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Focus on the relevance. Apple needs to find where it is still incredibly relevant and focus on those areas. It means to figure out its core assets are, and invest more in them, Apple has neglected its core assets for a while. It has to forge some meaningful partnerships, not just partnerships in press releases. And it needs to define some new product paradigms. Weve got some great ideas. Im not going to be talking about products today, though. I just want you to know that we have some wonderful ideas that youll be hearing about between now and the end of the year. So, Lets talk about some of the Broad of Directors. Apple bad a very decent group of people as the Broad of Directors, they worked very, very hard for Apple, But I think with Apple in the situation, it found itself, it was time for a change. And the directors agreed with that. We have put together a new Board of Directors that I would like to announce to you today. There are two members of the prior board that we are extremely pleased are going to stay on the new Board. The first of those is Ed Woolard. Ed is the Chairman and former CEO of Du Pont. Ive gotten to know Ed over the last several weeks and I think hes terrific. He has provided a tremendous amount of leaderships during this very critical time for Apple. Next is Gareth Chang. Gareth is the President of Hughes International. Again, hes been on the Apple Board for a short while. Gareth bring a tremendous international experience to Apple, particularly in Asia, which is a very important market and high growth market for Apple.要把握苹果最可能涉足的优势领域,并倾注精力去开拓。这意味着要找出它的核心资产是什么,并且在其上加大投资,有一段时间苹果已经忽视了它的核心资产了。苹果必须锻造一些除新闻媒体之外的有意义的合作关系。这意味着开发新的产品模式,我们已经有了一些很不错的主意,不过我今天不打算谈论那些产品,我只是想让你们知道我们已经有了一些很棒的想法,我们将会在年底之前陆续揭晓。那么现在我们来说说董事会的一些事情。苹果有着一班非常非常优秀的董事会成员,他们为苹果尽心竭力。但是我想就苹果现在这个境况而言,董事会成员自己也会发觉是时候作一个变革了,他们对这一变革的必要性都表示赞同。我们组成了一个新董事会,今天我想对你们公布。新董事会里有两位以前的董事会成员,我们非常高兴他们能继续留在这个新的董事会中。第一位是埃德?伍拉徳,杜邦的董事长和前任首席执行官。几个星期前我认识了他,我觉得他非常了不起。在这重要关头,他为苹果的决策和管理作了很大的贡献。另一位是张镇中。他是休斯电子国际集团的总裁,他到苹果董事会的时间不 长。他为苹果带来了大量的国际市场的开拓经验,尤其是在亚洲地区,这是苹果急需拓展的市场。201407/309607After the collapse of the Soviet entire the ed States emerged as the sole superpower. No other power, or the combination of powers, could challenge its supremacy. But the unipolar world did not take root. When President Bush sought to assert Americas supremacy by invading Iraq on false pretences he achieved the exact opposite of what he intended. The ed States suffered a precipitous decline in its power and influence. So the disarray in the international financial system is matched by instability in international relations. The new order that will eventually emerge will not be dominated by the ed States to the same extent as the old one.前苏联解体后,美国成为了唯一的超级大国,没有其他大国或者国家联盟可以挑战其至高无上的国力,但是这种“单极”的世界秩序未能持久。当布什总统为彰显美国的威力以不实之词为借口入侵伊拉克时,其效果与他的意图适得其反。美国的力量和影响力一落千丈,结果混乱的国际金融体系加之不稳定的国际关系形成了。此后,终将形成新的世界秩序,将不会再像以往那样受美国的控制和左右。To understand what is happening we need a different conceptual framework from the one to which we have been accustomed. The efficient market hypothesis looks at financial markets in isolation and totally disregards politics. But that gives a distorted picture. As I have pointed out several times, behind the invisible hand of markets there is the visible hand of politics which establishes the rules and conditions in which the market mechanism operates. My conceptual framework relates to the political economy, not the market economy as an abstract construct that is governed by timelessly valid laws. I look at financial markets as a branch of history.为了便于理解什么正在发生,我们需要一个有别于惯性思维的概念性框架。有效的市场假说孤立地看待金融市场,完全无视政治因素,但这扭曲了现实。正如我多次提到的那样,在市场无形的手背后有一只有形的政治之手,它制定有关市场运作的各种法律法规。我所说的概念性框架与政治经济学有关,而与抽象概念的市场经济学无关。我把金融市场视作历史的一个分。201409/326672This is what a new Bretton woods conference could accomplish in one fell swoop. It would reconstitute the IMF to better reflect the prevailing pecking order among states and revise its methods of operation. It would decide how to treat financial institutions that are too big to fail and it would consider new rules to control capital movements because the total freedom of financial capital to move around freely the world has proved to be a source of instability and needs to be curbed.这就是一个新的布雷顿森林会议可以一举完成的任务。它将会重新组建国际货币基金组织,使之能更好反映国家之间的一般排序,并且修改其运作方式。会议还可以决定怎样对待那些规模大而不会垮掉的金融机构,以及考虑新规则来控制资本流动,因为在国际范围内金融资本完全地自由流动已被明是造成不稳定的因素之一,必须加以遏制。The use of the dollar as the main international currency has produced dangerous imbalances. The dollar is no longer and no longer enjoys the trust and confidence it once did, yet no other currency is in a position to take its place. There is a general flight from currencies into gold and other commodities and tangible assets. That is harmful because it keeps those assets out of productive use and stokes the fear of inflation.美元作为主要国际货币已经导致了危险的通货不平衡现象。它过去所享有的信任和信心已不复存在,但尚未出现可将其取而代之的货币。现在大致的趋势是,各种货币都向黄金及其他商品和有形不动产转移。这不是好亊,因为它限制了这些资产的建设性作用,并会引发大众对通货膨胀的恐惧。The ed States ought not to shy away from the wider use of Special Drawing Rights (SDRs). That should induce China to abandon its peg to the dollar and that would be the best way to reduce international imbalances. Since SDRs are denominated in several national currencies, no single currency would enjoy an unfair advantage.美国不应羞羞答答地回避“特别提款权”的更广泛使用。它可以促使中国放弃盯着美元不放,也是减少国际不平衡的最好办法。由于“特别提款权”由多个国家的货币决定,所以没有哪一种货币能享有不公平的优势。201409/332399

After college, I went to law school for three years, and then into my dream job at a big NY law firm.读完大学,我在法学院度过了三年,之后在一间大的纽约律师事务所得到了自己梦想中的工作。But even though it had been my dream, I didnt like it once I got there.虽然这曾一直是我的梦想,但是当我得到时,我发现我并不喜欢它。For the first time, I was feeling financially secure, but I knew I wasnt passionate enough about what I was doing.虽然在我人生中,我第一次在财务上获得了保障,但是我知道我对自己做的那些事情并没有足够。And because I didnt love it, I would never be fulfilled from it, or be really good at it.而且因为我并不爱它,我将永不可能从中得到满足,或者是真的擅长这份工作。Someone who loved it more would have greater enthusiasm and focus.更爱这种工作的人会更积极地专注于它。For some it was fun; for me it was always going to be a horrible chore.对有些人来说这是乐趣,对我来说,这永远是一份可怕的苦差。After five years at a law firm, I decided I wanted to try something different.在律师事务所工作五年之后,我决定要尝试一些不同的东西。I came home and told my wife I was quitting, and she cried. And not out of happiness.我回家告诉我的妻子我要辞职,她哭了,而且不是因为高兴。Anyway, it worked out. I got a new job at a small Wall Street firm. I have been rejected every other one.不管怎么说,事情还算顺利,再被华尔街众多其他公司拒绝之后,我在一家华尔街的小企业中找到了新的工作。We got bought out by a larger firm, and I ended up remaining at a large firm...Goldman Sachs.我们之后被更大的企业收购,我也得以进入这个更大的机构,高盛集团。In my career, Ive been fortunate to know and work with many of this countrys top CEOs and business leaders.在我的职业生涯中,我很幸运能够认识,并且与很多全国顶级的首席执行官以及商界领袖们共同工作。Im always struck by a certain passion that defines them.我总是能够被造就他们成功的那种所打动。While they may be wealthy and powerful, their passion goes beyond money and power.他们也许非常有钱有势,但是他们的远远超越了金钱和权力。I wont stand here and tell you those are bad things.我在这里不是要告诉你们那些东西不好。They are be pretty good, but only if you have a larger purpose in mind.只要你的头脑中有一个更大目标,它们就会相当有益。If you dont have passion for your work or the drive to make a better life for your kids than your own, then you wont have what it takes to keep you going.如果你对自己的工作没有,或者是没有动力为你的孩子打造比你自己更好人生,那么你就不会有那些让你持续前进的东西。So, Id like to leave you with some specific advice that will hopefully keep you going.所以我想给你们一些更加具体的建议,希望能够让你们不断前进。First, confidence really matters. Recognize you have earned the right to be confident.首先,信心真的很重要。要认识到你已经赢得了自信的权力。Most of you have made great sacrifices and overcome great obstacles to get where you are today.你们中的绝大多数都是付出了巨大的牺牲,克了巨大的障碍才有了现在的成就。You built up muscles that others whove had an easier time dont have.你们有了其他安逸度日的人所没有的能力。Those muscles will serve you for the rest of your life.这些能力将会在你们的余生为你们效力。My struggle to get to and through college turned out to be an advantage for me.我进入大学并读完它的努力最终成为我的一个优势。The disadvantages you have had become part of your personal history and track record, all advantages in your later life. So confidence is justified.你曾有的不足已成为你个人经历和职业纪录的历史,它们都会在之后的人生中变成你的优势。所以你们有理由充满信心。Second, find a job that you like. Youll be better at it and youll last longer in it.第二点,找到一个你喜欢的工作。你会做得更好,而且做得更长。Having said that, in a tough economy, or because of family pressures, you may not aways be able take a risk with a job choice.虽然是这样说,在一个艰难的经济形势中,需要因为家庭压力做出一些让步,你并不是总能够在职业选择上承担风险。201508/393685

Because at that moment I became the worst scourge on Gods green earth, a rock star with a cause. Krikee. Except it isnt the cause. Seven thousand Africans dying every day of preventable, treatable disease like AIDS? Thats not a cause--thats an emergency. And when the disease gets out of control because most of the population live on less than a dollar a day? Thats not a cause, thats an emergency. And when resentment builds because of unfair trade rules and the burden of unfair debt, that are debts by the way that keep Africans poor? Thats not a cause--thats an emergency. So--;We Are The World, Live Aid;, start me off. You know, it was an extraordinary thing and really that event was about charity. But 20 years on Im not that interested in charity. Im interested in justice. Theres a difference. Africa needs justice as much as it needs charity.因为那一刻,我成为了这个绿色地球上最痛苦的人,一个肩负使命的摇滚明星。上帝啊,这不是一项事业。每天有7000非洲人死于可预防、可治疗的疾病,比如艾滋病。这不是一项事业——而是燃眉之急。这种疾病失控是因为这里大部分人每天的生活费不足一美元。这不是可以慢慢解决的事情,这是燃眉之急呀。不公平的贸易规则和不平等的债务使非洲无法摆脱贫困,这造成人们的怨恨。这不是一项事业,而是燃眉之急。因此“四海一家,现场援助”等活动使我开始了这段非凡的旅程,而且这些事情完全是慈善性质的。但是,20年之后,我不再对慈善那么感兴趣了,我感兴趣的是公平。慈善和公平是有区别的。非洲对公平的渴求如同慈善一样多。Equality for Africa is a big idea. Its a big expensive idea. I see that the Wharton graduates now getting out the math on the back of their programs. Numbers are intimidating, arent they? But not to you! But the scale--the scale of the suffering and the scope of the commitment, they often numb us into a kind of indifference. Wishing for the end to AIDS and extreme poverty in Africa is like wishing that gravity didnt make things so damn heavy. We can wish it, but what the hell can we do about it?赋予非洲平等是一项伟大而耗资巨大的事业。我看到沃顿商学院的毕业生已经在计算它的成本了。数目大得惊人,不是吗?但对你们来说不是这样的。苦难的沉重和责任的重大往往使我们麻木,漠不关心。对终结非洲的艾滋病和极度贫困的希望,如同希望引力不要让物体那么重一样。我们可以抱有希望,但我们究竟能为此做些什么呢? /201312/268472

I know the irony strikes like with the force of a cartoon anvil now, but...我现在明白了反讽就像用卡通铁砧去打击你,但……So they had hoped that I would take a vocational degree; I wanted to study English literature. A compromise was reaced that in retrospect satisfied nobody, and I went up to study Modern Languages. Hardly had my parents car rounded the corner at the end of the road than I ditched German and scuttled off down the Classics corridor.他们希望我取得高职学位,而我却想攻读英国文学。最后,我和父母达成了妥协,我改学现代语言,现在回想起来,当时双方都不怎么满意。于是,父母的车刚一开远,我就丢下德语,去学习古典文学。I cannot remember telling my parents that I was studying Classics; they might well have found out for the first time on graduation day. Of all the subjects on this planet, I think they would have been hard put to name one less useful than Greek mythology when it came to securing the keys to an executive bathroom.我不记得告诉过父母自己在学习古典文学,他们可能是在我毕业典礼那一天才知道的。我想,他们也许认为,在全世界的所有专业中,不会有比研究希腊神话更没用的专业了,那甚至无法换来一间独立宽敞的卫生间。I would like to make it clear, in parenthesis, that I do not blame my parents for their point of view. There is an expiry date on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibily lies with you. What is more, I cannot criticize my parents for hoping that I would never experience poverty. They had been poor themselves, and I have since been poor, and I quite agree with them that it is not an ennobling experience. Poverty entails fear, and stress, and sometimes depression; it means a thousand petty humiliations and hardships. Climbing out of poverty by your own efforts, that is something on which to pride yourself, but poverty itself is romanticized only by fools.在这里我想说明一点:我不会因为父母的观点而怪他们。不要因为父母给你的人生路指错了方向就无休止地埋怨他们。当你到一定年龄,可以自己把握人生时,就应该自己承担责任。再者,父母这样做是希望我不会过穷日子,所以我不能责怪他们。他们经历了贫穷,我后来也一度很穷,所以我很理解他们,因为贫穷并不是一种高贵的经历。贫穷会让人感觉恐惧、有压力,有时甚至让人感觉沮丧。贫穷意味着说不尽的羞辱和艰辛。靠自己的努力摆脱贫穷值得自豪,只有傻瓜才会将贫穷浪漫化。201401/273753

So, when I came back to make my next movie, which was ;Avatar;, I tried to apply that same principle of leadership which is that you respect your team, and you earn their respect in return. And it really changed the dynamic. So, here I was again with a small team, and you know, in Uncharted territory doing ;Avatar;, coming up with new technology that didnt exist before. Tremendously exciting. Tremendously challenging. And we became a family, over a four and half year period. And it completely changed how I do movies. So, people have commented on how, well, you know, you brought back the ocean organisms and put them on the planet of Pandora. To me it was more of a fundamental way of doing business, the process itself, that changed as a reslt of that.所以,当我开始拍摄我的下一部电影《阿凡达》时,我试着将这种互相尊重的领导力原则应用在电影拍摄中。很快情况就改变了。在《阿凡达》拍摄过程中,我的团队也很小,你知道,也在未知领地拍摄《阿凡达》,创造新的科技。这非常有意思,非常有挑战性。四年半的时间里,我们成为了一个家庭。这完全改变了我拍电影的方式。有文章说,卡梅隆把海底的一些生物放到了潘多拉星球上。对于我来说,这只是做事情的基本方式,这个过程本身改变了事情的结果。So, what can we synthesize out of all this? You know, what are the lessons learned? Well, I think number one is curiosity. Its the most powerful thing you own. Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality. And the respect of your team is more important than all the laurels in the world. I have young film makers come up to me and say, you know, ;Give some advice for doing this.; And I say, ;Dot put limitations on yourself. Other people will do that for you, dont do it to yourself, dont bet against yourself and take risks.;最后,总结一下,我学到了什么?我觉得第一:好奇心,这是你拥有的最有力量的东西;第二:想象力,这是你创造现实的力量;第三:对团队的尊重,这是比世界上其他所有荣誉都更重要的东西。你知道,有年轻的电影制作人过来跟我说:“给我一些拍电影的建议吧”。我回答说:“不要给自己加上限制。其他人会替你这么做,不用自己这么做,不要拿自己下赌注。不要冒险。”NASA has this phrase that they like: ;Failure is not an option.; But failure has to be an option in art and in exploration, because its a leap of faith. And no important endeavor that required innovation was done without risk. You have to be willing to take those risks. So, thats the thought I would leave you with, is that in whatever youre doing, failure is an option, but fear is not.美国国家航空航天局有这样的警句:“失败并不是一种选择”。但是失败,在艺术上、在探险上肯定是一种选择,因为这是信仰的飞跃。任何需要革新的重要努力都需要冒险。你必须愿意承担这些冒险。所以,这是我想给你的想法,不管你做什么,失败是一个选项,但畏惧不是。Thank you.谢谢! /201311/263797

SECRETARY KERRY: Well, everybody, my apologies for being delayed, and I thank everybody for their patience and look forward to a very interesting and comprehensive discussion this evening. I want to begin by thanking Foreign Minister Lwin and the Government of Myanmar, which has done a very solid job of leading ASEAN as chair this year. And I also want to recognize our new Ambassador to ASEAN Nina Hachigian, who was confirmed just in time to be here today. (Laughter and applause.) We’re delighted to have Nina on board, and I know all of you will really enjoy working with her.The ed States remains deeply committed to engaging the Asia Pacific region. I think you’ve heard us talking about our rebalanced Asia and the deep involvement that we have there, working for the trade agreement, working with respect to security issues and global climate change – particularly important. I had occasion to be in the Philippines and see the impact directly of Typhoon Haiyan. And so we have a lot of work to do, and we are deeply committed. President Obama has reinforced again and again his intention to keep the ed States front and center in the region. I’ve aly traveled there – I think it’s five or six times in a year and a half. The President’s been there several times. We’re looking forward to being back there shortly for the meetings in October, November, and there’s obviously a lot to continue to work on.ASEAN and its centrality is essential to upholding the rules-based system throughout the Asia Pacific, and it is the best way to ensure that all countries big and small have a voice as we work together to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities. That’s why the ed States continues to invest so much in the relationship. It’s why we’re deepening our ties among our people-to-people programs, like President Obama’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative and the U.S.-ASEAN Fulbright Program. And it’s why we fully support the formation of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.President Obama and I are very much looking forward to being at the East Asia Summit, but in the meantime we’re happy to discuss a few of the challenges that we’ve partnered on, including our maritime security and the global threat of climate change. I hope we can discuss this evening how best to work on some of the other global issues that we also face today – for example, the growing numbers of foreign fighters from all over the world who have chosen to go to ISIL and join in their activities and present a danger and risk to all of us. We also obviously face the challenge of Ebola in West Africa, and we need everybody to be involved in the effort to contain it.201505/374667

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