buoy No.6.18.船在6号浮标处进入航道19.Buoy No.3 is 500 meters ahead.19.3号浮标在前方500米.Vessel ahead of you is not under command..你船前方船只失控1.You are not complying with TSS.1.你违反了分道通航制.I am standing on vessel..我船是直航船3.clearance required bee entering the fairway.3.进入航道之前需要清空.Do not enter traffic lane..不要进入航道5.Procced to emergency anchorage.5.驶向应急锚地6.Vessels are advised to keep clear of fishing area.6.船舶被告知远离渔区7.You may enter traffic lane. Trafffic clearance granted.7.你船可以进入航道航道已让清.Tide with you..你船顺流9.Tide against you.9.你船逆流30.It is dangerous to anchor in your present position.30.你现在的位置抛锚是十分危险的31.Large vessel leaving fairway. Keep clear of fairway approach.31.大船离开航道,远离航道入口3.Nets with buoys in this area. Navigate with caution.3.在该地区有带浮标式渔网,谨慎航行33.Collision is in position 0 dgrees 3 miles from green lighthouse.33.碰撞在0度,距绿灯塔3海里处.Keep clear of lane..远离航道35.Your present course is too close to outbound vessel.36.你船现在的航向离出海港太近36.Do not overtake.36.不要追越37.Do not cross fairway.37.不要穿越航道38.You must wait MV to cross ahead of you.38.你船必须等“长生”船从你船首方向横向穿越39.You are proceeding at dangerous speed.39.你船正以危险的速度开航0.Advise you to stop engines.0.建议你船停车1.MV does not agree to be overtaken.1.航船同意被追越.What is your present course?.你现在的航向?3.My present course is 3 degrees.3.航向3度.Advise you to to port side..建议你航向左转向 36500赣南医学院附属医院有做阴道松弛江西赣州市痛经多少钱



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