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I want to talk a little bit about我今天就希望讲讲这一点the Democratic Republic of Congo.首先是民主刚果共和国For me, it was the turning point of my life.对我来说,那是一个人生的转折点I have spent a lot of time there in the last three years.过去三年,我在那里度过了相当长的一段时间I feel up to that point I had seen a lot in the world,在那以前,我觉得自己领略过人间万象a lot of violence.各种的暴力I essentially lived in the rape mines of the world for the last 12 years.事实上,过去12年里我生活在世界许多强奸重灾区中But the Democratic Republic of Congo但是,民主刚果really was the turning point in my soul.确实成为了我心灵的转折点I went and I spent time我那时候去的是一个叫in a place called Bukavu布卡武的地方in a hospital called the Panzi Hospital,我就在当地的潘伊医院with a doctor who was as close to a saint as any person Ive ever met.我遇到了一个医生,他是我见过的最接近圣人的一位His name is Dr. Denis Mukwege.他的名字是登尼斯·穆维格In the Congo, for those of you who dont know,假如你还不知道,在过去的12年,里,there has been a war raging for the last 12 years,刚果民主共和国一直在经历内战a war that has killed nearly six million people.那场战争使得六百万人丧命It is estimated that somewhere between 300,000 and 500,000 women据估计,有三十万到五十万的妇女have been raped there.在战争中被强暴When I spent my first weeks at Panzi hospital我在潘伊医院第一周的时候I sat with women我和那里的妇女坐在一起who sat and lined up every day to tell me their stories.她们会坐起来,一个一个的跟我讲故事Their stories were so horrific,她们的故事是如此的让人感到恐怖and so mind-blowing and so on the other side of human existence,让人震撼不已,展现了人类生存状况得另一面,that to be perfectly honest with you, I was shattered.说实话,听了那些故事,我心都碎了。And I will tell you that what happened我慢慢的告诉大家一些故事吧is through that shattering,正是因为那种被撕裂的感觉listening to the stories of eight-year-old girls who had their insides eviscerated,那种聆听八岁的女孩将心底之故事全盘托出的经历who had guns and bayonets and things shoved inside them她们的身体都曾遭或长剑的凌辱so they had holes, literally, inside them她们的身体上的的确确是存在这样那样的洞where their pee and poop came out of them.她们的排泄物都是从那里排出的Listening to the story of 80-year-old women还有聆听八十岁的老妇人告诉我who were tied to chains and circled,她们曾被绑在铁链上,串成一圈儿,and where groups of men would come and rape them periodically,一群男人然后就不定时的进来,轮奸她们all in the name of economic exploitation这一切,都是在经济扩张的名义下进行的to steal the minerals so the West can have it and profit from them.大公司开掘矿藏,这样他们就可以收获渔利My mind was so shattered.我的内心被撕裂了But what happened for me is that that shattering但对于我来说,那种撕裂反而actually emboldened me使得我变得更加坚强in a way I have never been emboldened.那也是从来没有过的That shattering, that opening of my girl cell,我的女孩细胞也由此而打开that kind of massive breakthrough of my heart我的心灵获得巨大突破allowed me to become more courageous, and braver,我的心灵获得巨大突破,都使我变得更勇敢and actually more clever也变得更加聪明than I had been in the past in my life.这是以前从未有过的I want to say that I think the powers that be另外我想说,有一种必须让人知道的力量,know that empire-building其实,感情是阻碍帝国大厦成为帝国大厦的is actually -- that feelings get in the way of empire-building.帝国大厦,Feelings get in the way of the mass acquisition of the Earth,良知会阻挡人们疯狂挖掘地球资源and excavating the Earth, and destroying things.掏空地球,毁灭万物。I remember, for example, when my father,我记得,我的父亲,他是非常非常暴力的一个人who was very, very violent, used to beat me.他常打我And he would actually say, while he was beating me,他,在打我的时候,会这么跟我说,;Dont you cry. Dont you dare cry.;“你为什么不哭?你不敢哭吗?”Because my crying somehow exposed his brutality to him.因为只要我哭,他也许就会感到自己的暴力And even in the moment he didnt want to be reminded即便当时他并不想of what he was doing.被提醒他正在做什么I know that we have systematically annihilated the girl cell.我只知道,我们的社会系统性地歼灭了女孩细胞And I want to say weve annihilated it in men as well as in women.不单在男人身上,也在女人身上And I think in some ways我认为,weve been much harsher to men在某种程度in the annihilation of their girl cell.人们更残忍地对待男人身上的“女孩细胞”I see how boys have been brought up, and I see this across the planet:我看到男孩子是如何被养大的,全世界都是这样to be tough, to be hardened,家长都会希望自己的孩子变得更壮、更坚强to distance themselves from their tenderness, to not cry.远离脆弱,不要哭泣201510/406637In higher education, there is a university in Canada, Atherbasca University, that delivers 100 percent of its courses by what is called distant learning. No students on campus, no campus. All instruction is delivered online. And they have captured nearly 30 percent of all MBA students in Canada. Governments are using networks to transform every thing, from the way they buy goods and services, to the delivery of services to citizens. Singapore is putting 10 thousand suppliers online, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and by the way is compared with the advantage in Asia. When the government of Verlancia in southern France, starts wiring entire villages, allowing citizens to conduct online transactions with local businesses, schedule a doctors appointment, get information from their kids school -- you know something interesting is starting to happen. And believe me in America, when in certain stage you can register your car on the Internet and not have to go a way in line. I can assure you something important is happening. Trust me on this one.在高等教育领域,加拿大有一所......大学完全通过所谓的远程教育传授它的课程。校园中没有学生,也没有校园。所有的指导都是在线传送的。几乎加拿大全部 MBA 学生中的 30%都出自这所大学。政府正在利用网络改变着所有的一切,从购买货物和务的方式到向市民提供务的方式都在改变。新加坡正在将 1 万个供应商放到网上,降低了成本并且提高了效率,另外还因此在亚洲地区赢得了有势。当法国南部的......政府将整个村子连接起来,使得市民可以在线的同本地商业企业进行交易、预约医生、从他们的孩子就读的学校获取信息 -- 你们可以看得出,一些有趣的事情正在发生。请相信我,发展到一定程度后,在美国你们将能够在 Internet 上注册汽车而不必排队等候。我向你们保,一些重要的事情正在发生。在这一点上请相信我。201312/269613

So when a request is entered into this box,当用户输入请求之后we do all kinds of semantic analysis, behavioral analysis,将会对此请求进行各种语意分析,行为分析intelligent interaction with the user并与用户进行智能交互than massive computing然后进行大量计算and figure out what the user really wants.来定位用户的真正需求Once thats clear, we will send it结果一出to the necessary application,页面将会转到相应的应用be it a search engine or anti-virus software,像,搜索引擎,或者,杀毒软件or a stock search, or shopping,或是,股票搜索,购物or FriendFinder - anything that can be交友网站plugged into this kind of platform.任何能够接入平台的东西So now we have implemented a number of the applications.我们现在已经设计一些应用If you ask what is todays lunar date,如果你问今天的农历日期we will come up with a calendar of it. So, lunar dates.页面会呈现农历的日历给用户If youre looking for a piece of software Baidu Hai如果你要找百度Hi这个软件--its an instant这是一种messenger software we delivered-- we will show that to you.即时通讯软件,搜索页面会显示出来If youre looking for a beautiful girl,如果你寻找美女this is one that not only shows you页面上the pictures but its got不仅会出现照片a Flash application that you can browse through as well.还有Flash应用能帮助你轻松浏览It also automatically rotate.还带有自动旋转的功能Train schedule, you will be prompted by列车时间表,一个新搜索框会提示你the newer boxes from where to where.输入起点与终点We understand this kind of user intents.了解到用户的意图之后Then, theres a lot of computation going on将进行大量计算to figure out whats the right answer.以找到正确We had a lot of submissions第三方应用程序from the third-party application.也提供许多信息This is the movie showing schedule from a third party.这是一个来自第三方的电影放映时间表This is the stock es. This is an anti-virus software.这是股票报价信息表,这是一个杀毒软件It doesnt need to show you the search result.页面并不显示所有搜索结果It just asks you,而是询问用户;Do you want to run the anti-virus software?;;是否要运行杀毒软件;So we group all kinds of information into one box.当所有的信息都被整合至一个搜索框内时You can find that Box Computing efficiently connects框计算就会展现出高效的一面enormous user request with the application providers.能够将众多用户要求与程序提供者连结起来So in the future, when you power up a terminal,在未来,当你打开一个终端时a laptop, a PC, a netbook, or a cellphone, immediately,比如笔记本电脑 PC机,上网本,手机instantly, you see a box.马上就能看到一个搜索框You dont wait two minutes for Windows to put up.无需花两分钟等待Windows启动You dont need to launch a browser也无需启动浏览器and type in a URL address.并输入URL地址You will only see this and immediately see this.只要打开终端,你就能看到搜索框Whatever you want to do;无论你想做什么check your email, publish tweets, go shopping or whatever,查收邮箱,发布推特状态,网上购物等等it can be solved by this one box.都可以通过这个搜索框解决So everyone you know,学会使用it takes time to learn how to use Windows.Windows需要时间It takes time to learn how to use Mac.学会使用Mac也需要时间But nobody needs to teach you但使用搜索不需要how to use the search. Its so easy.很简单Its so instant.很便捷,这就是为什么Thats why I think the future should be like this.我认为未来应该是这样的201503/365922

Hello,everybody.This week,Americans across our country have shown what it means to be strong in the face of terrorism.In San Bernardino,even as the community continues to grieve,people are refusing to be ruled by fear.Across the county,dedicated public servants are on the job – and more will be returning to work this week.Faith communities have come together in fellowship and prayer.Families lined the streets for the annual childrens Christmas parade—because we cant let terrorists change how we live our lives.大家好!本周,面对恐怖主义,全美国的人民展示了什么叫坚强。在圣贝纳迪诺,尽管当地的人们还在悲痛之中,但大家都没有被恐惧所吓倒。全国各地的公职人员都在尽职尽责的工作,而且本周还有更多人会回来参与进来。人们的信念通过友情和祷告团结在一起。众多家庭也涌上街头迎接一年一度的圣诞节儿童游行,因为,我们不能让恐怖主义改变我们的生活方式。Meanwhile,our men and women in uniform are stepping up our campaign to destroy ISIL.Our airstrikes are hitting ISIL harder than ever,in Iraq and Syria.Were taking out more of their fighters and leaders,their weapons,their oil tankers.Our Special Operations Forces are on the ground—because were going to hunt down these terrorists wherever they try to hide.In recent weeks,our strikes have taken out the ISIL finance chief,a terrorist leader in Somalia and the ISIL leader in Libya.Our message to these killers is simple—we will find you,and justice will be done.与此同时,我们的军人已经踏上征程,去摧毁ISIL。在伊拉克和叙利亚,我们的空袭行动对ISIL的打击更加严酷。我们消灭了他们的武装人员、头目、武器以及油轮。我们的特种部队已经派驻到当地,因无论这些恐怖分子藏身何处,我们都要找到他们,消灭之。最近几个星期,我们的行动消灭了ISIL的财务主管,这个人是索马里的恐怖组织领袖以及叙利亚的ISIL领导人。我们传递给这些凶手的信息很简单:我们会找到你们,正义终将得到伸张。This week,well move forward on all fronts.On Monday,Ill go to the Pentagon.And there,Ill review our military campaign and how we can continue to accelerate our efforts.Later in the week,Ill go to the National Counterterrorism Center.There,Ill review our efforts—across our entire government—to prevent attacks and protect our homeland.And this week,the Department of Homeland Security will update its alert system to ensure Americans get more information,including steps that you and your communities can take to be vigilant and to stay safe.本周,我们会在所有层面继续推进各项工作。周一,我会去五角大楼。在那里,我将审阅我们的军事行动方案,探讨如何强化我们的行动效果。晚些时候,我会去国家反恐中心。在那里,我会视察我们整个政府部门为预防袭击、保卫国家所付出的努力。本周,国土安全部会更新预警系统,确保美国民众得到更多信息,包括指导你以及你所在的社区保持警惕的信息,确保自身安全。In the wake of the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino,I know a lot of Americans are asking—“what can I do?” First,as always,we have to stay vigilant.If you see something that seems suspicious,say something to law enforcement.Over the years,plots have been uncovered because someone saw something and spoke up.经历巴黎和圣贝纳迪诺的袭击之后,我知道,很多美国人都在问,“我能做什么?”首先,与往常一样,我们要保持警惕。如果你看到什么可疑的事情,请告诉执法人员。这么多年来,很多阴谋之所以能够被揭穿,就是因为有人看到异常并进行了检举。As I said in my speech last weekend,one of the most important things we can do is to stay true to who we are as Americans.Terrorists like ISIL are trying to divide us along lines of religion and background.Thats how they stoke fear.Thats how they recruit.And just as Muslims around the world have to keep rejecting any twisted interpretation of Islam,all of us have to reject bigotry—in all of its forms.Ill say it again,prejudice and discrimination helps ISIL and it undermines our national security.正如我在上周的讲话中所说的,我们可以做的最重要的事情之一就是保持我们作为美国人的本色。ISIL之类的恐怖分子试图让我们以宗教信仰和成长背景将人们划分开来。这正是他们制造恐怖的方式。也是他们招募人员的方式。正如世界各地的穆斯林所做的,要坚决反对他们对伊斯兰教的任何歪曲解读,我们所有人都必须反对这种以任何形式出现的偏执。我再次强调,偏见和歧视只会帮助ISIL,并危及我们的国家安全。The good news is that Americans are coming together to reaffirm the core values that keep us strong.Political leaders across the spectrum—Democrats and Republicans,liberals and conservatives—are standing up,forcefully,for freedom of religion.Churches and synagogues are reaching out to local mosques—reminding us that we are all Gods children.Grateful citizens are saying thank you to our patriotic Muslim American service members and veterans.Some of our greatest sports heroes have reminded us why theyre true champions—and voices for tolerance and understanding.Across the country,Americans are reaching out—to their Muslim friends,neighbors and coworkers—to let them know were here for each other.I think of the woman in Texas carrying a sign saying,“We love our Muslim neighbors.”值得高兴的是,美国人民团结起来了,我们有统一的核心价值观,我们坚强不屈。所有各党派的领导人,民主党的、共和党的、自由党派的、保守党派的,为了信仰自由都站出来了,群情激昂。基督教堂和犹太教堂都向清真寺伸出了援手,这让我们记住我们都是上帝的子民。满怀感激的公民对为国役的穆斯林老兵和爱国人士说,谢谢您。一些伟大的运动员也来跟我们分享,为什么他们能成为冠军,正是因为有了包容和理解。全国各地的美国人民都向穆斯林朋友、邻居、同事伸出援手,让他们知道,我们彼此相守相助。我想起德克萨斯一位妇女打的标语上写的:“我们喜欢穆斯林邻居”。Thats the message I hope every Muslim American hears—that were all part of the same American family.And its a message all of us can deliver—parents to our children,teachers to their students,leaders in politics and business and entertainment.Back in San Bernardino,people from across the community have joined in prayer vigils—Christians,Jews,Muslims and others.Theyve sent a powerful message—were all in this together.Thats the spirit we have to uphold.Thats what we can do—as Americans—united in defense of the country that we love.这就是我希望每一位在美国的穆斯林能听到的信息,我们都是美国大家庭的一份子。这是我们都能传递出去的信息,父母传递给孩子,老师传递给学生,政治、经济、领袖传递给大众。回到圣贝纳迪诺,那里的人们在一起祷告,基督徒、犹太教徒、穆斯林以及其他人都在一起。他们传递出一份强有力的信息:我们团结在一起。这是撑我们的精神柱。这也是我们作为美国人可以做到的,团结起来,共同保卫我们深爱的这个国家。201512/416419


  You know, Jerry provided a lot of different obstacles for me but at the same time the guy gave me an opportunity to perform at the highest level in terms of basketball. The Bulls, the whole Bulls organization, you know, they did a great adjustments for me and for all my teammates.杰瑞给我设置了很多障碍,但同时也给了我更上一个台阶的机会。公牛的管理层为我和队友创造了很好的条件,他们针对我和我的队友做出了很多调整。Believe me I had a lot of teammates in all the 14 years I played for the Bulls. I respected each one of them. I just wanted them to win, no matter how you looked at it. Doug Collins came at the same time when I was trying to play at the summer time. He said ;well, you are part of the organization and the organization said you cant play at the summer time.; I said ;you the things in my contract; in my contract I have the love the game clause. That means I can play anytime I want, any place I want.; And Doug looked at me and said ;you are right, you are right.; And thats how we became a little closer. Jerry Krause is right there and Jerry is not here. Obviously I dont know whod invite him, I didnt. But, I hope he understands it goes a long way. He is a very competitive person. I was a very competitive person. He said organizations win championships. I said ;I didnt see organizations playing with the flu in Utah. I didnt see it playing with a bad ankle.; Granted, granted, I think organizations put together teams, but at the end of the day, teams got to go out and play. I think the players win the championship, and the organizations has something to do with it, dont get me wrong. But dont try to put the organization above players. Because at the end of the day, players still have got to go out of there and perform. You guys have got to pay us, but Ive still got to go out and play.在这14年里我有很多队友,我尊敬他们每一个人。不论他们是如何看我的,我只是为了追求胜利。道格·克林斯(公牛教练)是在我想打夏季联赛的时候来的,克林斯说:“迈克,你是球队的一员,球队不想让你打夏季联赛。”我说:“道格,你去看看我的合同,合同上面写着我热爱比赛,这表示我能在任何时候任何地方打球,只要我想。”道格看着我说:“好吧,那你去打吧。”我们就这样熟络起来了。杰瑞·克劳斯——我不知道谁向他发的请帖,反正我今天是没请他来——我希望他能理解吧。我们之间的故事太长了,他和我一样都是不认输的人。他说,球队管理层赢得了冠军。我说:“我可没看‘管理层’哪个人顶着流感在犹他州打比赛,我也没看见‘管理层’哪个人带伤上场。”就算,我知道是管理层组建了球队,但是最终上场比赛的还是我们这帮球员,所以我觉得是‘球员’赢得了总冠军,但管理层也功不可没,请别误会我的意思。别总是拿管理层来压球员,因为最终打比赛的是我们。你们付我们薪水,但上场比赛的终究是我们。201404/287621。

  These are the reasons I founded University of the People,a nonprofit, tuition-free,degree-granting university to give an alternative,to create an alternative to those who have no other,an alternative that will be affordable and scalable, 由于这些的原因,我创办了人民大学,一所非盈利性的、免学费的、授予学位的大学它提供了另一种选择,为那些没有其它选择的人创造了一种选择,一种价格合理的选择,一种可扩展的选择,an alternative that will disrupt the current education system,open the gates to higher education for every qualified student regardless of what they earn, where they live,or what society says about them. 一种打破现行的教育体系的选择,为每一位合格的学生打开高等教育的大门,不论他们的收入,不论他们身处何处,不论社会如何议论他们Patrick, Debbie and Wael are only three examples out of the 1,700 accepted students from 143 countries.帕特里克、黛比和瓦伊尔只是来自143个国家的1700位被录取的学生中的三个例子Thank you.谢谢。We didnt need to reinvent the wheel.我们不需要重新发明轮子。We just looked at what wasnt working and used the amazing power of the Internet to get around it.我们只是看到那些有问题的地方,并使用互联网的神奇力量来绕开问题。We set out to build a model that will cut down almost entirely the cost of higher education,and thats how we did it.我们着手建立一种模式,它将削减掉高等教育的绝大部分成本,我们是这样做到的。First, bricks and mortar cost money.首先,大楼需要花钱。Universities have expenses that virtual universities dont.大学有很多的开销是虚拟大学所没有的。We dont need to pass these expenses onto our students.我们不需要将这些开销转移到我们的学生头上。They dont exist.这些开销不存在。We also dont need to worry about capacity.我们也不需要担心可容纳的人数。There are no limits of seats in virtual university.在虚拟大学里没有座位数的限制。Actually, nobody needs to stand at the back of the lecture hall.事实上,没人需要站在讲堂的后面。Textbooks is also something our students dont need to buy.我们的学生也不需要购买课本。By using open educational resources and the generosity of professors who are putting their material free and accessible,we dont need to send our students to buy textbooks.使用开放的教学资源以及教授们的慷慨馈赠,很多教授把他们的教学材料免费公开,我们不需要让我们的学生去购买课本。All of our materials come free.我们所有的材料都是免费的。201508/389907

  Hi, everybody.大家好!Nearly six years after the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes, our businesses have added nearly 10 million new jobs over the past 53 months.6年前,我们遭遇了此生最严重的经济危机,经过53个月的努力,我们的企业已经创造了将近1000万个就业岗位。Thats the longest streak of private-sector job creation in our history.这是历史上私营企业所取得的最好的成绩。And were in a six-month streak with our economy creating at least 200,000 new jobs each month-the first time thats happened since 1997.而最近连续6个月,每月新增就业岗位也超过20万个,这一成绩自1997年之后就没出现过。Thanks to the decisions we made to rescue and rebuild our economy, and your hard work and resilience, America is leading again.这些成绩来自于我们恢复和重建经济的决定,也来自于大家的不辞辛劳和坚强不屈的精神。美国又一次领先了!Areas like manufacturing, energy, technology, and autos are all booming.制造业、能源业、科技领域和汽车行业都开始兴旺发达。And heres the thing: were selling more goods Made in America to the rest of the world than ever before.这使得我们将美国制造的产品卖到全球各地,American exports are at an all-time high.美国的出口也达到历史新高。Over the past five years, weve worked hard to open new markets for our businesses, and to help them compete on a level playing field in those markets.过去5年时间里,我们努力为企业打开新的市场,帮助他们在这些地方取得竞争力。And weve broken records for exports four years running.我们的出口连续四年创出新高。Last year, our exports supported more than 11 million American jobs-about 1.6 million more than when I took office.去年,出口行业提供了1100万个就业岗位,比我刚主政的时候增加了160万个。Theyre good jobs that typically pay about 15% more than the national average.这些工作岗位待遇丰厚,工资比全国平均水平高出15%。And more small businesses are selling their goods abroad than ever before-nearly 300,000 last year alone.而且还有越来越多的中小企业把产品卖到国外,仅去年一年就达到30万家。We should be doing everything we can to accelerate this progress, not stall it.现在,我们应该尽一切努力推动这一趋势继续向前发展,而不是阻止其发展。One place to start is by supporting something called the U.S.其中有一件事情就是持美国进出口。事实也是如此。It helps many American entrepreneurs take that next step and take their small business global.该帮助众多美国企业家发展,将他们的小企业推向全球。But next month, its charter will expire-unless Members of Congress do their job and reauthorize it.但下个月,这些帮助就没有了,除非国会议员们通过法案对该重新授权。Now, past Congresses have done this 16 times, always with support from both parties.过去,国会曾16次对该进行重授权,每次都能得到两党的共同持。Republican and Democratic Presidents have supported the bank, too.无论是民主党还是共和党的总统也都持该。This time around shouldnt be any different.而这一次本不应该有什么变数。Because the bank works. Its independent. It pays for itself.因为这家的工作卓有成效,而且是独立运行,自负盈亏。But if Congress fails to act, thousands of businesses, large and small, that sell their products abroad will take a completely unnecessary hit.但如果国会不通过法案授权,成千上万的企业,无论大小,只要他们有海外业务,都会受到不必要的冲击。Small business owners have had to overcome a lot these past several years.中小企业主在过去的这些年里克了种种困难。We all saw local businesses close their doors during the crisis.我们也看到了,在经济危机期间,大量地方企业关门歇业。And in the past few years, weve seen more and more open their doors and do their part to help lead Americas comeback.而最近几年,我们也看到越来越多的企业又重新开张,努力做好自己的事,也帮助美国复苏。At the very least, they deserve a Congress that doesnt stand in the way of their success.因此,国会不应该成为他们去往成功道路上的绊脚石,这是毋庸置疑的。Your members of Congress are home this month.这个月,各位所在地方的议员还在家乡休假。If youre a small business owner or employee of a large business that depends on financing to tackle new markets and create new jobs, tell them to quit treating your business like its expendable, and start treating it for what it is: vital to Americas success.如果你是中小企业主或大企业的雇员,只要你们在开拓海外市场扩大业务方面需要资金持,你们就应该持进出口,告诉这些议员,别不把你们的企业不当回事儿,你们的企业对美国的进步至关重要,告诉他们认真对待。Tell them to do their jobs-keep Americas exports growing, and keep Americas recovery going.告诉他们做好自己的工作,让美国的出口继续增长,让美国复苏的步伐永不止步。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201408/324734In summer of 2015, public officials in our province of Saskatchewan issued a decree: that all affected people leave their homes and in mass exodus, travel to places of refuge where they could be safe and accounted for. They were escaping blazing forest fires of epic proportions. It was the largest evacuation in Saskatchewan history. Thousands of people were on the move, all of them in uncertain circumstances, not knowing how quickly they would return home. For a few young women, these circumstances had an added dimension of uncertainty. They were in the late stages of pregnancy. These young women were living as displaced persons far from home, without the supplies they had gathered for their new baby. Thankfully, for all concerned, healthy babies were delivered in hospitals close by with medical staff to give assistance. We are privileged to live in a province where people come together. That can be difficult when stress levels are high. And so I salute the evacuees, and the firefighters, and the troops, and the Red Cross, and the local officials, the mayors and chiefs. Those who shared money, food and supplies, those who prayed for an ending to this situation. All rose to the occasion. Two thousand years ago, a public official named Caesar Augustus issued a decree that all people needed to be accounted for. It affected the entire Roman world. Everyone needed to be registered. Many people were on the move, with primitive travel arrangements, not knowing how long this would take. Im sure for some young women, this circumstance had an added dimension of uncertainty. Like being in the late stages of pregnancy. For one of these young women, the time came to have her baby, her first. Not in a local hospital along the way, not even in a clean, comfortable Holiday Inn, but in a stable, with precious few amenities. Her only assistant, a most likely very, very nervous husband, with perhaps some curious animals looking on. She didnt have much for supplies either. All she had were a few strips of cloth to wrap him in. And all she could lay him in was not a cradle made by her carpenter husband, but just a simple, dirty manger. Crude surroundings for a King. His first visitors – an adoring group in from the fields smelling strongly of sheep. They were alerted by a type of atmospheric media unlike any we could imagine. All rose to the occasion. This Christmas, we celebrate the arrival of that very special baby boy. The ;Divinest Heart that ever walked the earth was born on that day; as it has been said. His name is Jesus, the essence of hope and peace and the ultimate example of self-sacrifice for love. So from me and my wife Tami, and our family, and on behalf of my colleagues in the Government of Saskatchewan: ;May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope; the spirit of Christmas which is peace; and the heart of Christmas which is love.; And may you sp joy to others who need it most. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!201601/419479

  I am a vicar in the Church of England.我是一名英国圣公会的牧师。Ive been a priest in the Church for 20 years.我做牧师已经有20年了。For most of that time, Ive been struggling and grappling with questions about the nature of God. Who is God?在这20年的大部分时间里,我一直在努力解决和回答关于上帝本质的问题:上帝是谁?And Im very aware that when you say the word ;God,;many people will turn off immediately.我很清楚,当你一说起“上帝”这个词,很多人会立即走开。And most people, both within and outside the organized church,still have a picture of a celestial controller,a rule maker, a policeman in the sky who orders everything,and causes everything to happen. 并且大多数人,无论是信教还是不信教的,心中还是认为上帝是这样一个形像:一个天上的主宰者,规则制定者,掌管一切的太空警察,万事万物发生的根源。He will protect his own people,and answer the prayers of the faithful.他会保护他创造的人类,并回应信徒们的祷告。And in the worship of my church,the most frequently used adjective about God is ;almighty.; 在教堂里做礼拜,对上帝最常用的形容词是“全能”。But I have a problem with that.但我觉得这个观念是不对的。I have become more and more uncomfortable with this perception of God over the years.多年以来,我已经越来越对这个观念感到不舒。Do we really believe that God is the kind of male boss that weve been presenting in our worship and in our liturgies over all these years?难道我们真的相信上帝是一个这么多年来我们在礼拜仪式和祷告中描述的那么一位男性的老板形像?Of course, there have been thinkers who have suggested different ways of looking at God.当然,曾经也有一些思想家建议用不同的方式来看待上帝。Exploring the feminine, nurturing side of divinity.比如:探索神的女性和育养的一面,Suggesting that God expresses Himself or Herself through powerlessness,rather than power.主张上帝是通过阴柔无力,而不是阳刚和力量,来呈现自己,不管是作为男性或者女性形像;Acknowledging that God is unknown and unknowable by definition.接受上帝本来就是未知的,也不可知的,这个定义,Finding deep resonances with other religions and philosophies and ways of looking at life as part of what is a universal and global search for meaning.寻找与其他宗教和哲学之间共同的内涵,以及作为全世界人类探索人生意义过程中看待生命的不同方式。These ideas are well known in liberal academic circles,but clergy like myself have been reluctant to air them,for fear of creating tension and division in our church communities,for fear of upsetting the simple faith of more traditional believers. 这些想法在自由学术界是众所周知的,但像我自己这样的神职人员却不愿意公开宣扬它们,因为害怕在教会中会产生紧张气氛甚至分裂,害怕打破传统信徒的纯朴信仰。I have chosen not to rock the boat.我选择了不去惹麻烦。Then, on December 26th last year, just two months ago,that underwater earthquake triggered the tsunami. 然而,去年12月26日,仅仅两个月前,海底地震引发了海啸。And two weeks later, Sunday morning, 9th of January,I found myself standing in front of my congregation intelligent, well meaning, mostly thoughtful Christian people,and I needed to express, on their behalf, our feelings and our questions. 于是两个星期后,星期日上午, 1月9日,我站在我的会众面前,他们是一群智慧的、善良的、有思想的基督徒,我需要代表他们表达我们的感情和我们的疑问。I had my own personal responses, but I also have a public role,and something needed to be said. 虽然我有自己的个人感受,但我还有一个公共角色,这时需要说点儿什么。And this is what I said.下面是我当时所说的话。Shortly after the tsunami I a newspaper article written by the Archbishop of Canterbury-fine title,about the tragedy in Southern Asia.海啸发生后不久,我读了坎特伯雷大主教发表在报纸上的一篇文章,标题是:关于发生在南亚的悲剧。The essence of what he said was this:他所讲的精髓是这样的:the people most affected by the devastation and loss of life do not want intellectual theories about how God let this happen.因这场灾难和生命的逝去而饱受磨难的人们并不需要一个理论来解释上帝为何让这种事情发生。201505/374942The worlds largest and most devastating environmental and industrial project is situated in the heart of the largest and most intact forest in the world,世上最大、最具破坏性的环境及工业计划发生于世上最大、保存最完整的森林当中Canadas boreal forest.加拿大北方森林。It stretches right across northern Canada, in Labrador,它横跨加拿大北部的拉布拉多省,its home to the largest remaining wild caribou herd in the world, the George River caribou herd,为现存最大的野生驯鹿群家园乔治河驯鹿群,numbering approximately 400,000 animals.数量大约40万只。Unfortunately, when I was there I couldnt find one of them,不幸的是我前往当地时,并未见到任何一只,but you have the antlers as proof.但有鹿角为。All across the boreal, were blessed with this incredible abundance of wetlands.纵观整个北方森林,我们幸运地拥有丰富的湿地资源。Wetlands globally are one of the most endangered ecosystems.湿地是全球濒临最严重危机的生态系统之一。Theyre absolutely critical ecosystems,它们是十分重要的生态系统,they clean air, they clean water,它们能净化空气和水源,they sequester large amounts of greenhouse gases,它们能吸收大量温室气体,and theyre home to a huge diversity of species.它们是许多物种的家园。In the boreal, they are also the home where almost 50 percent of the 800 bird species found in North America migrate north to breed and raise their young.北方森林也是北美所发现的800种鸟类中半数为了抚育后代而北迁的鸟类家园。In Ontario, the boreal marches down south to the north shore of Lake Superior.在安大略省,北方森林向南延伸直抵苏必利尔湖北岸。And these incredibly beautiful boreal forests were the inspiration for some of the most famous art in Canadian history, the Group of Seven were very inspired by this landscape,这片美不胜收的北方森林是加拿大历史中某些著名艺术作品的灵感源泉,七人画派深受这片景观影响,and so the boreal is not just a really key part of our natural heritage,因此,北方森林不仅是自然遗产的重要组成,but also an important part of our cultural heritage.也是文化遗产的重要组成。In Manitoba, this is an image from the east side of Lake Winnipeg,这是曼尼托巴省温尼伯湖东岸景观,and this is the home of the newly designated UNESCO Cultural Heritage site.它是联合国教科文组织新列的世界文化遗产。201511/407251

  Smart, objective willing to listen and able to disarm mindful of the impact of government decisions on individuals你聪慧而客观愿意倾听 不固执己见 关注经济困难时期的政府决定and families struggling through these difficult economic times you aim to build consensus and drive policies that will benefit all Americans对美国个人和家庭的影响你致力于凝聚共识 让所有美国人都能受益于国家政策Janet Louise Yellen珍妮特·露意丝·耶伦the worlds most influential central banker universally esteemed member of the academy and pioneering role model for women世界上影响力最大的央行行长学术界一致尊敬的成员女性的先驱和楷模you have proved a prescient, forceful and courageous public servant wisely entrusted to implement sound monetary policy for the nation and the peoples of the world担任公职期间 你体现出了远见卓识 行为有力而果敢受托于美国和世界人民 实施货币政策你的执行明智而牢靠201504/369888

  Well, the rest is history. After Terminator 3, I became the highest paid movie star in Hollywood. And let me tell you something, it continued on. Even when I ran for governor people said, ;Arnold, you will never make it. You will never become governor of California. What do you know about government?; Well, the fact is, I knew exactly as much about government as the rest of the people knew in California, which is that government is out of touch, and its out of sync with the people, and it needed a shakeup. So I didnt listen to all those people that said I would never make it. I continued campaigning, I listened to my dreams, and the rest also is history. I became governor.其余的都成了往事。演完《终结者3》之后,我便成了好莱坞片酬最高的影星。但外界的质疑从未中断过。我竞选州长时还有人说,“阿诺德,你不会成功的,你永远当不上加州州长。你对政治了解多少?”而事实上,我对政治的了解绝不亚于加利福尼亚的其他人,我知道政府高高在上,与人民群众相脱离,需要进行改革。我没把那些说我不能成功的人的话放在心上,我依然参加了竞选。我相信自己的梦想,其余的都已成明日黄花。我最终当上了州长。So always it just carried me on, those dreams. So bodybuilding gave me the confidence, movies gave me the money, and public service and being a governor gave me a purpose larger than myself. And that is the brief story of my dreams and a brief story of my early life, and how my dreams made me successful.因此,那些梦想总引导着我不断向前——健美运动给了我信心,拍摄电影给了我财富,而公共务以及当州长让我有了超越自身的更大的目标。这就是关于我的梦想和我的早期生活的简短故事,以及我的梦想如何使我获得了成功。A person, of course, should not be stingy with their dreams. So I, of course, dont just think and dream about myself, but I also have dreams for you, and dreams for China. So let me just talk a little bit about that. Chinas economy has become an engine of human progress, lifting millions of people out of poverty. This is a moral and economic good for China and for the rest of the world. I often that Chinas economy is likely to become the largest in the world over the next 50 years, and I think this is terrific. This does not mean, of course, that America will get poorer; it just means that China will get richer, and the ed States will benefit from Chinas progress as much as the U.S. benefited from the rise of Western Europe after World War Ⅱ.当然,一个人不能缺乏梦想。而我当然也不只是为自己着想,只是追随自己的梦想,我对你们、对中国也有梦想。所以我想简单谈一下这个问题。中国的经济已经成为人类进步的动力,让千千万万的人们摆脱了贫困。这无论从道德上还是从经济上都让中国和世界其他国家受益匪浅。我经常读到一些报道,说中国在未来50年很可能成为世界最大经济体,我认为这非常了不起。这并不是说,美国会变穷,这只是说中国会更加富有,而美国也会从中国的进步中获益,就像二战后美国从欧洲的崛起中获益一样。201403/282612。


  The supreme commander toying with expendable units in a great campaign.在一场大战中,最高指挥官玩弄着可被牺牲掉的部队。We are still left with a God who can do the tsunami and allow Auschwitz.留给我们的仍然是一个可以引发海啸、允许奥斯威辛集中营存在的上帝。In his great novel, The Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky gives these words to Ivan,addressed to his naive and devout younger brother, Alyosha: 在著名的小说《卡拉马佐夫兄弟》中,陀斯妥耶夫斯基以伊万之口,对他天真虔诚的弟弟阿辽沙说:If the sufferings of children go to make up the sum of sufferings which is necessary for the purchase of truth,then I say beforehand that the entire truth is not worth such a price.如果需要用孩子们的痛苦来凑足购买真理所需的代价的话,我会事先说,整个真理不值这个价钱。We cannot afford to pay so much for admission.我们买不起这么昂贵的入场券。It is not God that I do not accept.我不是不接受上帝,I merely, most respectfully, return Him the ticket.我只是恭敬地退回他的门票而已。Or perhaps God set the whole universe going at the beginning and then relinquished control forever,so that natural processes could occur, and evolution run its course.或者也许,上帝在创造整个宇宙的时候设定好了一切,然后永远地放弃了控制,因此过程可以自然地发生,按进化论而展开。This seems more acceptable,but it still leaves God with the ultimate moral responsibility. 这似乎更加容易接受一些,但这仍然使上帝负有最终的道德责任。Is God a cold, unfeeling spectator?上帝是一个冷酷无情的旁观者吗?Or a powerless lover, watching with infinite compassion things God is unable to control or change?或者上帝爱莫能助,以无限的同情看着事情的发生,而无法控制或改变?Is God intimately involved in our suffering,so that He feels it in His own being? 上帝是否深切地感受到我们的痛苦,从而觉得那也是他自己的痛苦?If we believe something like this, we must let go of the puppet-master completely,take our leave of the almighty controller, abandon traditional models. 如果我们相信这样的观点,我们必须彻底抛弃认为上帝是傀儡操纵者,全能主宰者的看法,放弃传统的信仰模式。We must think again about God.我们必须重新思考上帝。Maybe God doesnt do things at all.也许上帝什么事也没做。Maybe God isnt an agent like all of us are agents.也许上帝不是我们这样的代理人。Early religious thought conceived God as a sort of superhuman person,doing things all over the place.早期的宗教思想认为上帝是一种超人,到处做一些事情。比如:Beating up the Egyptians, drowning them in the Red Sea, wasting cities, getting angry.殴打埃及人,把他们淹死在红海,毁灭城市,大发雷霆。The people knew their God by His mighty acts.人们通过上帝的这些超凡举动认识上帝。But what if God doesnt act? What if God doesnt do things at all?但是,如果上帝没有举动呢?如果上帝根本没有做任何事情呢?What if God is in things?如果上帝就在事物中呢?The loving soul of the universe.比如是宇宙中关爱的灵魂,An in-dwelling compassionate presence, underpinning and sustaining all things.撑并维持所有事物存在的内在的一股仁慈的能量。What if God is in things?如果上帝就在事物中呢?In the infinitely complex network of relationships and connections that make up life.在构成生命的无限复杂的关连网络中,In the natural cycle of life and death,在必然不断发生的生命与死亡、the creation and destruction that must happen continuously.创造与毁灭的自然周期中,In the process of evolution.在进化的过程中,In the incredible intricacy and magnificence of the natural world.在令人难以置信的复杂性和自然界的辉煌中,In the collective unconscious, the soul of the human race.在集体无意识、人类的灵魂中,In you, in me, mind and body and spirit.在你中、我中,头脑中、身体中和精神中,In the tsunami, in the victims. In the depth of things.在海啸中,在死难者中,在事物的深处,In presence and in absence. In simplicity and complexity.在存在与虚无中,在简单和复杂中,In change and development and growth.在变化、发展、壮大中。How does this in-ness, this innerness, this interiority of God work?怎么合理诠释上帝的这种 同在性、内性、内在性 ?Its hard to conceive, and begs more questions.人们难以理解,并提出更多的问题。Is God just another name for the universe,也许上帝只是宇宙的另一个名字,with no independent existence at all?而根本不是一个独立的存在?I dont know.我不知道To what extent can we ascribe personality to God?在多大程度上我们可以给上帝赋予人格?I dont know.我不知道。201505/375748


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