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Chapter13 The last goodbyes第13章 最后的道别At that same hour in the early afternoon a coach going out of Paris drives up to the gates of the city.在那天午后不久的同一时刻,一辆出巴黎的马车正驶向城门。#39;Who goes there? Show us your papers!#39;The guard looks at the papers. #39;Alexandre Manette, Doctor. Which is he? #39;“谁在那儿? 请出示你们的件!”卫兵看着件说:“亚历山大·马内特医生。哪个是他? ”This is Dr Manette;this helpless old man, whispering crazily to himself.这是马内特医生,这个无助的老人,正发疯地对自己嘀咕着。#39;The last few days of the Revolution have been too much for him, #39;said the guard with a cruel laugh. #39;Lucie his daughter. The wife of Evrémonde. Which is she? #39;“最近几天的革命让他受不了啦。”卫兵残忍地大笑着说。“路茜是他的女儿,埃弗蒙的妻子。哪个是她? ”This is she. With her child, little Lucie, beside her.这就是她,还有她的孩子,小路茜在她身边。#39;Hah, your husband has another meeting today. Sydney Carton. Lawyer, English. Which is he? #39;“哈,你丈夫今天可有另外一个聚会哟。西得尼·卡登律师,英国人。哪一位是他? ”He is here, in the corner. He is not well.他在这儿,在角落里。他身体不舒。#39;And Jarvis Lorry. Banker, English. Which is he? #39;“还有贾维斯·劳里,家,英国人。是哪一位? ”#39;I am he, and the last, #39;says Jarvis Lorry.“我就是,也是最后一位。”贾维斯·劳里说。#39;Here are your papers, Jarvis Lorry. You may go. #39;“这是你们的件,贾维斯·劳里,你们可以走了。”There are wildly beating hearts in the coach, and trembling hands;there is the heavy breathing of the unconscious traveller. But onwards the coach goes;the horses are fast, and there are no shouts behind them on the road.车里的人的心都狂跳着,手也在发抖,还有那个失去知觉的旅行者发出的沉重的呼吸声,但马车在前进,马匹跑得飞快,在他们身后的路上没有喊叫声。背景简介:控告信记述:在一七五七年十二月,一个有云的月夜,梅尼特医生被豪门贵族厄弗里蒙特侯爵兄弟请去看病。病人是一个年青美丽的女人,她的双手被贵族的腰带和手巾紧紧缚着,她已神志昏迷了,但嘴里还不停地喊着:“我的丈夫,我的父亲,和我的兄弟!”在另一间房里,关着一个少年,他受了致命的剑伤,已奄奄一息了。 /201305/242201

5WI7I(LUwmNf1LhqjKDn]BZ9F[H#39;Well, I#39;m not going to France. But you are, and I#39;m worried about you.#39;;去法国的不是我,是你,而且我很担心你UI.MEQv#MLF!7s|Icb。;Just at that moment a bank clerk put an old,就在这时一个职员把一封旧的,unopened letter on Mr Lorry#39;s desk,没有打开的信放在了劳里先生的桌子上27p-#OOIR7!PtzER。and Darnay happened to see the name on it:代尔那正巧看见了信封上的名字,The Marquis of Evrémonde, at Tellson#39;s Bank, London.上面写着:伦敦,台尔森·埃弗蒙侯爵YoJ3;4@q_J。Since his uncle#39;s death, this was Darnay#39;s real name.在他叔叔死后,这就成了代尔那真正的名字-+l_%pmt~m。On the morning of his wedding to Lucie he had told Dr Manette,在他和路茜举行婚礼的那天早晨他就告诉了马内特医生,but the Doctor had made him promise to keep his name secret.但是医生自己答应将他的名字保密7qkVn.70|DJJ_hM[m。Not even Lucie or Mr Lorry knew.所以,甚至路茜和劳里先生都不知道%udeiO#XKPRKBBpvuYh。#39;We can#39;t find this Marquis, #39; said the clerk.;我们找不到这个侯爵K_)ij.^_|y。;那个职员说Pnap*]GF,[N。#39;I know where to find him, #39; said Darnay.#39;Shall I take the letter?#39;;我知道上哪儿去找他zJU~PJ00CMxZ9。;代尔那说dDjKn2vsZZXu7。;可以把这封信给我吗?;#39;That would be very kind, #39; said Mr Lorry.;那真是太好了KfasOCaAaa)kgW。;劳里先生说4^J3qUi-K#6^__^。As soon as he had left the bank, Darnay opened the letter.一离开,代尔那就打开了信~e)(r21q^Y@O@。It was from Monsieur Gabelle,信是加贝尔先生写来的,who had been arrested and taken to Paris. Monsieur, once the Marquis他已经被抓了起来而且被送到了巴黎x+3LzBWr~Vth)3tU6H。I am in prison, and I may lose my life,先生,前侯爵:我在监狱里,而且也许会丧命,because I worked for a landowner who has left France.罪名是我曾为一个离开了法国的地主效劳S2!sN@rgsvdY9SJ|。You told me to work for the people and not against them,您曾告诉我要为人民效力而且不要反对他们,and I have done this. But no one believes me.我这样做了,但是没有人相信我CwG5rQL4Wbame(*XxBj。They say only that I worked for an emigrant, and where is that emigrant?他们只说我是为一个流亡者效力xg5f[H)7gQLW;A63d。还有就是那个流亡者在哪儿?Oh Monsieur, please help me, I beg you!啊,先生,请帮帮我吧,求求您了!eep)M(s+-Eu8LcZmC(nfy人物形象分析:2^@fktP9o+Y*E,X-m[e他希望,贵族阶级的人物都像达尔奈一样,反躬自省、仁慈善良,主动放弃贵族阶级特权,废除不人道的暴政,这样将会缓和已经尖锐的社会矛盾,避免一场浩劫;而不要像厄弗瑞蒙德侯爵兄弟一样,滥用特权、暴虐无道、激化矛盾,导致人民革命的爆发4Pc*6NEycjlm!-b92。TyFf-65.LRxt51~5,y6Uz;E~CCRtBMa+j+846lW7TPOVj]MJ

No, no, and that#39;s an end of it!I heard the captain shout.不,不,不,事情到此为止!我听见老船长嚷着。If one is caught ,we#39;ll all be caught!如果一个人被抓住,我们就会全都被抓住!There were more shouts, and then the sound of the table crashing over.喊声越来越大,还有桌子被掀翻的响声。Next, I heard the sound of swords, then out ran Black Dog with blood running down his shoulder.接着,我听见刀剑的响声,旋即我看见黑肩上淌着血没命地往外跑。He ran out of the inn and along the road.他跑出客店,上了那条小路,In a few seconds ,he had disap-peared from sight.不一会儿就没了踪影。The captain watched him go ,then said,Jim, quick! Bring me rum.老船长看见他跑了,就对我说:吉姆,快拿朗姆酒来!He turned and went back into the inn, but he could only just stand on his feet.他要转身回到客店,但无法挪动脚步。I realized he was feeling ill and ran to fetch the rum.我意识到他病了,赶紧跑去拿酒。Then I heard him falling and hurried back to find him on the floor.我听见响声马上跑回来,看见老船长躺在地上。 /201305/240201

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