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Fears are growing in South Korea that China’s love affair with its vibrant pop culture is on the wane amid rising tensions between the two countries over Seoul’s planned deployment of a US anti-ballistic missile system.在韩国,越来越多的人们担心中国对韩国活跃的流行文化的喜爱开始降温,原因是两国围绕韩国政府计划部署美国反弹道导弹系统的紧张关系日益加剧Concern over the country’s popular cultural exports — known across Asia as the Korean Wave or Hallyu — has increased in recent weeks.最近几周,对韩国流行文化出口的担忧日益强烈在整个亚洲,韩国流行文化的出口被称为韩流(Korean Wave)A number of Korean actors and singers cancelled promotional events in China — Korea’s largest export destination its dramas, music and films — “ reasons beyond their control”. The moves have prompted sharp falls in shares in leading Korean entertainment companies.多位韩国演员和歌手“出于超出其控制范围的原因”,取消了在中国的宣传推广活动中国是韩国电视剧、音乐和电影最大的出口目的地这些活动的取消,导致韩国领先公司股价大跌“I’ve seen signs of our cultural exports facing a barrier in China as provincial governments and private companies try to Beijing’s mind, although there has been no direct order from Beijing to block bilateral cultural exchanges,” said Kim Jae-hong, vice-chairman of the state-run Korea Communications Commission.由韩国政府运营的韩国广播通信委员会(Korea Communications Commission, KCC)副主席Kim Jae-hong表示:“我看到有迹象显示,我们的文化出口在中国面临障碍,原因是中国各省政府和民企试图解读中央政府的意志——尽管北京方面并未直接下令封杀双边文化交流”The concerns come as China’s state-run media continue to warn that Beijing could launch economic retaliation against South Korea over its decision last month to deploy the terminal high-altitude air defence platm, or Thaad, despite China’s strong opposition.这些担忧情绪出现之际,中国官方媒体还在继续发出警告,表示针对韩国上月不顾中国强烈反对部署“末段高空区域防御系统”(THAAD,简称:萨德)的决定,中国政府可能会发动经济报复“It is certain that the Korean Wave or Hallyu will inevitably feel the chill in China if Seoul sticks to the Thaad deployment, further intensifying political tensions in the bilateral relationship,” China’s Global Times said last week. “By then, there will be no need any official order as TV stations that broadcast South Korean dramas will be resisted by Chinese citizens.”中国《环球时报(Global Times)上周表示:“但是可以肯定的是,如果韩国执意推进部署萨德的进程,导致中韩政治关系持续紧张,韩流在中国遭重挫将是必然发生的恐怕用不着官方下什么指令,顶风播韩剧的电视台就将被网民的唾沫淹没”Last weekend, two Korean actors, Kim Woo-bin and Bae Suzy, who co-star in the popular Korean soap opera Uncontrollably Fond, had to postpone an appearance in China at the last minute, while two popular Korean bands have cancelled appearances on Chinese TV shows and at promotional events.上周末,曾联合主演高人气韩剧《任意依恋(Uncontrollably Fond)的两名韩国演员金宇彬(Kim Woo-bin)和裴秀智(Bae Suzy),不得不在最后关头推迟了在中国的出场与此同时,两高人气韩国乐队也已取消了在中国电视节目和宣传活动的出场Talent agencies YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment have seen their share prices slide by more than per cent over the past month, while CJ E amp; M, the country’s biggest entertainment producer, has lost 8.6 per cent of its market value.在过去一个月里,经纪公司YG(YG Entertainment)、SM(SM Entertainment)及JYP(JYP Entertainment)的股价下滑逾%,而韩国最大的业制作商CJ Eamp;M市值缩水8.6%Tourism businesses are also concerned about the potential impact of the Thaad deployment. China has recently toughened visa rules Korean business people and Beijing has cancelled the licence of a visa broker that specialised in assisting Koreans with applications.旅游企业也担心韩国部署“萨德”带来的潜在影响中国最近对韩国商务人士收紧了签规则,北京方面还吊销了一家专门帮助韩国人申请签的签中介机构的执照Last month, China’s Qingdao city government cancelled its participation in a Korean food festival, citing the “ill timing given the current diplomatic atmosphere”.上月,中国青岛市政府取消了参加一个韩国美食节的行程,理由是“考虑到当前的外交氛围,时机不合适”Wang Junsheng, a north-east Asia studies expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Science, said: “Chinese society’s positive attitude towards South Korea is the base the Korean Wave. The deployment of Thaad destroys this affection base.”中国社科院(CASS)东北亚研究专家王俊生表示:“中国社会对于韩国的积极态度是韩流的基础部署‘萨德’摧毁了这种感情基础” 59575

A vestal moth. The recent heatwave has seen hundreds of rare moths arriving in the UK, in what experts are describing as the best migration the insects in years. Photograph: Butterfly ConservationPA 一只修女蛾(Vestal Moth)最近的一波热浪让成百上千珍稀蛾类出现在英国,专家称此为近年来最棒的一次昆虫迁徙图片:蝴蝶保育(组织)邮编区(译者注:Postcode Area,位于苏格兰境内) The recent heatwave has seen hundreds of rare moths arriving in the UK, in what experts are describing as the best migration the insects in years. 最近的这波热浪为英国带来成百上千的珍稀蛾类,专家称此次迁徙为近年来最好的昆虫迁徙 A variety of species, many of which are usually found in the Mediterranean, have turned up in the UK and Ireland as a result of the warm weather and southerly winds, Butterfly Conservation said. 蝴蝶保育(组织)称它们种类丰富,其中多数种类通常出没于地中海地区,由于气候变化产生的温和气候和南风使它们在英国及爱尔兰现身 The rare flame brocade moth, Trigonophora flammea, normally found in Spain and France, has been seen in its highest numbers 0 years. 通常会在西班牙和法国被发现的、稀有的烈焰锦纹蛾(Flame Brocade Moth),三角烈焰蛾(Trigonophora Flammea)(此次)被发现的数量是0年内的最高值 Unusually large numbers of the moth, which usually only turns up in single figures in the UK in autumn, recorded at a site in Sussex have led experts to conclude that there could be a colony in the county. Over have been seen per night. 此次蛾类的数量之巨大,通常英国秋季都只有单一(种类的蛾)的数量增长,在苏萨克斯站的纪录使专家得出结论:国内可能存在一个集群每晚都有超过只被发现 In light of the array of species turning up in the UK, Butterfly Conservation is describing this autumn as the best immigration season more than five years. 鉴于出现在英国的蛾的种类的丰富程度,蝴蝶保育(组织)称今秋为5年来最好的迁入季节 The death's-head hawk-moth, made famous by the Silence Of The Lambs film, has turned up at the RSPB's Arne nature reserve in Dorset, as well as in Plymouth. 因影片《沉默的羔羊而名声大噪的茄天蛾(Death's-Head Hawk-Moth)曾在位于多塞特郡的皇家鸟类保护协会的阿恩自然保护区出现,普利茅斯也有它们的身影 Large numbers of vestal moths and a few crimson speckled moths, both normally resident in the Mediterranean, have been seen on the south-west and south-east coasts and in Gwynedd. 通常出现在地中海地区的大量修女蛾(Vestal Moth)和少量鸡冠斑点蛾(Crimson Speckled Moth)在圭内斯郡西南部及东南海岸被发现 More than of an extremely rare tropical species which does not even have an English name, the Spoladea recurvalis moth, have been recorded in Sussex, Dorset, Cornwall, Cumbria and the Isle of Man - and in Ireland the first time. 逾种极其珍稀的、甚至还没有对应的英文名称的热带蛾类,斯波雷蒂亚-雷克瓦利斯蛾(音译)在苏萨克斯,多塞特,康沃尔,坎布里亚郡及曼恩岛被发现,并首次出现在爱尔兰境内 Mark Parsons, Butterfly Conservation's head of moth conservation, said: "In the last days, we've had a prolonged period of warm weather with southerly winds which have brought things up. 蝴蝶保育(组织)蛾类保育带头人马克·帕森斯说:“在过去年内,我们在很长的一段时间内都处于刮南风的温暖的气候,这会招来很多东西” "Autumn is usually a good time immigrant species, but it's the sheer number and diversity this year that's special." “秋季通常都是物种迁入的好时机,但特别的是今年在数量和种类上的陡然增长” The large numbers of the flame brocade moth, which was resident in Sussex at least half a century from around the mid 1800s but a scarce visitor since then, could be particularly significant. 18世纪中叶后至少50年内都曾是苏萨克斯的常住“居民”、但那之后便很少见了的烈焰锦蛾的数量可观 "This moth appears to have been making an attempt to recolonise these shores, possibly as a result of more favourable overall weather conditions through climate change," Parsons said. 帕森说,“大概由于气候变化导致的宜人气温的缘故,这种飞蛾似乎有重新占领这些海岸的打算” The discovery of large numbers of the purple-brown flame brocades was first made by Butterfly Conservation officer Sussex Michael Blencowe and his friend Graeme Lyons when a moth turned up in a back garden at the weekend. 蝴蝶保育(组织)苏萨克斯站官员迈克尔·布兰科及其女友格雷姆·莱昂斯在后院看见一只蛾子后首先发现了大量的紫棕烈焰锦蛾 Blencowe said: "I'd never seen one of these moths bee so I grabbed my net and went off to find out if there were any others about at a suitable site nearby. 布兰科说:“我之前从未见过这些飞蛾,所以我抓起我的网子就去寻找在附近合适的地点是否还有其他的蛾子” "I saw that night and there have been recordings of or more there every night since." “那天夜里我看见了只,之后每晚都会看见只或更多的蛾子” Despite high numbers of eign species, Butterfly Conservation warned it had been a relatively poor year some of the UK's rare native moths which have struggled in the face of a record-breaking dry spring. 尽管异国品种的数量可观,蝴蝶保育(组织)警示到:因在春季创纪录的旱情中苦苦挣扎的某些英国本土蛾类数量相对稀少 78

Wherever you go, no matter the weather, always bring your own sunshine. 无论去哪儿,什么天气,记得带上自己的阳光

大道理要怎么说,孩子才爱听呢?电影电视中有不少好家长育儿有道,不妨来看看他们是怎么潜移默化教孩子的《狮子王让他她相信你们永远在一起  《狮子王让他她相信你们永远在一起  【亲子关系】狮王木法沙amp;小狮子辛巴  【双语对白】  Young Simba: We'll always be together, right?  Mufasa: Simba, let me tell you something my father told me. Look at the stars. The great kings of the past are up there, watching over us  Young Simba: Really?  Mufasa: Yes. So whenever you feel alone, just remember that those kings will always be there to guide you. And so will I  小辛巴:我们会永远在一起,对吧?  木法沙:辛巴,我来告诉一些我父亲告诉我的事情看那些星星过去所有那些伟大的国王都在上面,看着我们  小辛巴:真的?  木法沙:是啊所以当你感到孤单的时候,记得那些国王会给你指引我也一样  【教育法则】长大后的辛巴有过一段迷惘的岁月,但童年时候父亲的这一番话在关键时刻指给了他正确的方向你们也许并不一定真的就一直在彼此身边,但你要让孩子相信你是永远可以寻求庇护指引的港湾 131

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