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青岛中心医院是公立的吗崂山区妇幼保健院电话A long-anticipated June meeting between Taiwans and Chinas cultural ministers has been scrapped for a pretty bureaucratic-sounding reason. 要是两岸关系都能像熊猫外交那样简单就好了。图为第一只在台湾出生的大熊猫“圆仔”,照片014日在台北市立动物园拍摄。外界期待已久的台湾与中国大陆文化官月份的会晤已被取消,而取消的理由颇具官僚主义色。According to Taiwans state-run news agency CNA, the two sides couldnt agree on which titles to use to address each other. 据台湾官方媒体中央通讯Central News Agency)报道,在使用什么样的头衔来称呼对方的问题上,两岸未能达成一致。But for Taiwan, titles are serious business. Since the two split in 1949 after civil war, China has continued to consider Taiwan a part of its territory. Meanwhile Taiwan -- a self-ruled, democratic island -- has all the trappings of being an independent country, except that neither the U.S. not the vast majority of countries in the world recognize it as such. 但对台湾来说,头衔是个很严肃的问题。两岸经历内战之后于1949年陷入分离状态,自那以来中国大陆一直认为台湾是中国领土的一部分。与此同时,台湾这个建立了民主制度的自治岛屿已具备了一个独立国家的所有特征,只是还没有得到美国以及全球绝大多数国家的承认。Under Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou, who was elected in 2008, relations with Beijing have warmed considerably and there has been more frequent cross-strait exchange between officials. 008年当选台湾总统的马英九上任以来,台湾与中国大陆的关系明显改善,两岸官员之间的交流也更加频繁。However, each meeting is a linguistic minefield. China refuses to meet if any official titles are used that imply Taiwan is an independent country, while Taiwan is unwilling to take part if the language implies that its a part of Beijings turf. To complicate matters, both agree that they are part of One China, while referring to different things: Taiwan means the Republic of China, tracing its roots to the Chinese Nationalist (or Kuomintang) regime that lost the Chinese civil war and fled to Taiwan, while Beijing means the Peoples Republic of China, the modern China governed by the countrys Communist Party. 不过,历次会晤都有一个语言上的“雷区”。如果使用的官员头衔传达出台湾是一个独立国家的意味,中国大陆会拒绝会晤。但如果所使用的语言暗示台湾是中国的一部分,台湾则不愿参加。使问题更加复杂的是,双方都承认自己是“一个中国”的一部分,但所指的“一个中国”却各不相同。台湾所指的是“中华民国”,也就是在内战中失败并逃到台湾的国民党政权。而中国大陆所指的是“中华人民共和国”,也就是由共产党领导的现代中国。The long-standing workaround to all of this has been that lower-level Chinese and Taiwanese officials tend to meet unofficially using their titles as representatives of non-government organizations such as the Straits Exchange Foundation in Taiwan and the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits in China. It was unclear why such a solution wasnt possible this time. 围绕这个问题长期以来的变通方式是,较低级别的大陆和台湾官员在举行非正式会谈时倾向于使用非政府组织代表的头衔,例如台湾方面是海峡交流基金会(Straits Exchange Foundation),大陆方面是海峡两岸关系协会(Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits)。不知为何这种方法此次行不通了。The two sides are gradually finding ways to dance around these issues for higher-level meetings, as well. In February, China and Taiwan held their first high-level formal meeting since the end of the war in 1949. During that meeting--between the heads of Taiwans Mainland Affairs Council and Chinas Taiwan Affairs Office --both leaders simply avoided reference to the full names of their ministries altogether, according to local media reports. 大陆和台湾政府也慢慢为高级别会晤找到了绕过这类问题的办法。今月,大陆和台湾方面举行了1949年内战结束以来首次高级别正式会谈。台湾的大陆委员Mainland Affairs Council)和大陆的台湾事务办公Taiwan Affairs Office)负责人举行了会谈。据当地媒体报道,会谈期间双方似乎都尽量避免提到各自部门的全称。The next stage would be a direct meeting between Taiwans Ma and Chinas President Xi Jinping. But titles again there are a major sticking point. China would not accept a meeting with Ma as Taiwans president, and much of Taiwans public would oppose Ma being presented in another capacity, such as chairman of the Kuomintang Party. 下一步可能会是台湾总统马英九和中国国家主席习近平直接会面,但头衔的问题又将成为主要症结所在。大陆方面不会接受马英九以台湾总统的身份举行会面,而多数的台湾民众又反对马英九使用其他的身份,例如国民党主席。Ma is keen to meet Xi before his second and final term runs out in 2016, as he has long hoped his presidential legacy will be closer cross-strait relations. But the two will have to be cleverer wordsmiths than their cultural ministers to make it happen. 马英九希望在2016年他的第二届也是最后一届任期结束前与习近平举行会晤,因为他一直希望能够在总统任内促进海峡两岸的关系。但习马二人需要比他们的文化部长更擅长玩文字游戏,才有可能实现双方的会面。来 /201404/287333青岛第六医院新地址 胶南市男性不育

山东省青岛市第六人民医院几级Prince Harry will join the nations army of job hunters after he quits the Armed Forces in June, Kensington Palace confirmed tonight。肯辛顿王宫(Kensington Palace)今晚确认,哈里王子将月份退役,加入该国求职者的大军。The fourth in line to the throne will spend the summer working alongside conservation groups in Africa, after which he will undertake voluntary work with injured servicemen while actively considering other longer term employment opportunities。哈里王子是英国王位第四顺位继承人,这个夏天将与非洲的保护组织一起工作。在这之后,他将一边与受伤的军人做志愿者工作,一边“积极考虑其他长期的就业机会”。In a statement Harry, 30, who has served in the military for ten years and seen two tours of duty in Afghanistan, admitted that it had been a tough decision to leave the job he loved0岁的哈里王子已经在军队中役0年,在阿富汗度过两任驻防期。哈里在声明中表示,离开自己所热爱的工作是一个“艰难的决定”。But sources close to the prince said he had reached a natural crossroads in his career and, after much soul-searching, had decided he had no desire to progress through the ranks。但是与王子亲近的人说,他已经在事业上达到了一个“自然的十字路口”,经过深思熟虑后,决定不想“在军队中继续发展”。A Kensington Palace spokesman said: Prince Harry is to leave the Armed Forces in June after ten years of full-time military service。一位肯辛顿王宫的发言人说:“哈里王子度过了10年的全职军旅生涯,将月退役。The Prince has had a fulfilling military career and considers it a huge honour to have served his country in the Armed Forces, during which time he has undertaken two operational tours of duty in Afghanistan, qualified as an Apache Aircraft Commander and spearheaded the Invictus Games.“王子已经完成了令人满意的军队事业,他认为有幸在军队里务祖国是至高荣耀。在此期间,他两次在阿富汗驻防,是一名合格的阿帕奇飞机指挥官(Apache Aircraft Commander),创办了‘不可征的运动会’。”Some senior royal commentators have aly questioned the wisdom of Harry leaving the forces which have given the once wayward prince so much direction in his life at the age of just 30.一些高级的皇家员已经质疑哈里刚0岁就离开军队的正确性——军队给予了曾经任性的哈里王子很多生活的指导。Many believe Prince Andrews decision to leave the Royal Navy in 2001 - where he had enjoyed a distinguished career, including a spell in the Falklands - signalled the beginning of the many problems that have dogged him in recent years。很多人认为,安德鲁王子(Prince Andrew)2001年离开皇家海军是他最近几年诸多问题缠身的开端。而他在皇家海军那会,有着出众的事业,包括参加马岛战争。Prince William also suffered criticism after deciding to take a career break in 2013 after quitting his job as an RAF Search and Rescue pilot。威廉王子放弃英国皇家空军搜救飞行员的职位后013年决定休假一年,引来众多批评。The so-called transitional year saw him undertake a ten-week agricultural management course at Cambridge University, as part of a programme of public service。所谓的“转换年”就是他在剑桥大学学习了10周的农业管理课程,作为“公共务”项目的一部分。Critics, however, dismissed it as a second gap year -and there are fears that his younger brother could be seen as doing the same。然而,家称之为第二个“间隔年”,并担心他的弟弟也在做同样的事情。But Harry said today that he was really excited about his future, adding: So while I am finishing off one part of my life, I am getting straight into a new chapter. I am really looking forward to it. 但是今天哈里说道,他对未来“非常兴奋”,他补充道:“我现在完成了生活的一部分,正在步入人生的新篇章。我真的很期待。”The prince is currently single after splitting from his girlfriend of two years, Cressida Bonas, last spring。王子去年春天与女朋友克雷斯#8226;纳Cressida Bonas)分手,目前单身。来 /201503/365017莱阳人民医院治疗妇科怎么样 Secretary Kerry has a profound interest in protecting the ocean and has made this a focus for American diplomacy. This June, he hosted the Our Ocean conference in Washington, where hundreds of participants from almost 90 countries gathered to share lessons learned, the best science, and commitments for action.克里国务卿(Secretary Kerry)深切关注保护海洋的问题,并已将其列为美国外交工作的一项重点。今月,他在华盛顿主持了“我们的海洋”会议,来自0个国家的数百名与会者共聚一堂,交换经验教训、最佳科学研究以及行动建议。While speaking in Sydney, Australia, this week, Secretary Kerry reminded us why we all need to care about the ocean: life itself depends on our relationship with the ocean. The ocean covers almost three quarters of the planet. It gives us food to eat, the air we breathe, and livelihoods for millions of people. It regulates our weather and our climate. It is a tremendous resource that must be used wisely.克里国务卿本周在澳大利亚悉尼发表讲话时提醒我们不要忘记我们都必须关心海洋的原因:生命本身有赖于我们同海洋的关系。海洋占整个地球面积的近四分之三。我们吃的食物、我们呼吸的空气以及千百万人的生计都是海洋给予的。它调节着我们的天气和气候。它是一种必须得到合理利用的巨大资源。But the ocean and its resources are threatened today as never before. Almost one third of marine fisheries are overexploited. Runoff and debris from land are choking the ocean and creating dead zones where life cannot exist. The very chemistry of our ocean waters is becoming more acidic because of carbon dioxide we put into the atmosphere.但海洋及其资源今天受到了前所未有的威胁。海洋渔场中有将近三分之一遭到过度捕捞。陆地径流及污染物堵塞了海洋并制造了生命无法生存的死亡地带。由于我们向大气中排放二氧化碳,我们的海水的化学性质越来越酸性化。We know we need to do more to protect the ocean. We must end overfishing and prevent illegal fishing. We must reduce nutrient pollution and trash entering our waters. We must limit ocean acidification by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We must protect more ocean areas.我们知道我们应当作出更多的努力来保护海洋。我们必须制止过度捕捞并防止非法捕捞。我们必须减少营养物污染以及进入我们的海洋的垃圾。我们必须通过减少二氧化碳排放来限制海洋酸性化。我们必须保护更多的海洋区域。This is a daunting list, but there are some concrete steps we can take. Let’s bring into force the Port State Measures Agreement an innovative new treaty empowering countries to ensure that foreign vessels do not land illegally caught fish in their ports. We need 15 more countries to join this treaty before it will come into force. The ed States is close to joining.这是一份任务艰巨的清单,但我们可以采取一些切实可行的步骤。让我们努力使《港口国措施协议》(Port State Measures Agreement)生效——这项创新性的新协议将赋予各国权能以确保外国船只不将非法捕捞的鱼运进它们的港口。我们还需5个国家加入这项协议以使其生效。美国已接近于加入该协议。Let’s all commit to creating less trash and recycling or disposing of it properly so it doesn’t end up along our coasts and in our ocean.让我们都致力于减少制造垃圾——以及适当地回收或处理垃圾——让垃圾不会堆积在我们的海岸并进入我们的海洋。Let’s continue to work hard to cut carbon emissions through a new international climate agreement that is ambitious, effective, and inclusive of all countries, particularly the largest emitters.让我们继续大力减少碳排放——通过一项有魄力、有效力而且将所有国家都包括在内的新的国际气候协定,特别要将最大的排放国包括在内。Let’s create more well-managed marine protected areas. The ed States has been working with New Zealand and many others to create the world’s largest marine protected area off Antarctica and is looking here at home to expand protections for some of our most precious marine areas in the Pacific Ocean.让我们建立管理得更好的海洋保护区。美国一直在同新西兰及其他伙伴在南极洲(Antarctica)附近共同建立全世界最大的海洋保护区,并且正在美国国内考虑扩大对我们在太平洋中最宝贵的一些海洋区域的保护。As Secretary Kerry said this week in Australia, we have a common responsibility to protect the ocean so that we can preserve it for generations to come. Let’s create a new consciousness about that responsibility and about the extraordinary connection we all have to the ocean. Let’s all do our part.正如克里国务卿本周在澳大利亚所说的,我们拥有保护海洋的共同责任,以便为子孙后代保住海洋。让我们建立一种关于这种责任以及我们所有人与海洋的非凡联系的新观念。让我们大家都出一份力。来 /201408/321598青岛市南区治疗不孕不育多少钱

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