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Boutique food shops小型食品店Deli-licious美味的熟食As supermarkets flounder, small food and drink retailers are booming大型超市困境中挣扎之际,正是小型饮食零售店繁荣之时Chi-chi cheese琦琦奶酪INVESTORS in Tesco, Britains largest supermarket chain, could be forgiven for weeping into their Christmas pud this month. On December 9th the retailer issued its fourth profit warning in five months, cutting its full-year trading forecast by almost a third. Shares plunged (again), topping off a dful year for the former darling of the City. Tescos only solace is that it is only doing marginally worse now than its direct competitors, such as Sainsburys and Morrisons.英国最大的连锁超市特易购投资商若在本月圣诞节掩面痛哭,也是情有可原。易购零售商于12月9号发布了5个月以来的第4次盈利警告,其预测的全年交易额减少了近三分之一。该公司股票(再次)猛跌,结束了这个昔日城市宠儿不如意的一年。唯一的慰藉就是它现在只是比直接竞争对手(桑斯里与莫里森公司)稍微差了点儿。There is no need for solace at the Keelham Farm Shop, on the outskirts ofBradford, however. Here it is mulled wine and treats all round, as Victoria Robertshaw, the co-owner, celebrates another fine year and big plans for the future. Founded in the early 1970s, Keelham was one of the countrys first modern farm shops, selling meat, vegetables and much else, but only from the family farm or from other local producers. Its growth has been spectacular.而位于布拉德福德郊区的凯勒姆农家店根本不需要安慰。这里到处是热红酒和美食,店主维多利亚·罗伯肖庆祝又一年的好时光与未来的宏伟计划。凯勒姆建于20世纪70年代初期,是全国首批出现的一家现代农家店,主要经营肉类、蔬菜以及其他诸多产品,但只从个体农场或其他当地生产商进货。生意红火,发展迅速。In 2006, Keelham had a turnover of £2m, aly large for a farm shop. Today that figure is over £11m, and achieved in one of the less prosperous parts of the country. Such is the demand that Ms Robertshaw is investing £4m next year in opening a much larger Keelhams in Skipton, a nearby town. Her new outlet will also boast a cooking school and a café. Much of what it will sell, such as sausages, will be made on site.2006年,凯勒姆营业额为200万欧元,这对于农家店而言已经算是超额。如今的营业额超过1100万欧元,并且是在全国发展水平一般的地区做到的。这是大势所趋,罗伯肖女士将于明年投资400万欧元,在临边的斯基普顿镇开一家更大规模的分店”。毫不夸张地说,新开的专卖店也会促进烹饪学校和咖啡馆的成立。像火腿肠之类的产品,很多会在网上销售。The expansion of Keelhams reflects the robust health of the countrys boutique food-and-drink business. There are about 4,000 such businesses today, and more are opening all the time. The National Farmers Retail and Markets Association, which represents about 300 farm shops, says that many members have reported a 5-10% increase in turnover this year.凯勒姆不断发展壮大,反映了国家小型餐饮业的生机与活力。现在这样的店约有4000家,而且与日俱增。约有300个农家店入会的国家农民零售与市场协会表示,很多成员今年的营业额增长了5%到10%。Some analysts expected the burgeoning sector of small food-and-drink companies to be decimated by the financial crash of 2008. Surely tasty treats from the local deli would be the first casualties as household budgets were slashed. In fact, the reverse has happened. The sector has not only survived, but prospered, partly due to the change in shopping habits provoked by that same recession.一些分析家曾预测,小型餐饮业这一新兴行业会在2008年金融危机中受到重创。毋庸置疑,随着家庭预算开的大幅度减少,地方熟食店的美食会第一个受到冲击。而事实正好相反。该行业不仅存活了下来,而且是一片欣欣向荣,这还是归功于经济的不景气,是它改变了人们的购物习惯。After 2008 many consumers started shopping at cheaper supermarkets, such as Aldi and Lidl. Customers also started buying in bulk online. However, in contrast to previous downturns, says Hugh Padfield, a director of the Bath Soft Cheese Company, this time people continue to buy basic products at the cheapest price, and spend the money they save on products that are better quality, like his own renowned Bath Blue cheese.2008年之后,很多消费者开始在卖便宜商品的超市购物,比如德国阿尔迪和利德尔。顾客也开始在网上大量购物。然而,巴斯软奶酪公司董事休·帕德菲尔德表示,与之前经济下滑相比,这次人们还是买最便宜的必需品,然后把省下来的钱用来买质量好一点的东西,比如他公司人人皆知的巴斯蓝奶酪。This sort of “promiscuous shopping”, as the analysts call it, is replacing the traditional once-a-week trip to an out-of-town Tesco or Sainsburys. Those retailers are therefore being squeezed by Aldi and Lidl undercutting them and the farm shops taking business away at the top end, albeit still on a modest scale. Small producers like Mr Padfield are doing very nicely; he has tripled his turnover in just five years, to £750,000, and will struggle to meet all his orders for Christmas. Ms Robertshaw says her prices are not more expensive than those of the supermarkets, putting her produce within range of most shoppers.分析师将这种购物方式称为“混杂购物”,它开始逐渐取代传统的购物方式—每周去城外的易购或者桑斯里购物一次。阿尔迪和利德尔廉价经营,农家店良性竞争,但还是抢走了高收入人群,但易购或桑斯里的零售商因此受到了排挤。像帕德菲尔德先生这样的小生产商,生意很好;仅在5年内,营业额就翻了两番,达到75万欧元,而且还会在圣诞节完成所有订单。罗伯肖女士表示,自己商品的价格并不比超市的贵多少,大多数顾客都买得起。Another essential ingredient in the success of the small producers is the increasing demand for locally sourced food. After various scandals inBritains food production, from “mad-cow disease” to the discovery of horse meat in some products, consumers are much more concerned to know where their food comes from, and how it was produced.小型生产商成功的另一个基本因素是来源于本地的食物需求不断增大。英国食物生产上演了各种各样的丑闻,从“疯牛病”到某些产品中发现马肉,消费者越来越关注对食物来源、食物加工的知情度。Farm shops and delis thus stress the local content of their food in a way that supermarkets, with their central distributions systems, usually cannot. “Provenance is really important now,” says Asad Khan, who has recently set up a luxury ice-cream business in London, called Snowflake. The fact that his gelati are all made of the best quality British milk and are prepared in the store is a large part of Snowflakes appeal. Mr Khan has seen his turnover more than double in two years of business. He even sells pricey tubs of ice-cream that customers would previously have bought only from a supermarket.鉴于此,农家店和熟食店特别注重食物的本地性,而超市在城市中心分配系统下通常难以做到这一点。阿萨德?卡恩说:“原产地现在真的很重要。”他最近在伦敦开了一家豪华冰激凌店,名字叫雪花。雪花的魅力在于:意大利胶凝冰糕都是用英国的上乘牛奶制作,而且是店内现做。卡恩先生开店两年,营业额已经翻了两倍多。他甚至还卖高价格的桶装冰激凌,在这之前,顾客只能在超市买得到。译者:石海霞 校对:朱大素 译文属译生译世 /201412/349499惠州人民医院中医科有几个医生Ticket scalping, or reselling concert or sports tickets for more than their face value, is illegal under state law. State Rep. Tim Kelly, R- Saginaw Twp., wants to change that.He reintroduced a bill this month to lift the ban on scalping after a similar effort stalled last year when the legislation didnt pass the state Senate.;This is a simple decriminalization of a law that is often overlooked or not paid attention to,; Kelly says.Ticket sites like Stubhub are contractually allowed to sell tickets above face value, and Kelly believes this is unfair.;It either should be illegal for everybody, or legal for everybody,; he says.And Kelly says the change hes proposing will ultimately be better for consumers.;Under a free market system,; he says, ;the more buyers and more sellers out there will bring the cost down.;201503/364785惠州市中医院男科大夫I think Im,I mean in really kind of stereotypical,you know different male and femal way我比较倾向于传统固定的男女思维方式I think I am probably more like want to fix things a little less emotional,a little bit more theres a problem我想可能是少一点情绪化 多一点去解决问题 像这样的问题Let me you know do this,this let me fix it for you honey,but I am not really good at crying on my shoulder亲爱的 让我这样 这样为你解决这个 我不太擅长说靠着我肩膀哭吧这些软话really,were you before?I could tolerate it more真的吗 你之前是这样吗 之前我更能忍受You know,I was not like great,but I was a lot more easygoing with that kind of stuff你知道我的意思 我不说我很强 但对那些事情是比较随意 得过且过Wow,thats really interesting,yeah it is.that it is even affected your emotions and how you relate and communicate哇 确实很有趣 是啊 很有意思 变性确实能改变你的情绪 以及跟人联系和交流的方式All right,so this controversy that is going on,when you signed on to do Dancing with the Stars好了 我们谈谈人们对你的争议 当你报名参加《与星共舞》时You must have known that some people are gonna to have a problem with this.Oh,yes of course I did你肯定想到有人会对此有意见 是的 我当然想过But I really didnt expect this,To be honest I thought,of course there are going to be但情况出乎了我的意料 老实说 我确实想过People that are gonna have a problem.but it kind of got bigger than what I thought有人会对此有意见 但这意见比我想的还要严重Because people aly,they just really dont understand and I dont know how anyone could understand因为人们是无法想明白的 我也不知道人们怎样才能够理解because unless you actually are feeling that way that you are not in the right body除非你真正觉得 你之前的身体不是你感觉需要的身体How do you explain it to somebody else that they dont understand.I try to reall explain that theres like two components to the gender你怎么去跟人们解释他们不能理解的问题 我尝试这样解释 每种性别有两个组成部分And that is your physical sex and then your,like the gender of your brain how you feel一个是身体组成 另一个是大脑感觉 /201610/474377Save for this last week, Michigan has not seen very much snow this season. And while many Michiganders have enjoyed a somewhat milder winter, its been bad news for people who race sled dogs.Chris Mahar serves as the director of publicity for Mid-Union Sled Haulers and has been racing dogs for about 16 years. He says MUSH has had to cancel some races this year due to temperature and snowfall complications.;The weathers become more unpredictable. We try to adapt with that on where our race sites are, but its really all a gamble that you take on what Mother Natures going to do,; he says.According to Mahar, the sweet spot for race conditions lies between 10 and 20 degrees with low humidity. And, of course, snow on the ground.He says when he started sled racing it was pretty rare to cancel a race, but cancelations due to weather are becoming much more common in recent years.;I dont think theres anybody who would tell you that weather has not been a bit more unpredictable the last four, five, six years,; he says. ;The last two years were very good race seasons. The two years before that we basically didnt have a single race.;Mahar tells us cancelling a race is disappointing to humans a dogs alike.;These dogs love to run,; he says. ;Pretty much the worst thing you could do to them is not let them run.… I mean, my dogs, if I get into the enclosed trailer that weve built, the boxes we transport them into, if I just open that door you can hear the kennel going nuts because they think theyre going to get to go run.;MUSH will be holding a race this weekend in Baldwin, Michigan.201602/428515惠州市人民医院看前列腺炎好吗

博罗县医院图片惠州有哪家男科医院John U. Bacon joins us for this weeks sports roundup.Wolverines moving forwardBacon tells us that despite the 24-17 loss to the Utah Utes last week, the Wolverines played ;far better football on both sides of the ball than Ive seen in a long time.;He tells us he didnt anticipate a win for Michigan, but he did expect to see 60 minutes of honest, fundamental football, and it looks like thats what we got.;Theyve got a lot of work to do … but man, you can see the foundation, you can see the building blocks, and this team is going to improve pretty quickly,; he says.Bacon says that the Jim Harbaughs postgame press conference was the best hes seen.;Calm, the eyes are still on fire, the jaw is still set … but he was not about to throw his team under the bus by saying we didnt execute, which was one of Brady Hokes singsong phrases,; he says.He cites it as an early example of Harbaughs ;very good coaching.;The Wolverines kick off their home schedule Saturday afternoon against Oregon State, and Bacon expects Michigan to pull out a win.Marquee game for SpartansMichigan State will keep the Oregon Ducks busy Saturday night, and Bacon tells us the Spartans are favored by four points.He says that MSUs loss to the Ducks last year may have actually played to their advantage, as it kept them ;under the radar; all the way through to the end of the Big Ten season.Bacon applauds the work Mark Dantonio has done coaching in East Lansing, and calls Saturdays matchup a ;marquee game.;;They win this one, theyll be a top five team for a while,; he says.Lions to have good seasonThe Detroit Lions will play their season opener Sunday at San Diego.;The big problem theyve got is how to replace Ndamukong Suh,; Bacon says.He describes Suh as the type of player whose value lies in his ability to really disrupt the offense of the other team.;The guys theyve got down there are competent, theyre good, but theyre not game changers,; he says.Bacon tells us that the Lions are expected to have a good season and may make the playoffs by the end of it.Tigers shut out againThe Tigers lost to Tampa Bay last night 8-0, their eighth shutout.Bacon says that it all started at the end of the trade deadline.;We said, if you dont trade youre playing to win, and if you do trade youve bagged it for the season. And look, once the front office has given up on the season, dont expect the players or the fans to care any more than they do. So once theyve bailed on it, the season is done,; he says.201509/398303河源紫金县妇幼保健人民男科中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱惠州市第一人民医院看前列腺炎好吗

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