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The female economy: What women wantWomen 6% of the . trillion spent annually on consumer goods around the world. Pretty soon more women will be working in this country than men. Women aly control half the wealth in the ed States, and they will be responsible roughly trillion in additional earned income globally over the next five years. Welcome to the dawn of the female economy. And yet many companies are ignoring, downplaying, or patronizing this fast-growing group of consumers. That's one of the key findings in a new book by the Boston Consulting Group's Michael Silverstein and Kate Sayre called Women Want More: How to Capture Your Share of the World's Largest, Fastest-Growing Market. Silverstein, a mer journalist and close cultural observer whose previous books include Trading Up: The New American Luxury and Treasure Hunt: Inside the Mind of the New Consumer, talked with tune about Women Want More, which is based on the findings of a survey of more than ,000 women in countries. (To take the survey, click here.) What types of companies are the worst at appealing to women? The three categories (as ranked by women) in descending order of dissatisfaction are financial services, health care, and consumer durables such as cars, electronics, and appliances. In all three categories, the providers effectively diss women. Almost every financial services firm has a high-ranking female executive who's in charge of their women's initiative. But without exception they are all misunderstanding what is the appropriate way to speak to women. They think if they provide women with a cocktail hour and a chance to have a conversation with their peers, that creates a product and service that works women. They don't have a female-driven market research function. They don't calculate the share of affluent females. They don't have a marketing program that says, I'm going to understand your needs and configure products, and services to meet those needs, and explain them to you in language that you can understand. Can you give some specific examples? Women don't buy life insurance -- because no one is trying to sell it to them. Most men have life insurance outside of what they get at work. Women do not. Yet the economic catastrophe of a woman dying when she has young children to support is as great as it is a man. How about in the non-financial arena? Air-conditioning repairmen still talk down to women. So do car dealers. Water heaters are considered an item of mystery and intrigue. Moms manage 85% of health care purchases, yet doctors show little respect her time. They make her sit in waiting rooms hours. Despite women's growing financial power, they still earn about 68% of what men earn. But that income gap is closing. Can you talk about that a bit? In % of two-income U.S. households, she makes more money than he does. If you were to stop 0 people ages 5 to 30 in Manhattan, more than half the women would make more money than the men. There are 1 million high-income women in the U.S., earning more than ,000 a year. What is the "crater effect"? It contributes to the disparity in pay. She's making more money than he does right out of college. Then she has a baby, and she's still making more money. But there's some percentage of fast-tracking women who drop out of the labor ce. And there are no months of paid parental leave (like in Sweden) and no easily available, inexpensive day care. She falls behind. Then when she tries to re-enter the workce, there is no guarantee that the job she left is available to her at comparable pay, and often she has to drop down in pay. One reason why women have less secure retirements is there are these eight-to- years where they've been "cratered" out of the work ce. What were some of your most surprising findings? Women rank pets, sex, and food -- in that order -- as the things that make them happiest. The No. 1 thing women want more of is time. (Money and love rank second and third.) When asked, "What can your husband or partner do that would make you happier?" they responded: Take me on a date, do a chore at home, and listen to me without solving my problem. When are women most happy and least happy? Women who are young and single are happiest. Then they get married and they are less satisfied. Then they have their first child and they are at the bottom of the V-curve. They only come out of it when their child grows up slightly and is not 0% dependent on them. Their happiness becomes close to but not equal to their single days years later. What impact will the female economy have on our lives? The balance of power will change in favor of women, and so will the way products are developed and marketed. Women will gain share in politics and have more say over the political agenda. The female economy will contribute to leading the world out of the economic crisis. 867When you see the trailer Coming Home (《归来), Zhang Yimou’s latest project, you may not feel intrigued by it at first, due to the film’s senior cast and historic setting.看过张艺谋新作《归来的预告片之后,你也许不会立刻被吸引,因为该片的演员阵容年龄偏大,背景又具有历史性But rest assured, Coming Home will draw you in with its emotionally charged story of love, joy and sorrow.但请放心,《归来会带给你一个充满爱与悲欢的情感故事The movie follows a devoted couple, Lu Yanshi (Chen Daoming) and Feng Wanyu (Gong Li), who are separated when Lu is arrested as a political prisoner. Released during the last days of the “cultural revolution” (1966-76), Lu finally returns home only to find that his beloved wife has amnesia and is unable to recognize him. As a stranger in his broken family, Lu decides to resurrect their past together and reawaken his wife’s memory.该片讲述了陈道明饰演的陆焉识与巩俐饰演的冯婉瑜这一对深情夫妻的故事因陆焉识被划为政治犯入狱,两人从此天各一方“文革”后被释放的陆焉识回到家中,却发现妻子患了失忆症,认不得自己恍若破碎家庭中的一个陌生人,陆焉识决定唤醒妻子的记忆,找回过去的生活Just like the story suggests, Coming Home is a tearjerker. But different from those movies that make the audience cry by being evocative, such as Feng Xiaogang’s Aftershock (《唐山大地震) or Pixar’s Toy Story 3, director Zhang’s idea of moving the audience is quite special, and makes the most of his delicate skills.正如故事本身给人的感觉一样,《归来是一部催泪电影但是,不同于冯小刚导演的《唐山大地震和皮克斯出品的《玩具总动员3,《归来并不是依靠唤起观众的共鸣感而令人流泪,张艺谋将他精湛的导演才能发挥地淋漓尽致,用十分特别的方式打动观众In Coming Home, Zhang deals with a dramatic story in such a quiet way that the audience’s emotions are drawn out little by little by the main characters, as they struggle in pain while their heroic inner strength shines.影片《归来中,张艺谋用一种近乎平静的口吻将一个充满戏剧性的故事娓娓道来,主人公们纵然苦苦挣扎却仍怀有一颗坚强的内心,而观众的情感也被主人公们一点点带出So, when you cry — and very likely you will — you will understand why: Because you wish a future happiness the characters, and maybe because you can imagine the story having happened to your grandparents.所以,当你流下眼泪(你很可能会的),你就会明白自己为何哭泣也许是因为你太想让主人公们有一个幸福的结局,也许是因为他们让你想起了自己的爷爷奶奶Another impressive aspect is how Zhang uses “amnesia”, a narrative technique that’s more common in romantic comedies. that, he has Gong Li to thank the most. Gong, one of Zhang’s longtime collaborators, knows precisely what the director wants. With a limited number of lines throughout the film, Gong is fully committed to her character and touches the audience with great facial expressions and subtle changes of emotion.该片另一个令人印象深刻之处则是张艺谋对于“失忆”的使用,这种桥段在浪漫喜剧电影之中更常见对此,他最应该感谢巩俐——这位和他合作最久的“谋女郎”准确地把握了导演想要表达的东西虽然,巩俐在电影中的台词只有寥寥几句,但她的面部表情与微妙的情感变化都完美地诠释了角色,也深深地打动了观众Maybe now you understand why everyone can relate to the film. Although it reflects on a big era through the story of a small family, the era is only a backdrop. What moves the young audience here is love, and you will leave the cinema with a new understanding of it.或许现在你就明白了为什么每一个人都能在电影中找到共鸣尽管该片讲述的是一个大时代之下小家庭的故事,但时代仅是一个背景而真正打动年轻观众的却是其中的爱走出电影院,你会对爱有一个全新的认识Tell us what you think about Zhang Yimou`s new film Coming Home.和我们一起分享你对与张艺谋新作《归来的看法吧! 3033

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