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重庆市三峡医院正规的吗重庆市第二人民医院去眼袋南川区治疗胎记多少钱 As a lover of human anatomy,作为人体解剖学的爱好者,Im so excited that were finally putting our bodies at the center of focus.我很高兴我们终于开始关注人体之美了。Through practices such as preventive medicine, patient empowerment and self-monitoring从预防医学、病患赋权、自我监测,down to now obsessing over every single step we take in a day.到现在我们甚至痴迷于每天走多少步。All of this works to promote a healthy connection between ourselves and our bodies.所有这一切都旨在让我们与自己的身体建立良好关系。Despite all this focus on the healthy self,尽管有如此多对于自身健康的关注,general public knowledge of the anatomical self is lacking.大众对于解剖学的了解仍十分匮乏。Many people dont know the location of their vital organs, or even how they function.很多人还不了解重要器官的位置,甚至不知道它们怎么发挥功能。And thats because human anatomy is a difficult and time-intensive subject to learn.这是因为人体解剖学是门非常复杂,耗力劳神的学科。How many of you here made it through anatomy?在座多少人拿到了解剖学学位?Wow, good -- most of you are in medicine.哇哦,好的——各位大都是学医的。I, like you, spent countless hours memorizing hundreds of structures.我和你们一样,花了大量时间熟记上百种身体结构。Something no student of anatomy could do without the help of visuals.没有视觉辅助,同学们不可能做到。Because at the end of the day, whether you remember every little structure or not,因为最终,不管每个结构记没记住,these medical illustrations are what makes studying anatomy so intriguing.这些医学插画都会成为解剖学迷人的地方。In looking at them, were actually viewing a manual of our very selves.看着这些图,其实就是看着一本关于自身的说明书。But what happens when were done studying?但课程完成之后呢?These beautiful illustrations are then shut back into the pages of a medical textbook,这些美丽的插画 便尘封于医学课本里,or an app, referenced only when needed.或某个APP中,只在需要的时候才有人查看。201704/503565SCENE③ C 同时间 在附近一个钢琴学校里【用电脑交朋友】 Sue: Do you want to 1) end up an 2) old maid?苏: 你想变成老吗? Rose: Im happy as a 3) single woman.柔丝: 我乐于做单身女郎。 Sue: Maybe now, but what about when you're old?苏: 或许现在是,但你老的时候怎么办? Rose: I'll worry about that then.柔丝: 我到那时再担心也不迟。 Sue: A lot of women like you meet nice men in 4) chat rooms.苏: 很多像你这样的女人,在网路聊天室碰到不错的男人。 Rose: You mean where you can talk with people 5) one-on-one?柔丝: 你是指那种可以跟人一对一谈话的地方? Sue: Sure! Lots of people do it.苏: 是啊!很多人这样做。 Rose: Use a computer to find friends? I don't know. It's not for me.柔丝: 用电脑交朋友?我不确定耶,这不适合我。 语言详解 A: I keep gaining weight. 我的体重一直在增加。 B: If you don't watch out, you'll end up as big as your mother. 若是你不留意,你最后就会跟你妈妈一样大块头。 【I'll worry about that then.我到那时再担心也不迟】 假如别人在你面前乌鸦嘴,说你现在不如何如何,以后就会怎样,但你根本听不进去的时候,就可以说这句话。 【It's not for me.这不适合我】 这句话是用在别人劝你接受一样东西,而你不愿意的时候。 1) end up 结束,落得……的下场。2) old maid 老3) single woman/man 单身女子/男子4) chat room 网络聊天室5) one-on-one 一对一 /200708/16596重庆市星宸医院医生

武隆区妇幼保健院激光除皱手术多少钱石柱土家族自治县去雀斑多少钱 重庆中医医院祛眼袋手术多少钱

重庆黔江中心医院医生电影学口语 Lesson 15:[海底总动员]Time for school【精片断】剪辑自《Finding Nemo》海底总动员Nemo: Wake up, wake up! First day of school.Marlin: I don’t want to go to school—five more minutes.Nemo: Not you. Dad, me.Marlin: Ok.Nemo: Get up, get up. It’s time for school, time for school.Marlin: All right, I’m up.Nemo: Whoa!Marlin: Nemo!Nemo: First day of school!Marlin: Nemo, don’t move! You’ll never get out of there yourself. I’ll do it. Unh! You feel a break?Nemo: No!Marlin: Sometimes you can’t tell ’cause fluid rushes to the area. Are you woozy(眩晕的)?Nemo: No!Marlin: How many strips(条纹) do I have?Nemo: I am fine.Marlin: Answer the stripe question.Nemo: Three.Marlin: No! see? Something’s wrong with you. I have one, two, three—That’s all I have? You are ok. How’s the lucky fin?Nemo: Lucky.Marlin: Let’s see. Are you sure you want to go to school this year? There’s no problem if you don’t. You can wait 5 or 6 years.Nemo: Come on, Dad, it’s time for school.【口语财富】1. It’s time for school. 该上学了。2. I’m up. 我这就起来。3. You’ll never get out of there yourself. 你自己是无法摆脱的。4. You feel a break? 受伤了吗?5. Are you woozy? 头晕吗? /200604/6491 And I can understand why the sex industry provokes strong feelings.我可以理解为什么性产业会引发强烈的不满情绪。People have all kinds of complicated feelings when it comes to sex.当提到性的时候,人们都有很复杂的情绪。But we cant make policy on the basis of mere feelings,但是我们不能仅仅根据情绪立法,especially not over the heads of the people actually effected by those policies.更不能不考虑实际上会被法律影响的人们而立法。If we get fixated on the abolition of sex work,如果我们对于,废除性交易念念不忘,we end up worrying more about a particular manifestation of gender inequality,最终只会担心更多的性别不平等的其他特例,rather than about the underlying causes.而不是真正地思考背后的原因。People get really hung up on the question, ;Well, would you want your daughter doing it?;人们往往全神贯注于诸如“为什么你让女儿做这种事?”的问题。Thats the wrong question. Instead, imagine she is doing it.这不是我们要解决的问题。而是想象她在做这种事的时候How safe is she at work tonight? Why isnt she safer?晚上工作有多安全?为什么不能更安全?So weve looked at full criminalization,所以我们已经了解了完全刑事化partial criminalization, the Swedish or Nordic Model and legalization, and how they all cause harm.部分刑事化,瑞典北欧模型和合法化,也知道为什么他们都会造成伤害。Something I never hear asked is: ;What do sex workers want?;我从没听见过有人问:“性工作者需要什么?”After all, were the ones most affected by these laws.毕竟我们是最受法律影响的人。New Zealand decriminalized sex work in 2003.新西兰2003年使性交易无罪化。Its crucial to remember that decriminalization and legalization are not the same thing.切记,无罪化和合法化不是一样的。Decriminalization means the removal of laws that punitively target the sex industry,无罪化意味着针对性产业的法律惩罚被移除,instead treating sex work much like any other kind of work.而不是像其他职业一样,平等看待性产业。In New Zealand, people can work together for safety, and employers of sex workers are accountable to the state.在新西兰人们可以为了安全一起工作,性工作者的雇主接受国家的监督。A sex worker can refuse to see a client at any time, for any reason,性工作者可以在任何时间,以任何理由拒绝去见一个客户,and 96 percent of street workers report that they feel the law protects their rights.96%的街道工作者认为法律保护了她们的权益。201609/466196铜梁区人民医院收费合理吗铜梁区中医院怎么预约



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