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Knowing what to listen for and pay attention to will give you hints about whether she is y for marriage – to you!了解需要听什么,关注什么,这些会让你知道她是否准备好嫁给你。You Will Need你需要Listening skills倾听技巧The ability to pay close attention密切关注的能力A notebook or journal笔记本或日志Steps步骤STEP 1 Communicate openly1.坦诚沟通Communicate openly about the present and the future. If she expresses a desire to raise a family together, she is likely interested in marriage.坦诚地沟通你们的现在和将来。如果她表达了一起供养家庭的渴望,她可能对婚姻感兴趣。STEP 2 Pay attention to attitude2.关注态度Note what she says about marriage, and write it down. If the experiences and discussions are positive, she is likely open to it.注意她对婚姻的说法,写下来。如果经历和讨论是积极的,她可能做好了结婚的准备。Pay careful attention to her past relationships with friends, family, and former partners.认真关注她过去与朋友,家人和前任的关系。STEP 3 Count the conversations about marriage3.数一下关于婚姻的对话次数Count the number of times she brings up marriage and family. If at least once every time you’re together, she’s y.数一下她提到婚姻和家庭的次数。如果你们在一起的时候她至少提起过一次,说明她做好了结婚的准备。STEP 4 Pay attention to your discussions4.关注讨论Pay attention to your discussions with her about marriage. If you are both comfortable with the discussion, the idea of marriage is likely a welcome one.关注你和她关于婚姻的讨论。如果你们两人都对讨论感到愉快,那么婚姻是受欢迎的。STEP 5 Notice how she reacts to behavior5.注意她的反应Understand that if she isn’t trying to change your behavior, she’s probably y to accept you as you are, and this means long term.理解如果她不准备改变你的行为,她可能做好了接受本真的你的准备,这意味着你们的关系是长期的。Did you know? The most popular marriage month in the ed States is August, with 9.3 per 1,000 people.你知道吗?美国最受欢迎的结婚月份是8月,每1,000人中有9.3人选择这个月份。视频听力译文由。 Article/201405/297336A coral reef rivals even a rainforest for its diversity of life.珊瑚礁的生物多样性 甚至高过雨林Yet corals like this are found in waters where food is very scarce.但这些珊瑚 是住在食物稀少的水域All the creatures here这里所有生物have had to adopt a different and highly specialised way已经适应 高度特化的不同生活方式to gather every nourishing scrap.收集每一个有营养的碎屑Christmas tree worms bore into the coral#39;s skeleton for protection,圣诞树虫钻入珊瑚骨骼寻求保护swirling out and grabbing food particles with their feathery gills.把身体卷成一圈探出 用羽毛状的鳃抓取食物碎粒Coral barnacles are, in fact, related to lobsters.塔藤壶其实是龙虾的亲戚They lie on their backs,它们躺着挥舞长脚waving their feet to gather any food floating past.收集漂过的任何食物Crabs have evolved many different ways of gathering food.螃蟹演化出许多觅食方法This porcelain crab这只瓷蟹的has a fan of filaments on his front legs.前肢有呈扇形的细丝A boxer crab attaches a tiny sea anemone to each fist.拳师蟹的双螯 各抓着一只细小海葵As well as for defence,除了作为防卫he uses their sticky tentacles to gather passing plankton.它也用海葵的黏性触手 收集路过的浮游生物This orangutan crab#39;s whole body is coated with sticky hairs,这只红毛猩猩蟹 全身长满黏性细毛in this case, perhaps just a bit too sticky!但现在它或许觉得太黏手了 Article/201310/260986片名:健男抢钱团 Pain amp; Gain 又名 付出与收获 | 甜从苦中来类别:动作 | 喜剧 | 剧情 | 惊悚地区:美国主演:马克·沃尔伯格 | 道恩·强森 | 艾德·哈里斯导演:迈克尔·贝编剧:Christopher Markus | Stephen McFeely | Scott Rosenberg上映日期: 美国 2013年4月26日 剧情: 根据健美先生的真实故事改编而成,马克饰演的健美男满怀美国梦,想改变眼前的生活,但脑子却有点不好使。他拉拢另一位大块头巨石准备干一场敲诈勒索的大买卖,但无奈受智商限制,竟阴差阳错将一起绑票升级为谋杀案,警察全体出动围剿,两人沦落为全民公敌。A trio of bodybuilders in Florida get caught up in an extortion ring and a kidnapping scheme that goes terribly wrong.I am hot. I am back.Yo.No.My name is Daniel Rugo and i believe in fitness.All this began be it is time to push myself harder.Oh there you go, yeah.Otherwise I was looking at another 40 years away sweep path to work.Mr dabbel ,are you currently eating steroids?I think they messed me up.Don#39;t worry, so we are specializing in it—— penis magic.I am a self-made man, I will make a lot of money.Maybe yourself depend someone else on the salad.You know who will invent salad? Poor people.What is being going on, daniel? Here we are just getting tired of being where you are, . I can#39;t like here. I mean, wait for new...Once i tell u what page would do. I got a plan to change that.what . are u fishYou just can#39;t kidnap a guy and take his things,that#39;s so illegal.Sure we can.NDI is a criminal break who deserves that stuff to happen to him.We are gonna do it this no matter when turn it right.No man , we snatch him. There he is.We grab him, sign his signatures. We gave him a protein shake.He won#39;t even know what happened. I watched a lot of movies, Paul. I know what i am doing.Some gym gang has successfully acquired the asset you have.What happens now?Now i go to work.I get to get a pop.That#39;s it. Do it and it hurts and now it does. That#39;s it. Got it.You said no violence.And i meant it when i said it. I swore to god.I can#39;t not kill.Dude, you know it.Look, when this is over, we will all go campaign ,all right?OK. /201304/235181

Follow these simple tips to reduce snoring and get a peaceful night#39;s sleep.遵循以下步骤,减少打鼾,享受一晚平静的睡眠。You Will Need你需要Determination决心Anti-snoring spray防打鼾喷雾A chin strip, snore guard, or anti-snoring nasal strips防打鼾装置A new pillow新的枕头Steps步骤Step 1 Avoid triggers before bed1.避免刺激物Alcohol, large meals, sedatives, and antihistamines excessively relax throat tissue, causing vibrations that lead to snoring.酒精,大餐,镇静剂和抗组胺剂过度放松喉部组织,造成振动,引发打鼾。Consume your last drink about four hours before bedtime, and try not to eat anything right before bed.最后一次喝水至少在睡前四小时,睡前最好不要吃任何东西。Step 2 Try sleeping on your side2.侧睡Sleep on your side. Sleeping on your back can obstruct your airways, leading to snoring. Sleeping on your side improves airflow, making you less likely to snore.侧睡。平躺睡觉会堵塞呼吸道,导致打鼾。侧睡可以促进空气流动,打鼾的可能性减小。Wedge-shape pillows with added neck and head support can help open your airways, thereby reducing snoring. 有颈部和头部撑的楔形枕头可以帮助通畅呼吸道,减少打鼾。Step 3 Try a spray3.尝试喷雾Use a nasal or oral anti-snoring spray. Both types lubricate your airways and reduce the vibrations of throat tissue.使用鼻腔或口腔防打鼾喷雾。这两种药物都可以润滑呼吸道,减少喉部组织振动。Step 4 Get in gear4.使用装置If breathing through your mouth is the culprit, a chin strip or a snore guard can help you breathe naturally through your nose. Or try a nasal strip, which lifts and dilates nostrils, clearing airways for easier breathing.如果通过嘴巴呼吸比较痛苦,一些防打鼾带可以帮助你通过鼻子自然呼吸。或者尝试鼻腔带,可以提高并扩大鼻腔,清理呼吸道,让呼吸更顺畅。Step 5 Lose weight5.减肥If you#39;re overweight, try to drop some pounds. Because extra weight adds tissue around the throat, obesity is a leading cause of snoring. In addition, exercise can help regulate sleep patterns and strengthen muscles. The better your muscle tone, the less likely you are to snore.如果你体重超重,可以尝试减肥。因为过多的重量会导致喉部组织厚重,肥胖是打鼾的主要原因。此外,运动可以调节睡眠模式,增强肌肉。你的肌肉越结实,打鼾的可能性越小。Step 6 Quit smoking6.停止吸烟Quit smoking, which not only clogs the throat, but also weakens throat muscles, leaving more loose tissue to rattle around.戒烟。吸烟会堵塞喉咙,还会导致喉部肌肉脆弱,致使更多松弛的肌肉振动。Step 7 Visit a doctor7.看医生Consult your physician if your snoring does not improve, since it can indicate more serious sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, or other illness.如果打鼾的状况没有好转,向医生咨询。因为打鼾可能预示着更严重的睡眠不规律,例如呼吸暂停或其他疾病。Step 8 Rest easy8.休息Now that your snoring days are behind you, get some rest!既然打鼾的日子已经一去不复返了,那就好好休息吧!In a survey of snorers#39; bed partners, ;lawn mower;was the term most often used to describe the sound of their mate#39;s snoring. 在对打鼾者床伴的调查中,用来形容打鼾的声音最频繁的一个词就是“割草机”。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201304/237531

那些在役期间失去了四肢的士兵们每天面对的困难不是我们常人所能想象的。在TEDMED,迪恩 卡门讲述了那些激励他完成机械义肢发明的对他影响深远的人和故事。 Article/201307/246496

#39;This Week#39;: Clinton vs. RoveA News#39; Jon Karl reports on Karl Rove#39;s comments this week and the controversy over Hillary Clinton#39;s health.There was Hillary Clinton celebrating Barbara Walters#39;s last day on The View, one stop in a week that had the feel of presidential campaign in full swing, after Karl Rove took a shot at Clinton#39;s health and the whole Clinton Camp fired back.Here#39;s chief White House correspondent Jonson Carl.Hillary Clinton seems to be enjoying the endless 2016 speculation. Check out how she dodged the big question from Barbara Walters.-The question I wanna ask is how you gonna run. But...-Well I am running, around the park.But this week the Clintons were out in force-14 public appearances, not just Hillary but Bill too. And when Karl Rove attacked, the Clinton#39;s rapid-response operation was also out in force.It started when the New York Post ing Rove questioning how bad Mrs Clinton#39;s brain was hurt by a concussion she suffered in December 2012,; 30 Days in the hospital? And when she reappears, she#39;s wearing glasses that#39;s are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what#39;s up with that!Reality—Mrs Clinton spent 3 days, not 30 in the hospital. Her spokesman hit back accusing Rove of flat out lying.Then it was Bill Clinton#39;s turn:;First they said she fake her concussion, and now they say she’s auditioning for a part in The Walking Dead.;But Rove wasn#39;t backing down.She had a serious health episode.This will be an issue in the 2016 race, whether she like it or not.This much is not in dispute. In December 2012, Mrs Clinton was ill with the virus, fell, and suffered a concussion and a blood clot. She stayed out of public view for nearly a month. Her spokesperson downplayed her condition:She is still under the weather.This week Bill Clinton acknowledged it took her 6 month to fully recover. Clinton appears to be in good health now. But Rove made it clear that the health and age of Mrs Clinton, now 66, will not be off limits.;Republicans are sending a message and a sense to Hillary Clinton that it#39;s not gonna be easy, it#39;s not gonna be a free ride.;Bill Clinton says he expects the attack to get harsher:;It is the Beginning.;And no doubt the Clintons, both of them will be taking plenty of shots, too.For this week, Jonson Carl, A news, Washington. /201405/301983

Against the post! And over!踢中门柱!又打飞了!Unbelievable finish here!难以置信!重点词汇: post 门柱例句:His shot went whistling past the post.他的射门呼啸着越过球门柱。 视频介绍:切尔西门前风声鹤唳,巴塞罗那错过了几次好机会,始终未能在斯坦福桥球场攻破切尔西的大门。内容来自: Article/201404/292100

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