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寻乌县医院包皮手术多少钱龙南县中医院有做缩阴吗会昌县人民医院是什么意思 Xu Zhimo(1897~1931) was a twentieth-century Chinese poet. He was given the name of Zhangyou and the courtesy name of Youshen. He later changed his courtesy name to Zhimo.徐志(1897~1931),名章垿,字又申,后改字为志。中国20世纪诗人。He is romanticized as pursuing love, freedom and beauty in all his life (from the words of Hu Shih).徐志是一个浪漫化的人物,终生都在追求爱情、自由和美(据胡适言)。He promoted the form of modern Chinese poetry, and therefore made tremendous contributions to modern Chinese literature.徐志促进了新诗的发展,为现代中国文学做出了巨大贡献。Xu Zhimo was born in Xiashi, in Zhejiang Province, and died in Ji#39;nan in Shandong Province.徐志出生在浙江硖石,在山东济南去世。 In 1918, after studying at Peking University, he traveled to the ed States to study Economics and Political Science at Columbia University in New York City. 1918年,在北京大学学习之后,徐志去美国纽约的哥伦比亚大学学习经济学和政治学。Finding the States ;intolerable;, he left in 1920 to study at Cambridge University in England where he fell in love with English romantic poetry like that of Keats and Shelley.后来徐志发现美国让人“无法忍受”,于1920年离开美国到英国剑桥大学学习。徐志在英国爱上了像济慈和雪莱的作品那样的浪漫主义诗歌。In 1922 he went back to China and became a leader of the modern poetry movement. 1922年,徐志回国领导了新诗运动。When the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore visited China, he played the part of oral interpreter.泰戈尔访华时,徐志做了他的口译。His literary ideology was mostly prowestern, and pro-vernacular.徐志的文学思想主要是赞成西方文学观点,赞成使用白话。He was one of the first Chinese writers to successfully naturalize Western romantic forms into modern Chinese poetry.徐志是最先成功地将西方浪漫主义文学形式移植到中国现代诗歌里的中国作家之一。He worked as an editor and professor at several schools before dying in a plane crash on November 19, 1931 in Ji#39;nan, Shandong while flying from Nanjing to Beijing.徐志去世前担任编辑和多家大学的教授。1931年11月19日,徐志在从南京飞往北京的途中,在山东济南因飞机失事身亡。He left behind four collections of verse and several volumes of translations from various languages.留下来四本诗集和数本多种语言的译文。 /201602/4278681. Reese Witherspoon1. 瑞茜·威瑟斯彭A centre parting is a key part of the 70s trend, but Reese adds a 2015 twist by pairing it with gentle curls starting from chin-level down, rather than going for a dead-straight ’do.中分是70年代潮流的关键,但是Reese选择从下巴那里开始变形,做成轻柔的小卷(2015新时尚小卷),而不是一条线的直发。 /201512/413274石城县妇幼保健所什么时候建立

信丰b超哪家医院好的William Ward sells a lot of gum. He works at a newspaper stand just around the corner from a bizarre attraction called the gum wall near Pike Place Market just off the waterfront here, and people show up unprepared. He also sells a lot of hand sanitizer.威廉·沃德(William Ward)卖出了许多口香糖。他的报刊亭就在稀奇古怪的“口香糖墙”景点的拐角,位于河畔派克农贸市场(Pike Place Market)附近。人们来这通常都没什么准备。他同时也卖出了很多洗手液。“I tell people it’s the second-most disgusting tourist attraction in the world,” Mr. Ward, 31, said. In his view, only the Blarney stone in Ireland, which millions of tourists actually kiss, can top the gum wall on the gross-out scale.“我常跟人说这是全世界第二恶心的旅游景点,”32岁的沃德说。在他看来,只有爱尔兰的“亲吻巧言石”(Blarney stone)能与之媲美,在那里,成千上万的旅客真的在现场亲吻那块石头。相比之下,恶心规模可以胜过一筹。But gum, in a dozen or so varieties — helped by the sign out front, “We sell gum!” — still flies off the shelves. In most cases, he said, the gum is destined for only the briefest of chews before commemoration or deposit or whatever it is that people do, usually with a photo, in making the wall one of this city’s strangest destinations.但是因为店前写着“口香糖有售!”的招牌,十几种口味的口香糖依然飞快地销售一空。沃德说,通常这些口香糖的宿命,只是被飞快咀嚼几下,然后成为一种祭奠或存念,或是别的什么东西——通常要拍张照片,把这座墙变成了城市里最奇怪的一个地方。Now, the gum is coming down, after accumulating for 20 years in a deeply encrusted pointillist display of perhaps a million pieces — and about 2,200 pounds of sugary, cavity-inducing weight that Pike Place officials say threatens the integrity of the 115-year-old brick wall. Crews on Tuesday morning started to remove the gum with garden rakes and superheated water, 260 degrees Fahrenheit, in a three-day display of industrial-strength dental hygiene.20多年来,这幅仿佛出自点派画家之手的斑斓杰作,在墙壁上结成了硬壳。现在,派克市场的管理人员认为,这2200磅甜腻的、让人觉得要蛀牙的重物,对这座拥有115年历史的砖墙构成了安全威胁,应该被铲除。从周二早上起,工作人员开始用园用钉耙和260华氏度的过热水清理口香糖。三天的清除,如同一场工业级的牙科清洁技术展示。In the days before the cleaning, there was a rush of last-minute visits and gum-themed selfies. People like the Fergus family, visiting from Phoenix this week, even stopped at Costco before leaving home to load up on supplies for a visit.在清理开始前,一大批想赶上末班车的游客蜂拥而至,专程前来和口香糖墙热烈合影。像这周从凤凰城赶来的费格斯一家,甚至在出发前到好市多超市采购物资,为此行做准备。“Five packs, 15 sticks in each,” Christie Fergus said. She and her husband, Brian, and their two children, Michael, 8, and Rachel, 3, chewed their way through the arsenal at a stop at the wall on Monday afternoon, then spelled the family’s name in large bright green spearmint.“五包,每包15条,”克里斯蒂·费格斯(Christie Fergus)说。她和丈夫布赖恩带着两个孩子——8岁的迈克尔和9岁的瑞切尔,在周一下午抵达前一路都嚼着口香糖。他们用薄荷味的口香糖,在墙上拼出自家硕大的姓氏。“It was pretty disgusting, but also a really interesting and fun family activity,” said Ms. Fergus, a pharmacist. Michael, she said, gets credit for the family name idea.“这真的挺恶心。但是作为一项家庭,也很有趣,”职业是药剂师的费格斯解释道。她说拼出姓氏这个主意是孩子迈克尔想出来的。Pike Place Market officials initially tried to protect the wall from gum after it began appearing there in the 1990s, added by people waiting to enter an improvisational comedy club. But after several cleanings, and the realization that mentions of the wall in tourist guidebooks like Frommer’s were spurring people on, they surrendered. A spokeswoman for the market, Emily Crawford, said she expected people would resume the practice the moment the wall was once again blank.1990年代,排队准备进入一家即兴喜剧俱乐部的人们,随手将口香糖黏在墙上,逐渐形成了这座口香糖墙。最开始,派克农贸市场的管理人员企图保护墙壁。但经过数次清理,再加上像弗罗默旅行指南(Frommer’s)一样的旅行手册纷纷提到这堵口香糖墙,吸引了无数人前来参观,让管理人员放弃了继续清理的想法。市场的发言人艾米莉·克劳福德(Emily Crawford)称,她估计墙壁清理一空后,人们还会继续来黏口香糖。“It’s a crowdsourced piece of public art,” Ms. Crawford said. “We don’t need to promote it.”“这是一件众筹的公共艺术作品,”克劳福德称。“我们不需要做宣传。”Chris Borgen, 31, a firefighter from a Seattle suburb who had never visited before, said he was prompted to come by his mother, who told him about the cleaning. He was there on Monday, holding up his son, Abbott, who is almost 2, for photos.31岁的克里斯·格斯(Chris Borgen)是来自西雅图郊区的一名消防队员。此前他从未参观过这座墙壁。他说,是他母亲告诉他现在的口香糖将被清除,催促他来看看。周一,他带着两岁的儿子艾伯特来到这里,拍照留念。Mr. Borgen said he imagined coming back for a kind of time-lapse series as the gum gradually comes back and Abbott grows up.格斯说,随着日后墙壁上的口香糖重新多起来,艾伯特也慢慢长大,他打算带儿子重返旧地,拍一些见时光流逝的照片。Donna Prust, a retired technology worker, was taking photos on Monday of Ed the Clam, a smiley-faced clamshell character that has become a kind of “Kilroy was here” figure for many people, who post pictures of him on his Facebook page. Ms. Prust, 68, who has taken photos of herself and the clam in various places around the world, pressed the figure into the gum, which was several inches thick in spots, then pasted on a blue bubble as though Ed was chewing bubble gum.唐娜·普鲁斯特(Donna Prust)是一名退休的技术人员,周一,她带着她的卡通玩偶Ed the Clam来拍照。她的这个摆出笑脸的蛤壳卡通玩偶,就像“Kilroy到此一游”的卡通形象一样,很多人拿着它在各处拍照,再把照片发到Facebook上。68岁的普鲁斯特曾经和Ed the Clam在全世界许多地方合影。这次,她把玩偶按进墙壁上的口香糖里(墙壁上有几处口香糖有几英寸厚),还在墙壁上贴了一个蓝色的泡泡,假装是玩偶自己在吹口香糖。“Hand sanitizer!” she said, rifling through her purse when the task was done.等做完这一切,她一边嚷着“洗手液”,一边在手袋里使劲翻找着。Thanks to the scale of their gum deposit, and perhaps the gross-out factor as well, Ms. Fergus said the family’s visit to the wall had just about exhausted their desire for gum.由于口香糖的量非常大,再加上确实也挺恶心,费格斯说全家此行后,算是彻底没有嚼口香糖的欲望了。“I think we will take a break from chewing gum for a while after that,” she said in a telephone interview as they prepared to head home.“我觉得,这之后我们得有一阵子不嚼口香糖了,”当他们准备回家时,她在电话里这么说。 /201511/409947信丰县妇幼保健院看妇科好不好 1. ;Bah, humbug!#39;‘啊,你个骗子!’Scrooge#39;s catchphrase, #39;Bah, humbug#39;, is often used to express disgust with Christmas charity. Alastair Sim played Scrooge in the classic 1951 film adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.这句话是吝啬鬼斯克鲁奇的口头禅。在圣诞节,它常常用来表达对慈善团体的厌恶。在1951年查尔斯·狄更斯的改编电影《圣诞颂歌》中,阿拉斯塔尔·西姆扮演的吝啬鬼角色就曾经说过这句话。2. #39;Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.#39;‘圣诞老人一年只拜访人们一次,这真是个明智的决定。’Victor Borge (1909-2000), who was born B#248;rge Rosenbaum, was a Danish and American comedian, conductor and pianist, affectionately known as The Clown Prince of Denmark.这句话是来自维克托·奇(Victor Borge),他是丹麦美国混血,是喜剧演员、指挥家和钢琴家。他因那部戏剧《丹麦的小丑王子》而广为人知。3. #39;The one thing women don’t want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband.#39;‘圣诞节早晨,女人最不想在她们的长筒袜里发现的,就是她们的老公。’--The late American comic Joan Rivers——已故美国喜剧演员琼·里弗斯4. #39;I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.#39;‘我六岁的时候就不相信圣诞老人的存在了。因为在那一年,妈妈带我去一家百货商店看圣诞老人,结果圣诞老人向我要签名。’--Child star actress Shirley Temple——童星秀兰·邓波儿5. #39;Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it white.#39;‘除非我们在圣诞节共同分享祝福与爱,否则阿拉斯加所有的雪也不能带来真正的白色圣诞节。’--Bing Crosby (1904-1977), American actor and singer who had a million-selling hit withI#39;m Dreaming Of A White Christmas.——宾·克劳斯贝(1904-1977),美国演员、歌手,其歌曲《白色圣诞》创下了百万美元的不朽业绩。6. #39;I felt overstuffed and dull and disappointed, the way I always do the day after Christmas.#39;‘圣诞节过后的第二天,我总会觉得撑得难受,既无趣又失望。’--Sylvia Plath, poet——诗人西尔维娅·普拉特7. #39;Always winter but never Christmas.#39;‘总是冬天但从不是圣诞。’--CS Lewis, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe——C.S.刘易斯的《狮子,女巫和魔衣橱》8. #39;My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?#39;‘不管你觉得这太守旧亦或是太时髦,圣诞节对我来说很简单,就是关爱他人。试着想想吧,难道我们非要等到圣诞节才这么做吗?’--American comedian Bob Hope——美国喜剧演员鲍勃·霍普9. #39;It snowed last year too: I made a snowman and my brother knocked it down and I knocked my brother down and then we had tea.#39;‘去年也下雪了:我做了个雪人,然后我弟弟把雪人弄塌了,于是我把弟弟打翻在地,之后我们相安无事,一起喝了杯茶。’--Dylan Thomas, A Child#39;s Christmas in Wales——狄兰·托马斯《威尔士孩子的圣诞》10. #39;God bless us, every one!#39; Come on everybody . . . . #39;Ahhhhh#39;.‘愿上帝保佑我们每一个人!每一个人!啊!’A sentimental ending to Charles Dickens#39;s A Christmas Carol is provided by Tiny Tim (2009 Disney version) who offers the statement, #39;God bless us, every one!#39; at Christmas dinner, with the nice new Scrooge in mind.这是2009年迪士尼改编的狄更斯的《圣诞颂歌》中,小蒂姆给予这部电影的一个充满情感的结尾。在吃圣诞大餐时,想着不再吝啬、善良的斯克鲁奇,他说:“愿上帝保佑我们每一个人!” /201512/418166赣州市仁济男科医生

赣州市赣南片区人民医院医生的QQ号码The machines at Independent Record Pressing whirred and hissed as they stamped out a test record. The business’s owners waited anxiously for Dave Miller, the plant manager, to inspect the still-warm slab of vinyl.“独立唱片压制公司”(Independent Record Pressing)里,机器轰鸣作响,压出一张测试碟。车间主管戴夫·米勒(Dave Miller)检查这张余温犹存的黑胶唱片,老板们在旁边焦急地等待着。“That’s flat, baby!” Mr. Miller said as he held the record, to roars of approval and relief. “That’s the way they should come off, just like that.”“是平的,宝贝!”米勒拿着唱片松了口气,用赞许的口吻大声说,“唱片出来就该是这样的,就是这样。”Independent Record Pressing is an attempt to solve one of the riddles of today’s music industry: how to capitalize on the popularity of vinyl records when the machines that make them are decades old, and often require delicate and expensive maintenance. The six presses at this new 20,000-square-foot plant, for example, date to the 1970s.“独立唱片压制公司”的成立是为了解决当今音乐产业内的一个难解之谜:如今,黑胶唱片重又流行起来,然而压制黑胶的机器却已经走过了几十个年头,经常需要细致昂贵的维护保养,怎样从黑胶的流行中获利就成了问题。这家占地二万平方英尺的厂房里有6台黑胶压制机,都是20世纪70年代出产的。Vinyl, which faded with the arrival of compact discs in the 1980s, is having an unexpected renaissance. Last year more than 13 million LPs were sold in the ed States, according to the Recording Industry Association of America, the highest count in 25 years, making it one of the record business’s few growth areas.20世纪80年代,随着CD技术的出现,黑胶一度销声匿迹,如今却出人意料地出现了复兴。根据美国唱片工业协会统计,去年全美售出了1300万多张LP唱片,达到25年来的最高点,成了唱片工业内为数不多的增长领域之一。But the few dozen plants around the world that press the records have strained to keep up with the exploding demand, resulting in long delays and other production problems, executives and industry observers say. It is now common for plants to take up to six months to turn around a vinyl order — an eternity in an age when listeners are used to getting music online instantly.但是,唱片业的高管和行业观察者们指出,面对突然爆发的需求,全世界少数几个能够压制黑胶唱片的工厂已经疲于奔命,由此导致了漫长的延期和各种生产问题。现在,工厂花费六个月时间完成一份黑胶订单是非常普遍的,对于当今这个听众习惯马上在网络上听到音乐的时代来说,真是一段过于漫长的时间。“The good news is that everyone wants vinyl,” Dave Hansen, one of Independent’s owners and the general manager of the alternative label Epitaph, said on a recent hot afternoon as the plant geared up for production.“好消息是,现在所有人都想要黑胶,”前不久,一个炎热的下午,“独立”的老板之一戴夫·汉森(Dave Hansen)在工厂准备生产的间隙接受了采访,他还是另类唱片厂牌“墓志铭”(Epitaph)的经理。“The bad news is everything you see here today,” he added, noting that the machines had to be shut down that afternoon because of the rising temperature of water used as a coolant. To replace an obsolete screw in one machine, Independent spent ,000 to manufacture and install a new one.“坏消息就是今天你在这儿看到的一切,”他指的是当天下午机器被迫关闭的事,因为用作冷却的水温度升高了。为了替换机器里一个坏掉的螺丝,公司花了5000美元制作安装了一台新机器。The vinyl boom has come as streaming has taken off as a listening format and both CDs and downloads have declined. The reasons cited are usually a fuller, warmer sound from vinyl’s analog grooves and the tactile power of a well-made record at a time when music has become ephemeral.黑胶回潮发生在流媒体播放成为主要聆听方式,CD和下载都出现下降趋势之际。人们青睐黑胶的理由通常是,在这个音乐已经变得短暂易逝的时代,黑胶的模拟方式更加丰满、温暖;精美唱片的手感也带来一种力量。Most surprising is the youth of the market: According to MusicWatch, a consumer research group, some 54 percent of vinyl customers are 35 or younger. Mr. Hansen and Darius Van Arman, a founder of Secretly Group, a consortium of small record companies that is a partner in Independent, said they believed their customers were often discovering new music through streaming and then collecting it on LPs.最让人惊讶的是,这个市场非常年轻:根据消费者调查集团MisicWatch统计,54%的黑胶唱片消费者是35岁至35岁以下的人群。小唱片公司联合团体“秘密集团”(Secretly Group)的创始人德里乌斯·范·阿尔曼(Darius Van Arman)也是“独立”的合伙人之一,他和汉森都说,客户往往是通过流媒体发现新的音乐,然后收藏它们的黑胶唱片。“None of this was supposed to happen, and yet it’s happened,” said Michael Fremer, a senior contributing editor at Stereophile magazine and a longtime champion of vinyl as a superior medium for sound.“这一切都是人们不曾预料到的,然而就这样发生了,”《Stereophile》杂志的资深供稿编辑,迈克尔·弗莱默(Michael Fremer)说,长期以来,他一直主张黑胶是一种高级的声音介质。Independent’s machines tell some of the history of the modern music business. Mr. Miller, 62, helped build them as a young man in the 1970s, and they were used for decades at the Hub-Servall plant in Cranbury, N.J.; Mr. Miller recalled pressing copies of the “Saturday Night Fever” and “Grease” soundtracks there.“独立”的机器可以反映出现代音乐工业的一些历史。米勒先生现年62岁,70年代时,年轻的他曾经参与制造这些机器。它们在新泽西州克兰伯里市的Hub-Servall工厂役几十年,米勒回忆这家工厂曾经压制过《周六夜狂热》(Saturday Night Fever)和《油脂》(Grease)的原声专辑。In 2007, Hub-Servall’s presses were sold to RIP-V, a new plant in Montreal that took on Epitaph as a client. RIP-V shut down last year, and Independent bought six of its 14 machines and brought them back to New Jersey. (The rest went to other plants.) Mr. Hansen said that he and Secretly had invested .5 million in the venture.2007年,Hub-Servall的压制机被蒙特利尔的新厂RIP-V买去,“墓志铭”也是它的客户。RIP-V于去年关门大吉,“独立”买下了它14台机器中的6台,把它们带回新泽西(另外八台机器被其他工厂买去)。汉森说,他和“秘密”为这家工厂投资了150万美元。For the music business over all, vinyl is still a niche product, if an increasingly substantial one. According to Nielsen, LPs now represent about 9 percent of sales in physical formats. But for indies like Epitaph and Secretly, vinyl has become essential: Both now take in nearly as much revenue from LPs as they do from CDs.对于整个音乐行业来说,黑胶唱片的势头虽然愈来愈强劲,但仍然属于小众产品。根据尼尔逊公司统计,黑胶LP唱片占据音乐实体销量的9%。但是对于“墓志铭”和“秘密”这样的独立唱片公司来说,黑胶成了必不可少的东西:两家厂牌目前在黑胶唱片和在CD唱片两部分的收益都是差不多一样多。Mr. Hansen started Independent as a 50-50 partnership with Secretly to serve other independent labels — companies that often find themselves squeezed out of the production line by bigger players.汉森和“秘密”以50-50的分成合作方式开了“独立”,同时也为其他独立厂牌务,这些小公司在生产环节经常受到大公司排挤。“One of the problems that independent labels are facing,” Mr. Van Arman of Secretly said, “is that some of the bigger plants might get an order for an Eagles box set, and everyone else is put on hold.”“独立厂牌经常面临这样的问题,”“秘密”的范·阿尔曼说,“有些大厂可能因为接了‘老鹰’(Eagles)盒装特辑的单,就把别人的单都推到后面去。”Independent’s initial order list includes records by Vampire Weekend, Pavement, the XX and Mac DeMarco, all indie acts that are steady sellers on vinyl. Mr. Hansen’s ownership is separate from his employment at Epitaph, and both he and Mr. Van Arman said that releases on their labels would get no special treatment.“独立”的第一批订单中包括“吸血鬼周末”(Vampire Weekend)、“人行道”(Pavement)、“the XX”和马克·德马科(Mac DeMarco),所有独立艺人和乐队都是黑胶唱片稳定的卖家。汉森对工厂的所有权是同他在“墓志铭”的职位分开的,他和范·阿尔曼都说,来压制黑胶的艺人如果选择在他俩的厂牌发行唱片,并不会得到特别优惠。Independent has taken over a spot in a small industrial park in this town about six miles south of Trenton. The company expects to employ seven full-time workers and a small part-time crew to assemble the finished records and sleeves; some of those part-timers will be moonlighting employees of a Netflix DVD fulfillment center next door where similar work is done, Mr. Hansen said.“独立”坐落在镇上一个小小的工业园区,位于特伦顿以南6英里。汉森说,公司希望雇用7名全职员工,以及一小批兼职人员,帮忙包装唱片和封套;公司打算从隔壁Netflix的DVD压制厂雇用一些工作内容差不多的兼职人员。When it is operating at full capacity, Independent should produce up to 1.5 million records a year, Mr. Hansen and Mr. Van Arman said. But first the machines must be fully restored and tested, and after several months they are still not quite y.一旦满负荷运转起来,“独立”一年可以生产150万张唱片,汉森和范·阿尔曼说。但是,机器首先需要进行全面修复和测试,几个月过去了,他们还没完全准备好。While tweaking two machines, Mr. Miller, the plant manager, showed how many parts of the physical process must be aligned to make a record properly.在修理两台机器过程中,工厂主管米勒展示了要制作一张唱片,需要经过多少程序。Vinyl pellets are poured from a bucket into an extruder, and then formed into a small lump of vinyl that is placed between metal stampers forming the shape of each side of the record. The machine then presses the stampers together with 150 pounds per square inch of pressure. If the temperature, pressure or consistency of the vinyl is off, the result is an imperfect record that is scrapped.用大桶装着的乙烯基颗粒被注入压出机,形成一小团乙烯基块,之后被注入唱片两面的金属母模之间。之后机器用150磅每平方英寸的压力冲压母模。如果温度、压力和乙烯基浓度出现问题,唱片就报废了。“This is the dirty, brutal side of the record business,” Mr. Miller said. “Nobody realizes the work it takes to actually make a record.”“这是唱片行业中最脏、最残忍的一面,”米勒说,“没有人知道制作一张唱片要花多大功夫。”There is now a global rush to set up more plants and find existing presses, but the few that have been tracked down are often in poor shape. This year Chad Kassem of Quality Record Pressings in Salina, Kan., found 13 disused machines in Chicago — “they looked like scrap metal to anybody but me,” he said — and he hopes to restore five of them within six months.目前全球都出现了建立新黑胶厂,寻找现存压制机的风潮,但是能被找到的、仅存的机器通常都是保养状况不佳。今年,堪萨斯州萨莱纳市“优质唱片压制公司”(Quality Record Pressing)的查德·卡塞姆(Chad Kassem)在芝加哥找到了13台报废的机器,“除了我,别人都把它们当成废铜烂铁,”他说。他希望能在6个月内修复其中5台机器。Fat Possum, another indie label, also started a new plant in Memphis this year to meet its own demand, with nine machines. “Now I can go and push my own stuff to the front,” said Matthew Johnson, Fat Possum’s founder, who said that in recent years he had been faced with frustrations like thousands of records held up in customs as they came in from manufacturers in Europe.独立厂牌“胖负鼠”(Fat Possum)为了满足公司自己的需要,今年在孟菲斯开设了一家新厂,他们拥有9台机器。“现在我可以直接推出自己的东西了”,厂牌创始人马修·约翰逊(Matthew Johnson)说,他说,近年来他遇到过很多困难,比如上千张唱片从欧洲的压盘厂回来,结果却被扣在海关。Yet talk of a possible bubble hangs over the vinyl business, and some plants seem to be bracing for a decline even as they expand. ed Record Pressing in Nashville, one of the biggest plants, has 30 presses running 24 hours a day and has acquired 16 more machines. Yet the plant, overwhelmed by demand, has stopped taking orders from new customers.说到这个行业内可能存在的泡沫,不少厂子在扩张的同时,似乎也在为衰退做准备。纳什维尔的“联合唱片压制公司”(ed Record Pressing)是最大的压盘厂之一,拥有30台机器,一天24小时运转,并且新近订购了16台机器。然而该厂的生产能力供不应求,已经不再接新客户的单。“It’s difficult to turn people away, especially when it is maybe an independent artist,” said Jessica Baird, a representative of the company. “But we are trying to do the best we can for people who have been loyal to us for years, and that we hope will stick with us when the ebb and flow comes again.”“要拒绝别人很难,特别是对方可能是独立艺术家,”该公司代表杰西卡·贝尔德(Jessica Baird)说。“但是我们只想为那些多年来的忠实客户做到最好,我们希望他们在行业衰落再次来临之际也能一直跟随我们。”Mr. Hansen, 52, said he wasn’t sure whether the vinyl gold rush would continue, either, but he has staked a considerable personal investment in it and called the plant part of his retirement planning.52岁的汉森说,他也不确定“黑胶淘金潮”是否会一直持续下去,但他个人对工厂进行了相当大的投资,把它当做自己养老计划的一部分。“The dream is to build capacity for our label and provide a service for the indie labels that I love and respect so much,” Mr. Hansen said, “and at the same time, make a few bucks too.”“我的梦想就是让产量能够满足我们的厂牌,以及我喜爱和尊敬的许多其他独立厂牌,同时还能赚几个钱花,”汉森说。 /201509/400632 The global burden of cancer is shifting dramatically. Once considered a disease of the wealthy, it now has a significant impact in every region, and the greatest proportional increases in cases in the coming years are predicted to be in the poorest corners of the world. Worldwide, an estimated 14.1 million new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2012 and 8.2 million cancer deaths.全球的癌症负担有了巨大转变。以前人们把癌症视为“富人病”,现在这种病却给全球带来了巨大影响。未来几年中,患癌比例的最高增幅预计会出现在世界上最穷的地区。2012年全球新增癌症病例约1410万例,死亡患者达820万人。In an analysis that maps the world#39;s hot spots for cancer, epidemiologist Lindsey Torre found a tremendous heterogeneity in which forms of the disease are most commonly diagnosed in different countries.在全球癌症热点分布图中,流行病学家林德赛·托尔发现了一种极不均匀的分布特点——各国常患癌症的类型各不相同。Among the most significant trends they identified is a growing inequality between high-income countries and lower-income countries in cancer diagnoses — with cancer rates declining in high-income countries but rising in lower-income countries.他们发现,最突出的一个趋势便是高收入国家和低收入国家在患癌率上越来越不均衡——高收入国家的癌症患病率下降,而低收入国家的癌症患病率上升。The difference is especially striking in lung, colorectal and breast cancer. Better screening, early detection and access to treatment plus a decrease in risk factors like smoking probably explain part of the positive trend among the high-income countries.其中,以肺癌、结肠癌和乳腺癌的差距尤甚。或许更好的筛查条件、早发现早治疗以及类似吸烟等诱因的减少能解释高收入国家癌症患病率下降的原因。As for the rising cancer rates in lower-income countries, ;it#39;s related to the adoption of a Western lifestyle,; Torre explained in an interview. ;People are less active,; she said. ;There is less manual labor and more use of transport. They have access to perhaps more appealing but less healthy foods.;托尔在一次采访中说道,至于低收入国家的癌症患病率为什么越来越高,“或许是与采用西方的生活方式有关。”他说道,“人们的运动越来越少。体力劳动减少,交通工具的使用增多,人们还可以吃到更美味但并不是那么健康的食物。”Developing countries also bear a disproportionate burden of infection-related cancers related to the stomach bug helicobacter pylori, hepatitis and human papillomavirus (HPV).在幽门螺杆菌、肝炎和人乳头瘤病毒(HPV)等能致使肠胃细菌感染的感染性相关癌症上,发展中国家的负担也并不均衡。Addressing this inequality is critical, the researchers wrote in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers amp; Prevention, because ;a large proportion of cancers can be prevented through measures including tobacco control, vaccination, early detection, and promotion of healthy lifestyles.;研究人员在期刊《癌症流行病学、生物标记及预防》上写道,解决不均衡现象至关重要,因为“采取预防措施能大幅减少癌症患病率,比如控烟、接种疫苗、及早发现和推广健康的生活方式。”;In addition, the burden of suffering can be reduced through appropriate treatment and palliative care. To apply these cancer control measures equitably around the world, a concerted effort will be required not only from individual country governments but also from international agencies, donors, civil society,; they said.他们还说道,“此外,患病的痛苦也可以通过适当的治疗和姑息护理得到减缓。要想在全球范围内均衡地推广这些管控手段,不仅需要各国政府的齐心协力,国际机构、捐赠者和公民社会也要倾力合作。”Torre and her colleagues at the American Cancer Society analyzed incidence and mortality data for 2003-2007 from the International Agency for Research on Cancer databases and mortality data from the World Health Organization through 2012. They selected 50 countries selected to represent various regions of the world and focused on eight major cancers.托尔和来自美国癌症学会的几位同事分析了国际癌症研究机构的数据库中,2003年-2007年癌症患者的发病率和死亡率,还研究了世界卫生组织2012年的死亡率数据。他们选出50个分布在世界各地的国家,并着手调查这些国家中八种主要癌症的发病情况。Among males, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in most countries, with the exception of those in Eastern Europe where lung cancer is the No. 1 cancer. Among females, breast cancer is the most common among those in North America, Europe and Oceania. There#39;s more diversity in Asia, where lung cancer ranks first in China and North Korea, liver in Laos and Mongolia and thyroid in South Korea.男性中,大多数国家最常确诊的癌症是前列腺癌,但东欧地区发病率最高的却是肺癌。女性中,北美、欧洲和大洋洲发病率最高的是乳腺癌。亚洲癌症发病的类型较多,中国和朝鲜排名第一的癌症是肺癌,老挝和蒙古则是肝癌,韩国是甲状腺癌。 /201512/417724赣县人流医院赣州开发区妇幼保健院有超导可视无痛人流吗



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