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Singles Day in China is the celebration -- or mourning -- of being unattached. Started by students in Nanjing in the mid-1990s, the date was selected in observation of its four solitary digits: 11/11.中国“光棍节”,一个庆祝(或哀嚎)没人相伴的节日。光棍节起源于90年代中期,由南京的几位大学生创立,节日定在每年的11月11日,因为这四个光秃秃的数字,看上去像极了“光棍”。While relatively obscure in most other countries, Singles Day is likely to increase in prominence as more single men in China are unable to find female partners. According to a recent study by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, more than 24 million Chinese men could find themselves without spouses by 2020.虽然光棍节在其他国家的文化中看来有些难以理解,但在中国,光棍节的影响力越来越大,在中国有越来越多的单身男性找不到女朋友。据中国社会科学院最近的一项调查显示,到2020年全中国将有2400万男性找不到配偶。Celebrating Singles Day comes in many forms across the Asian nation, and like Christmas and Valentine#39;s Day, it has become a multi-million dollar industry.中国各地均有不同形式来庆祝光棍节的仪式。就和圣诞节、情人节一样,光棍节已经成了一门能创造几百万收益的产业。The Fig Tree, a luxury pastry school in downtown Beijing, is offering a chocolate truffle-making course to foster ;fun, flirting, measuring and mixing,; among singles on Thursday.北京市中心一家叫菲格树的高级烘焙学校,从这周四起开始招收学习松露巧克力的学生。“乐趣及情致一体、衡量及混搭并进”是他们的宣传主题。他们招的都是单身学徒。;Baking brings people together,; said Lin Zhong, school owner and pastry chef. ;[We] invite the city#39;s singles ... for an education in flirting and chocolate making.;“烘焙将人们的距离拉得更近”,校长及主厨Lin Zhong说道,“我们旨在邀请全城的单身人士……教会他们如何边制作巧克力边调情。”For those with more adventurous tastes, Beijing#39;s flagship amusement park Happy Valley is hosting a day of activities for singles, featuring games that include a singing contest entitled ;Bachelor#39;s Love Song.; Another activity in store: a dedicated area in which singles can ;confess their true feelings.;对于那些更喜欢冒险的人来说,北京具有代表性的游乐园欢乐谷就将以一系列的游乐项目庆祝光棍节,其中包括一个名为“单身情歌”的歌唱比赛,另一个针对光棍们推出的活动叫做“说出你的爱”。All of this mingling comes at a price. For every male who buys a full price ticket for , he may bring one female along at no cost.以上这些游乐项目当然不会是免费的。每一位买价值25美元全价票的男士可以免费带一位女士入场。Shenzhen#39;s theme park, Splendid China, which boasts miniature replicas of many of the country#39;s most famous landmarks, will host a vegetable hunting contest, much like an Easter egg hunt, to encourage singles to meet. The vegetables, mostly cucumbers and tomatoes, will be hidden throughout the park in a scaled-down Great Wall and bite-size Forbidden City.深圳的一家名为“锦绣中华”的主题公园拥有许多世界知名地标建筑的复制品。他们将在光棍节举行“蔬菜猎人”比赛,就跟复活节寻蛋的游戏差不多,旨在让单身人士们相遇。蔬菜主要由黄瓜、番茄组成,它们将被藏在公园的各个角落,以缩小版本的长城和紫禁城为主。In Shanghai, the city#39;s main ;marriage market; nestled in People#39;s Park is teeming with more traffic than usual. Concerned parents of unmarried children posted personal ads and photos, boasting their education, salary levels and height and weight proportions. The advertisements line the perimeter of the park, and many anxious parents sit along the curb, hoping to meet another set of parents to make a good match.在上海,人民公园中赫赫有名的“相亲市场”一定比平时还要爆满。那些为单身孩子忧心忡忡的父母们展示着子女的个人信息、照片,夸耀他们的学历、薪水、身高、体重等各种信息。相亲广告贴满了人民公园的墙,而心急如焚的父母们则在旁等候着合适的人选前来与自己儿女配对。To the west in the city of Xian, singles can reenact a famous Tang Dynasty love story or learn about the principles of love at Qujiang Cave Ruins Park, which claims to be the ;first love-themed park in China.;往西走,在古都西安,单身人士们能参与扮演一个有名的唐代爱情故事,或在曲江寒窑遗址公园学习爱情守则,据说这是中国第一个爱情主题公园。However, in a society dominated by children who grow up without siblings (due to China#39;s one-child policy), finding love on Singles Day is unlikely to be as easy as a walk in the park.然而在一个以独生子女为主的社会里(缘于中国的计划生育政策),在光棍节成功“脱光”可远远没有听上去这么简单。;For a lot of young men, they feel that what can make them more attractive to their potential dates is their good education, a good job and a lot of money ... [and] a car and apartment handy so they can attract more women,; said Dr. Chang Wei, a psychologist at Beijing ed Family Hospital. ;That leads to a lot of young men working 10-12 hours a day with no time to socialize. Parents feel they have to step in and help them find dates, and sometimes the men are okay with that.;“很多年轻男人认为,自己的教育背景、工作和钱财将决定自己在异性面前的吸引力……如果还有车有房的话,那就在女人眼里更加抢手了,”北京和睦家医院的心理医生常伟说道。“这导致很多年轻男性每天工作10-12小时,连社交的时间都没有。他们的父母感到自己需要出手帮助自己孩子寻找对象,而孩子们也往往同意这样做。”Not everyone desires to be matched up, though. In a survey of white-collar workers on popular Chinese jobs site Zhaopin.com, about 70 percent of married or committed individuals said they missed being single.然而并不是所有年轻人都愿意被凑成对。中国知名的智联招聘网站曾进行过一项针对白领的调查显示,70%已婚或已订婚的受访者都表示:他们怀念单身时光。Once frowned upon in China, divorce is now common, too. In 2009, more than 2.46 million couples divorced in the country, almost twice the number in 2001.离婚在过去的中国是不大能被接受的,然而现在已变得十分普遍。2009年,中国有246万对夫妇离婚,这个数字几乎是2001年的两倍。But like many singles in China, Alexandra Shi, an undergraduate student at Beijing Foreign Studies University, is looking for love. This year, she#39;ll mark the day with her fellow single friends, and they will likely take one chopstick and make a wish to not be ;a #39;single stick#39; anymore.;Alexandra Shi 是一位来自北京外国语大学的本科学生,她和许多单身人士一样,正渴望找到真爱。今年她将和其他几位同样单身的好友一同庆祝光棍节,并且她们会拿起一根筷子,许下“尽快摆脱单身” 的愿望。;Being single is not cool...for me, being in a relationship would do me good I guess,; Shi said. ;But being single for now doesn#39;t make my life miserable. Definitely don#39;t want to celebrate next year#39;s Singles Day though!;“单身并不酷……对我来说,也许谈恋爱对我更有好处吧。” Shi 说道。“虽然单身的时光也不能算痛苦,但明年这个时候,我绝对不要再过光棍节了!” /201311/263954Every time you go on a date, you#39;re faced with 347 ;rules; on how to act, what to say, when to call him, when to kiss him and how to play ;the game.; We#39;re done with that. Dating rules are dead. The rules say that you should Always do this and Never do that, but our take is this: Never trust a rule that begins with ;Never,; and always question a rule that begins with ;Always.;每次你去约会,对于如何表现、说什么、何时打电话给他、何时吻他以及如何玩“爱情游戏”,你要面对347“规则”。我们受够了那些。约会规则是死的。规则说你总是应该这样做,永远别那样做,但我们的建议是这样的:永远不要相信“从不”开头的规则,总是质疑一下以“总是”开头的规则。10 ways traditional rules can ruin a date10条毁掉约会的传统规则1.They make you less authentic.Rules like ;Men Love Bitches; have a sneaky way of making us play a game, put on an act and avoid being our true selves. But if you#39;re dating someone, shouldn#39;t they, well, sort of like your true self?1.他们让你没那么真实。就像“男人爱贱人”的规则以一种卑鄙的方式让我们游戏其中,装模作样,避免真实的自我。但如果你和别人约会,难道他们就一点不你真实的自己吗?2.They make you over-think.Dating should be fun. But how can you relax when you#39;re counting the hours between calls, the days between dates, and whether he#39;s following Rule 1138?2.他们让你想的过多。约会应该是快乐的。但当你在每个电话之间数着几个小时,每次约会之间数着日子,以及他是否遵循1138号规则,你怎么能放松?2. They#39;re unrealistic.Example: We#39;ve all heard the rule that you should ;never date a co-worker.; Only problem? The rule is blind to reality. 38% of working adults will have an office romance. So, instead of saying ;Never Do It,; it#39;s more helpful to focus on strategies of how to do it well.3.他们是不现实的。例如:我们都听过这样的规则,你应该“绝不约会同事。”唯一的问题吗?这条规则无视生活。38%的成年人将有一场办公室恋情。因此,不是说“绝不这样做”,注重策略如何做好才更有帮助。4. They weed out people you might actually like.Maybe that guy a few cubicles over -- or the one who lives across the country -- isn#39;t a practical person for you to date, but since when is love practical? The Rules make you doubt your instinct to take risks, and it#39;s hard to find love when you#39;re playing it safe.4.他们淘汰你可能会喜欢的人也许那个就在几个隔间不远处的家伙,或一个全国出差的人——不是你该约会的现实对象,但什么时候爱情是实际的了?这些规则使你怀疑你冒险的本能,但你谨慎行事时很难找到真爱。5. They make you assume ;He#39;s just not that into you.;This rule makes you dump a guy at the first sign of trouble. True, certain red flags mean you should bolt, but sometimes, he just really is that busy.5.他们让你认为“他只是没那么喜欢你。”这条规则让你在一有麻烦迹象的时候甩掉那个家伙。真的,某些危险信号意味着你应该逃离,但有时,他就真的那么忙。6. The traditional rule of ;The man should take her to dinner; can backfire.Dinners can be weird. You have no escape, you fret over what you should order and whether it#39;s in the socially acceptable price range (pasta or steak?), and then, finally: Stomachs. They exist and they have consequences.6.“男人应该带她去吃饭”的传统规则可能适得其反。晚餐可能是奇怪的。你无法逃脱,你担心你应该点什么,是否在社会可接受的价格范围内(意大利面还是牛排?),然后,最终:胃。他们就在那以及他们会有问题。7. They leech the fun out of dating.In the sequel to The Rules, authors Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider even offer a grid -- yes, a grid -- that tells you exactly how much time to wait before texting him back, based on when he texts and how old you are. There#39;s nothing fun about a grid.7.他们剥夺了约会的乐趣。在《规则》续集中,作者Ellen Fein和Sherrie Schneider甚至提供了一个网格——是的,网格——告诉你在回他短信之前到底要等多久,基于他什么时候发短信以及你多大了。关于这个网格没有什么有趣。8. They#39;re prudish.Okay, let#39;s address our book#39;s title: It#39;s Okay to Sleep with Him on the First Date: and Every Other Rule of Dating, Debunked. No one#39;s saying that you should hook up on the first date. But if you want to? Go for it. (The guy#39;s not going to ;lose respect,; and if he does, he#39;s a hypocrite.) We#39;ve heard countless stories where people have hooked up on the first date and then eventually gotten married.8。他们是假正经。好吧,让我们重申我们书的标题:《第一次约会和他睡觉没事:揭秘约会的其他规则》。没有人说在第一次约会时你应该上钩。但是如果你想?去吧。(这家伙不会“失去尊重”,如果他这样做,他是一个伪君子。)人们第一次约会就上钩,然后最终结婚这样的故事我们已经听过无数。9. They#39;re sexist.The rules spawn from an era when the woman#39;s only job was to make sure the meatloaf was y by 7 p.m., when we didn#39;t have to worry about nonsense like ;equal rights,; when you could puff cigarettes when you#39;re pregnant and when we had to follow rules like ;Find a man who makes more money than you.; Ugh.9.他们是性别歧视。女人唯一的工作就是确保烘肉卷7点前准备好的时代这些规则就产生了。当我们不用担心“平等权利”这样的胡说八道,当你怀了可以吸烟,当我们不得不遵循“找一个比你赚钱多的人”的规则时。呃。10. They sp fear.Most traditional rules are fear-based. You#39;ll screw it up if you kiss him too soon! He won#39;t like you if you pursue! Our take is a little more straightforward: Don#39;t trust The Rules, trust yourself.10.他们传播恐惧。大多数传统规则是基于恐惧。如果你吻他太早你会把约会搞砸!如果你主动追求他不会喜欢你!我们的建议是一个更直接一点:别相信规则,相信你自己。 /201307/246885

这是关于一个女孩、女人、女性的成长漫画On A Claire Day:亲情、友情、爱情;家庭,朋友、婚姻,工作,生活……一切的一切~今日嘱咐:哥不是随便的人,但一旦随便起来……但确实一旦在某一方面随便了,很容易就让别人觉得其他方面他也很随便……译者:koogle内容来自: /201307/248318

Leah Remini has confirmed that she#39;s left the Church of Scientology, and with that she joins a growing list of celebrities who have said goodbye to the religion created by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.丽亚#8226;雷米尼已经实她脱离了山达基教,越来越多的名人告别了由科幻作家L#8226;罗恩#8226;贺伯特创立的宗教,从此她也加入了这队伍。Tom Cruise is the face of Scientology and he convinced Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes to join the church during his respective marriages to them. Of course neither marriage lasted, and Kidman and Holmes both left the church, with rumors it was the controversial religion that played a role in the demise of each relationship.汤姆克鲁斯是科学教的脸面人物,在两段婚姻中他说妮可#8226;基德曼和凯蒂#8226;赫尔姆斯加入了该教会。当然两段婚姻都没有长久,基德曼和赫尔姆斯都离开了该教会,谣言称这个充满争议的宗教在每段关系的消亡中扮演了一个角色。Neither has commented on the rumors, and Kidman told The Hollywood Reporter, ;I#39;ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology. I have two children [adopted with Cruise] who are Scientologists -- Connor [17] and Isabella [20] -- and I utterly respect their beliefs.;不去那些流言蜚语,基德曼告诉好莱坞记者,“我选择不公开谈论山达基教。我有两个孩子(和克鲁斯领养的)都是山达基信徒——17岁的康纳和20岁的伊莎贝拉,我完全尊重他们的信仰。”Meanwhile, actress Nazanin Boniadi -- the woman who was allegedly handpicked by the church to be Cruise#39;s girlfriend from November 2004 until January 2005 before running afoul of the religion#39;s leader David Miscavage -- also left the church.与此同时,女演员纳赞宁#8226;波妮阿蒂——在忤逆该宗教的领袖大卫-密斯凯维吉之前的2004年11月到2005年1月,被教会精心挑选出来作为克鲁斯的女朋友,也离开了该教会。;G.I. Jane; actor Jason Beghe has been one of the most vocal stars to leave Scientology. After 13 years as a member, he left in 2007, and released a in which he spoke out about the church.《魔鬼女大兵》演员杰森#8226;贝吉一直是离开山达基教中最直言不讳的明星。作为一个信徒的13年之后,2007年他离开了,在发布的一个视频中他谈到了这个教会。;Scientology is destructive and a rip-off,; the actor said in the . ;It#39;s very, very dangerous for your spiritual, psychological, mental, emotional health and evolution. I think it stunts your evolution. If Scientology is real, then something#39;s f**ked up.;“山达基是破坏性的,是在敲竹杠,”这位演员在视频中说。“对你的心灵、心理、精神、情绪健康和演变是非常危险的。我认为它阻碍了你的演变。如果山达基教是真实的,那么简直是扯淡。”And Lisa Marie Presley, whose father Elvis once said of the religion, ;F**k those people. All they want is my money,; opened up about her decision to leave the church, telling USA Today:丽莎#8226;玛丽#8226;普雷斯利,其父猫王曾经说过该宗教,“那些人去死吧。他们想要的是我的钱,”公开她离开该教会的决定时告诉《今日美国》:;I was slowly starting to self-destruct, and I didn#39;t know where that was coming from. I started to uncover the main person who was really close to me for years, and then it was a domino effect. I was devastated,; she said, adding, ;I got bad advice. I was insulated with no grip on reality. They were taking my soul, my money, my everything.”“我慢慢地开始自毁,我不知道那是来自于何处。我开始揭露那些和我真正亲近多年的主要人士,然后是一场多米诺骨牌效应。我崩溃了,”她说,并补充道,“我得到坏的建议。我无法掌控现实。他们带走了我的灵魂、我的钱、我的一切。” /201307/247831

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