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暑假吃起来!中国十大美食城市出炉(双语) --30 18::5 来源:sohu 中国一项以美食而闻名,地大物,五湖四海的美食各具特色近期,中国十大美食城市出炉,快来看看你的城市上榜了吗? Top 1: 成都 Chengdu 四川凉粉 成都无疑是美食爱好者的胜地了作为中国四大菜系之一川菜的发源地,年成都被联合国教科文组织授予“美食之都”称号,成为亚洲首个获此殊荣的城市成都名吃有火锅、麻婆豆腐和宫保鸡丁 Chengdu is no doubt the most popular place gourmet aficionados. It is the birthplace of Sichuan cuisine, one of China's four major styles of cooking. In , Chengdu was designated the ;Capital of the World's Gourmet Food; by UNESCO, the first city in Asia to receive the honor. It is best represented by its hot pot cooking, spicy bean curd and Kung Pao chicken. Top :广州 Guangzhou 广州拥有众多的老字号餐厅和著名美味佳肴饮茶和喝汤都是广州人日常生活必不可缺的一部分 Guangzhou has numerous time-honored restaurants, noted dishes, and flavor food. Drinking tea and soup are daily habits of Guangzhou people. 广式早茶 Top 3: 北京 Beijing 北京烤鸭 北京不仅是中国各种美味佳肴的聚集地,而且也是世界各地美食的聚集地不出国门,你几乎就可以尝到任何你想吃的美食传统小吃和异国风情应有尽有 Beijing is not only a gathering place food and delights in China, but also all over the world. You can taste almost anything you want without going abroad. Traditional food and exotic food provides you many choices. 北京炸酱面 Top : 厦门 Xiamen 大排档 作为闽南菜系的重要分,厦门菜主要采用蒸、炸、炖为做法厦门菜通常讲究食材的新鲜和口味的清淡,但也有些口味微辣特色菜主要是海鲜和素食 As an important branch of Southern Fujian cuisine, Xiamen cuisine is mainly served steamed, fried and stewed. Dishes are usually fresh and light in flavor, and are sometimes slightly spicy. Famous offerings include seafoodand vegetarian treats 厦门有0 余个品种的小吃,像特色粽子、鱼丸汤、牡蛎和烧烤酱面条都是最受大家欢迎的 There are more than 0 varieties of Xiamen snacks, with rice dumplings, fishball soup, oysters and barbeque sauce noodles proving most popular. Top 5: 上海 Shanghai 汤包 腌鱼、腌肉在上海是过春节的重要食品这座现代的城市也以它的汤包和汤饺而闻名 Salted fish and meat feature important food at the Spring Festival in Shanghai. The modern city is also famous its tangbao, or soup dumplings. Top 6: 杭州 Hangzhou 杭州菜注重新鲜的海河水产品,相比北方偏重的口味来讲,杭州菜的味道更清淡鲜香你永远都不会在杭州菜里看到黏腻的棕色酱汁或是大量的八角和孜然 Hangzhou cuisine places emphasis on fresh sea or river produce, and the seasonings are all lighter than strong northern preferences. You will never see a dish covered in sticky brown sauce, or heavily spiked with star anise or cumin. Top 7: 南京 Nanjing 鲜美的口味和精巧的厨技相结合,使长江地区的美食广受青睐 Fresh flavors and artful kitchen skills combine to make the food of the Yangtze region a universal favorite . Top 8: 西安 Xi'an 西安作为历史名城,已有几千年的小麦种植历史,是许多特色面食的发源地即使是简单的面条也有不同的口味和形状,如大家广为流传的裤带面而泡馍也是陕西菜的特色 With thousands of years of history growing wheat, Xi'an is home to many kinds of flour-based food. Even the simple noodle has different shapes and tastes. Paomo is a specialty of Shaanxi cuisine. 羊肉泡馍 Top 9: 重庆 Chongqing 火锅可以说是重庆的名片红油辣汤翻滚,肉和各种蔬菜放入锅中煮,而食客可以随吃随涮随捞重庆火锅以其麻辣的口味而闻名 Hotpot is popular in Chongqing. While the soup is simmering over a flame, meat and vegetables are placed into the pot to cook, and diners can pick out the items when they are y to eat. Chongqing hotpot is famous its spicy flavors. 重庆火锅 Top : 长沙 Changsha 长沙臭豆腐 长沙以各种辣味美食而闻名生辣椒、 炒辣椒、腌辣椒和干辣椒,各种做法的美味佳肴都与辣椒有关 Changsha is known its connection to all things red; one important connection is the endless array of dishes prepared with raw, stir-fried, pickled and dried red chili peppers. 湖南口味虾 English Source: China Daily。

  • 谷歌专利“粘车”,以减少事故伤害 --9 19:: 来源: 谷歌为无人驾驶汽车添加粘性涂层获得专利,该涂层能够在撞倒行人情况下减少对其的损伤 Google has patented a sticky coating driverless cars that could reduce damage done to pedestrians in the event of a collision.谷歌已经为无人驾驶汽车添加粘性涂层获得专利,该涂层能够在撞倒行人情况下减少对其的损伤People struck by the vehicle would become glued to its bonnet, rather than being thrown off and further injured.被车辆撞击的人将被粘在引擎盖上,而不是被甩出,导致进一步受伤One transport safety professor said the concept could reduce injuries sustained in a pedestrian collision.一位运输安全教授说这个概念可以减少与行人碰撞发生的损伤Google did not say whether it intended to implement the idea in its driverless vehicles.谷歌没有透露是否打算在无人驾驶汽车上实施这个想法"It does have some merit to it," said Andrew Morris, Professor of Human Factors in Transport Safety at Loughborough University.“这确实有一定道理的,”拉夫堡大学运输安全人为因素的教授安德鲁·莫里斯说"When pedestrian accidents happen, often the person is thrown up onto the bonnet and there may be injuries from that contact, but sometimes there are not.“当行人事故发生,往往是人被抛到发动机罩上,这可能导致伤害,但有时也不会”"But when a driver brakes in a collision, a totally natural reaction, the pedestrian is thrown onto the ground and you can get injuries from that contact."“但是,当司机刹车,这是一个完全自然的反应,行人会被抛出到地上,这就会导致伤害”Google’s patent explained that the adhesive layer would be hidden under a protective coating, to ensure it did not gather debris during journeys.谷歌的专利解释说,粘合剂层将被隐藏在一个保护层下,以确保它的行程期间不会聚集碎片"Upon the initial impact between the colliding object and the vehicle, the coating is broken, exposing the adhesive layer," the patent document said.“在碰撞物体和车辆之间初始冲击时,涂层将破碎,暴露出粘合剂层,”据专利文本所述Prof Morris said it remained to be seen whether the idea would work in practice.莫里斯教授说该想法是否会在实际中运用仍有待观察"Whether they could realistically make a car that has the right material in it and works reliably, we can’t categorically say that," he told the B.“他们能否切实地在车上涂合适的材料并让其可靠地发挥作用,我们还不能下结论,”他告诉BKevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society the Prevention of Accidents, said: "As well as developing new technology that prevents pedestrians from being hit in the first place, it’s also crucial to develop ways of reducing the severity of injuries suffered if a pedestrian is knocked over."事故预防皇家学会的道路安全负责人凯文·克林顿说:“除了开发新的技术,以防止行人被撞,减少被撞倒后的伤害程度也同样重要”"This idea is a fascinating example of just how far vehicle technology is changing," he told the B.“这是个汽车技术已经发生重大改变的一个有趣例子,”他告诉B"It will obviously need to be developed and tested to ensure that it works reliably and doesn’t cause any unintended consequences."“显然我们需要开发和测试,以确保其可靠地发挥作用,而不会造成任何意想不到的后果”。
  • 建党95周年党的词汇学起来 -- 19:19: 来源:chinadaily 庆祝中国共产党成立95周年大会7月1日上午时在北京人民大会堂隆重举行,习近平、李克强、张德江、俞正声、刘云山、王岐山、张高丽出席大会习近平总书记发表重要讲话Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, delivers a speech at a grand gathering in Beijing marking the 95th anniversary of the founding of the CPC.习近平总书记在庆祝中国共产党成立95周年庆祝大会上发表讲话习近平总书记在讲话中提到:Deviating from or abandoning Marxism, which is the fundamental guiding theory both the Party and the country, our Party would lose its soul and direction.背离或放弃马克思主义,我们党就会失去灵魂、迷失方向CPC members and the Chinese people are fully confident of providing a Chinese solution to mankind's exploration of better social systems.中国共产党人和中国人民完全有信心为人类对更好社会制度的探索提供中国方案History will march ward and will not wait the hesitant, bystanders, slackers or the weak. Only by marching ward with history will there be a bright future.历史总是要前进的,历史从不等待一切犹豫者、观望者、懈怠者、软弱者只有与历史同步伐、与时代共命运的人,才能赢得光明的未来One who wants to stride ahead should not get the path that was trodden. No matter how far we will travel and to whatever bright future, we should not get what we have done and why we set out to do it.一切向前走,都不能忘记走过的路;走得再远、走到再光辉的未来,也不能忘记走过的过去,不能忘记为什么出发【中国共产党相关词汇总结】中国共产党the Communist Party of China (CPC)党员members of the Communist Party of China中国工人阶级Chinese working class中国共产党章程Party Constitution中国共产主义青年团the Communist Youth League of China先锋队vanguard党的纪律Party discipline申请入党者applicant Party membership预备党员probationary Party member入党宣誓take an admission oath誓词如下:我志愿加入中国共产党,拥护党的纲领,遵守党的章程,履行党员义务,执行党的决定,严守党的纪律,保守党的秘密,对党忠诚,积极工作,为共产主义奋斗终身,随时准备为党和人民牺牲一切,永不叛党The oath s: It is my will to join the Communist Party of China, uphold the Party's program, observe the provisions of the Party Constitution, fulfill a Party member's duties, carry out the Party's decisions, strictly observe Party discipline, guard Party secrets, be loyal to the Party, work hard, fight communism throughout my life, be y at all times to sacrifice my all the Party and the people, and never betray the Party.正式党员full Party member交党费pay membership党部Party branch党小组Party cell党员领导干部Party cadres民主生活会democratic meetings党龄a Party standing of ... years党徽党旗Party Emblem and Flag中国共产党党徽为镰刀和锤头组成的图案The emblem of the Communist Party of China is a design of sickle and hammer.中国共产党党旗为旗面缀有金黄色党徽图案的红旗The flag of the Communist Party of China is a red flag highlighted by a golden Party emblem on it.马列主义Marxism-Leninism毛泽东思想Mao Zedong Thought邓小平理论Deng Xiaoping Theory三个代表:Three Represents代表中国先进生产力的发展要求the development trend of China's advanced productive ces代表中国先进文化的前进方向the orientation of China's advanced culture代表中国最广大人民的根本利益the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Chinese people党的四项基本要求:four essential requirements坚持党的基本路线adhering to the Party's basic line解放思想,实事求是,与时俱进persevering in emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts and keeping up with the times全心全意为人民务serving the people wholeheartedly坚持民主集中制upholding democratic centralism三严三实:Three stricts and three honests既严以修身、严以用权、严以律己,又谋事要实、创业要实、做人要实be strict in morals, power and disciplining oneself; be honest in decisions, business and behavior全面从严治党comprehensively strengthen Party discipline(编辑:Helen 左卓)。
  • 女接待员因拒穿高跟鞋被打发回家 --01 ::1 来源:chinadaily A London receptionist was sent home from work after refusing to wear high heels, it has emerged.近日,一名伦敦接待员因拒穿高跟鞋而被打发回家Temp worker Nicola Thorp, 7, from Hackney, arrived at finance company PwC to be told she had to wear shoes with a "in to in heel".来自伦敦东部哈克尼区的7岁临时工尼古拉bull;索普到金融公司PwC(普华永道)上班,却被告知她必须穿鞋跟高度在英寸到英寸的高跟鞋When she refused and complained male colleagues were not asked to do the same, she was sent home without pay.当她拒穿高跟鞋并抱怨公司没有对男同事做出同样要求时,公司一分钱没给就把她打发回家了Ms Thorp said she would have struggled to work a full day in high heels and had asked to wear the smart flat shoes she had worn to the office in Embankment.索普女士说,穿高跟鞋工作一整天太痛苦,所以她要求穿自己在堤坝站的工作地点穿的时髦的平底鞋But instead she was told she should go and buy a pair of heels on her first day, back in December.然而,在去年月份她上班的第一天,她却被告知她应该去买一双高跟鞋来穿"I said 'if you can give me a reason as to why wearing flats would impair me to do my job today, then fair enough', but they couldn't," Ms Thorp told B.索普女士告诉B说:“我说‘如果你们能给我一个理由,告诉我为什么穿平底鞋会妨碍我今天做我的工作,那我才气’,但是他们说不出理由”"I was expected to do a nine-hour shift on my feet escorting clients to meeting rooms. I said 'I just won't be able to do that in heels'."“我本来要走来走去地值9个小时的班,陪同客户到会议室去我说‘我穿高跟鞋没法站那么久’”Ms Thorp said she asked if a man would be expected to do the same shift in heels, and was laughed at.索普女士说,她当时发问,公司是否也指望一个男人穿着高跟鞋来值同样的班,结果被嘲笑了She then spoke to friends about what had happened, and after posting on Facebook realised that other women had found themselves in the same position.她把发生的事情告诉了朋友,还在Facebook上发帖,这时她才意识到其他女性的处境也和她一样She has since set up a petition calling the law to be changed so women cannot be ced to wear high heels to work. It has had more than ,000 signatures, so the government will now have to respond.从那以后她就发起了一个请愿活动,要求修改法律,让女性不必被迫穿高跟鞋上班请愿书上的签名已经超过1万个,所以政府现在不得不做出回应As the law stands, employers can dismiss staff who fail to live up to "reasonable" dress code demands, as long as they've been given enough time to buy the right shoes and clothes.根据现行法律,雇主可以解雇不遵守“合理”的着装规范的员工,只要给了他们足够的时间去购买合适的鞋子和衣They can set up different codes men and women, as long as there's an "equivalent level of smartness".公司可以给男性和女性设定不同的着装规范,只要男女着装“同样精神”就行"I think dress codes should reflect society and nowadays women can be smart and mal and wear flat shoes." Ms Thorp said.索普女士说:“我认为着装规范应该反映出社会环境,现如今女性穿平底鞋也可以时髦又正式”"Aside from the debilitating factor, it's the sexism issue. I think companies shouldn't be cing that on their female employees."“除了穿高跟鞋折磨人之外,还有性别歧视问题我认为公司不应该强迫女员工穿高跟鞋”Vocabularytemp worker: 临时工debilitate: 使衰弱;使虚弱英文来源:B翻译#38;编辑:丹妮。
  • 中国首富计划在欧洲举办冠军级联赛 -- :35:3 来源: 中国首富王健林目前正计划在欧洲举办一场和欧冠联赛不相上下的冠军级联赛,目前万达公司正在和西甲、意甲举行相关谈判,后续还将和英超、德甲、法甲举行谈判 China’s wealthiest man is throwing his massive tune behind a plan to launch a rival to the Uefa Champions League and is offering to make Europe’s top clubs even richer.中国首富正在砸出大笔的财富,以计划给欧洲冠军联赛塑造一个竞争赛事,让欧洲顶级足球俱乐部更加富有Billionaire Wang Jianlin’s company is said to be in talks with a number of top clubs about setting up a competition which would give even more money to top clubs like Manchester ed, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, Juventus and Bayern Munich.据说,亿万富翁王健林的公司正和多家顶级俱乐部展开谈判,以设立一场比赛,将会给欧洲顶级俱乐部(例如曼联、皇马、巴塞罗那、切尔西、尤文图斯和拜仁慕尼黑)带来更多的收益The Financial Times said Dalian Wanda Group is said to be in talks with Uefa but is willing to set up a completely separate competition if negotiations break down.据英国《金融时报的报道,据说,大连万达集团正和欧足联进行谈判,但是如果谈判破裂的话,万达集团将会设立一个和欧足联完全独立的赛事Marco Bogarelli, strategic director of Wanda Sports Holding, said its aim was to get more teams from Europe’s ’big five’ TV markets - England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France - involved in the elite competition.万达体育控股战略总监马克·伯格尔利表示说,万达的目的是要让欧洲“五强”(包括英国、西班牙、意大利、德国和法国)电视市场更多球队参与到精英赛事中来That would probably mean excluding teams from countries like Scotland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland and Romania unless they can bring in significant revenue, like example Glasgow Celtic.那意味着万达的计划将不会包括来自苏格兰、比利时、瑞典、瑞士和罗马尼亚的球队,除非他们能够像格拉斯哥凯尔特人队那样带来可观的收入Chinese companies have invested billions of pounds in recent years acquiring stakes in European football clubs and in the last months Chinese clubs have also started buying up big-name players like Alex Teixiera, Jackson Martinez and Ezequiel Lavezzi.近年来,中国公司投资了数十亿英镑来来获得欧洲足球俱乐部的股份,而在过去的一年里,中国俱乐部也开始交易大牌球星,例如亚历克斯·泰克西拉、杰克逊·马丁内兹和拉维奇China’s President Xi Jinping is keen on making football-mad China a ’great sports nation’ which could win the World Cup. China have not even qualified the World Cup since .中国主席习近平热衷于将把为足球而狂热的中国变成一个能够赢得世界杯的“体育大国”自从年以来,中国足球队甚至没能取得过参加世界杯的资格Mr Bogarelli said: ’Many talented players are deciding to play in Asia instead of coming to Europe.伯格尔利说道:“现在,许多有天赋的足球运动员都决定在亚洲踢比赛,而不是去欧洲”’One day Asia will have the money Cristiano Ronaldo to play there…It is in the common interest these five leagues to have football growing in Europe [in order to] maintain its leadership.’“总有一天亚洲将会有钱让C罗来这里踢比赛…这是五大联赛为求在欧洲足球发展的同时保持自己领导力的共同利益”He said talks have begun with Spain’s La Liga and Italy’s Serie A, and there were plans to talk to England’s Premier League, Germany’s Bundesliga and France’s Ligue 1 after the final of Euro on Sunday.伯格尔利表示说,目前万达已经和西甲、意甲联赛展开了谈判,而万达也计划将在本周日欧洲杯结束后和英超、德甲、法甲联赛展开谈判。
  • 短语:垃圾箱着火,没得救了~ -- ::6 来源:chinadaily 钱钟书说,老年人恋爱,就像老房子着火,没得救英文中有个类似的表达,也可以用来描述失控的状态,就是垃圾箱着火 Dumpster fire refers to a person, organization, or situation that is hopelessly and disastrously out of control, or something very difficult that nobody wants to deal with. “垃圾箱着火”指的是某人、某个机构、或某种情况处于绝望境地,或者处于灾难性地失控状态也可以指某件事很棘手,没人想处理 例句:This project is a complete dumpster fire. 这个项目完全就是垃圾箱火灾 In entertainment or sports, dumpster fire refers to a laughably poor permance usually caused by: 在或体育领域,“垃圾箱火灾”指的是表现差得可笑,通常是因为如下原因: 1. Lack of planning, preparation or talent. 缺少计划和准备,或缺乏人才 . Random events that effectively sabotage the eft (i.e., technical problems). 足以破坏掉努力的随机事件(比如技术问题) 例句: Dumpster Fire is the kindest thing I can say about Oakland's game against San Diego. 奥克兰队对阵圣地亚哥的这场比赛就像一场垃圾箱火灾,这已经是最仁慈的说法了。
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