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From the ocean to the tundra,从海洋到冻原the north of our planet is now completely frozen.我们星球的北端现已完全冻结The Antarctic.南极In the far south, autumn can be a particularly savage在遥远的南端 秋天是尤其荒凉and unpredictable time.而充满未知的季节South Georgia is a splinter of rock南乔治亚岛是in the middle of the vast Southern Ocean.广大南冰洋中间的一块碎石It#39;s only a hundred miles long and is battered by the elements.只有一百多公里长 饱受恶劣天气的摧残This ocean generates some of the largest waves on the planet,地球上最强劲的洋流在南冰洋中形成they gain size and power它们环绕着地球前行as they travel around the globe,一万九千公里都没有陆地的阻挡uninterrupted by land for 12,000 miles.规模和力量不断壮大As they buffet South Georgia, they also bring food.它们冲至南乔治亚岛时也带来了食物A seal carcass.一具海豹尸体A prize worth braving the surf for.值得为之冲浪的奖品Giant petrels are the vultures of Antarctica,大海燕就是南极洲的秃鹰and are always the first to the spoils.它们总是先下手为强 /201211/210048

Radishes are a fairly simple vegetable to grow, but can lose their flavour if not harvested at the right time. Gardener Tom Cole demonstrates how to get the best from your radish crop.萝卜是一种非常容易种植的蔬菜,但是如果不在正确的时间收获就会失去最佳风味。园艺师汤姆·科尔向你展示怎样最好地收获萝卜。Step 1: You will need1.你需要A hand fork叉子Step 2: When to harvest2.何时收获Summer radishes are best harvested five to six weeks after they have been sown. They should display a crisp texture, and be about 1 to 1.5cm in diameter. Leaving radishes in the ground after maturity will result in a loss of their crispness, and an unwanted peppery flavour.夏季萝卜最好在种植五至六周后收获。这时的萝卜质地鲜脆,直径大约1至1.5厘米。成熟后仍然留在土壤中会导致萝卜不再爽脆,而且味道比较辛辣。Step 3: Harvesting3.收获With a hand fork, enter the soil at the side of the plant at an angle. Get underneath the root, and gently pull the plant until it comes away from the soil. The radishes should be small for optimum flavour. If you find one that seems too large,squeeze it gently. If the flesh is soft and yields to the pressure, it will be too fibrous to be enjoyable. This usually occurs when they grow over 2cm in diameter, and are best suited to the compost heap. Very small ones can be added to a salad.用叉子在植株旁边倾斜着插入土壤,插到萝卜根部下面,轻轻地把植株拔起,直到萝卜离开土壤。为了获得最佳口味,萝卜的个头应该比较小。如果你发现有的萝卜太大,轻轻地挤压一下。如果肉质柔软塌陷,说明纤维太多,口味已经不好了。当萝卜长到直径2厘米的时候通常就过于成熟了,最好用作堆肥。非常小的萝卜可以用于制作沙拉。Step 4: Storage4.储存Radishes do not store particularly well, so they need to be used as soon as possible. Preferably eat them with in a day, or store in a fridge for no more than five days.萝卜不是非常适合储存,因此应该尽快食用。最好在收获一天内食用,在冰箱内储存的时间也不应该超过5天。Thanks for watching How To Harvest Radishes.感谢收看“怎样收获萝卜”视频节目。 Article/201302/226751

It began in 1927,desolate corner of South Dakota,as a way to attract tourists.这项工程始于1927年,就在南达科他州一个荒无人烟的角落,借此吸引游客眼球Now it#39;s a federally funded project,现在它成了政府资助的项目part of President Roosevelt#39;s New Deal,to reinvigorate the country.罗斯福总统新政的一部分 意图重振美国信心Soon they#39;ll start on Jefferson, then Lincoln杰斐逊 林肯和罗斯福雕像The heads alone will be 60 feet high and Washington#39;s nose is 19 feet long,仅头像就有60英尺高,华盛顿的鼻子有足足19英尺长as big as the head of the Sphinx in Egypt.大小相当于埃及狮身人面像的头部You can get a good idea of the size of the monument by these men playing leapfrog along the nose of the father of his country.从工人在国父鼻子上蹬跳的场景,可以充分领略到这些纪念像的规格有多大It#39;s a grand undertaking.工程规模浩大They were, in a way, our pyramids.它从某种意义上说是美国人自己的金字塔We were building something that would last and be a statement about who we were.我们要建一座有永久纪念意义的雕像,让它成为美国的象征The 500-foot cliff is being sculpted by dynamite...这面500英尺的崖壁 是用炸药雕刻的a dangerous way to make a living for drillers like Bill Reynolds.像比尔·雷诺兹一样的钻工冒着生命危险在此作业Below Bill are 20 charges of dynamite able to blast 3 tons of solid rock.比尔的脚下分布着20处炸药坑足以炸掉三吨坚硬的岩石Above him is 60 feet of sheer cliff...他的头顶上是60英尺高的峭壁where the detonator and the hoist man are.拉绳索的工人和雷管全在上面Take me up!Drillers always move up to stay above any charges,just in case they should accidentally go off.拉我上去!钻工需要不断上升到炸药区上方进行作业以防被意外的爆炸所伤Up! Up!再上点 再上点The charges are due to be set off at 4:00 p.m.预定的引爆时间是下午4时That#39;s good!好 停It#39;s only 3:34,so Bill#39;s not worried.现在只是3时34分,比尔还没考虑撤离But behind him,a mighty Midwestern storm is brewing.但此刻在他身后,一场席卷中西部的暴风雨正在酝酿之中He has no idea what is happening 5 miles away.他对五英里以外的情况一无所知The electrical charge runs straight down the power lines into Mount Rushmore...and the detonator.这道闪电沿着电力输送线径直来到拉什莫尔山 并击中雷管 /201301/222658

  1;yhreJHoy#%@2Yn%~o-R4E__63LY4XWZ4z7r.nOALxqUIn this tutorial Tracey May, the cleaning fairy, shows you how to clean laminate floors with simple household ingredients.在本视频中,特蕾西#8226;梅尔,这位清洗达人将向你展示如何用一些家用的清洁剂更有效的清理地板]vBr*7|MztUD;_oU9R。h42C.5Pd;t)J[jjud;pCI;g7akNnNqXDB^iW,a%.M Article/201205/181888

  You love your garden, but, unfortunately, a motley assortment of pests feel the same way. Learn how to take some easy steps to protect your precious garden from bugs and rodents.你非常喜爱你的花园,不幸的是,各种各样的昆虫也是同样的感觉。学习一下怎样通过一些简单的步骤来保护你珍贵的花园免受昆虫袭击。Step 1: Routine Inspection1.日常检查Routinely inspect your plants, checking for signs of insect damage. Early detection is best, and lets your plants know that you care.经常查看你的植物,观察一下有没有昆虫损害的痕迹。及早发现是最好的,让你的植物知道你非常在乎它们。Step 2: Pick Them Off2.把昆虫捡出来With your hands, remove unwanted bugs. Maybe wear some gloves in case they bite.用双手捡出不想要的昆虫。可以戴一副手套,以免被昆虫咬伤。Step 3: Keep Your Plants Clean3.保持植物清洁Keep your plants clean. There is nothing more attractive to pests than the smell of rotting plants. Remove any dead or dying leaves.保持植物清洁。再也没有什么比腐烂植物的味道更吸引昆虫的了。清除任何坏死或枯黄的叶片。Step 4: Barricade4.设置障碍To minimize the intrusion of rodents, use a wire or mesh barricade to keep them out. Make sure the barricade is large enough for the plant to continue to grow within it.为了将啮齿动物的入侵最小化,使用线状或网状屏障来防止昆虫进入花园。确保障碍物足够大,能够让植物在里面继续生长。Step 5: Poison Them5.毒杀If nothing else is working, pesticides are poisonous to bugs, but can be just as poisonous to you and your plants, so be careful. Be sure to research which pesticides and applications are best for your plants. Proceed with caution!如果其它方法都无效,杀虫剂可以毒死昆虫,但是也会对你和你的植物造成伤害,所以一定要小心。确保研究清楚哪种杀虫剂和使用方法对你的植物最好。一定要小心!Thanks for watching How To Protect Your Garden From Pests.感谢收看“怎样保护花园免受昆虫侵害”视频节目。 Article/201212/213909。

  Cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen is easy, effective, and inexpensive, because everything you need is likely in your kitchen!对厨房进行清洁和消毒是非常简单,高效和低价的,因为你所需要的一切可能就在厨房里!Step 1 Put things away1.把一切物品移走Put away all food, dishes, silverware, and small appliances.把所有食物,盘子,银器和小家电都移走。Step 2 Remove all food and soil particles2.擦掉食物和泥土颗粒Remove all food particles and other soil types that are visible on surfaces using a sponge, soap, and warm water.用海绵,肥皂和温水把表面可见的一切食物颗粒和其他泥土等等擦掉。Step 3 Clean handles3.清洁把手Wipe down all cupboard knobs, refrigerator door handles, and stove handles with fresh soapy water.把所有橱柜旋钮,冰箱门把手和炉子把手用新鲜的肥皂水擦干净。Step 4 Re-wipe with bleach4.用漂白粉重新擦一遍Wipe down the same surfaces, this time with one capful of household bleach in a gallon of clean, lukewarm water.将一瓶盖家用漂白粉加入一加仑清洁的温水中,再擦一遍。Mixing soap and bleach together can be toxic. Mixing bleach with soap and food particles also lessens its effectiveness.肥皂和漂白粉混合是有毒的。漂白粉和肥皂以及食物颗粒混合还会让其失效。Step 5 Wipe dry5.擦干Allow all food contact surfaces to dry, or dry them with a clean, dry towel.让所有食品直接接触的表面晾干,或者用清洁的干毛巾擦干。Step 6 Clean cutting boards6.清洁砧板Clean and sanitize plastic cutting boards in a dishwasher or with soapy water, and then sanitize with straight vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.用洗碗机或肥皂水为塑料砧板清洁并消毒,然后用白醋或双氧水消毒。Don#39;t put wooden cutting boards in the dishwasher.不要将木制砧板放入洗碗机中。Step 7 Clean sponges7.清洁海绵Clean sponges by wetting them and putting them in a microwave for one minute or running them through a dishwasher cycle.Never microwave a dry sponge.将海绵浸湿,然后放入微波炉中加热一分钟,或者丢到洗碗机中洗一下。千万不要用微波炉加热干燥的海绵。Each year over 550 food-borne illnesses are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 percent of which are attributed to restaurants.疾病防控中心每年收到超过550起食品引发的疾病报告,其中40%是由餐馆造成的。 Article/201302/226065

  Loneliness is a battle we all fight at some time or another. Life coach Georgina Burnette explains how to overcme loneliness and get back into the game of life.我们都会时不时的遭遇孤独感的侵扰,本期节目嘉宾将向我们展示如何摆脱孤独感,重新热爱生活。In this , I#39;m going to tell you how to overcome loneliness. It may be that there#39;s a particular time of day when you feel very lonely. If that#39;s the case, then you need to change your routine, so that if it#39;s the morning that you get yourself out of the house and doing something that involves other people.我将告诉你们的是如何克孤独感。或许一天中的哪个时段你会感到尤其孤独。如果那样,你需要改变日程。比如如果是早上,可以在那个时段走出屋子,与他人交谈或者与别人一起做些别的事情。Start a hobby that#39;s going to bring you into contact with people that have the same likes and dislikes as you. So, for example, if you enjoy gardening, why not join a local community gardening project? Or if you like sport, then you could go and join a local gym and get chatting with people there and maybe even join a team. Take yourself out of your comfort zone and learn to talk to people that you don#39;t know.从与你兴趣爱好一致的人交谈开始,养成与人交流的习惯。比如,你喜欢园艺,为什么不加入当地社区的园艺协会呢?再比如你喜欢体育的话,到当地的体育场和在那儿锻炼健身的人谈谈不是更好吗?说不定你还能加入一个球队呢。走出自己的舒适小窝吧,去与你不了解的人进行交流。So, it might be starting off with the guy that runs the corner shop. When you go to buy your milk, you just stay and have a chat with him, which you wouldn#39;t normally do. This will give you far more human interaction and will drip-feed that human contact that you need on a daily basis.所以,可以从你经常去的商店开始。当你去买牛奶时,就和他多聊一会,多聊几句。这将不止给你带来人际交往,还能满足你与人交往的需求。Remember to smile at people; not only it makes a very big difference as to the kind of reaction you#39;ll get from them which will make you feel better, but you#39;re more likely to create better relationships and more friendships when you#39;re a smiling person. If you#39;re lonely because you want a romantic partner, get yourself out there. Whether it#39;s local singles night or online dating.记得朝人微笑,经常微笑不仅能因别人善意的回馈而改善你的心情,还能使你变成一个社交性更强的人。如果你因寻找知音而孤独,那就努力去找吧,无论是当地的相亲会,还是网络聊天。Obviously go with caution, but you really need to get yourself out there and dating to be able to meet people, not expecting them to come to your door. Get yourself out of the house. If you tend to become a little bit reclusive, and that#39;s why you#39;re feeling lonely, just getting out of the house for an hour a day is going to make a huge difference to your levels of loneliness.小心行事,但是你也需要走出自己的小天地。与人约会可以帮你找到交流的对象,但不是把人约到自家来,而是需要你走出自己的院子。如果你想隐世,你就会感到无可避免的孤独,每天出门一个小时,将会对克孤独有很大的帮助。Set yourself targets, so it might be to talk to one person every day that you don#39;t know just for a few seconds. You might then increase this to two people per day. You might then try and increase the length of conversation you have with people you don#39;t know.给自己设定目标。可以同一个陌生人交谈几句。然后把人数增加到两人,同时交谈的时间也逐渐增加。You#39;ll find that you create more friendships, more relationships, and at the same time you#39;ll become a lot more sociable as a person. And that#39;s how to overcome loneliness.|你会发现你的朋友更多,与人的关系也更融洽,同时你的整个为人也更加开放,这就是如何克孤独感的方法。Thanks for watching How To Overcome Loneliness谢谢收看本期“克孤独”节目。 /201208/195734

  北京展出中国最早照片 Article/201212/216376一年里最热的季节马上将至,而这似乎也是全球时尚设计师推出他们的夏季盛装的最完美时间。The hottest season of the year is fast approaching, and it seems to be the perfect time for fashion designers all over the globe to launch their summer collections.The keyword for Dries Van Noten#39;s new menswear spring-summer collection is camouflage. Prints are featured on shorts, pants, shirts and jackets. There#39;s no middle ground: silhouettes are either unstructured and loose or tight and tailored.One ensemble has it all: a see-through fencing shirt in blue and white branded with a horizontal strip of camouflage. To add to the symphony of confusion, this sheer shirt is paired up with thick check plaid trousers.Dries Van Noten, designer, said, ;Looking at men#39;s prints I really asked myself what can I do which stays very masculine, really wearable for the guys. So I ended up with camouflage, a cliché, something very traditional but there are hundreds of different camouflages, so I looked at all of them and I selected the most graphic ones and by making quite elegant clothes, not like military stuff that you#39;re used to seeing in it, it became something very graphic, something very abstract.;Kenzo holds a similar key philosophy: Clothes should be wearable. For spring-summer 2013, Kenzo designers travelled to the South Asian jungle, returning with one of the strongest and subtly vivid menswear collections of the season.Humberto Leon, designer, said, ;The brand ;Jungle; is something that Kenzo introduced in 1970 and it was a really important part of the brand#39;s history and so for us we wanted to really look at what to play around with jungle and so we decided to go and visit and really play around with it and it#39;s our interpretation of what we saw in the jungle that we’re reinterpreting into the brand.;The true strength of the show lies in its grounded and subtle working of tonal color, a trick that few designers manage to grasp. And the rare result is comfortable harmony. The intense, hazy patterns perfectly capture the rainforest#39;s dappled light, while referencing busy Asian fabric patterning. On their sophomore outing in menswear, Kenzo#39;s design duo Humberto Leon and Carol Lim pass with flying colors! Article/201207/189055

  Step 1: You will need第一步:你需要准备Step 2: The mixture第二步:混合物Pour 1 Tablespoon of cornflour into a glass. Measure out 4 ounces of glucose syrup (which can be quite tricky as it is very sticky!), and then pour this into the glass with the flour. Mix this all together with a fork.1大汤匙生粉倒进玻璃杯内。4盎司的葡萄糖浆(这可能是非常棘手,因为它是非常粘!),然后这些倒入杯子中,加入面粉,用一把叉子 把所有东西混合在一起。Step 3: Adding water第三步:加水Pour 1 fluid ounce of water in to the mixture, and beat it thoroughly with a fork until you have an even mixture. It will be fairly thick.在混合物中倒入一盎司的水,把它彻底用叉子搅匀,直到你有一种混合物。它会相当厚。Step 4: Colouring第四步:着色Add roughly 20 drops of red food colouring, mix it in, and then add 5 drops of blue food colouring, and mix that in. 加大约20滴红色色素,搅拌,然后加上5滴蓝色色素,再次混合。大功告成,赶快用你的假血为万圣节增加一点恐怖气氛吧。 Article/201203/175531

  7l(!4oBEM_2dMrTH4h#yUkXwJAVTFChina#39;s first grand slam tennis champion Li Na has pulled double duty as the host and competitor for the ;Li Na and Friends; exhibition in Wuhan last weekend.上周末,中国第一位大满贯单打冠军李娜在武汉以主人和竞争对手的身份出现在;李娜和朋友们; 武汉国际网球精英赛上q(5^%o@7%SV8gnplnd。.O.xdEydk|M_pV0pxCf@10A+rM]uHT;X~%NCk55*DI Article/201112/165467。

  How To Dress For a Job Interview on HowcastStep 1: Find out dress codeBefore the big event, find out how the employees dress where you’ll be interviewing. Ask whoever’s arranging the interview for you what the dress code is, and if they have any pointers on what to wear.第一步:找到穿衣规则在面试前,要知道面试你的公司那儿的员工是如何穿戴的。询问安排面试的人公司的穿衣规则,看下他们能否给你些该穿什么衣的暗示。Step 2: Choose clothesFind something in your wardrobe that’s in line with what other employees wear, but kick it up a notch—a sharp tie, a colorful scarf or pocket square. Something to separate you from the pack.第二步:选择合适的衣在衣柜里找些和与其他员工所穿衣相同的衣物,但是要有档次——一条精神的领带,色围巾或是装饰手帕。要穿些让你与众不同的衣。Step 3: Don't go overboardBut don’t go overboard. You want to make a good impression, not a fashion statement.第三步:但不要过犹不及但不要过犹不及。你只想给面试官留下个好印象,而不是去时装展览。Step 4: Keep it tastefulGo easy on the aftershave or perfume too, or the makeup and jewelry—keep things tasteful.第四步:要有品味适量用刮胡水和香水,或是化妆品和首饰——穿衣要有品味。Step 5: Be neatBe neat. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed, your nails are trimmed, and your hair and teeth are brushed.第五步:要整洁要整洁。确保你的衣干净,整洁,指甲已经修剪过,头发梳理过,牙已经刷过。Step 6: Dress comfortablyMake sure you’ll be comfortable sitting, standing, and walking. Now is not the time to break in a new pair of shoes.第六步:穿着要舒适穿的衣要确保坐着,站立和走路时舒适。现在不是适应新鞋的时候。Step 7: Give yourself timeGet prepared early, show up on time.第七步:留些时间给指甲要提早准备,准时到场。 Article/201101/123368



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