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Presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to bring unity to the Republican Party, but he will not be getting endorsements from the last two men the party sent to the White House.共和党总统参选人川普希望促成共和党团结,但他不会得到最近两位共和党总统的持。George W. Bush, who served two terms before President Barack Obama was elected in 2008, ;does not plan to participate in or comment on; this years race, according to his aide.奥巴008年当选总统前担任两届总统的乔治·W·布什的助手说,乔治·W·布什“不打算涉足或对今年的竞选发表。”A spokesman for Bushs father, George H.W. Bush, said the elder former president is ;retired from politics.; He left office in 1993 after losing his re-election bid to Bill Clinton.乔治·W·布什的父亲乔治·H.W·布什的发言人说,前总统老布什已经“退出政坛”。他竞选连任败给克林顿993年卸任。The elder Bush endorsed Clintons 1996 Republican opponent Bob Dole, and naturally supported his sons successful campaigns in 2000 against Al Gore and in 2004 against John Kerry.老布什1996年持过克林顿的共和党对手多尔,后来又持他儿子乔治·W·布什两次竞选,都获得成功,一次是000年击败戈尔,另一次是004年击败克里。In 2008, both George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush supported John McCain when he lost to President Barack Obama. They also backed Mitt Romney in 2012 as Obama won a second term.2008年,乔治·H.W·布什和乔治·W·布什都持麦凯恩参议员竞选总统,但是麦凯恩输给了奥巴马012年,奥巴马竞选第二届任期时,他们两人也曾持过罗姆尼。来 /201605/441455The US has deployed an aircraft carrier strike group to patrol the South China Sea days after Beijing told Washington not to challenge its supposed ownership of the waterway.在北京告诉华盛顿不要挑战它对南海水道的主权后,美国开始派遣航母战斗群前往南海巡航。China says the sea which is resource-rich and a trillion shipping lane for Asia is almost entirely under its control and has been militarizing islands there in an effort to bolster its claim over a host of other countries.中国称这条资源丰富每年有5万亿美元货物经过的水道都在自己控制之下,并且为了镇住该地区声称主权的其他国家,中国还对某些岛屿进行了军事化。Trump is now continuing Obamas practice of sending US carriers through to assert that the sea is international waters and has sent in the USS Carl Vinison.特朗普在正在延续奥巴马的政策,那就是派遣航母卡尔-文森号来撑南海是国际水域的论调。来 /201702/493727Chinas first high orbit remote sensing satellite, Gaofen-4, went into use after six months of in-orbit testing, the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense announced.国家国防科技工业局日前宣布,经个月的在轨测试后,我国首颗高轨遥感卫星“高分四号”正式投入使用。Gaofen-4 is Chinas first geosynchronous orbit high-definition optical imaging satellite and the worlds most sophisticated.“高分四号”是我国首颗地球同步轨道高分辨率光学成像卫星,也是世界上精度最高的卫星。Unlike from Gaofen-1 and Gaofen-2 in low orbits around the earth, Gaofen-4 is orbiting at 36,000 kilometers. High orbit satellites have the advantage of being able to snap ;grand scenarios.; Low orbit satellites, in contrast, can see more detail at faster speed.不同于“高分一号”和“高分二号”在低轨道绕地球旋转,“高分四号”是运行在距6000公里的轨道上。高轨道卫星能够捕捉“更宏观场景”的优势。相反,低轨道卫星可以以更快的速度看到更多的细节。Low orbit satellites cannot always follow natural disasters, but Gaofen-4 can continuously observe a disaster because it moves synchronously with the earth. It improves the response to disasters like earthquakes, landslides and typhoons with its high-precision sensors.低轨道卫星不能一直监测自然灾害,但是由于与地球同步移动,“高分四号”则可以持续对灾害进行监测。因采用高精度传感器,该卫星还可缩短对地震、泥石流和台风等灾害的响应时间。Gaofen-4, which was launched in December 2015, has a designed lifespan of eight years, compared to other remote sensing satellites which remain in service for less than three to five years.“高分四号”于去年12月发射升空,其设计寿命为8年,相比之下,目前仍在务的其他几颗遥感卫星的设计寿命不-5年。During the in-orbit test, Gaofen-4 has been used to collect imageries of flood-hit areas in south China and monitor fires that occurred in southwest Chinas Sichuan Province and in Russia.在在轨测试期间,“高分四号”已被用来收集中国南方遭受水灾的地区的影像,并监测发生在中国西南的四川省以及俄罗斯的火灾。China started the Gaofen project with the launch of Gaofen-1 in April 2013. It aims to launch seven high-definition observation satellites before 2020, designed for disaster prevention, surveillance of geological disasters and forest disasters and weather forecast.我国013月发射“高号”,以此拉开了“高分卫星”项目的序幕。该项目的目标是020年之前发个高分辨率观测卫星,专为防灾、地质灾害监测、森林灾害监测和天气预报而设计。来 /201606/450796Brazil’s congress voted on Sunday evening to impeach President Dilma Rousseff, ushering in a new period of heightened political uncertainty in Latin America’s biggest country. 巴西众议院在上周日晚投票通过了弹劾总统迪尔#8226;罗塞Dilma Rousseff)的动议,这令拉美最大国家进入了一个政治更加动荡的新时期Pro-impeachment politicians erupted into cheers and patriotic songs when the vote tally reached 342 in favour of the motion the two-thirds of the 513-seat lower house needed to approve the motion, compared with 126 against. The final result had yet to be counted. 通过弹劾动议须得到众议院513个议席中的三分之二议席赞成。当赞成票达42票时,持弹劾总统的政治人士爆发出热烈的欢呼,并高唱爱国歌曲。反对票26票。最终投票结果尚未统计出来The decision threatens to bring an abrupt end to 13 years of Ms Rousseff`s socialist Workersparty, or PT, rule and allow her vice-president Michel Temer to form a new government. 巴西众议院的这一决定可能会突然终结罗塞夫所在的、奉行社会主义的劳工PT)长达13年的执政历程,并令她的副总统米歇#8226;特梅Michel Temer)能够组建新政府The baton now passes to the senate, which analysts expect to open the formal impeachment process, essentially a political trial, in the first half of next month. 弹劾的接力棒现在传到了参议院手中。分析人士预计,参议院将月上半旬启动正式弹劾程序。这场弹劾实质上是一场政治审判But the decision by congress to pass the impeachment process after a marathon three-day session of speeches and behind-the-scenes politicking also threatens to increase political risk in Brazil. 巴西众议院决定通过弹劾程序前,经历了三天马拉松式的演讲和幕后政治活动。这项决定可能加剧巴西面临的政治风险The lower house of congress must now pass the impeachment process to the senate, which is expected by this Friday to install a special commission on the impeachment process. 巴西众议院现在必须将弹劾程序转至参议院,预计参议院将于本周五围绕弹劾程序设置一个特别委员会The commission will have 10 days to submit its own report on the proposal, which will then be put to a vote in the senate on about May 11. If the senate votes by a simple majority of its 81 members to accept the motion, the formal impeachment trial will begin. 该委员会将有10天时间提交它自己的弹劾报告,然后参议院将1日左右付诸表决。如果参议院81名议员以过半票数通过弹劾动议,将开启正式的弹劾审判Ms Rousseff will be suspended for up to six months and Mr Temer will take over as acting president. 罗塞夫将暂时停职至多半年,其间由特梅尔担任代理总统If two-thirds of the senate’s 81 members vote to impeach her in a session expected by the opposition to be held in late June, Mr Temer will lead the country until the next elections in 2018. 反对派预计参议院6月末将举行一次投票,如果81名参议员中有三分之二持弹劾罗塞夫,特梅尔将直接出任巴西领导人,直到2018年的下次大选During the coming month, however, Ms Rousseff will still be president and will be able to use her office to try to persuade the senate to reject the impeachment motion by offering jobs and other financial incentives, opposition politicians fear. 但在接下来的一个月里,罗塞夫仍将担任巴西总统,并能够利用她的职位来努力说参议院否决弹劾动议,条件是提供工作岗位和其他经济奖励,这令反对派政治人士感到担心。来 /201604/438355

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