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成都市成华区中医院专家成都市六院无痛人流好吗Part . Language Study and Language Appreciation.Listen to the following statements, pay special attention to the parts in bold type.Learn to appreciate it and use the language.1. to make a good gift.These sets make very good gifts.. to be observed in honor of.Feast of Dolls in Japan falls on March ed, it is observed there in honor of girls.Feast of Banners in Janpan is on May 5th, it is observed in honor of boys.3. to feel one hair stand on end.At a science museum on Ontario, Canada, you can feel you hair stand on end as harmless electricity passes through your body.. reach out to...As these examples show, museums are reaching out to new audiences, particularly the young, the poor and the less educated members of the population.5. in an eft to...They also bring together in one display a group of objects drawn from various parts of the museum, in an eft to represent the whole lifestyle of a region or a historical period.6. use sth...to best advantage.The theory is that people who not understand science will probably fear it, and those who fear science will not use it to best advantage.7. places to visit places to enjoy.Instead of being places that one should visit, they are places to enjoy.8. as varied.Gestures of disapproval, dislike or no are just as varied.9. to get straight down to.The Germans, however, prefer to get straight down to business.. be one way to.So use these tips, and youll be on your way to a successful, international business career.. inmation superhighway trafficthe bulk of the traffic.One feature of the inmation superhighway is that the traffic travels fast.The bulk of the traffic consists of data containing music files, instant messages, toll-free phone calls, e-commerce orders, online games and just about anything.. to zoom along.Techies use their own special shorthand to keep messages zooming along.. to wire ....Colleges across the ed States have spent hundreds of millions of dollars in recent years wiring dormitories high speed Internet access.. to inch one way into.So were going to inch our way into the future.. to shut out in favor ofon flickering computer screens.The internet was turning us into hermits who shut out other people in favor of a make-believe world on flickering computer screens.. to keep to oneself to reach out to.Were keeping more to ourselves, while at the same time, reaching out to more people all with just the click of a computer mouse.. by that measure.Experts say the most popular American sport by that measure is baseball.18. to work oneself into furies.But the significant thing is the attitude of the nations who work themselves into furies over these absurd contests, and seriously believe that running, jumping and kicking a ball are tests of national virtue.19. a safety line.Protected by a safety line, the newspaper reporter closed his eyes, and started to feel places to put his hands and feet.. to live with...to build up the strength.He had to learn to live with a new reality. many years, he was told to build up the strength in his arms and get about his legs. 7四川省十院正规吗 Ask an American-Art conservation; bravery versus gallantry; to escape versus to abscond; how to communicate time Words:conservatormural legacyartist earthquake damage subsequent to manifest intention competently to recreate interpretation objective bravery gallantry to escape to abscond 39695成都公立医院

四川省消防总队医院剖腹产需多少钱chess象棋,astonishment惊讶,exclaim惊呼Beaten Him Three Games out of FiveA man went to visit a friend and was amazed to find him playing chess with his dog.He watched the game in astonishment a while."I can hardly believe my eyes!" he exclaimed. "That's the smartest dog I've ever seen.""Nah, he's not so smart," the friend replied. "I've beaten him three games out of five."五局三胜某人去朋友家拜访,发现朋友竟然在跟自家的下象棋,大为错愕他旁观了一会儿,当时就震惊了“我简直不敢相信!”他大叫,“我从没见过那么聪明的!”“哪里聪明了,”朋友回答,“五局中我赢了三局呢!”1.chess国际象棋看看和chess有关的词:chessboard国际象棋棋盘;chessman国际象棋棋子;chess set一副国际象棋.in astonishment惊讶地 He was struck dumb with astonishment. 他惊讶得目瞪口呆 His mouth dropped to the floor in astonishment. 这就是我们所说的“惊讶得嘴都掉地上了3.exclaim惊呼/表示抗议exclaim in delight高兴得大叫起来;exclaim furiously upon the wickedness of the plot愤怒地谴责这一邪恶阴谋. I can hardlybarely believe my eyes! I can't believe my eyes! I can't believe what I saw! 我简直不敢相信自己的眼睛!同样,I can't believe my ears! 就表示“我不敢相信自己所听到的,难以置信”:The cat is babysitting the kids? I can't believe my ears! 猫在照料小孩?真是难以置信!5.beat打败还有其他含义,比如“击鼓”:beat an alarm击鼓报警;“开辟道路”:Build a better machine and the world may beat a path to your door.只要你造出一台更先进的机器,你家可能会门庭若市6.out of 可以表示“部分”,又如:This is but one instance out of many. 那不过是众多例子中的一个nine times out of ten 则是一个习语,表示“十之八九,几乎总是”:He talks about you nine times out of ten when we have a chitchat. 每次我们闲聊他几乎都谈及你 596凉山彝族妇幼保健院在那 根据科学家实验表明,蹦极这种极限运动会让你感觉时间是增长的在每一秒你坠落的时间里,你所有平时观察不到的细微统统被你记住,从而让你感到时间增长这到底是怎么回事?请听几位科学家的讨论STEVE INSKEEP, host:If you're doing something adventurous this summer, like, say, bungee jumping, it may make your heart race. And we have a story this morning about what happens in your head while your heart is racing. It comes to us from RADIOLAB.(Soundbite of music)JAD ABUMRAD: Morning, Steve.INSKEEP: Hi, Jad. That's Jad Abumrad from WNYC.ROBERT KRULWICH: And this is me, Robert Krulwich. And RADIOLAB is well, it's a show where we get curious, we explore big ideas...ABUMRAD: And sometimes we get a little dangerous. In fact, like this story, we fell off a house.INSKEEP: Fell off a house? You didn't.KRULWICH: Not really.INSKEEP: OK.KRULWICH: But a guy we know did. His name is David Eagleman. He's a neuroscientist from Baylor College of Medicine. But back when he was a kid...ABUMRAD: How old were you just to, sort of?Mr. DAVID ELEMAN (Baylor College of Medicine): I was, I was eight years old.ABUMRAD: He had an experience which he says changed his life.Mr. ELEMAN: Yeah.ABUMRAD: He was playing in his subdivision in Houston. And there was a house nearby...Mr. ELEMAN: ...that was under construction, and my father told me not to go climbing around on the house under construction, but I was a boy so I did and I was looking at the edge of the roof and I stepped on it but in fact it was tar paper hanging over the edge, and I, and I fell.KRULWICH: Oh, so you stepped onto the air, in effect. You just went shwoooh.Mr. ELEMAN: Exactly. (Soundbite of music)Mr. ELEMAN: And what happened was the event seemed to take a very long time. I thought about whether I had time to grab the edge of the roof and I realized it was too late that.(Soundbite of music)Mr. ELEMAN: So then I was looking down at the ground as the red brick floor was coming towards me. And I was thinking about "Alice and Wonderland," how this must be what it was like her when she fell down the rabbit hole.KRULWICH: Hmmm. How long by the way was it from the top of the roof to the ground below?Mr. ELEMAN: Point eight six seconds. (Soundbite of laughter)Mr. ELEMAN: That's how long it takes to fall twelve feet. I calculated that later.ABUMRAD: That would be one-one thousand - and this whole experience left David Eagleman with a question that he could not get out of his mind.Mr. ELEMAN: What happens to people when they're in a life or death situation and they have these thoughts that seem to take a long time? So at some point I realized I needed to study this.ABUMRAD: How would you even study that?Mr. ELEMAN: Well, the first thing I did, I took my entire laboratory to Astroworld.(Soundbite of Astroworld theme music)Mr. ELEMAN: Which is the amusement park here in Houston. And we went on all of the scariest rollercoasters and we brought all of our equipment and our stopwatches and had a great time, but it turns out nothing there was scary enough to actually induce this fear your life that appears to be required the slow motion effect.So I searched around and I finally found something called SCAD diving.ABUMRAD: SCAD diving.Mr. ELEMAN: Stands Suspended Catch Air Device.ABUMRAD: Where do you do that?Mr. ELEMAN: Turns out it's illegal in Houston but I found one in Dallas.(Soundbite of laughing)Mr. ELEMAN: So we made a road trip up to Dallas.Unidentified Man #1 (SCAD Instructor): Alright, jump number one.ABUMRAD: And we actually found a reporter in Dallas who agreed to give this a try.Unidentified Man #1: ...on, and then Ill put this on over the harness.APRIL: No ones ever died on this thing, right?Unidentified Man #1: Nope.ABUMRAD: This is April.APRIL: I feel like my heart's in my throat.ABUMRAD: She's very brave.Mr. ELEMAN: You ride up to the top of this tower in this very rickety little elevator type of thing.APRIL: Okay, we're riding up in the elevator right now.Mr. ELEMAN: A hundred and fifty foot tall tower.APRIL: It's not too fast.Mr. ELEMAN: Climbing up and up and up.APRIL: It doesn't seem that far when you're down there. Up here it seems really far.Mr. ELEMAN: It's like a fifteen story building.Unidentified Man #1: Yeah, we're halfway.APRIL: Oh man. OK, this is just halfway, I'm aly freaking out.Mr. ELEMAN: And...APRIL: My hands are starting to shake.Mr. ELEMAN: ...at the very top youre suspended.APRIL: Like this?Unidentified Man #1: Yup.APRIL: OK.Mr. ELEMAN: You're hooked up to a carabineer.APRIL: (Unintelligible)Unidentified Man #1: Sit all the way back. Lean back.KRULWICH: Okay, so I want you to imagine this: You're up in the sky. You are facing the clouds, not the ground. You are attached to something which is about to be severed. And you will fall totally free into the void, unable to see what's about to happen to you, presuming a net, maybe.APRIL: Oh God. OK. Don't let me die.ABUMRAD: Three, two...APRIL: Really nervous right now.Mr. ELEMAN: And...APRIL: Aaaah!ABUMRAD: Okay wait, wait, wait, wait. One thing I got to mention. April actually wasn't part of David's study, but if she had been, she would be wearing around her wrist this little device.Mr. ELEMAN: New device called the perceptual chronometer.ABUMRAD: It's about the size of a watch and it flashes numbers super fast.Mr. ELEMAN: Yeah, yeah.ABUMRAD: Way too fast to see normally. But the thought is, if April falls and everything starts to slow down, well, then these numbers should slow too. So that if she looks at her wrist as she is falling, she should be able...Mr. ELEMAN: To now the watch that would be impossible under normal circumstances.ABUMRAD: Back to April.APRIL: Really nervous right now.ABUMRAD: Three, two...Mr. ELEMAN: And...APRIL: Aaaaah! Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God, that's the scariest moment of my life. Oh my God.Mr. ELEMAN: I should probably tell you guys the results of the study, but...ABUMRAD: (Unintelligible) people report that time slowed down enough them to the number?APRIL: I'm alive.Mr. ELEMAN: No.KRULWICH: No?Mr. ELEMAN: Turns out when youre falling, you don't actually see in slow motion.ABUMRAD: Aww.Mr. ELEMAN: Yeah. It's not equivalent to the way a slow motion camera would work. Even though people feel like it's going in slow motion, it's something more interesting than that.(Soundbite of chime)ABUMRAD: 'Cause here's the thing, right after people did the jump, he would ask them...Mr. ELEMAN: How long they thought their fall took.ABUMRAD: The right answer, if they'd had a stop watch...Mr. ELEMAN: Just under three seconds.ABUMRAD: But what people would say...APRIL: How long, when you were falling, how long did it...Unidentified Man #: (Unintelligible)APRIL: Ten seconds.Unidentified Woman: It felt, it felt like - time was stopped.ABUMRAD: So how do you explain that? Like times not slowing in the moment but seems to be slowing after the moment?Mr. ELEMAN: Well, I came to understand that it's a trick of memory. Normally our memories are like sieves. Were not writing down most of what's passing through our system.ABUMRAD: But he thinks that when you go...APRIL: Aaaah!ABUMRAD: You know, life or death moment.APRIL: Oh my God!ABUMRAD: In that instant, our memories go wide open.Mr. ELEMAN: Because that's what memory is . It's when everything hits the fan. You want to write it down and remember it.ABUMRAD: So all of it goes right to your hard drive - the clouds, the feeling of the air. Oh look, there's a guy in a blue shirt.Mr. ELEMAN: So when you that back out, the experience feels like it must have taken a very long time.KRULWICH: Hmmm.Mr. ELEMAN: It must have.KRULWICH: Normally the trivial stuff gets dumped but in this situation it gets written.ABUMRAD: And then you realize how much trivial stuff is in there.INSKEEP: Which makes you wonder, Robert and Jad, how we'd feel if we remembered all that stuff all the time.KRULWICH: You'd be totally consumed by memories. You'd...ABUMRAD: Buried.KRULWICH: Yeah. You'd look at an egg and you'd see all the veins in the egg and you'd see the white and you would see the borders and you'd think...ABUMRAD: You wouldn't be able to get it.KRULWICH: Having an experience like this creates a surfeit of memory - too much to remember.INSKEEP: Well, Robert and Jad, I don't know what to make of this, but if feels like this story took about three times longer than normal.(Soundbite of laughter)INSKEEP: Thanks very much sharing that one with us.ABUMRAD: Thank you.INSKEEP: That's Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich from the show RADIOLAB, a production of WNYC. And you can explore RADIOLAB at npr.org. 137崇州市中医院导诊

四川第十人民医院网址Voice 1: Paul keeps a journal, a book where he writes his thoughts. He also writes about the things that happen to him during the day. A few years after this climbing incident, Paul looked back at his journal. He looked at what he had written in his journal about this incident. Paul was shocked. His written story and his memory were different!声音1:保罗一直在坚持写日记,他会把自己的想法写进日记里他也在日记里记录了那天发生在他身上的事在发生登山事故的几年以后,保罗回顾了他当时写的日记他看了他在日记里对事故的描述保罗震惊了他写下的故事和他记忆里的完全不同!Voice : What really happened then? Well, Paul and Martin did climb from the mountain top back down to the shelter. But, they decided to take turns waiting on the edge the second rope of climbers. One stayed by the edge of the mountain waiting. And the other stayed in the shelter to keep warm. Then they traded positions. Paul was not at the edge of the mountain to help the climbers up. In fact, his friend Martin was the one who had helped the second rope of climbers up! Paul was back at the shelter!声音:那时究竟发生了什么?保罗和马丁的确从山顶下来,进入了庇护地但是,他们决定轮流在山边等待用第二根绳子爬山的人们一个人留在山边等待另一个人留在庇护地取暖过段时间后交换位置保罗并没有在山边帮助那些登山者实际上,帮助使用第二条绳子的登山者的人是他的朋友马丁!保罗当时在庇护地Voice 1: Paul remembered something that never really happened! His journal had the real story. But his memory was wrong. However, he says he remembers the event clearly! So, can we really trust our memories? What can we believe?声音1:保罗记住的是从来没有发生过的事!他的日记里记录的是真实的故事而他的记忆去是错的但是,他却说他对那件事记得非常清楚!我们真的能相信我们的记忆吗?我们能相信什么?Voice : Some people believe that memories are stored like pictures in a person mind. If a person wants to remember a particular event or story he goes to a special part of his brain. Then he just pulls the memory out. If this is the case, a person memory should be perfect. All he has to do is look at the ‘picture in his mind to remember it.声音:有些人认为记忆是像图片一样储存在大脑里如果一个人想记住特定的事件,他就要利用大脑里的特定区域然后再把这些记忆取出来如果是这样,那一个人的记忆应该是完美的他所要做的就是在他的大脑里查找那张记住的“图片”译文属 5180 邛崃市怀孕检测多少钱四川大学华西医院妇科挂号



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