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South Korea, US Show Unified Front on North's Nuclear Weapons美韩结束高层磋商重申北韩必须结束核项目  South Korea and the ed States are wrapping up senior diplomatic talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons with a show of unity. They say a six-nation process that has been underway for six years must be preserved.美国和韩国结束了两国高级外交官员就北韩核武器问题的磋商。两国在有关问题上展现出团结一致的立场。双方表示,已经进行了六年的六方会谈必须保持下去。Senior U.S. Envoy on North Korea, Stephen Bosworth, emerged from meetings with South Korean counterparts in Seoul holding firm to Washington's insistence that Pyongyang's nuclear capabilities must be ended.美国北韩问题高级特使斯沃思在首尔的会谈中和韩国首席核谈判代表坚定地表达了华盛顿的立场,那就是平壤的核项目必须结束。"We have had very useful conversations here with our South Korean partners," he said, "we are agreed entirely that denuclearization, complete and verifiable, remains our core interest."斯沃思说:“我们在这里同韩国同行进行了非常有益的交谈。我们完全同意,非核化和完全可核实性,依然是我们的核心利益。”Bosworth has been in the South Korean capital since Friday, holding meetings with officials including chief South Korean nuclear negotiator Wi Wung-lac and Unification Minister Hyun In-taek.斯沃思从星期五一直在韩国首都逗留,同包括韩国的首席核谈判代表魏圣洛以及统一部长官在内的官员举行了一系列会谈。Both sides are expressing concern over North Korean statements on Friday that Pyongyang is continuing to extract plutonium from spent nuclear fuel for material useable in weapons.双方对北韩星期五的声明一致表示了关注。平壤表示,正在继续从废核燃料中提取可以用在武器上的金属钸。The North also said it had reached the final stage of a uranium enrichment program, possibly creating a second process by which it can build nuclear arms. Until this year, Pyongyang has denied U.S. accusations it possessed a covert HEU, or highly enriched uranium program, in violation of previous agreements.北韩还表示,目前已经进入铀提炼计划的最后阶段,并且有可能启动可以生产核武器的第二阶段程序。平壤今年以前一直否认美国有关北韩拥有高浓缩铀计划,违反先前有关协议的指控。Bosworth said the problem will take time to solve.斯沃思说,这个问题需要时间解决。"This is not the first we have heard of HEU," he said. "And it may not be the last."他说:“这不是我们第一次听说浓缩铀,也可能不会是最后一次。”Bosworth repeated the Obama administration's policy that Washington is willing to talk one-on-one with North Korea, but only within the framework of six-nation talks begun in 2003 aimed at ending all of the North's nuclear capabilities.斯沃思重申奥巴马政府的政策,说华盛顿愿意与北韩进行一对一会谈,但必须在2003年开始的六方会谈架构当中。该架构的目的是要终止北韩所有核项目。North Korea has declared those talks "dead" several times this year, and says it is willing to deal only with the ed States as a fellow nuclear weapons nation.北韩在今年已经好几次宣布这些会谈“死亡”,并且说,它只愿意和美国以核武器大国的对等身份会谈。The ed States and South Korea say they will be diligent about implementing U.N. Security Council sanctions imposed after North Korea conducted the second nuclear weapons test in its history in May.美国以及韩国说,他们将努力贯彻联合国安全理事会对北韩的制裁。该项制裁是北韩在今年5月进行该国历史上第二次导弹测试之后被实施的。09/83490Schumpeter熊彼特How to make college cheaper怎样才能让大学更便宜一些Better management would allow American universities to do more with less改善下管理就能让美国大学少花钱多办事Jul 7th 2011 | from the print editionDEREK BOK, a former president of Harvard, once observed that “universities share one characteristic with compulsive gamblers and exiled royalty: there is never enough money to satisfy their desires.” This is a bit hard on compulsive gamblers and exiled royals. America’s universities have raised their fees five times as fast as inflation over the past 30 years. Student debt in America exceeds credit-card debt. Yet still the universities keep sending begging letters to alumni and philanthropists.哈佛前校长德里克·克曾经注意到,“大学与病态性赌徒和流亡皇族们有一个共同特征:永远没有足够的钱来满足他们的欲望。”这对于病态性赌徒和流亡皇族们未免有些刻薄。在过去30年中,美国大学提高费用的速度是通货膨胀速度的5倍。在美国的学生债务超过信用卡债务。然而,大学依然向校友们和慈善家们发募捐信。This insatiable appetite for money was bad enough during the boom years. It is truly irritating now that middle-class incomes are stagnant and students are struggling to find good jobs. Hence a flurry of new thinking about higher education. Are universities inevitably expensive? Vance Fried, of Oklahoma State University, recently conducted a fascinating thought experiment, backed up by detailed calculations. Is it possible to provide a first-class undergraduate education for ,700 a year rather than the ,900 charged by public research universities or the ,500 charged by their private peers? He concluded that it is.在经济景气的年份,这种对金钱贪得无厌的胃口让人厌烦。而在目前中产阶级收入缩水、学生为找一份好工作绞尽脑汁之际,这种胃口简直是让人愤怒。因此也就有了一阵对高等教育的重新思考。大学是不是非要如此昂贵呢?最近,俄克拉荷马州立大学的Vance Fried完成了一个迷人的思维实验(有详细计算持)。提供第一流的本科教育仅花费6700美元,而非公立研究型大学收取的25900美元或私立研究型大学收取的51500美元,这是否可能?Vance Fried认为是肯定的。201107/144402Snarky no more: UK issues Olympics etiquette guideHold off from hugging an Indian, don't be alarmed if the French are rude and never mistake a Canadian for an American.Britain's national tourism agency issued guidelines Wednesday on the etiquette of dealing with the hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors who will be coming to London for the 2012 Summer Olympics.Seeking to help the country's sometimes snarky citizens offer a warmer welcome, VisitBritain has updated its advice for anyone likely to work with travelers arriving from overseas — from hotel staff to taxi drivers.Other tips: Don't go around asking Brazilians personal questions and never be bossy with visitors from the Middle East."Giving our foreign visitors a friendly welcome is absolutely vital to our economy," said Sandie Dawe, chief executive officer of the agency. "With hundreds of thousands of people thinking of coming to Britain in the run-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012, this new advice is just one of the ways that VisitBritain is helping the tourism industry care for their customers."About 30 million people visit Britain each year, spending about 16.6 billion pounds ( billion). The 2012 Olympics is likely to bring in an additional 2.1 billion (.3 billion) in tourism revenue, according to a government estimate, and about 320,000 extra visitors from overseas during the games in July and August 2012.VisitBritain said research it had conducted found tourists believe Britons are honest and efficient — but not the most pleasant. Britain is ranked 14th out of 50 in the Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index on the quality of welcome offered to visitors, the tourism agency said.背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/111392

每年8月最后一个星期三,在西班牙巴伦西亚地区的布尼奥尔小镇都举行一年一度的民间传统节日番茄节——“番茄大战”(Tomatina - Tomato Fight)。“参战”和“观战”的人数达4万多人。布尼奥尔的“番茄大战”始于1945年。关于它的来历,有这样一个传说:有一天,该城一个小乐队从市中心吹着喇叭招摇过市,领头者更是将喇叭翘到了天上。这时,一伙年轻人突发奇想,抓起西红柿向那喇叭筒里扔,并且互相比试,看看谁能把西红柿扔进去。这就是“西红柿大战”的由来。Thousands of people descended on the Spanish town of Bunol on Wednesday to take part in the Tomatina festival. The annual food fight draws visitors from around the world. They pelt each other with ripe fruit until they become soaked through with tomato juice and covered in pulp, using more than 200,000 pounds of tomatoes. Some of those involved in this messy festival got a stinging reminder that tomatoes are acidic, and could be seen rubbing their eyes after getting a soggy missile to the face. When the tomato supply runs out, the messy throng jumps into a nearby river en masse. La Tomatina is rumoured to have started in the 1940s when a group of young friends began throwing their lunch at each other one day, near a vegetable stand on a town square. Before long, it turned into an annual tradition.07/77554

Following more than five-thousand people for ten years, the study observed how loneliness can sp through a group. Lonely people, it seems, transmit their sad, lonely feelings to people around them. What happens, according to the study, is that interacting with a lonely person can leave you with a negative feeling toward friendship generally. And so you’re more likely to have negative experiences with other friends, weakening social bonds. If loneliness is allowed to sp unchecked, it can destroy a social network. The best way to ward off this sort of lonely contagion is to pay more attention to people on the edges of a group. Reaching out to those who are shy or don’t fit in, and are therefore lonely, can make them feel less alone. And so they’re less likely to sp lonely feelings throughout the group.【生词注释】observe v. 观察transmit v. 传播interact v.交流,交往unchecked adj.未受制止的ward off 避开; 挡住contagion n.传染fit in 融入(群体)对5千多人进行10年的研究,研究观察寂寞是如何在群体中传播的。寂寞的人,看上去,会将他们的悲哀,孤独感觉传播给周围的人。根据研究表明,和一个孤独的人交往会使你对友谊产生消极的情绪。然后你和其他的朋友会有不越快的经理,消弱社会纽带。如果孤独不受阻止地传播,它会破坏社会关系网。阻止这种孤独蔓延的最好办法就是多关注处于群体边缘的人。接触那些因害羞或是不合群而感到孤独的人,这样会使他们感到不那么孤独。他们在群体中传播孤独的可能性也就变小了。201110/158597

Thai Prime Minister Promises to End Country's Political Conflicts泰总理将和解及复苏列为首要要务   Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva placed national reconciliation and economic recovery at the top of the government's program to end years of political discord on Wednesday. Mr. Abhisit also called for restoration of the rule of law. 泰国总理阿披实星期三表示,他决定将全国和解和经济复苏列为政府计划的首位,以结束多年来的政治纷乱。阿披实同时也呼吁恢复法治。The Thai prime minister said the new government's policies are aimed at ending what he called "artificial divisions" in the country between rural and urban areas, by proposing a plan for a grand reconciliation. 这位泰国总理表示,新政府的政策是通过提出一项广泛的和解计划,致力终止他所说泰国农村和城市地区之间“人为的分隔”。Speaking at a formal dinner for foreign correspondents, Mr. Abhisit said the political divisions have been about different perspectives people hold on the value of democracy. "On one side, they believe that democracy should be about majority rule so that voters, the average voters, concerned should count. But on the other side, they expect democracy to return a government that practices good governance that is transparent and that is accountable. I will prove that you can have both," he said.  在一次为外国记者举行的正式晚餐会上,阿披实表示,政治的分歧是由于人们对民主价值有不同的展望。他说:“在一方面,他们相信民主应该是多数统治,所以选民,也就是一般选民能够发挥作用。但是在另一方面,他们也期待民主可以使政府做出良好的管理,不但透明,而且可靠。我将明可以二者兼得。”Thailand has been wracked by political tensions over the past four years, during the term in office of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Elected in 2001, Mr. Thaksin's built political support with populist economic programs in the country's rural areas through low cost health care and low cost loans to villages for rural development. 泰国在前总理他信过去4年在任期间受困于政治紧张。于2001年当选总理的他信,通过提供低廉医疗照顾和为农村地区提供低息贷款等在泰国农村地区广受欢迎的经济计划,建立起他的政治持基础。After five years in office, Mr. Thaksin faced increasing street protests from Thailand's urban middle class that accused him of corruption and abuse of power. He was ousted from government in a coup in September 2006.  但是在任5年后,他信面临了越来越多泰国城市中产阶层的街头示威,他们指控他腐败和滥用权力。在2006年9月的一次政变中他信被推翻。But politicians aligned with Mr. Thaksin won elections in December 2007. While Mr. Thaksin returned to Thailand in early 2008, he later fled the country in the face of corruption charges. He now lives abroad. 但是和他信结盟的政治人物在2007年的选举中获胜。虽然他信于2008年初返回泰国,但是不久又因面临腐败控罪而再度逃亡。他信现在外国居住。Thailand suffered political unrest throughout 2008, including street protests, and the occupation of a government administrative building and the two main airports in Bangkok. Last month, after a court found that the pro-Thaksin party had violated electoral laws, coalition partners gave their support to Mr. Abhisit - leader of the Democrat Party. Speaking on Wednesday, Mr. Abhisit said he hoped to heal Thailand's political divisions. 上个月,在法院发现持他信的政党违反选举法后,他信的政治盟友转而持民主党领袖阿披实。阿披实星期三表示,他希望弥合泰国的政治分歧。"You can have a government that responds to ordinary people's needs without getting involved with corruption, without abusing power, without violating the rights of the people or your opponents. And if we can prove that, that would truly be a grand reconciliation of the diverse people that make up this great country of Thailand," he said.  他说:“你可以有一个回应一般人民需要但是又不贪污、不滥权、不违反人民或政治对手权利的政府。如果你能够明这点,就能够在泰国这个伟大国家中实现多元人民的巨大和解。”Pro-Thaksin groups had vowed to maintain protests against the government. But recent bi-elections over the weekend indicate a possible swing in support for Mr. Abhisit's coalition. 但是在过去这个周末的双选举显示,他们可能转向持阿披实的政治联盟。Mr. Abhisit also spoke of the government's economic recovery program aimed at the recession now sweeping global markets.The government's stimulus package, worth more than billion, is intended to boost domestic consumption as well as bolster programs for the rural sector, subsidies for basic services and education, and support for vulnerable groups such as the elderly.01/61106

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