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西安市胃泰医院地址西电医院消化病网上预约我们上一次的收获是16亿年前的叶子化石,那么发现了它意味着什么呢?低温度下的叶子与温暖环境中的叶子相比,它们的叶缘上面会有什么样的变化呢?这是值得探讨的。接着听哦! Leaves with teeth do better in colder climates because teeth are actually really advantageous in jump-starting growth at the beginning of the growing seasons. In this case, you can see this beautiful fossil leaf here with teeth, and each of the teeth are a little hotbeds of photosynthesis(光合作用), so when that leaf first comes out of the bud, it gets a jump-start on leaves that don't have teeth. Miller uses this information to find out about the height of the young Rocky Mountains. In a simple but powerful technique, he compares the number of leaves with teeth to those without. You go to a particular area, and you pick up all the species of leaves that are there from the trees that are growing in that area, and you compare the number of species that have teeth to the number of species that have smooth margins. That gives us some idea of what the temperature is. So the higher the proportion of plants with jagged edges compared to plants with smooth edges, the colder the temperature of the site. And the colder the temperature, the higher the mountain. So if you've got into a hot air balloon here today, and you float it straight up into the atmosphere, the temperature will decrease in a very predictable way, and it turns out that for about every mile you go up in the atmosphere, you lose about 20 degrees Fahrenheit. So if we know how temperature changes with elevation, we can back out elevation from those estimates of temperature. To work out the height of the early mountain, Miller needs to compare samples from two areas, one at the base of the mountain and one at the top. Fossils found at the base of the Rockies near the present-day Denver have an amazing story to tell. These ancient leaves are incredibly similar to plants growing in the tropics today. So after the Rockies rose, down in the area of Denver, it was sub-tropical and tropical forests, we have palms, and cycads, and canopies like we see in the tropics today. Up here we had a forest that looked probably more like a forest that grows in North or South Carolina on the east coast of the U.S. By comparing the ancient fossil leaves from the top of the mountain with fossil leaves from the foot of the mountain, Miller has come up with a surprising conclusion. It turns out that the fossil leaves here are predominantly toothed as compared to those that are in Denver which are predominantly smooth margin. And it turns out the ones in Denver grew in a climate that was about, on average about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, the ones up here grew in a climate that was probably about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. So if we know how temperature changes with elevation, that means that this site, when these fossil leaves were deposited, was about a mile higher than Denver. Today it's only a half mile higher. So 60 million years ago, the mountains would be twice as high as they are today.小编有约:本期的文章中有许多对比的句子,非常的地道。可以摘抄下来,试着自己写作文的时候用。不仅仅是优美的文章,同时Daisy也认为它告诉了我们探索真理的一种方法。这种方法叫“比较研究法”,通过对近缘物种的行为进行对比分析,以了解行为适应和进化的重要方法。这是一种科学的研究方法。在学习物理和化生时,会用到这个方法。课后题目:Daisy提供这三个线索,你来找找看这个。A. You've got into a hot air balloon. B.You float it straight up into the atmosphere. C. The temperature will decrease in a very predictable way. 201110/159217西安市第五医院肠胃科收费标准 Women in Turkey 土耳其妇女Behind the veil 面纱背后Women’s influence in politics is growing, but it is still small妇女在政治中的影响越来越大,但这影响还是很小May 12th 2011 | ISTANBUL | from the print edition THIS week in Istanbul 13 European countries signed a Council of Europe convention on combating violence against women. All 47 members were urged to comply. Turkey pushed hard for the convention, which calls for hotlines, shelters and legal aid for abused women.这个星期13个欧洲国家在伊斯坦布尔签署了一项有关与反对妇女的暴力作斗争的欧洲委员会条约。敦促所有4个成员国遵守。土耳其极力推行为受虐待妇女呼吁热线,庇护所和法律援助的条约。 So it should. Turkey ranks with Russia as one of the worst countries in Europe for abuse of women. By the government’s admission, five women a day were killed by abusers in the first seven months of . A chilling new report from Human Rights Watch, an advocacy group, suggests that the situation is getting worse. It finds that 42% of women over 15 have suffered physical or sexual violence; they are vulnerable even when pregnant. Asli, a 21-year old Kurdish woman, was injected with poison, beaten and raped by her husband and in-laws, and locked in a barn without food or water. She decided to seek help from local prosecutors after her father-in-law burned her arm and declared that “I didn’t just get you here for my son, but also for my pleasure.” But the prosecutors never contacted her, and she now fears for her life. Asli’s story is all too common. 土耳其应该这么做。土耳其同俄罗斯一起被列为欧洲虐待妇女最严重的的国家之一。政府承认,年前7个月每天有五位妇女被虐待者们杀害身亡。一个利益团体(或利益集团)---人权观察的一项令人不寒而栗的新报道表明情况正在恶化。人权观察发现15岁以上42%的女性曾遭受过身体或性暴力行为;甚至她们怀时,她们还是容易受到攻击。一位21岁的库尔德妇女阿斯利(Asli)曾被注射毒药,被其丈夫及公婆殴打和强奸,并被锁在仓库里且不给食物和水。在她被她公公烧毁了手臂并声称“我要你来我们家不仅仅为了我儿子,而且还为了我自己寻欢作乐。”后,她决定从当地检察官那儿寻求帮助。但是检察官们从来没有联系过她,她现在担心她的性命。阿斯利的故事实在太普遍了。201105/136227Scientists are putting a modern spin on a cancer treatment that goes back to antiquity. It's heat therapy, which is getting a new look with the help of microscopic particles of gold.科学家们正在利用一种古代技术来治疗癌症。在纳米技术的协助下,热疗发挥出新的作用。Cancer treatments usually involve powerful drugs or radiation. But heating up the tumor — hyperthermia — can also be part of the therapy.癌症治疗通常需要采用强力药物或者是放疗技术。但是,给肿瘤加热,或者称肿瘤热疗,也可以作为治疗的一部分。"Hyperthermia is an old technology ... first recorded in papyrus by the Egyptians, I believe. It's the first known treatment of breast cancer," says Jeffrey Rosen of the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. "The idea is that as you raise temperature, you induce a heat shock in cells, and that this makes them more susceptible to the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiation."“这种治疗是通过加热,让癌细胞对化疗和放疗带来的破坏更敏感。”Rosen has just published new research on how some new materials can help harness the potential of hyperthermia for cancer treatment.罗森医生最近发表了一份新的研究报告,介绍一些新物质如何能让热疗医治癌症变得更安全。One problem in using heat against cancers is that it can damage surrounding, healthy tissue. Rosen says that microscopic particles of gold — nanoparticles — can be injected into the body to make sure the heat gets to the right place. 用热疗治疗癌症有一个问题,那就是,它会伤害到周围健康的细胞组织。罗森医生表示,可以把被称为“纳米颗粒”的微粒黄金,注射进身体中,以确保热源直接进入正确的部位。"The gold nanoparticles have this ability to be activated by near-infrared lasers so that they can be heated quite rapidly," he says.他说:“黄金纳米颗粒可以被近红外线激光激活,从而非常迅速地被加热。”201011/117428西安公立三甲医院肠胃科网上挂号

延安消化科专家电话地址官网OPEC Output Cuts Roil Stock Markets欧佩克将减产石油 股市再猛跌  OPEC will cut its oil output by 1.5 million barrels a day starting in November, with chances of more cuts to come. But the announcement was met by a further drop by financial markets. 欧佩克将自11月份起每天减少150万桶的石油产量,之后有可能进一步减产。但是金融市场却有更大的跌幅。OPEC hopes that by cutting output it can put a break on diving oil prices that have been dramatic in recent weeks. Crude oil is selling for 50 percent less than earlier in the year.  欧佩克希望借由减少石油产量来控制最近几周急剧下滑的油价。原油价格比今年早些时候下跌了50%。The decision to cut output came during an emergency meeting in Vienna. Speaking to reporters afterwards, OPEC's president, Algerian oil minister Chakib Khelil, blamed the low oil prices on a drop in demand and on the current financial crisis.  这个决定是在维也纳召开的紧急会议中作出的。欧佩克主席、阿尔及利亚石油部长克利勒在会后对记者表示,油价下跌的根源是需求减少以及目前的金融危机。"There are companies that are not able to pay for the oil," he said. "So it's not the effect on the financial market, it's the effect of the financial market on the supply. If your buyers are not going to be able to get credits from the banks, they are not going to be able to even buy the crude." 他说:“有的公司不能付石油开。所以这不是影响金融市场的因素,事实上,金融市场影响了石油供应。如果你的买家不再能够从那里获得信贷,他们根本无法购买原油。”Khelil said OPEC may meet again before the cartel's planned gathering in Algeria in December and it may cut prices yet again before the year is out. At the moment, OPEC is actually producing beyond its a of 29 million barrels a day. If it meets its a and the planned cuts take place it would end up pumping about 1.8 million fewer barrels of oil a day.  克利勒表示,欧佩克成员国12月份按计划在阿尔及利亚集会,但之前可能还会再次会面,而且在今年年底前可能还会减少石油产量。在目前,欧佩克的实际石油产量超过它一天2千9百万桶的配额。如果欧佩克按照配额量产油,再加上减产措施的实施,最终每天石油产量会减少180万桶。Any hopes of an immediate reaction on the world financial markets were dashed. Stock markets plummeted Friday, as fears of recession continue to sp. 这个减产措施会立刻反映在世界金融市场上的希望渺茫。由于唯恐经济衰退会持续扩散,股市在星期五严重下跌。200810/53929三门峡胃病胃肠专家qq电话 Cloud computing's growing pains云计算的发轫之困Break-ins and breakdowns侵入和故障The lessons from Sony's big security lapse and Amazon's cloud-computing outage从索尼的巨大安全漏洞和亚马逊的云计算中断中汲取的教训IT COULD turn out to be the biggest breach of data privacy since the advent of the internet. Sony admitted this week that hackers had stolen personal information, possibly including credit-card details, of many of the 77m-plus users of its online-gaming and entertainment networks. The Japanese company did not admit the full extent of the potential risks to its customers until nearly a week after it had taken its PlayStation Network off air, though it insisted that it had done so as soon as it realised how serious the intrusion into its systems had been.这可能是互联网出现以来最大一宗违反数据保密的事件了。本周,索尼承认,黑客们盗走其在线游戏和网络中超过7700万用户的个人信息——很可能包括信用卡资料。在将PlayStation网络关闭近一周之后,索尼才向它的客户承认其潜在风险。尽管如此,索尼坚称,在它意识到系统被侵的严重性之后,它便做出了反应。Amazon, an American online retailer and provider of "cloud computing" services, has also suffered a lengthy breakdown at one of the giant server farms whose storage and processing facilities it rents to other companies. The two lapses, though unconnected and different in nature, have raised the question of whether customers can really trust the basic idea behind the cloud-that you can buy computing services from the internet, just like gas or water from a utility.美国网上零售商以及“云计算”务的供应商亚马逊的其中一个巨型务器场也经历了漫长的故障。这一务器场的存储器和处理设备被用来租借给其它公司。尽管两起事故并无关联且本质不同,但人们不禁要问,我们能真的能相信“云”背后的基本理念吗?——我们从互联网购买计算务就像从公用事业单位购买煤气或水那样?201105/135030西安中医院消化病电话预约

延安市中医院胃胀气打嗝嗳气便秘口臭腹泻胃酸Too hot to work? No sweat, go home, says German officialAs Germany wilts in sweltering temperatures, a manager in a Berlin government office told his 260 sweating workers to go home, a newspaper reported Friday, undermining Germans' reputation for efficiency.According to the BZ local tabloid, the boss of the Berlin office for tax evasion investigations sent an email to his employees saying: "Everyone should decide for themselves if they feel up to working in these temperatures.""This decision should be taken before you pass out ... taking time off work today could in many cases be a wise decision which would have my full understanding," wrote Erik Schliephake in the email printed by BZ."With greetings bathed in sweat," the boss signed off the note.The BZ carried the story on its front page with the headline: "Whoever sweats gets to go home."Berliners have been baking in a seemingly relentless heatwave in recent weeks, with the mercury frequently soaring into the high 30s Celsius (high 90s Fahrenheit) and July on course to be the hottest on record.Vocabulary:wilt: to become weak or tired(变得委靡不振;发蔫;变得又累又乏)sweltering: 闷热的tabloid: a newspaper with small pages (usually half the size of those in larger papers).Tabloids usually have short articles and a lot of pictures and stories about famous people, and are thought of as less serious than other newspapers. (小报,通俗小报,版面通常比大报小一半,文章短,图片多,经常报道名人佚事)feel up to: 觉得有精力(做某事);感到有能力(处理某事)pass out: to lose consciousness(昏迷;失去知觉)sign off: to end a letter(结束写信)背单词 — 装英语词汇201007/109453 Canines to the rescueThey leap from helicopters or speeding boats, bringing aid to swimmers who get into trouble off Italy's popular beaches.For these canine lifeguards, the doggie paddle does just fine.Hundreds of specially trained dogs form Italy's corps of canine lifeguards. They are deployed each summer to help swimmers in need of rescue.These "lifedogs" wear a harness or tow a buoy that victims can grab, or a raft they can sit on to be towed back to shore, and unlike their human counterparts, they can easily jump from helicopters and speeding boats to reach swimmers in trouble.With millions flocking to Italy's crowded beaches each summer, the Italian Coast Guard says it rescues about 3,000 people every year - and their canine helpers are credited with saving several lives.It takes three years for the canines to reach expert rescue status, and currently 300 dogs are fully trained for duty, said Roberto Gasbarri, who coordinates the Italian School of Canine Lifeguards program at a center outside of Rome in the seaside town of Civitavecchia."Dogs are useful in containing the physical fatigue of the lifeguard, to increase the speed at which casualties are retrieved, to increase the security of both the casualty and of the lifeguard," Gasbarri said.The Civitavecchia center is one of a dozen around the country for the school founded more than 20 years ago in the northern province of Bergamo by Ferruccio Pilenga, whose first trainee was his own Newfoundland.The school will train any breed, as long as they weigh at least 30 kg (66 pounds), but Labradors, Newfoundlands and golden retrievers are most commonly used because of their natural instinct for swimming. Each dog works in tandem with a human lifeguard, who also acts as the animal's trainer.Vocabulary:canine: a dog 犬doggie paddle: 刨式游泳buoy: 这里指life buoy,救生圈。in tandem with: 同……合作背单词 — 装英语词汇201008/112313西安市雁塔区中医医院肠胃科好不好西安交大二附院胃病胃肠专家咨询



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