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襄阳市治疗淋病权威的医生襄阳谷城县人民医院治疗腋臭怎么样Whether they opt for a satin, ivory or lace number, most brides plump for an elegant classic gown that stands the test of time.无论是选择缎面、象牙白色还是蕾丝的礼,大部分新娘都会挑选经久不衰的优雅经典款。But it seems that fashionable brides hoping to be on trend for their upcoming nuptials will be walking down the aisle in crotch-baring designs, kooky veil hats and completely sheer gowns.但是,一些想要在婚礼上赶时髦的潮新娘们似乎会穿着高开衩婚纱、全透视礼、头戴古怪面纱走入礼堂。Indeed, if the trends at Bridal Fashion Week, which took place in New York, and the new season lookbooks are anything to go by, blushing brides will certainly be turning heads on their big day.如果从纽约婚纱时装周的潮流和这一季的时尚画册来看,害羞的新娘们肯定会在自己大喜的日子引人注目。Thought the side boob was bad? Cringed at the concept of a #39;bumster#39; dress, which exposes your bottom cleavage a la Rihanna? Well, it just got a whole lot worse.担心侧露胸不好看?像蕾哈娜一样穿露乳的低胸装觉得难堪?呃,这些婚纱只会让这一切更糟糕。Models at the Alon Livne White show were certainly dressed in the most daring designs, sporting the #39;almost naked#39; look.Alon Livne White秀上的模特们身穿最大胆的设计,展示“近乎全裸”的造型。Revealing their pelvic bones in a gown slashed from the floor to waist, the models seemed intent upon stealing the spotlight.模特们似乎是故意抢镜,一直开衩到腰部的礼将盆骨暴露无遗。It wasn#39;t just legs on show, bridal models flashed plenty of cleavage and chest, too.秀场上不仅有美腿,婚纱模特们还袒胸露乳。It all started with the side boob - the subtle glimpse of bare breast revealed either by design or by accident - which quickly escalated into the extreme cleavage trend led by Miranda Kerr and Kim Kardashian.这一切都始于侧露胸——不是因为衣设计,就是因为意外而不经意瞥到的裸露胸部,侧露胸迅速被米兰达.可儿和金.卡戴珊升级为一种大尺度露胸的风潮。But next season#39;s cleavage style is much, much more daring, if Bridal Fashion Week is anything to go by.但是从这次婚纱时装周来看,下一季的露胸风格要大胆得多。The audience at the Yolancris show were given quite the eyeful as models took to the catwalk wearing delicate bridal gowns with their full frontal breasts shining through.Yolancris秀让观众们大饱眼福,透过走秀模特的精致婚纱礼,能看到她们整个前胸。Models wearing the layered cake style dresses flashed their assets in the sheer gowns.身着叠层蛋糕裙的模特们在薄透的礼中亮出自己的身材。Likewise, over at Vera Wang, who has designed for the likes of Kim Kardashian, models bared their chests in dresses slashed to the naval, whilst at Marchesa, ladies donned revealing dresses, too.王薇薇为像金.卡戴珊这样的人设计婚纱,在她的秀场上,模特们同样穿着低胸高开衩的裙子,而玛切萨的女模们也穿着暴露的礼。Veils, which are usually a subtle accessory, look set to take centre stage with Viktor amp; Rolf releasing imagery of models dressed in full veils as long as their dresses.头纱通常是精妙的饰品,而在Viktor amp; Rolf推出的模特造型中,模特戴的头纱和裙子一样长,头纱似乎成了主角。The designers also sent models down the runway in quirky little veil hats, whilst Alon Livne added huge white hats, which were double the size of the models themselves.设计师们还让模特们带着诡异的头纱帽子走秀,Alon Livne设计的巨大白帽子是模特头部的两倍大。Bows also look set to be big business and, as new lookbook imagery attests, will be added to gowns in unexpected places, including teeny-tiny bows tucked into skirts and added to the backs of dresses.全新时尚画册中的造型明,蝴蝶结也将变得很关键,它们会出现在礼上意想不到的地方,如把小小的蝴蝶结嵌在裙子上、加在礼后面。 /201610/473813襄阳哪里可以看皮炎 China will apply for UNESCO intangible cultural heritage (ICH) status for wood engraving paintings.我国将申请将木版年画列入联合国教科文组织非物质文化遗产名录。Respected folk artists from more than 10 places that developed the art form signed their names in support of the application.来自10余处木版年画产地的德高望重的民间艺术家已签名持申非遗。At a forum in Weifang, Shangdong province, wood engraving artists from Taohuawu, Suzhou; Yangliuqing, Tianjin; Weifang, Shandong; and Mianzhu, Sichuan discussed wood engraving pictures#39; present and future with experts and scholars from the Art Academy of Tsinghua University and the Chinese Arts and Crafts Institute.在山东省潍坊市举办的一次论坛上,来自苏州桃花坞、天津杨柳青、山东潍坊以及四川绵竹的木版年画艺术家,与清华大学艺术学院和中国工艺美术学院的专家、学者一起,讨论了木版年画的现状和未来。The application was initiated in November 2011 by Feng Jicai, a famous Chinese writer and artist.中国木版年画申非遗是由著名作家、艺术家冯骥才于2011年11月倡议提出的。Huo Qingyou, a wood engraving artist from Yangliuqing, Tianjin, sees wood engraving art as the ;encyclopedia of Chinese culture,; because it incorporates elements of history, society, fairy tales, religion, beliefs, ethics and literature.天津杨柳青木版年画艺术家霍庆有认为,木版年画是;中国文化的百科全书;,因为它涵盖历史、社会、神话、宗教、信仰、伦理道德、文学等内容。This application could help ensure that wood engraving pictures are passed down to future generations, and attract attention and gain support from home and abroad.此次申非遗可以帮助确保木版年画能传给后人,并吸引国内外的关注和持。If the UNESCO application is successful, wood engraving pictures will follow opera, the Chinese zither, shadow plays, Chinese acupuncture, and the 24 solar terms to become China#39;s latest intangible cultural heritage.如果联合国教科文组织非物质文化遗产申请通过,那么木版年画也将继京剧、古筝、皮影戏、中国针灸和24节气之后,成为中国最新的非物质文化遗产。 /201702/491932东风汽车公司襄樊医院的评价

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