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How to Become the Type of Person Who Works Out in the Morning如何成为早晨锻炼的那类人You plan a workout for the evening, but then something comes up—a happy hour, a deadline for work, or maybe even a date. And there goes your exercise for the day. If this keeps happening to you, there#39;s a logical solution: shift your workout schedule to the morning.你计划晚上锻炼,但是却遇到了其他事——开心时刻,工作的最后期限或者甚至是一次约会。因此今天的锻炼就泡汤了。如果这类事情持续发生在你身上,那么是有一个逻辑解决方法的:将你的锻炼计划改到早上。But…that’s easier said than done. When you#39;re barely awake and have to choose between working out and staying in bed for another hour, there#39;s a good chance the snooze button will win. So how is it that some people manage to get up for 5:30 a.m. workouts like it#39;s no big deal? We picked the brains of trainers and nutritionists for lifestyle changes you can make to help you become the person who wants to #riseandgrind.但是。。。这说的比做的早了。当你半梦半醒时,你必须要在锻炼和再赖一小时床进行选择,很有可能你会按下闹钟按钮。那么为什么对于有些人来说,5:30起床锻炼并不是什么难事呢?我们挑选了一些锻炼者和营养师,他们说了些你们可以进行的生活方式改变,以帮助你成为#早起的人。Eat right the night before前一晚合理饮食The foods you eat the evening before an a.m. sweat session will impact how you feel when you hit the gym. “If you scarfed down mom’s leftover meatloaf and garlic b at 9 o#39;clock last night, chances are you#39;re going to wake up feeling exactly like that—a sluggish loaf of meat,” says Noah Neiman, master trainer at Barry’s Bootcamp in New York City. Make it a point to eat lean protein, veggies, and healthy fats so you wake up feeling replenished, not tired and gross. Just be sure to finish up at least 90 minutes before you hit the hay, says Leslie Bonci, RD, founder of Active Eating Advice and the director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. “This gives your stomach some time to digest the food.”在流汗前一晚吃的东西将会影响到你在健身房的感受。“如果你在昨天9点将你妈剩下的烘肉卷和蒜蓉面包狼吞虎咽的吃完,很有可能醒来时你会感到自己像块肉,”诺亚#8226;内曼说道,她是纽约市巴黎训练营的主教练。记住要吃一些食用瘦蛋白,蔬菜和健康脂肪食物,这样醒来时你就会感觉肚子满满的,不会觉得累或恶心。但是要确保至少在睡觉前90分钟吃完东西,莱斯利#8226;邦奇说道,他是积极饮食建议的创始人,也是匹兹堡医学中心大学运动营养的主任。“这会给你的胃一些时间来消化食物。”Have an AM workout buddy有一个早晨健身的伙伴Ask around—you probably have a friend who either aly gets up in the morning to work out, or wants to start doing it. Make plans to meet her at the gym or a class, which will hold you accountable.问一问周围的人——你的朋友或许已经早起锻炼,或许想要开始晨练。与她约好在健身房或教室见面,这将会使你靠得住。译文属 /201606/451267

  A Chinese man is back to square one after creating a Rubik#39;s cube portrait as a way of confessing his love to his crush.近日,一位中国小伙在通过用魔方拼出心上人的头像,以此作为向其表白的方式之后,最终却不得不接受重新来过的结果。Tong Ao#39;nan, 27, from Shenyang stayed awake through several nights to solve 840 Rubick#39;s cubes to create a likeness of his sweetheart, according to Huanqiu.根据环球网报道,今年27岁、来自于沈阳的佟傲楠一连通宵几夜,用840块魔方拼出他的心上人头像,来表达自己的爱意。Tong told reporters that he was relying on the massive portrait of his lady friend to help him confess his love for her.佟傲楠告诉记者,他想用自己亲手拼好的心上人的巨大头像来向她表白。No such luck, though. Tong#39;s advances, in spite of his epic artwork, were rejected by the piece#39;s muse.尽管如此,他却没有那么幸运。虽然佟傲楠的作品堪称杰出,但他最终还是被拒绝了。The self-proclaimed Rubik#39;s cube enthusiast said he got involved with the puzzle game last year and spent a little more than three days piecing together the artwork, which stands at eight and a half feet tall and four feet wide.这位自称魔方爱好者的小伙表示,自己是从去年开始接触这一益智游戏的,这次他总共花费了三天多的时间拼成心上人的头像,据悉,这面魔方墙高8.5英尺,宽4英尺。Better luck next time, Tong!最后,佟傲楠,祝你下次好运! /201605/444637



  A shows a six-year-old Afghan girl in tears, after her father allegedly sold her to a 55-year-old man for marriage, in exchange for a goat and food.一段视频显示,一名6岁的阿富汗女孩在流着泪,据悉,他狠心的父亲为了一只羊和稻米,竟把她卖给了一个55岁的老头做新娘。It is believed girls as young as 16 are commonly sold to men for marriage in line with Afghan law, but underage pairings are not uncommon. However such a large age gap like this one is rare, according to The Observers.在阿富汗,女孩在16岁时就卖给别人做新娘是法律允许的,不过,未成年婚姻也并不少见。不过,据《观察家》表示,像这样如此大的年龄差距还是罕见的。According to the website, the girl#39;s father sold her for a goat, a bag of rice, tea, sugar, and a few litres of cooking oil.据该网站报道,该女孩儿的父亲用6岁的女儿换回来了一只羊、一袋米,茶叶,白糖和几升食用油。The man, reportedly Seyed Abdolkarim, took his bride to Firozkoh, in Ghor province, to stay at a relative#39;s house. Alarm bells were raised when the host alleged he was undressing the girl at night.报道称,这名55岁的老头名叫赛义德·阿卜杜尔卡里姆,他把6岁的新娘带到了古尔省的Firozkoh,住在一个亲戚的家里。夜里,主人发现阿卜杜尔卡里姆脱掉了小女孩的衣,所以报了警。Abdolkarim was asked if the young girl was his daughter and he replied: ;No, she#39;s my wife. Her father gave her to me;. The host told a friend, who then alerted a local women#39;s rights bureau, which lead to Abdolkarim#39;s arrest.当被问起小姑娘是否是他的女儿时,阿卜杜尔卡里姆回答说,“不是,她是我的妻子。她的父亲把她卖给我了。” 随即主人将此事告知了一名朋友,这名朋友随后通知了当地的妇女权益组织,所以阿卜杜尔卡里姆才被抓捕。Tests later carried out reportedly revealed there was no sexual intercourse.经过检查,医生表示该女孩儿没有受伤的迹象。Herat journalist Fawad Ahmady recorded the clip on July 31 and posted it on Facebook where it has been widely shared across Afghanistan social media.赫拉特记者法瓦德·阿赫马迪在7月31日报道了这则新闻,并把它发布上脸书上,随后被阿富汗的社交媒体大量转发。;The girl is now living with her mother in a safe house in Firozkoh,; Mr Ahmady told The Observers. ;Khalili, the head of the women#39;s rights bureau for Ghor province, told me she will do her best to make sure that her father loses his parental rights and that she is granted a divorce.;阿赫马迪告诉《观察家》称:“这名女童现在和她的妈妈住在Firozkoh一个安全的地方。古尔省女权组织负责人卡利里告诉我,她会尽一切努力剥夺这名父亲的监护权,同时帮助这名女童解除与阿卜杜尔卡里姆的婚姻关系。”The girls#39; father reportedly admitted he was having trouble making ends meet and selling his daughter would provide a goat and two months#39; worth of food, as well as one less mouth to feed.据报道,这名女孩的父亲承认自己入不敷出,将女儿卖掉能换来一只羊和两个月的口粮,同时还能少一张嘴吃饭。 /201608/460581Two fishermen have been detained in China over the killing of a whale shark days after one found fame online.近日,中国两位渔民因捕杀几日前已在网上出名的鲸鲨而遭到拘留。Pictures of a huge fish had been posted online by workers on an oil rig near Weizhou Island, south of Guangxi province, in early May. It soon attracted much admiration on China#39;s Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo.在今年五月初,广西省南部涠洲岛海域附近油田的一位工人将一条巨型鱼类的照片发布到了网上。而这张照片马上就在类似Twitter的中国社交网站--新浪微上引起了广泛关注。Then two days later, news sp that a whale shark had been killed and sold as fish food at nearby Beihai market.不过就在两天后,据新闻报道,一只鲸鲨被捕杀并在附近的北海市场作为鱼肥出售。Photos circulated online showed a huge whale shark being winched onto a pier by crane. Beihai police have confirmed the fish sold at the market was a whale shark, after they retrieved pieces of fish skin.从网上流传的照片可以看到,一只巨大的鲸鲨被起重机吊到码头上。北海警方在取回鱼皮后实,该市场出售的确实是鲸鲨。The social media users reacted furiously, calling for the culprit to be held accountable.在社交媒体上,网友反应激烈,呼吁将罪犯问责。Comments exploded online, with many shouting ;call the police; and assuming it was the same shark. One user wrote: ;It#39;s too cruel! Enough is enough!;网上炸开了锅,很多人嚷嚷着要“报警”,并认为该鲸鲨和之前照片中的是同一头。一位网友写道:“太残忍了!适可而止吧!”;No wonder these fishes are not coming anymore. You come again, you got killed again. What for?; said a user named Xiao Jun.另一位网友小军写道:“难怪这些鱼儿再也不过来了。来一次杀一次,图啥?”A Beihai police officer said that the two detained suspects - named as Mr Liao and Mr Huang - had told them the shark aly dead and decomposing when they caught it, according to the China News Service (CNS) agency.据中国新闻社报道,北海一位警官表示,两位被拘留的嫌疑犯,廖某和黄某,告诉警方,他们抓到鲨鱼时,它早已死亡而且腐臭。They are now detained on suspicion of ;illegal acquisition of rare or endangered animal;, said the police, and could face imprisonment of 10 years or more if convicted.警方表示,这两人因涉嫌“非法收购珍贵、濒危野生动物罪”而被拘留,若定罪,可能会面临十年或十年以上的监禁。 /201605/444606

  1.The Perfect Leather Tote完美皮质大提包We#39;re talking real leather in a color that goes with everything so you can carry it every day. Stay away from trendy colors or designer logos which go in and out of style. Simple, gorgeous leather is all you need.我们说的是真皮的包,颜色要百搭,这样你就能每天都用了。不要买时髦的颜色或带商标的包,那些包都会有流行的时候也会过时。简洁的优质皮革才是你所需要的。2. Black Dress黑色连衣裙Notice, I didn#39;t say ;Little; black dress. What#39;s most important is that you have a flattering, well-fitting black dress that you feel amazing in. Don#39;t skimp on quality.注意,我说的不是“小黑裙”。最重要的是你有一条很喜欢、很合身的黑裙,穿起来感觉很棒。不要忽略质量。3. Perfect Black Pumps完美黑色高跟鞋Whether for a job interview or for a power meeting, you need a pair of timeless black heels that instantly make you feel your most confident. Obviously, you should be able to walk/stand comfortably in them, too.无论是参加工作面试还是高端会议,你都需要一双经典黑色高跟鞋,总会让你感觉非常自信。当然这双鞋走路或站立时穿着也要舒。4. Black Pants黑色长裤Not leggings, not jeans. Black pants are a wardrobe staple, so it#39;s crucial that every woman have a pair (or two) that fit like they were made for you.不是紧身裤,也不是牛仔裤。黑色长裤是衣柜里的必备品,所以重要的就是每个女人都有一条(或两条)像是为她们量身定做的黑色长裤。5. Black One-Piece Swimwsuit黑色连体泳衣Believe it or not, there will come a time when a brightly colored, look-at-me swimsuit just isn#39;t what you want to wear to the pool or beach. When that day comes, you#39;ll be so happy you invested in a classic black one-piece.信不信由你,你总会到某个年龄阶段,你不再想穿着亮丽吸睛的泳衣去泳池或沙滩了。当那一天到来的时候,你会很高兴买过一件经典黑色连体泳衣的。6.Diamond Studs钻石耳钉No woman should turn 30 with only costume jewelry in her jewelry box. If you only treat yourself to one splurge item in your twenties, make it a pair of real diamond earrings. You#39;ll treasure them for the rest of your life.女人都不该到了30岁首饰盒里还只有廉价的珠宝首饰。如果你20多岁的时候只能挥霍一次,那就买一副真的钻石耳环吧,你的余生都会珍藏它们的。7. Sunglasses You Guard With Your Life用生命守护的太阳镜I#39;m not saying you have to stop buying the cheap ones, but by the time you hit the big 3-0 you should have a classic pair of sunnies you love year after year and never lose or break.我不是说你不能再买廉价太阳镜了,而是到重要的30岁的时候,你应该有一副经典太阳镜,你会爱不释手好多年,永远不要弄丢或损坏。8. Wall Art墙面艺术No more decals; definitely no posters. By the time you#39;re 30, you should have at least one piece of artwork for your walls that you love.别再贴墙贴了,也绝对不要贴海报。到30岁的时候,你的墙上至少应该有一件喜欢的艺术品。9. A Complete Set Of Dishes一整套餐具Nothing fancy, just a complete, coordinating set.不需要特别昂贵的,只要是一整套配套的餐具就可以。10. Queen Size Mattress大号床垫I know mattresses don#39;t come cheap, but this is a worthy investment.我知道床垫不便宜,但绝对值得买。 /201609/464172Smartphone blindness happens when people lie on their side at night, with one eye against the pillow and the other staring at the smartphone screen. While one eye adjusts to the dark, the other eye gets used to the bright light of the high-resolution screen. But when they roll over and open both their eyes, the eye which has been staring at the screen cannot cope with the darkness of the room. Subsequently, with both eyes uncovered in the dark, the light-adapted eye is perceived to be “blind”.人们晚上侧躺着看手机,一只眼靠着枕头,另一只眼盯着手机屏幕的时候会出现“智能手机眼盲症”。一只眼(靠着枕头的那只)适应了黑暗的环境,而另一只眼(看手机的那只)则适应了高分辨率屏幕发出的亮光。当你翻身把两只眼睛都完全睁开的时候,之前盯着手机屏幕的那只眼睛无法适应房间内黑暗的环境。结果,两只眼同时在黑暗环境中的时候,适应了光亮的那只就会出现“眼盲”的情况。It usually takes several moments for the eyes to adjust, leading people to believe they are suffering from a severe problem.通常,这种情况需要一段时间让眼睛来慢慢适应,有些人就会以为自己得了什么重病。A similar condition known as digital eye strain may also appear after long hours of staring at computer screen or smartphone screen. The sympotoms may include eye dryness, blurry vision and persistent headache.另外一种相似的症状叫“数码眼疲劳”,多半出现在长时间盯着电脑或手机屏幕之后,主要的症状有,眼干、视野模糊,以及长时间头疼。TIPS:缓解眼疲劳小贴士:1. Blink more often.多眨眼。Blinking is very important when working at a computer; blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation.看电脑的时候眨眼很重要,眨眼能够滋润眼睛,防止眼干和不适。2. Adjust your computer display settings.调整电脑显示设置。Brightness. Adjust the brightness of the display so it#39;s approximately the same as the brightness of your surrounding workstation.亮度。将电脑显示的亮度调整到接近周围环境亮度的水平。Text size and contrast. Adjust the text size and contrast for comfort, especially when ing or composing long documents.字体大小和对比度。将字体大小和对比度调整到让眼睛舒适的水平,尤其在需要长时间阅读或处理文件的时候。3. Take frequent breaks.多休息。To reduce your risk for computer vision syndrome and neck, back and shoulder pain, take frequent breaks during your computer work day.为了缓解电脑视力症状以及颈、背、肩痛,在电脑前工作时要多停下来休息。 /201606/451451


  So, what do you say? When you finally come out into the countryside, you forget all about Netflix and Xbox, right?那么,你说什么?当你终于出来来到乡下,你忘记所有关于Netflix和Xbox,对吧? /201607/453024。

  People with albinism living in Malawi have been the victims of a surge of attacks by people seeking to use their body parts in ritual practices.非洲国家马拉维的白化病患者遭受袭击的案件一直在激增--人们寻求他们的肢体以进行宗教仪式。According to an Amnesty International report released, at least 18 people with albinism have been killed since November 2014. A spike in the killings came this April, when four people, including a 2-year-old child, were killed.据国际特赦组织(或称大赦国际)发布的一份报告显示,自2014年11月以来,至少有18名白化病患者惨遭杀害。今年四月出现了杀戮高潮,包括一个两岁大的孩子在内的共四人被杀。Amnesty International is now calling on authorities in the Southern African country to take more action to punish the perpetrators.国际特赦组织正在呼吁非洲南部的国家采取更多行动来惩罚凶手。;The unprecedented wave of brutal attacks against people with albinism has created a climate of terror for this vulnerable group and their families who are living in a state of constant fear for their lives,; Deprose Muchena, Amnesty International#39;s director for Southern Africa, said in a statement. ;The time has come for the government of Malawi to stop burying its head in the sand and pretending that this problem will just go away. Talking will not end these attacks. Concrete action is urgently required.;;这股前所未有的野蛮攻击白化病患者的浪潮,为生活在这个国家里的弱势群体和他们的家庭制造了一种恐怖不安的气氛,他们时刻为生活下去而提心吊胆。; 国际特赦组织非洲南部主任德普罗斯·切纳在一份声明中说道,;现在时机成熟,马拉维政府应当振作起来,不要再假装这个问题会消失。光靠对话是不会结束这些攻击的,我们迫切需要实际行动。;The country has up to 10,000 people living with albinism and Malawi#39;s Police Service says more than 60 crimes related to albinos have been reported since 2014.马拉维的白化病患者人数高达1万人,据马拉维警方称,自2014年起与白化病患者相关的犯罪案件已经超过了60起。 /201606/450283

  One sunny morning Shi Dianshou sets off for China’s River of Happiness.在一个阳光明媚的早晨,石先生朝着中国的“幸福之河”出发。“It’s not very happy right now” the 24-year-old environmentalist admits as he drives north from Beijing to inspect the poetically named waterway.当他从北京开车向北来检视这条具有诗意名字的运河时,24岁的环境主义者承认道:;现在它的状态并不让人乐观; Forty two kilometres out of town Shi’s car pulls up beside a putrid rubbish-strewn creek. A black sofa pokes up from its murky waters; a landfill decorates its western bank; and beside another heap of refuse a stray bra hangs lazily from the branch of a tree lending a comic touch to the bleak scene.驶离城镇42公里后,Shi的车缓慢停在了一个在布满腐臭垃圾的水湾旁边。一个黑色沙发斜戳在污水中;西边堤岸堆满了垃圾;在一堆垃圾旁边散落的几个bra做慵懒状挂在树枝上,到是为这荒凉的场景平添了一些喜剧色。“I’ve seen this kind of river so many times” complains Shi pacing along the sewage-scented canal to uate the grime. “It makes me feel bad. I’m not happy about it.”Shi在污臭的运河边踱来踱去,抱怨到:“这种河水我已经见过许多次了,这让我感觉很糟糕,我对此很失望。”Shi is one of hundreds of Chinese citizens fanning out across the country in search of what the government has labelled “black and smelly rivers”.石先生是成百上千的中国市民之一,他们在城市当中呈扇形展开以此来寻找被政府贴上“黑臭河”标签的河水。Since the project started in February citizens have used smartphones to identify and log more than 1300 locations. They have been added to a pre-existing blacklist of more than 1850 polluted waterways says Shi who works at the Beijing NGO Environmentalists in Action.自该项目2月份开展以来,市民们已经用智能手机鉴别和记录了1300多个地点。来自北京民间组织“环保人士在行动”的石先生说之前已经有1850多条河流被列在黑名单上了。 /201606/451485


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