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I think jewelry is stupid. What’s the point? I can understand it was popular a couple of thousand years ago, but not today. It all belongs to when we lived in caves. Why do people feel the need to wear necklaces and bracelets? It seems that jewelry is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays people are wearing rings on their toes and piercing their tongues and bodies. I’ve never really understood why men wear jewelry, especially thick gold chains. A lot of jewelry is dangerous. I often think if ear-rings catch on something, they’ll rip your ears. Some rings that women wear are also dangerous. They could cause serious damage to someone’s face. The only jewelry I wear is a wedding ring. Just a simple one. Article/201105/136831。

  • I reached my door, flicked on the porch light and immediately felt relieved. I took a moment to collect myself and blamed all of the incidents on my fear of the dark. However, before going inside I wanted to get my cat and have him sleep with me so that I wasn't alone. Facing my door and not the dark shapes of the yards bushes and trees behind me I called to him. "Kitty Kitty Kitty!" I waited, and felt a pang of fear when my calls echoed back. My cat is usually in hearing distance and never takes long to come. Again, I ignored my fear and called again. This time I got an answer. "Come 'ere Baby!" and right behind me, as though the man was standing right there.... a deep, commanding voice said....  "Yes, come here!" Article/200906/72394。
  • So that night we started our long journey to the Lowlands.Sometimes we walked, and sometimes we ran. But although we travelled as fast as we could,daylight began to appear before we had found a good hiding-place. We were in the rocky valley of Glencoe, with high mountains on both sides,and a river running fast through the middle. Alan was clearly worried.lsquo;The soldiers will find us easily here,rsquo; he said. He looked around,and saw a great rock,about seven metres high. With difficulty we both climbed to the top of it. Then I saw why he had chosen it. The top of the rock was shaped like a plate, and there was room for two or three men to lie there,hidden from people in the valley.于是那天晚上我们开始了去低地的漫漫征途。我们有时候步行,有时候疾驰。但是虽然我们尽快走着,在我们找到一个好的栖身之地前天已开始亮了。现在我们在岩石嶙峋的格伦科山谷里,两边高山林立,中间有一条河急湍而过。艾伦显然着急的样子。;在这儿士兵很容易发现我们,;他说道。他看了看四周,看见了一块大岩石,大约七米高。我们俩费劲地爬到了上面。那时我才明白了他为什么要选择这块岩石。岩石的上面像一个盘子一样,可以躺两三个人,以躲过山谷里的人。At last Alan smiled.lsquo;Aye,rsquo; he said.lsquo;Now we have a chance. Ye can sleep for a while. I#39;ll watch for soldiers.rsquo;最后艾伦微笑了。;好了。;他说道,;我们现在有个机会。你可以睡一会儿。我来留神当兵的。;But when I woke up, several hours later, the valley was full of redcoats, and Alan was looking worried again, lsquo;If they go up the sides of the mountains,they#39;ll see us,rsquo;he said.lsquo;We#39;ll just have to stay here and hope they don#39;t, When it#39;s dark,we#39;ll try to get past them.rsquo;但当我几个小时后醒来时,山谷里满是英国士兵,艾伦看起来又着急了。;如果他们爬上山侧,他们会看见我们。;他说道,;我们得待在这儿,希望他们别爬上来。天黑时,我们试着超过他们。;That was a terrible day. We lay on the rock, baking in the sun, with no water,only whisky, to drink. We could hear the English voices of the soldiers all around us, but luckily they did not look up at our rock. In the afternoon, when the soldiers seemed sleepy after their lunch, we decided to try to escape, and we climbed very quietly down from the rock. The soldiers did not notice us as we moved carefully from rock to rock, and soon we were safely in the next valley. That evening we washed ourselves in the river, and ate cold porridge, which is a good meal for a hungry man.那一天很难受。我们躺在岩石上,被太阳暴晒着,没有水,只有威士忌喝。我们能听到四周都是士兵们的英语声,但是幸运的是他们没有抬头看我们所在的岩石。下午,趁士兵们用完午饭显得困倦时,我们决定试着逃跑,便从岩石上悄悄地爬下来。当我们小心翼翼地从一块岩石爬上另一块岩石时,士兵们没有发现我们,很快我们就安全地在下一个山谷了。那天傍晚我们在河里洗了洗,喝了冷粥。那对于一个饥饿的人来说是一顿美餐。整个晚上我们继续向东走着,越过了高大漆黑的山脉。艾伦因我们把士兵抛到后面而很高兴,而且走路时高兴地吹起口哨。We continued walking eastwards all night, over the great dark mountains. Alan was very pleased that we had left the soldiers behind, and whistled happily as he walked.天亮前我们到了艾伦过去用过的一个山洞,我们在这儿待了5天。Before daylight we reached a cave that Alan had used before, and here we stayed hidden for five days. Alan went down one night to the nearest village, to the housc of one of his clansmen. He sent this man to James Stewart, to tell him where we were hiding, and after three days the clansman re turned, with a purse of money for us and a message from Mrs Stewart. We discovered that James was aly in prison, ac cused of murder, although people were saying that Alan Breck had actually fired the shot. And there was a price of one hun dred pounds on my head, as well as on Alan#39;s.一天晚上艾伦下山去了最近的一个村庄里他的一个族人家。他派这个人去詹姆斯;斯图尔特那儿,以告诉他我们的藏身之地;3天后这个族人回来了,给我们带来一袋钱和斯图尔特太太捎来的口信。我们发现詹姆斯已经被捕入狱了,被指控犯有谋杀罪,尽管人们说实际是艾伦;布雷克开的。对艾伦和我的人头的悬赏都为100镑。I began to think that I would be safer alone. Alan was very recognizable in his fine French clothes. It was going to be dan gerous to stay with Alan, and expensive, too. Mrs Stewart had only managed to send five pounds, and Alan had to travel as far as France. But I still had two pounds, and only needed to reach Queensferry, so I would have to give some of my money to Alan. Staying with Alan meant both danger and ex pense.我开始想我单独行动会更安全些。艾伦身穿考究的法国衣,很容易被人认出来。和艾伦待在一起将是危险的,花销也大。斯图尔特太太想尽办法也只弄来5镑,而艾伦还得远去法国。但我还有两镑,而且只需要到昆斯费里,这样我得把我的一些钱分给艾伦。和艾伦待在一起意味着危险和花费。But my honest friend did not think in this way at all. He felt sure that he was helping me. So what could I do, except keep quiet, and hope that everything would be all right?但是我的诚实的朋友压根儿不这么想。他确信他在帮助我。这样我除了保持安静、希望一切平安外还能做什么? Article/201203/176077。
  • PART THREE - A YOUNG WOMAN AT THORNFIELDCHAPTER SIXTEENThe Wedding"Describe the woman, Jane.""She was tall, with long, dark hair. She put the beautiful veil you bought me on her own head. Then she looked at herself in the mirror. Then I saw her horrible face! She looked like a dead woman. She took off the veil, tore it in two and threw it on the floor.""And then?" [-----1-----]."She came to my bed, and put her candle close to my face so she could see me. She stared angrily at me for a long time. I must have fainted, and I think she left my room after that. Now, Edward, [-----2-----]?""Jane, you are too upset. That was just a bad dream. Forget about it, darling," he said."It wasn't a dream. It really happened! When I woke up this morning, I looked on the floor, and there was the torn veil!" Mr. Rochester suddenly trembled."Oh, God! To think what she might have done...!" he cried, throwing his arms around me. "Thank God you're not hurt!" After a few moments he said calmly, "Now, Jane, that woman in your room must have been Grace Poole. Nothing else could have happened.""Maybe you're right," [-----3-----]."Jane, one day I'll tell you why she lives here. I promise you. Tonight you should sleep in Adele's room. Nothing can hurt you there. Have happy dreams, about our wedding!" 填空 :1、Mr. Rochester looked more frightened than I had ever seen anyone look罗切斯特先生看上去比我所见到的任何人都害怕。2、can you tell me who, or what, that woman was现在你能告诉我那个女人是谁或者是什么嘛?3、I said slowly, but I was not sure我迟疑地说,但我不敢肯定。 Article/200905/71254。
  • 12Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite. 2"Has the Lord spoken only through Moses?" they asked. "Hasn't he also spoken through us?" And the Lord heard this. 3(Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth.) 4At once the Lord said to Moses, Aaron and Miriam, "Come out to the Tent of Meeting, all three of you." So the three of them came out. 5Then the Lord came down in a pillar of cloud; he stood at the entrance to the Tent and summoned Aaron and Miriam. When both of them stepped forward, 6he said, "Listen to my words: "When a prophet of the Lord is among you, I reveal myself to him in visions, I speak to him in dreams. 7But this is not true of my servant Moses; he is faithful in all my house. 8With him I speak face to face, clearly and not in riddles; he sees the form of the Lord . Why then were you not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?" 9The anger of the Lord burned against them, and he left them. 10When the cloud lifted from above the Tent, there stood Miriam-leprous, like snow. Aaron turned toward her and saw that she had leprosy; 11and he said to Moses, "Please, my lord, do not hold against us the sin we have so foolishly committed. 12Do not let her be like a stillborn infant coming from its mother's womb with its flesh half eaten away." 13So Moses cried out to the Lord , "O God, please heal her!" 14The Lord replied to Moses, "If her father had spit in her face, would she not have been in disgrace for seven days? Confine her outside the camp for seven days; after that she can be brought back." 15So Miriam was confined outside the camp for seven days, and the people did not move on till she was brought back. 16After that, the people left Hazeroth and encamped in the Desert of Paran. Article/200810/53558。
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