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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is this legit? 这合理吗?Worldwide, there are more people with mobile phone than access to toilets?就全世界来看,用手机的人比能上卫生间的人多。This is true! 这是真的!A 2013 U.N. study found that 6 billion people have mobile phones, while 4.5 billion have access to toilets.一项2013年公布饿的联合国报道发现60亿人有手机,但是有厕所可以使用的仅为45亿人。AZUZ: Mobile phone doesn#39;t necessarily means smartphone. 手机并不意味着是智能手机。According to Pew research, 90 percent of American adults have a mobile, fewer than 60 percent have a smartphone.皮尤研究中心研究指出,90%的美国成年人有手机,而只有不到60%的人有智能手机。For those who do have what#39;s essentially a pocket-sized computer, a lot of the info you have on it is saved in the cloud.对那些确实有可装在口袋里大小的电脑的人来说,你的很多信息都保存在云端上。 /201411/341251The educational materials presented here were developed此处展示的教育材料由by students and faculty of the department of food爱荷华州立大学食品科学与营养学的师生science and human nutrition at Iowa State University.共同制作Funding for this project was provided from grants from该项目资金由the American Cancer Society Mid West美国癌症协会中西部分会及and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.兰斯,阿姆斯特朗基金会共同资助The materials are intended for educational use and此资料仅旨在教学使用are not meant to provide medical advice.无意提供任何医学建议We welcome your feedback about these materials.我们期待您对这些资料的意见反馈Please use the evaluation survey link on the homepage请使用主页上的教育调查链接to provide your comments and suggestions.发表您的意见和建议This presentation will look at increasing fruits and这个展示将会探究不断增长的水果蔬菜的消耗vegetable consumption and the effect on cancer.及其对癌症的影响The American Institute of Cancer Research describes美国癌症研究院提出cancer prevention with 3 prevention components.防癌的三个要素These components are weight,这些要素是,体重diet and physical activity.饮食与体育活动In an effort to prevent cancer you should aim要做到努力防癌to be a healthy weight throughout life,你要保持健康的体重choose mostly plant foods, limit red meat主要选择植物性食物,限制红肉的摄入and avoid processed meat and be physically active避免使用加工肉类every day in any way for 30 minutes or more.不管以任何形式每天要锻炼至少30分钟During this presentation the following information在这一展示中will be reviewed;将探讨以下内容the American Institute of Cancer recommendations,美国癌症研究院的建议the New American Plate which is the AICR#39;s新式美国餐盘,即美国癌症研究院recommendations for what the American plate should建议美国人餐盘中应该是什么样子look like, review of scientific evidence, benefits and回顾相关科学依据,益处finally how to incorporate以及最后,如何把水果蔬菜fruits and vegetables into your life.纳入到你的日常生活中The AICR recommendations include reducing美国癌症研究院的建议包括the amount of energy dense foods you eat,降低饮食中高能量食物的数量eating 5 or more servings of non starchy vegetables每天至少吃5份不含淀粉的水果蔬菜and fruits per day and choosing a wide variety of以及选择多样的水果和蔬菜fruits and vegetables. Energy dense foods tend to be高能量食物多用糖和油加工processed foods with sugar and fat added to improve the来改善食物的口感taste. Energy density is the amount of energy or calories能量密度指的是每盎司食物,约28克per ounce of food. Examples of high energy dense foods包含的能量或卡路里,高能量食物包括are crackers, chips, chocolate candies, cookies,饼干,薯条,巧克力,巧克力糖果,甜点butter, oil and bacon, among others as these foods have黄油,油和培根,这些食物many calories per ounce.每盎司包含非常多的卡路里Fruits or vegetables have a low energy density.而水果或者蔬菜的能量密度则较低The second recommendation is to eat 5 or more servings第二个建议是每天吃至少五份of non starchy vegetables or fruits per day.不含淀粉的蔬菜或水果Examples of non starchy vegetables and fruits include不包含淀粉的蔬菜水果包括spinach, broccoli, carrots, kale, asparagus, peppers,菠菜,西兰花,胡萝卜,甘蓝菜,芦笋,辣椒brussell sprouts and all fruits.小圆白菜和所有的水果The final recommendation from the AICR is最后的建议是to choose a wide variety of fruits and vegetables要选择多样的水果和蔬菜such as those just mentioned.例如之前提到的那些The AICR#39;s new American plate is not intended to be美国癌症研究院提出的新式美国餐盘a quick fix diet but rather a focus on proportion of并非要一蹴而就地解决所有饮食问题foods and portion sizes.而是要关注饮食中的比例及每一部分的份量This concept goes back to the 3 prevention components这一观念可以回溯到reviewed at the beginning of this presentation; weight,这个展示最开始提到的三个要素,体重diet and physical activity.饮食和体育活动The AICR recommends eating more plant based foods美国癌症研究院建议,多吃植物性食物and limiting red meat as well as限制红肉的摄入,以及avoiding processed meats.拒绝加工肉类Additionally the AICR developed a visual aid of此外,美国癌症研究院还开发了视觉教具what the new American plate should look like.可以看到新式美国餐盘里的样子 Article/201501/355584什么是Bromance?-Real Deal English Article/201508/391548A common theme that#39;s emerged from the objects of this week has been the changing views of what constitutes an acceptable pleasure-at different times in world history spice has turned into vice-or vice versa.前几节的物品有一个共同的主题,即社会对方式的接受程度的变化。在世界史上,人类对一种行为好坏的判断标准常发生一百八十度的转弯。But enjoying a work of art like the Admonitions Scroll has always been entirely acceptable, and the scroll itself carries the record of those who, through the centuries, have been lucky enough to look at it and enjoy it.但欣赏一件像《女史蔵图》这样的艺术品一直是公认的乐趣之一。画卷上的题跋和印章是几百年间有幸欣赏过这幅画卷的人所留下的记录。And today, astonishingly, I am one of their number. I#39;m in the specially built East Asian painting conservation studio here at the British Museum -where the entire painting is laid out.而现如今,我有幸成为欣赏画卷者的其中一人。我此时此刻正身处大英物馆为保存整体摊开这幅画卷而特别修建的东亚画作保存室里。The story of its creation is a process that brings together artists of different periods, and since it was completed this scroll has been continually cherished.画卷将历史上不同时期的艺术家联系在了一起,而且自它完成以来,一直大受推崇。The starting point was a long poem written by the courtier Zhang Hua in 292 AD.公元二九二年,晋朝大臣张华作了一首长诗。Then about one hundred years later, so around 400, a famous painting-now believed to be lost-incorporated the poem. The painted scroll that I have in front of me now was probably completed a hundred years or so after that, but it faithfully copied and captured the spirit of the great painting-and there are indeed some who think that this may be the celebrated original painting itself. But whatever its precise status, this scroll is one of the most celebrated examples of early Chinese painting to have come down to us.一个世纪以后,公元四百年左右,一名画家根据诗文内容创作了一幅著名的画作,原画据信已经失传。大英物馆保存的这幅很可能是两百年后的一件临摹品。它完全把握住了原画的神韵,甚至有人认为它就是原作。无论真相如何,它都是中国古代画作留下来的珍品。About half of the scroll is made up of painted scenes, each one divided from the next by lines from the poem. As the scroll was slowly unrolled for you, you would have the poem and then been able to see only one part at a time, and that sense of unfolding is a key part of the pleasure.脚卷中包含数幅场景,每幅各有箴文。画卷缓缓展开时,先看到几句诗文,然后是相应的图画,一次只能看到一幅,这种展开过程正是赏 的关键乐趣之一。 Article/201501/356427

Back at Mei#39;s house, we#39;re going to prepare our river catch.回到梅的家里,我们开始处理这些河鲜A lot of the fish are still alive.很多鱼还是活着的Did you see that? Just with one knife cut,看到没,就一刀she guts it.她取出了内脏And gets rid of the intestines, and the belly,肠子肚子这些都不要了in one fell knife swoop, even though the fish is so small.就一刀,即使这些鱼那么小She just rips the head off, and the tail off the sort of centipede.她把那种蜈蚣的头和尾巴都去掉了#39;I came to China to expand my knowledge of Chinese cooking.我来到中国,想加深自己对中国烹饪文化的了解#39;Learning how to gut a centipede is certainly doing that.#39;比如怎样取蜈蚣内脏这种She said women know how to cook,她说女人都会做饭and also that the men wash the dishes. I understood that bit.而男人则负责洗盘子,我听懂了那部分Men don#39;t understand -男人不懂这些they only know how to eat.他们就知道怎么吃So I#39;ve got here the small river fish and local garlic,我这里有一些小河鱼和傣族本地的大蒜wild garlic, some ginger,是野生大蒜,还有一些姜some small chillies, the local chillies,小辣椒,也是当地产的辣椒and then there#39;s the Vietnamese mint,还有越南薄荷and then they#39;ve got here some coriander as well,他们还加了一些香菜and then some spring onion.然后是葱#39;I#39;m going to make a classic Dai dish of fish cooked in banana leaves.#39;我准备用鱼和香蕉叶做一道正宗的傣族菜Just finely chop it.要仔细的剁碎My grandmother would always peel it,我奶奶通常是剥掉姜皮and the Chinese believe that when you peel ginger,中国人都这么认为,把姜剥皮it becomes more heat-giving property, more Yang. More fiery.做出来的饭就是偏阳性If you keep the ginger skin on, then it makes the dish more Yin,留着皮就是偏阴性it#39;s more cooling.是凉性的#39;First, I put chopped ginger, garlic and chilli onto a banana leaf,首先我把剁碎的姜蒜和辣椒涂在香蕉叶上#39;closely scrutinized by my sous chef, who is keen to offer tips.#39;我的副厨仔细的检查着,并给我提建议She said, ;Chop it, chop all the herbs together她说 “要剁碎,把所有佐料剁碎掺在一起;so it#39;s really fine.; I would have just thrown it all together,剁得碎碎的” 换了我就都直接掺一块儿了but this is the way they#39;re used to doing.他们也通常这么做OK, so we put this all on the leaf, like that.我们把这些都放在香蕉叶上,像这样#39;Wrapping the food in a banana leaf用香蕉叶裹住食物#39;seals in moisture and flavour, much like foil or oven-proof paper.#39;像烤箱用的箔纸那样锁住水分和香味And then, you just tie it.然后扎住#39;Being here with Mei and her family takes me back to my childhood同梅和她家人的相处把我带回了#39;under the supervision of two other formidable family cooks -被两个严厉的家庭大厨监管的童年——#39;my grandmother and mother.#39;我的奶奶和妈妈So she#39;s just securing the package within some bamboo?她用竹子固定住包裹#39;I#39;m planning to steam the fish, but my sous chef has other ideas.#39;我打算清蒸,但是我的副厨却有其他建议Oh, then that#39;s how they would normally cook it!这就是他们平时的烹饪方式She said it#39;s tastier like this than steaming it.她说这样会更好吃She said, if you steam it, it doesn#39;t taste very good!她说蒸的不太好吃#39;While it cooks for 20 minutes, Mei offers me an appetiser.#39;20分钟了,梅给了我一道开胃菜This is a baby. This is the centipede.这是小蜈蚣#39;The water centipedes she caught at the river have been她抓的水蜈蚣#39;boiled in a spicy broth of chillies, ginger and herbs.#39;用辣椒姜和草药等香辛料煮着She said, ;Don#39;t be afraid, just eat it!;她说,别害怕,尝尝It#39;s like texture like prawns.吃起来像对虾It#39;s like river prawn texture, river shrimp.像小河虾那样It#39;s not bad. It#39;s not bad, actually.实际上并不那么糟糕 Article/201510/402213

2014年的最后一天,跟OpenLanguage一起学习应景的新年英语吧!我们会告诉你New Year#39;s Resolution、新年倒数派对、新年之吻、新年狂欢和第二天的新年hangover...... Article/201507/387046

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