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An American woman has receive a suspended jail sentences after she threatened to kill physicist Stephen Hawking.美国一名女子在威胁称要杀死物理学家史蒂芬·霍金之后,被判入狱,缓期执行The woman, known only as Jenny Theresa C, pleaded guilty to making erious threats against the physicist. The court tried the woman after she refused to be seen by an expert who wanted to evaluate her state of mind.该女子名为珍妮·特丽萨·C,承认自己因“严重”威胁霍金而获罪法院对这名女子进行了审判,而她之前曾拒绝了一名专家想要对其进行精神状态评估的请求A court source confirmed: The American citizen arrested threatening Stephen Hawking has been released because the four month prison sentence she received was suspended as she didnt have a criminal record in Spain. As part of her sentence she is prevented from going within 500 metres of Professor Hawking and communicating with him via any means during an eight-month period. She has agreed to the sentence and recognised that she committed a crime of serious threats.来自法院方面的消息实:“这名美国公民因威胁史蒂芬·霍金而被捕,但是她又被释放了,因为她在西班牙没有犯罪记录,所以她四个月监禁的处罚将缓期执行作为判决的一部分,在接下来的8个月时间里,这名女子不能接近霍金500米以内的范围,同时还不能以任何手段和霍金对话她接受了这一判决,并且承认自己犯下了严重威胁罪”Police said: he had been pursuing Mr Hawking throughout the world and in the last few days had sent him grave threats through social media and to his personal email.警方表示称:“她一直在全世界各地追寻霍金的脚步,最近几天她还通过社交媒体向霍金的个人邮箱发送了非常严重的威胁信息”In the various emails he received she outlined plans to end his life during the scientific conference being held in Tenerife. Because of the inmation contained in the emails, it appeared the person sending them could have been inside the conference venue.“在他收到的众多邮件中,有一封是该名女子计划杀死他的详细计划,在邮件中该名女子曾计划要在特内里费举行科学会议期间杀死霍金从这封邮件中所含有的信息来看,发送邮件的人可能已经潜入了会议场馆里”The 37-year-old woman was arrested in a hotel near where the world-famous physicist was due to speak.最终,这名女子在一间宾馆里被捕,而这间宾馆的旁边就是霍金要发表演讲的地方Local reports said the 7-year-old Oxd-born professor was also due to give evidence to a judge in a behind-closed-doors hearing at the court in the southern resort of Arona.据当地媒体报道,这起案件将在西班牙阿罗纳南部举行闭门听会,而7岁的剑桥教授霍金也会出席,向法官陈述据His family raised the alarm after he received messages which said: Im going to kill you and Im next to you and can kill you. The detention took place the same day the scientist gave a keynote speech at the centre as part of the Starmus Festival.在收到威胁信息后,霍金一家都提高了警惕这些威胁信息这样说道:“我要杀死你”、“我就在你身边,我能杀死你”就在这名女子被捕的同一天,作为“上帝粒子科学节”的一部分,霍金在该会议中心发表了一份主要讲话 50

About Color 颜色S: salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key SentencesS1: What color?什么颜色?S: What colors do you want?您要什么颜色?S3: We can change colors.我们可以改颜色的S: What your favorite color?您最喜欢什么颜色?S5: How many colors do you want?你需要几个颜色?S6: You can order other colors.你可以订做其他颜色S7: What color are you looking ?你想找什么颜色的?S8: What colors sell well in your country?你们国家什么颜色好卖?S9: If you like, I give you other colors.如果你愿意,我给你其他颜色S: What colors are popular in your country?你们国家什么颜色流行?S: This color is very popular in Europe this year.这种颜色进今年在欧洲很流行S: We have the same pattern in other colors.同样的样式我们还有其他颜色的S: We have many different colors in this style.这个款我们还有许多不同的颜色S: Please tell me how many you take each color?请告诉我每种颜色要多少?S: White is the most popular color this summer.白色是今年夏天最流行的颜色S: In that size, we have black, brown, and gray.这个尺寸有黑色、棕色和灰色的S: We can do the size, but not the color. Do you take other colors instead?您要的尺码我们倒是有,可是没有您要的颜色,拿其他的颜色行吗?C1: What colors do you have?您要什么颜色?C: Each color 50 pieces.每个颜色50件C3: Each style 0 pieces.每个款式0件C: Please make the color dark.请把颜色加深C5: Please show me the color card.请给我色卡看看C6: How many colors do you have?你有几个颜色?C7: What samples sell well in China?中国哪个板好卖?C8: Dont you have a black one in the same design?你们没有相同式样黑色的吗?C9: We want the pattern to be exactly the same as shown on the enclosed color card.我们所要的花色应与所附色卡完全相同 16

导购口语:I think you look wonderful in blue.我觉得你穿蓝色非常好看You look god in red shirt.你穿红色衬衫好看You look good in black.你穿黑色好看语句:You look good in + 颜色 表示“你穿……好看”当in后面加上一个表示颜色的形容词时,它表示穿某种颜色的衣,这种用法很普遍上文中的You look good in red shirt.也可说成You look good in red.情景再现:A: Maybe I should change into something else?B: No, you look great in red.A:我是不是该换件衣穿?B:不用了,你穿红色很好看 189987

About Materials装面料S: Salesclerk 售货职员C: Customer 顾客S1: You can change stylecolormaterial.你可以换款式颜色面料S: This fabric is colorfast.这种面料不褪色S3: All styles are here.所有的款式都在这里S: We have other samples.我们有其他样板S5: All samples are here.所有的样板都在这里S6: I show you other samples.我给你看其他样板S7: Do you want to change material?你要换面料吗?S8: This price is higher, because good material.这一款价格高一点,因为面料比较好S9: The price is higher, because it special material.这款价格高一点,因为是特殊面料S: This is a copy one, but the quality is as good as the original ones.这是仿制的,但质量和正品的一样S: These two materials look the same. In fact, their qualities are much to different.这两种面料看起来差不多但事实上,它们的质量是大不同的S: It very popular to make lining in dacron instead of other cloth.现在很流行的确良做衬里,而不用其他面料C1: Please show me.请给我看看C: Do you have other samples?你有其他样板吗?C3: What kind of material is this?这是什么质地的?C: Where is this material from?这面料是从哪里进口的?C5: Could I have the chiffon instead?我可以换成雪纺绸的吗?C6: Are these stockings made with silk?这些长袜是丝做的吗?C7: This price is higher, because imported material.这一款价格高一点,因为是进口面料 3

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