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龙江乐从北滘镇治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好广东省佛山新世纪医院治疗前列腺炎多少钱1. 我想要加薪。I'd like a pay raise.2.请您认真考虑给我加薪。I hope you are seriouly consider giving me a pay raise.3. 我希望您能尽快处理这个问题。I hope you can address this problem as soon as possilble.4. 我找错了时间问老板加薪。I picked a wrong time to ask for a raise.5. 我每月的总收入应该涨300元。My monthly gross salary should increase 300 yuan.6. 我要求增加工资。I demand a pay raise.7. 如果对不多付我一些钱,就是不公平。It's unfair if you don't pay me more.8.如果你不给我增加工资,我就辞职。 If you don't give me a raise, I will quit.9. 我得养家糊口。I have a family to support. /201106/141002三水区妇幼保健院龟头炎症 就在Catherine接到E公司的电话通知没几天,她又接到另一个F公司的电话,告诉Catherine她被录取了,相比较前一个工作,这个工作似乎更有发展前景,但她又担心自己对这个公司的相关领域不熟,自己不能胜任。就在她犹豫不决的时候,Jenny对她说,Don't pass up this job.听了她这句话,Catherine终于下定决心接受这份工作。C:I have just recieved a call from F company telling me that I'm admitted. The job they offered seems to have a greater potential than the former one.But I'm not familar with the relating area.I am not sure whether I can handle it.C:我刚接到F公司的电话通知我被录取,那个公司的工作似乎比前一个更有发展前景。但是我对相关领域不熟悉,我不确定自己是否能胜任。J:Don't pass up this job.It's a great challenge for you.I think you can learn a lot of valuable things from it.J:别放弃这个工作。这对你来说是个不错的挑战,我想你能从中学到很多宝贵的东西C:Yes ,you are right.I will take your advice.C:你说的对,我听你的。 Don't pass up this job.别放弃这个工作pass up 是拒绝的意思美语中pass这个词的意思非常丰富。它可以表示“经过”,如pass a post office 经过邮局; 也可以表示“通过”,如pass an examination通过考试;还可以表示“忽略”,如“pass trivial details 忽略细枝末节。有一句关于pass的常用口语Let it pass表示暂且不谈的意思 Carl:You can't pass up this job.This kind of opportunity comes only once in a lifetime.卡尔:你不可错过这个工作。这种机会一辈子才有一次。Amanda:Really?Well,I will be on duty next Monday.阿曼达:真的吗?那,我下周就去报到。 /201005/104265佛山市第一人民医院龟头炎症

佛山男性医院门诊Catherine要陪同一位客户四处转转,无奈自己的胃病犯了,但她还是硬撑着陪客户游览各地,吃遍各地名吃。客户走后,她的胃病加重了,不得不住进了医院。亲戚朋友来看她时都说她不该苦着自己的,Catherine谢了怕大家的关心,然后说:I don't want to leave a bitter taste in his mouth. I don't want to leave a bitter taste in his mouth.我不想给他留下不愉快的回忆。leave a bitter taste in one's mouth这个俚语的表面意思是“在某人嘴里留下苦味”,引申义就是“给某人留下不好的回忆或印象”。bitter是形容词,意为“有苦味的,令人不快的”,通常用来形容令人难受的经历或事件,例如:They learned a bitter lesson. 他们接受了惨痛的教训。 Todd: You don't need to do that at the expense of your health.托德:你没必要以健康为代价去做那件事。Shirley: Well, I don't want to leave a bitter taste in his mouth.雪莉:哎,我不想给他留下不愉快的回忆。背景音乐:Perfect Moment◎大家如果觉得不错,请不要吝惜自己的持,在栏写下你们的感受,有大家的持,相信我们会做的更好◎顺德乐从医院网上挂号 What is your biggest challenge?你最大的挑战是什么? Anything unclear?还有什么问題吗?What is your biggest challenge?你最大的挑战是什么? That is the greatest challenge of all.这是最大的挑战。This constitutes the biggest challenge.这是最大的挑战。The move signals perhaps the biggest challenge yet to A.此参表明,A公或许面临迄今最大的挑战。What can we do to boost sales a bit? 我们该怎么做才能增加销售額?What can we do to boost sales a bit?找们该怎么做才能增加销售額?Please lake a look at our research report.请看下我们的调查报告? Can you suggest how we should do it?能給些建议我们应该怎么做吗?We wunt to be in the Chinese market, how do we get there?我们想进入中国市场,我们该怎么做? /201506/379910佛山治疗附睾炎医院

南海人民医院看男科好吗设定会议章程 Setting an agenda for a meetingNarrator: 欢迎回到 Tip Top 贸易公司。 马上就要开会了,可是 Paul 迟到了。他让 Anna 来主持会议,不要等他了。Denise: Here you go Anna, its a print-out of the agenda for the meeting.Anna: Thank you. Oh dear, Im not sure if I know the right words to start meetings.Narrator: Well, 你可以说:谢谢大家今天到场. Thank you for coming.今天会议日程上有5项内容。There are five items on the agenda today.Anna: Items?Narrator: 比较正式的英语,意思和 things 一样。需要一项一项列出来:第一点 Firstly, 第二点 secondly, 然后是 after that, 接着是 and then, 最后finally...Anna: Yes, thats easy.Narrator: 会议结束前一般会有问 any other business.Anna: Any other business?Narrator: 对了,除了日程上提到的,还有没有什么其它事情需要讨论的?我想 Tom 肯定想吹捧一下自己的能力,Denise 可能想说说她的新的理发师。然后会议也就可以结束了,你可以说 Lets wrap up 我们可以结束了.Anna: To wrap up. Okay, Ill do my best. Oop, its time, everyone is gathering.(Sound of shuffling, chairs being moved, quiet pre-meeting chitchat between staff.)Anna: Thank you. Thank you for coming. Paul will be here soon, but he asked me to start the meeting. There are (counting to herself) one, two, three, four items on the agenda today.Firstly, the stock management systems. Secondly, plans for a team-building activity (collective groan). After that, the colour of our new apples and finally any other business, before we can wrap up.Paul: (arriving) Oh golly gosh, there you are, here I am, good. Hello everyone. Sorry Im late.Anna: Id just opened the meeting.Paul: Great. Remind me what the first item on the agenda is?Anna: Stock.Paul: Stock, stock and stock. Ah yes, stock management systems. Yes, right. Well thats mainly to announce that we need to start developing a good stock management system. So we can meet the huge demand I am expecting for these laser-curve fruits. Anna, Id like you to lead on that.(quiet murmur of surprise)Anna: Me? You want me to be in charge of the stock management systems?Paul: Annas had some excellent ideas aly and I think shell do a great job. For these new fruits, stock control would be key to supplying our customers laser-curve oranges, laser-curve lemons, laser-curve (fade out).Narrator: 这对 Anna 来说是好消息, 不过她可真的是付出了努力。她主持了成功的会议。让我们来复习一下她用到的一些短语:Thank you for coming.There are four items on the agenda today.Firstly...Secondly...After that...Then...And finally...Any other business.And then we can wrap up.Narrator: 现在我们可以结束了。 Well, time for me to wrap up too. 我们下期节目再会!Bye!听力挑战:What was the second item on the agenda for todays meeting?今天开会时的第二个讨论点是什么?上期:问题:Anna 在邮件里想确认些什么?:她的公司可以提供300个豪华包装盒。Tom在地上找到了他的一份书,是什么书呢?:塑料梨子全年最佳销售员 /201208/195166 Angry over a change in plansA: Susan! Why didn’t you tell me that you were taking over the Silk Company account?B: I thought you knew, Todd. It was decided last week. I guess you weren’t at the meeting.A: You know I wasn’t at the meeting. I was meeting with Mr. Wei about this account. I’ve been on this for a month and a half.B: I’m sorry. Todd, but Mr. Emory,felt that it was going too slowly, and that it needed a fresh start. He should have told you.计划变动A:苏珊!你为什么没告诉我你要接管丝绸公司这个项目?B:我以为你知道了呢,托德。这是上星期决定的。我想你没来开会。A:你知道我没来开会。我正会见魏先生商议这个项目。我为这已经工作一个半月了。B:对不起,托德,可埃莫里先生,觉得这事进展得太慢,需要一个全新的开始。他应该告诉你了。 /02/61640祖庙石湾张槎桂城街道人民医院地址顺德新世纪泌尿专科医院割包皮多少钱



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