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Hi everybody.大家好!Wednesday is Earth Day, a day to appreciate and protect this precious planet we call home.下周三是世界地球日,这是我们珍惜和保护这个作为我们共同家园的珍贵星球的日子。And today, theres no greater threat to our planet than climate change.当今对这个星球的威胁之中,没有什么比气候变化更严重了。2014 was the planets warmest year on record. Fourteen of the 15 hottest years on record have all fallen in the first 15 years of this century.2014年是有史以来最热的一年。而历史上15个最热的年份,有14个出现在本世纪的头15年当中。This winter was cold in parts of our country-as some folks in Congress like to point out-but around the world, it was the warmest ever recorded.去年冬天有些地方确实很冷,正如国会的某些同志所说,但纵观全球,去年的确是有气象记录以来最热的一年。And the fact that the climate is changing has very serious implications for the way we live now.而气候正在不断变暖的事实已经对我们的生活方式产生了非常严重的影响。Stronger storms.Deeper droughts.Longer wildfire seasons.更肆虐的风暴,更严重的干旱,更持久的森林草场大火。The worlds top climate scientists are warning us that a changing climate aly affects the air our kids breathe.全球最顶尖的气候学家警告我们,持续的气候变化已经影响到孩子们呼吸的空气。Last week, the Surgeon General and I spoke with public experts about how climate change is aly affecting patients across the country.上周,卫生部长和我一起与专家们讨论了气候变化对全国的病人产生了的影响。The Pentagon says that climate change poses immediate risks to our national security.五角大楼也宣布气候变化对我们的国家安全产生了现实的威胁。And on Earth Day, Im going to visit the Florida Everglades to talk about the way that climate change threatens our economy.在世界地球日这一天,我将到访佛罗里达州的埃弗格莱兹湿地,向大家介绍气候变化对我国经济产生的影响。The Everglades is one of the most special places in our country.埃弗格莱兹湿地是我国最为特别的一个地方。But its also one of the most fragile.但也是最为脆弱的地方。Rising sea levels are putting a national treasure-and an economic engine for the South Florida tourism industry-at risk.不断上升的海平面正威胁这一地区,这片国家级的珍贵湿地,也是南佛罗里达州宝贵的旅游资源,面临消失的危险。So climate change can no longer be denied-or ignored.因此,我们不能继续对气候变化问题不管不顾。The world is looking to the ed States-to us-to lead.全世界都在关注我们,希望美国带领大家一起行动。And thats what were doing.我们正在努力之中。Were using more clean energy than ever before.我们比以前使用更多的清洁能源。America is number one in wind power, and every three weeks, we bring online as much solar power as we did in all of 2008.美国是全世界风能发电最多的国家,每三个星期,我们就有相当于2008年全年的太阳能发电量上线并网。Were taking steps to waste less energy, with more fuel-efficient cars that save us money at the pump, and more energy-efficient buildings that save us money on our electricity bills.我们正在采取措施减少能源浪费,采用更高效的发动机制造汽车,为大家节省燃料费用,建设更节能的建筑,为人们节省电费。So thanks in part to these actions, our carbon pollution has fallen by 10 percent since 2007, even as weve grown our economy and seen the longest streak of private-sector job growth on record.正是有了我们的这些措施,我们的碳排放自2007年以来降低了10%,而在这期间,我们的经济取得了发展,私营部门也创下了连续增长就业最长的时间记录。Weve committed to doubling the pace at which we cut carbon pollution, and China has committed, for the first time, to limiting their emissions.我们承诺将碳排放削减一倍,中国也首次就削减碳排放做出承诺。And because the worlds two largest economies came together, theres new hope that, with American leadership, this year, the world will finally reach an agreement to prevent the worst impacts of climate change before its too late.正因为全球两大经济体之间的合作,新的希望就在眼前,在美国的引领下,今年,全世界将最终达成一致,在气候变化产生严重影响之前阻止这一趋势继续恶化。This is an issue thats bigger and longer-lasting than my presidency.这是一项比总统本身更宏大,比总统任期更长远的事业。Its about protecting our God-given natural wonders, and the good jobs that rely on them.它关系着保护上苍赐予我们的伟大自然,关系着依赖于此的高薪工作。Its about shielding our cities and our families from disaster and harm.它关系着让我们的城市和家园免受灾害的侵袭。Its about keeping our kids healthy and safe.它关系着我们的孩子们的健康和安全。This is the only planet weve got.这是我们唯一拥有的星球。And years from now, I want to be able to look our children and grandchildren in the eye and tell them that we did everything we could to protect it.我希望多年以后,我能看着我们的孩子们以及孩子们的孩子们的眼睛,告诉他们,我们尽到了我们的最大力量来保护这个星球。Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家!祝你们周末愉快!201504/371813。

The Chinese economy is of course much smaller than the ed States; with a smaller motor, the world economy is likely to move forward at a slower pace. But within these limits a tectonic shift is taking place between the ed States and China with third parties reorienting themselves to the source of positive impulses. The shift may not be permanent or irreversible, but at the present moment, it constitutes the most predictable and significant trend in the global political economy and China is pulling its trading partners like Brazil and some African and Asian counties along with it. India is also doing well based on domestic growth.中国的经济总量显然要比美国小得多;马达变小了,世界经济发展可能会放慢步伐。 但是,由于这些限制,美国与中国之间正在发生结构性的变化,别的国家也在重新调整自己的方向以找到发展的原动力。这个变化也许不会是永久的或不可逆转的,但在目前,这是全球政治经济可预测和显著的趋势。中国正在带动像巴西这样的贸易伙伴和一些非洲、亚洲的国家向前发展。印度立足于国内,经济增长势头良好。The success of Chinese economic policy cannot be taken for granted. The infrastructure investment in the Chinese hinterland may or may not generate self-sustaining economic growth. Under the Chinese system, the return on new investments is generally very low because investment decisions are dictated by political rather than commercial considerations. On the previous two occasions, the relaxation of bank credit produced a spate of bad loans.我们也不能想当然地认为中国经济政策必定会成功。在中国内地,政府对基础设施的投资会不会使经济保持自我持续的增长还是个未知数。在中国的体制下,因为投资决策是出于政治而非商业考虑,所以新投资的回报率通常很低。前两次信贷的宽松导致了大批不良贷款。201409/331392。

For you will be part of that leadership毕竟你们以后都将成为军队领导中的一员First, let me repeat a principle I put forward at the outset of my presidency:首先 请让我重申我在总统任期伊始便已明确的原则The ed States will use military force unilaterally if necessary, when our core interests demand it美国在核心利益受到侵害时 会毫不犹豫地采取单方面军事行动when our people are threatened, when our livelihoods are at stake when the security of our allies is in danger当我们的人民受到威胁时 当我们的生活受到威胁时 当我们的盟友安全处于险境时In these circumstances, we still need to ask tough questions about whether our actions are proportional and effective and just不过哪怕这些情况下 我们仍然需要确保 行动有效正义 而且不会得不偿失International opinion matters but America should never ask permission to protect our people, our homeland or our way of life国际舆论非常重要 不过在需要保护人民 国土和生活方式的时候 美国无需征得任何人的同意On the other hand when issues of global concern do not pose a direct threat to the ed States另一方面 当某一全球焦点问题不会对美国形成直接威胁时when such issues are at stake when crises arise that stir our conscience or push the world in a more dangerous direction例如某场危机侵扰了我们的良知 或是将世界推往更危险的方向but do not directly threaten us then the threshold for military action must be higher但没有直接威胁到我们 这时 军事行动的门槛需要提高In such circumstances, we should not go it alone这些情况下 我们不应当单独行动Instead, we must mobilize allies and partners to take collective action我们应当动员盟友和合作伙伴采取联合行动We have to broaden our tools to include diplomacy and development sanctions and isolation appeals to international law and,我们需要采用更广泛的手段 包括外交和发展 制裁和孤立 诉诸国际法if just, necessary and effective multilateral military action在正义有效的前提下 实在有必要时 还可以采取多边军事行动201505/375722。

What it is about Baidu and the Chinese search market thats allowed是什么让百度在中国Baidu to become much more successful than Google and Yahoo! in China?比谷歌以及雅虎做得更成功Specifically, what is it that American companies that,美国公司对于中国的互联网行业both then and now, still dont understand about始终不甚了解China that you think you do and they dont?能否谈谈一些你知道而别人不知道的原因Robin Li: I think that there are a lot在这个问题之中存在着of misconceptions about this question.许多误解There are very successful American companies在中国,有很多很成功的美国公司in China: Intel, Cisco, Microsoft.比如,因特尔,思科,微软They have been in China for a very long time.他们来到中国有很长一段时间了They figured out how to do business in China已经摸索出在中国的经营之道and they have been quite successful.并且获得了成功But Internet companies, a little bit different.但是对于互联网公司来说会有些不同There are three reasons for that.原因有三First is that, during the 90s,第一,在九十年代I think the Chinese IT market was very, very small.中国的互联网市场规模很小Nobody paid attention to that.没人关注这个市场But during the past decade,但在过去的十年间I think, with the Internet coming to China,随着互联网的普及that the market gets larger and larger as以及中国经济的崛起Chinese economy gets larger and larger,互联网市场规模也不断扩大the opportunity, the potential for that market市场潜力上升以及机遇的涌现has become very meaningful to a lot of people.吸引不少目光与投资Therefore, its a fast-growing market.这是一个快速成长的市场Its growing very, very quickly, much faster than the world average.变化非常迅速,比世界平均速度更快For example, when I returned to China,举例来说,当我回到中国I remember we had less than 10 million Internet users,当时中国网民人数不足一千万and today we have more than 338 million Internet users.而现在网民数达到了3.38亿So during the past 10 years,在过去的十年中the market actually changed very quickly, very dramatically.市场变化极其迅速American companies did not realize that in the early days.许多美国公司都始料未及They thought, ;OK, the amount of online information grows about他们认为,既然网上信息量每年增长50%50% per year. Ill grow my index by 50% per year. But in fact,那就每年增长50%的索引if you pay attention to China,但事实上,如果你关注中国the amount of Chinese information online triples every在中国,网上信息量每年翻3倍year. And we triple our index every year. So that gives因此我们的索引也同步增长50%the Chinese Internet users impression that if you cannot这给中国网民一个印象find anything on the other search engines,如果在其他搜索引擎上找不到的东西you may be able to find it on Baidu. If you cannot find it on Baidu,百度或许能够帮你,如果在百度上都找不到you cannot find it anywhere else. So thats just one example of showing那么其他地方肯定也找不到how quickly the market is. If you are not close to that market,这个例子表明中国市场发展得十分迅速,如果你不够关注市场you have missed a lot of opportunities. The second reason is that,机会将跟你擦肩而过,第二点原因是although Baidu is perceived as a Chinese company虽然百度被认为like many other NASDAQ-listed folks --SINA,像其他在纳斯达克上市的中国公司一样Sohu, Netease, Shenda--- but they are almost 100% funded by U.S. VCs,比如,新浪,搜狐,网易,申达,但它们几乎都是many of the Silicon Valley-based. This kind of money由美国风险投资资助的,许多来自硅谷actually helped a lot in the development of the Internet这样的资本在中国互联网的发展过程中助益良多market in China. And as many of you know,众所周知Chinese people are very entrepreneurial. They really want to make a difference.中国人很有企业家精神,总是想着有所作为They are hardworking. Once they are married with VC money,并且不辞辛劳,一旦得到了风险投资的资本its very competitive. So the Internet他们将变得十分具有竞争力space in China has become very,所以中国的互联网市场极具竞争力very competitive. This is different from many这和其他行业不同other sectors. In the traditional sectors,在传统行业American companies are basically competing with state-owned美国公司的竞争对手是中国的国有企业enterprises. They move very slowly. They dont have the他们反应迟缓,没有正确的奖励机制right incentive structure. But in Internet,互联网市场就不一样了its very different. Its like everyone knows everyone and公司之间知己知彼they all have the right incentive structure to become successful.也有正确的激励机制以达到成功The third reason is that Internet companies,原因三,对于互联网公司be it American or otherwise,不管是在美国还是在其他国家are generally very young. Young companies usually do not plan for the都是新生的企业,一般不做长期打算very long term. Sometimes they are not patient enough. They try,有时显得缺乏耐心they lost a lot of money. A couple of years later,他们不断尝试,同时也为自己的年轻交了很多学费five years later, they say,若干年后,或许5年,他们会说;OK. I give up. I have enough challenges in my domestic够了,我还是放弃吧,本国市场上的竞争太激烈了market. I dont want to deal with this thing.;我不想干了So that happened to a number of American Internet companies.一些美国互联网公司碰到过这样的情况I think thats the three most important reasons for以上这些就是主要的三个原因what happened in the Internet space in China.来解释中国互联网市场的现状201503/366862。

You were beaten by the chimps.你们被黑猩猩打败了。But it was close.但很接近了。You were three times better than the Swedes,but thats not enough.你们的正确率比瑞典人高了三倍但这还不够。You shouldnt compare yourself to Swedes.你们不应该拿自己跟瑞典人比。You must have higher ambitions in the world.你们对于世界的野心肯定不止于此。Lets look at the next answer here: women in school.来看下一个 女性所受的学校教育。Here, you can see men went eight years.这里 你可以看到男性是八年。How long did women go to school?女性所受的学校教育年限是?。Well, we asked the Swedes like this,and that gives you a hint, doesnt it?瑞典人是这么回答的。你从这里能总结出规律了是吧。The right answer is probably the one the fewest Swedes picked, isnt it?正确的很可能是最少瑞典人选择的那个 对吧。Lets see, lets see. Here we come.咱们来看看开始。Yes, yes, yes, women have almost caught up.没错,没错,女性几乎赶上了。This is the U.S. public.这是美国公众的选择。And this is you. Here you come.然后这里是你们的选择 请看。Well, congratulations, youre twice as good as the Swedes, but you dont need me a” So how come?祝贺大家 你们的正确率比瑞典人高一倍。但是你们不需要我来怎么会这样?I think its like this, that everyone is aware that there are countries and there are areas where girls have great difficulties.我想这是因为大家都知道在有些国家。有些地区女孩子们依然处于巨大的困境之中。They are stopped when they go to school,and its disgusting.她们不被允许去学校这是令人无法接受的。But in the majority of the world,where most people in the world live,most countries, girls today go to school as long as boys, more or less.但是在世界上的大部分地方。在大部分人生活的地区绝大多数国家女孩子们上学的时间和男孩子们一样长或多或少。That doesnt mean that gender equity is achieved, not at all.这并不意味着男女平等已经实现了。完全不是。They still are confined to terrible, terrible limitations, but schooling is there in the world today.她们依然受到许多严重的束缚,但学校教育已经成为了主流。Now, we miss the majority.现在我们忽略了大多数情形。When you answer, you answer according to the worst places,and there you are right, but you miss the majority.当你回答问题时 你以最差的情形为依据,这并不意味着你错了 但是你把大多数情形给忽略了。What about poverty?关于贫困呢?。Well, its very clear that poverty here was almost halved,and in U.S., when we asked the public,only five percent got it right.非常明显。贫困率几乎减半。然而在美国 但我们向公众提问时只有5%的人回答正确。And you?那你们呢?Ah, you almost made it to the chimps.差一点就跟黑猩猩一样了。That little, just a few of you!一点点,就差你们中的一小部分人!There must be preconceived ideas, you know.先入为主的观念是一定存在的。And many in the rich countries,they think that oh, we can never end extreme poverty.很多富裕国家都认为我们永远无法消除极端贫困。Of course they think so,because they dont even know what has happened.他们当然是这么认为的因为他们根本不知道发生了些什么。The first thing to think about the future is to know about the present.想要预知未来必须先了解现在。These questions were a few of the first ones in the pilot phase of the Ignorance Project in Gapminder Foundation that we run.以上这些问题是由我们负责的Gapminder基金会在无知项目的试运行阶段所提出的问题中的一部分。and it was started, this project, last year by my boss, and also my son, Ola Rosling.这个项目是在去年 由我的老板同时也是我的儿子 奥拉·罗斯林启动的。Hes cofounder and director, and he wanted,Ola told me we have to be more systematic when we fight devastating ignorance.他是联合创始人兼总监。并且他想要奥拉告诉我我们在对抗惊人的无知的战斗中需要更具有系统性。201501/354867。