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Captivating books are often born when one writer is obsessed with another. Nicholson Baker’s “U and I” (about John Updike) and Geoff Dyer’s “Out of Sheer Rage” (about D. H. Lawrence, sort of) spring to mind, but those are wild, hilarious books, almost like antic pranks. “On Elizabeth Bishop,” the novelist and critic Colm Toibin’s compact new study of the poet’s work, has little in common with them, but it succeeds as a different kind of literary tango. It hums instead of crows. Its pull on the er is almost tidal.一个作家迷恋另一个作家的时候,特别容易写出引人入胜的作品。人们很容易想起尼克尔森·贝克(Nicholson Baker)写约翰·厄普代克(John Updike)的《U和我》(U and I),杰夫·戴尔(Geoff Dyer)关于D·H·劳伦斯(D. H. Lawrence)的《出于纯粹的愤怒》(Out of Sheer Rage),不过它们都是疯狂滑稽的书,有点像小丑的恶作剧。然而小说家、家科尔姆·托宾(Colm Toibin)的《关于伊丽莎白·毕肖普》(On Elizabeth Bishop)是对诗人毕肖普的最新研究,内容充实,和上述这些书几乎没有共同之处,如同另一曲文学探戈。它并非高声欢呼,而是轻声低吟,如同潮汐般席卷着读者。The same could be said of Bishop’s poetry. Hers was a virtuosity of shrewdness and precision. Nothing came quickly or easily. She saw the confessional poetry that bloomed into vogue in the middle of the 20th century as a dubious pursuit, for the most part. If someone like Anne Sexton had a tendency to throw everything in, a lot of it erotic and seemingly unfiltered, Bishop tacked in the opposite direction, trusting in the hushed power of what had been left out. She was allergic to the arbitrary and the exorbitant. For her, more pleasure could be found in concealment.毕肖普的诗歌也具有同样的特色。她是机敏与精确的大师。在她的诗歌中,一切都徐缓庄重。她认为20世纪中期风行一时的自白派诗歌大部分非常可疑。安妮·塞克斯顿(Anne Sexton)这类诗人倾向于把什么都写进诗里,其中还有不少情色内容,似乎未经过滤,毕肖普却走向了相反的方向,相信弦外之音那种静谧的力量。她对专制与拔高尤为敏感。对于她来说,藏匿才是更大的快乐。“In Bishop’s work, much was implied by what seemed to be mere description,” Mr. Toibin writes. “Description was a desperate way of avoiding self-description; looking at the world was a way of looking out from the self. The self in Bishop’s poems was too fragile to be violated by much mentioning.”“毕肖普用很少的描述暗示出大量的言外之意,”托宾写道,“描写是一种避免自我描写的绝望方式;用一种置身自身之外的方式去审视世界。毕肖普诗歌中的自我形象太过脆弱,过多的提及都像是一种侵犯。”Her self, after all, had endured its share of pain. Destabilization defined her childhood. Her father died when she was an infant. Her mother, mentally ill, was institutionalized when Bishop was 5, and Bishop, after being spirited away to live with relatives in Massachusetts, never saw her again.毕竟,她本人亦曾像诗歌中的形象那样忍受痛苦。她的童年充满动荡,当她尚在襁褓之中时,父亲便已亡故。她的母亲患有精神疾病,在她5岁时被送入精神病院,毕肖普也被带到马萨诸塞州,由亲戚抚养,此后终生未能再见过母亲。“Poetry saved my life” — well, there’s a self-help trope that’s all too easy to set to uplifting music. In Bishop’s case it probably happens to be the truth, even if she would have winced at the phrase. What she had to say about her struggles, and about her romantic partnerships, stayed mostly buried in between the impeccably calibrated lines of her poems. Everything that could be gleaned was felt within the quiver of her silences.“诗歌拯救了我的人生”——人们很容易为这种励志式的修辞配上振奋人心的音乐。但在毕肖普这里,这句话却是千真万确,即便她说出这句话时带着一点畏怯。她不得不说出的那些人生苦斗乃至浪漫经历,几乎都隐藏在诗歌完美精准的字里行间。一切都需要从她沉默的战栗中去悉心寻觅和体会。Mr. Toibin helps us tune into those quiet currents, sometimes at the granular level of commas and cross-outs. “Bishop’s writing bore the marks, many of them deliberate, of much rewriting, of things that had been said, but had now been erased, or moved into the shadows,” he says.托宾帮助我们品味那些静默的湍流,有时甚至在逗号和划线这种细节之中寻觅。“毕肖普的手稿中有很多记号,其中很多都经过深思熟虑,被重写过多次,是关于曾经说出的事物,但现在已经被划去,或被涂上阴影,”他写道。Of course, there is only so much that can be said about the art of not saying things, and “On Elizabeth Bishop” becomes slightly redundant, here and there, as Mr. Toibin roots around for different ways to say that very thing. The book jolts back to life, after a few of its more monastic passages, whenever glamorous people drop in for the cocktail party. We meet Lota de Macedo Soares, the magnetic architect with whom Bishop lived in Brazil. She brought Bishop as close as she’d ever get to domestic bliss before reacquainting the poet with the ache of loss. (Soares took her own life in New York City in 1967.) There is a dashing cameo by Thom Gunn, the English poet who found rejuvenating exile in San Francisco.当然,关于弦外之音的艺术有很多东西可写,托宾用各种不同的方法来说这一件事,因此《关于毕肖普》时常出现略显冗长之处。之后本书又回到毕肖普的生活,一些丰富多的段落中描写了不少有趣的人物,他们仿佛来参加鸡尾酒会一般。我们可以读到罗塔·德·马赛多·索莱斯(Lota de Macedo Soares),毕肖普后来和这位迷人的建筑师一起定居巴西。她带给毕肖普前所未有的家庭幸福,但后来又令诗人重新品尝到失落的痛苦(索莱斯于1967年在纽约自杀身亡)。汤姆·甘恩(Thom Gunn)的客串出场也很醒目,这位英国诗人曾逃往旧金山,并在此地焕发新生。And it’s still impossible for a er to resist getting sucked into the orbit of Robert Lowell, the rapaciously brilliant and royally messed-up literary lion whom Bishop considered her closest friend. The cat-and-mouse dynamic of Bishop and Lowell’s correspondence remains, in Mr. Toibin’s telling, as riveting as a series on Netflix or HBO, and probably ought to become one.读者也忍不住会被罗伯特·洛威尔(Robert Lowell)所吸引,毕肖普曾把这位才华横溢、神经兮兮的文学之狮引为自己生平最亲密的朋友。毕肖普与洛威尔的通信如同猫鼠游戏,在托宾的叙事中,简直像Netflix或HBO台的剧集一般引人入胜,或许也应该拍一部电视剧才对。All the while another skilled writer floats in and out of the gathering, carefully toting a tray of fresh ruminations about, say, Bishop’s roots in Nova Scotia or a spell she spent in Key West, Fla.: This is our host, Mr. Toibin, whose own fondness for the poetics of restraint makes him a simpatico interpreter of Bishop’s ethos and stanzas. Mr. Toibin writes of the trauma of seeing his own father, with “an enormous gash on the side of his head,” after a brain operation in Ireland. Mr. Toibin’s father had trouble speaking after that. So did Mr. Toibin, who somewhere along the way had begun to stammer.另一位天才的作家也不时浮出水面,用心地带来新鲜的思考,诸如毕肖普在新斯科舍的根源,或者她在弗罗里达的凯·韦斯特读过的时光——这就是我们的主人,托宾先生,他热爱诗歌中克制的美学,因此对毕肖普的气质与诗行的也格外亲切。托宾的父亲在爱尔兰动过脑部手术,托宾曾经写过此事带给他的创伤,他看到父亲“头颅一侧有一道巨大的伤口”。手术后他的父亲有了语言障碍,托宾自己也开始有了口吃的毛病。“I have a close relationship with silence, with things withheld, things known and not said,” he writes.“我和沉默十分亲近,就是那些未被说出的、那些心照不宣的事情,”他写道。In a sense, his new book operates as a persuasive argument in favor of muting the trumpet. If you are a consumer of contemporary poetry, it is likely that there is a word that you encounter with alarming, and possibly annoying, frequency. That word is “suddenly.” Suddenly the moon gleams through the shifting clouds, suddenly the whales break through the surface of the ocean, suddenly (with an implied gasp) a whirling fog of confusion dissipates and everything becomes clear.某种程度上,他的新书是一个主张平息喧嚣的颇具说力的论。如果你读当代诗歌,那么很可能会经常看见这样一个字眼,并且有可能会觉得它很讨厌。那就是“突然”——“突然,月亮从漂浮的云层里露出面容”,“突然,鲸鱼跃出洋面”,“突然(意味深长地停顿一下),迷惘之雾消散殆尽,眼前的一切顿时清晰起来。”The word suggests the presence of easy epiphanies. Absorb too many of these poems, and you’ll not-so-suddenly begin to wonder whether human beings are even capable of quite so much instantaneous catharsis.这个词暗示着一种过于轻易的当下顿悟。这种情绪贯穿在太多类似的诗歌之中,你会渐渐觉得,人类其实并没有能力得到那么多瞬间的净化。Bishop tended to be immune to anything instant, but it’s worth noting that even she succumbed to the charms of “suddenly.” We encounter that adverb in “The Moose,” when the animal in the title of the poem emerges on a road through a forest:毕肖普不是那么容易受到瞬间的影响,但值得注意的是,她也曾屈于“突然”的魅力。我们会在她的《麋鹿》(The Moose)一诗中遇到这个字眼,诗中那只鹿从树林里来到公路之上:—Suddenly the bus driver——突然,巴士司机stops with a jolt,猛地刹车turns off his lights.熄掉车灯。A moose has come out of一只麋鹿走出the impenetrable wood无法穿透的树林and stands there, looms, rather,站在路中央,或者in the middle of the road.不如说是赫然耸现(本处使用包慧仪译本——译注)As Mr. Toibin points out, “The Moose” stands as one of Bishop’s finest achievements, one that’s suffused with the anxiety of her leaving home as a child, and it took her a couple of decades, maybe longer, to complete. If anyone had earned the right to use “suddenly,” she had.托宾指出,《麋鹿》是毕肖普最精美的作品之一,充满儿时离家的焦虑,这首诗歌花了她二十余年的时间写就,或许还要更长。如果有人有权利使用“突然”这个字眼,那个人便非她莫属。 /201505/372909

The true nature of Vincent van Gogh’s death continues to be a topic ripe for mystery – after a leading forensics expert has claimed that the artist was murdered.在一位法医学专家声称画家文特森#8226;梵高是被谋杀之后,梵高之死的真相继续成为了谜团解密的热门话题。The Sunflowers painter died an agonising 29 hours after taking a bullet to the abdomen in a wheat field near Paris in 1890. On his death bed he apparently revealed he had shot himself.1890年,这位向日葵画家在陷入持续苦闷的29小时之后,于巴黎近郊的麦田里朝腹部开自杀。临终时分在床上,他说是他朝自己开了。However, Dr. Vincent Di Maio, an expert on gunshot injuries, has said that he be believes the wound was “not self-inflicted”.然而,伤专家文特森#8226;迪马尤士认为这伤口“不是自己造成的”。According to Vanity Fair, Di Maio, who was a key witness at the George Zimmerman trial, said that it was highly likely that Van Gogh “did not shoot himself”.根据《名利场》杂志的说辞, 迪马尤——这位乔治齐默尔曼试验的关键目击者声称梵高很有可能“没有朝自己开”。He made the claim in response to a request by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, whose biography of Van Gogh disputes the long-held suicide theory.这是他对于史蒂芬#8226;奈芬和乔治#8226;怀特#8226;史密斯请求的回应。奈芬和史密斯的梵高传记对于一直以来梵高自杀理论的主张提出了争议。In Van Gogh: The Life, a 960-page book published in 2011, the Pulitzer Prize-winning authors claim that the artist had been shot, possibly accidentally, by a couple of boys and that he had decided to protect them by accepting the blame.在2011年出版的960页的《梵高的一生》中,普利策的获奖作家们表示:这位画家很有可能是被两个男孩出于意外射杀的;为了保护他们,画家选择抗下责任。American academic John Rewald had talked of hearing local rumours about such a theory in the 1930s.在20世纪30年代,美国学者约翰#8226;瓦尔德曾表示听过该理论的当地传闻。But Naifeh and Smith were attacked for publishing their theory and in 2013 Louis van Tilborgh and Teio Meedendorp published a critical review in the Burlington Magazine, which reiterated the suicide narrative.但是奈芬和史密斯这套理论的出版受到了攻击,且在2013年,路易斯#8226;范蒂尔赫和提奥#8226;梅登多普在《伯灵顿》杂志中发表,重申了自杀论调。Following this, Naifeh and Smith asked Di Maio to compare the two accounts and put forth his opinion.由此,奈芬和史密斯请求迪马尤比较两者说法并提出自己的见解。Van Tilborgh and Meedendorp wrote that the son of the attendant physician at Van Gogh’s death bed, Paul Junior, said Van Gogh’s wound had a “brown and purple haloaround [it].”范蒂尔赫和梅登多普写道, 保罗二世——这位梵高临终床边医师随从的儿子说过,梵高的伤口周围有一圈“棕色和紫色的晕”。According to the authors, this meant “the gun must have been fired at very close range … and was caused by the bullet’s impact.”根据作者们所言,这意味着“开范围肯定是近距离的……而且是子弹冲击的影响。”But Di Maio said: “In fact, [the purple halo] is subcutaneous bleeding from vessels cut by the bullet and is usually seen in individuals who live awhile.但是迪马尤说道:“事实上,(紫色的晕圈)是子弹中伤血管后皮下流血造成的,而且常见于中后还留有一口气的死者。”“Its presence or absence means nothing.”“它存不存在并不能说明问题。”Meanwhile, he said the brown ring is “an abrasion ring and seen around virtually all entrance wounds”.与此同时,他说道棕色的晕圈是“擦伤晕圈,并且几乎所有伤口入口都有”。Di Maio also said that if Van Gogh did shoot himself there would have been “soot, powder tattooing and searing of the skin around the entrance”.迪马尤也声称:如果梵高没有自己开射杀自己,那么伤口入口就该是“被煤烟弄脏,出现粉末的纹身样,且入口处的皮肤是灼伤的”。He said: “These would have been grossly evident. None of this is described [in any of the forensic accounts]. This indicates the muzzle was more than a foot or two away (closer to two rather than one).”他说:“这些本该是充分的据。但没有一条在任何法医学条目中被描述出来。这说明了开点距离一英尺或者两英尺以外(更有可能是两英尺)。”In conclusion he said: “It is my opinion that, in all medical probability, the wound incurred by Van Gogh was not self-inflicted. In other words, he did not shoot himself.”在结论中他说道:“我的见解是这样的,在所有医学的可能性中,梵高的伤口不是自己造成的,换而言之。他没有朝自己开。”However, it may take more than Di Maio to sway academic opinion.然而,要去撼动学术界的观点,有了迪马尤的持还远远不够。A curator at the Van Gogh Museum told Naifeh and Smith in an email. “I think it would be like Vincent to protect the boys and take the ‘accident’ as an unexpected way out of his burdened life.梵高物馆的馆长在一封邮件中告知奈芬和史密斯,“我觉得很有可能文特森他为了保护男孩们,把这次意外当作自己不堪重负的一生所意想不到的终结。““But I think the biggest problem you’ll find after publishing your theory is that the suicide is more or less printed in the brains of past and present generations and has become a sort of self-evident truth. Vincent’s suicide has become the grand finale of the story of the martyr for art, it’s his crown of thorns.”“但是我认为你们会发现一个大问题:你们出版了自己的理论后会发现,自杀论或多或少已在过去人的脑海中根深蒂固了,并且通过代代相传成为了某种意义上不言而喻的事实。梵高的自杀已成为艺术殉道之路上伟大的终章,这是他的荆棘之冠。” /201411/345147

7.Employment Status7.就业状况The notion of living on love truly proves to be frivolity if either one of you are unemployed or underemployed. While it may seem like a non-issue at first, you should verify whether or not the girl you want to date is employed. Many relationships start out with the guy paying for the movie tickets, dinner, taxi fare, and other expenses. However, as the relationship progresses, this continued financial burden can be too much for any man to keep up without running his bank account dry. When you want to know that your romance can survive in every way, particularly financially, you should find out if the girl you like has a job.如果你们中的任何一个处于失业或者待业状态,那么只靠爱为生就太天真了。虽然刚开始这似乎没什么大不了,你也应该弄清你想约会的女孩是否有工作。许多关系的确立都是由一个人付电影票,餐费,出租车费还有其他经费开始的。然而,随着关系的进展,这持续的财政负担对于任何人来说,大得足以榨干他的存款。当你想知道这段恋情能否经得住考验,尤其是财政问题,你都应该查明你喜欢的女孩是否有工作。At first glance, you may think it tacky to consider a girl undatable because she does not have a job. However, statistics show that couples fight over money more often than you would think. In fact, fights about money prove to be the breaking point in many partnerships that would otherwise thrive if both parties had enough money coming in to meet their needs and wants.乍一看,因为一个女孩没有工作就不值得约会的观点难免有点俗。然而,统计数据显示,夫妻因钱吵架的次数比你想象的要多。事实上,因为钱而导致劳燕分飞的例子,比比皆是。但是如果双方有足够的钱来满足他们的需要和欲望,他们的关系则会很好。If she is unemployed right now, but going to college, you can at least take hope in the fact that she is training for a future career. However, if she continues to be jobless after graduating or if she drops out of college and fails to get a job, you would do well to take that as a sign that the financial burden in your relationship will fall on you. If this burden is something you would rather not handle at this time, you may do well to avoid asking her out at all.如果她现在没有就业,但是准备上大学,事实上,你至少可以期冀她是在为未来的事业做准备。然而,如果毕业之后她任然没有工作,或者辍学,找不到一份工作,你就要做好在这段感情中,财政负担落到你的肩上的准备。如果这时候你不愿处理这样的事情,那从最开始你就别约她好了。6.Financial Behavior6.理财习惯Along with her employment status, you should get some clue about how she treats her money. The old adages about diamonds being a girl#39;s best friend and girls preferring to shop over anything else may seem cute; however, this kind of behavior can sink your relationship before it even begins if the girl you like is irresponsible with money. Alternatively, if she seems financially prudent and saves her money well, you can take this as a sign that she would do her part to safeguard any finances that you build together as a couple. As unthinkable as it may seem now, you should pay attention to her financial behavior before or shortly asking her out on a date.除了关注她的就业状况外,你还应当知道些她理财的情况。有句话说得老好啊:钻石恒久远,女生好闺蜜。爱逛街的女孩子最可爱,但如果你喜欢的姑娘都不对毛爷爷负责,这类行为会早早地掐掉你们的爱芽。另一种就是,如果她看起来挺会打理资产的话,你可以看作是她会为守护双方共同财产尽自己一份力的信号。虽然现在这看起来难以置信,但赴约前你就得注意下她的理财习惯,或者在约会当中稍稍试问下这件事。Similarly, many guys think that they are acting macho by spending copious amounts of cash on their dates in the early stages of their relationships. The girl you are dating may be flattered; however, you can take it as a good sign if she insists that you save your money and avoiding spending too much cash on her. On the other hand, if a girl keeps insisting that you spend more and more, seeming to never be satisfied by any amount of goods that you buy, this could indicate that she is using you for your money. This could be the point that you walk away from the date and seek a new partner.与这个情况类似的是,有些男生啊,刚开始约会时就狂撒大钞到对象身上,觉得自己特男人。那些和你约会的女孩或许会受宠若惊,但是捏,如果她坚决要你省钱,别老是在她身上使劲花的时候,这就可以视为一个好的征兆啦。另一方面,若一个女生总让你花啊花,看起来永远不能被你所购之物给满足的话。这就可以表明她只是看上了你的钱。那么是时候把她“存档”然后去找个新伴侣了,Money should not make the world go round as much as it does, particularly when it comes to building a new romance with a girl that you like. Even so, before you ask her out, you should figure out if she is responsible with money or if she would likely see you as a cash cow to run dry.金钱不该渗透到世界的各个角落,特别当它涉及恋爱关系的建立的时候。即便如此,在你约她出去之前,就该搞清楚她是不是对毛爷爷负责,或者说,她只是把你当作移动ATM。5.Romance Goals5.恋爱目标In the world of dating today, there are one-night stands and there are romances that are intended to last. Before you ask a girl out, you should know what kind of scenario she is searching for and whether or not you can accommodate her own needs in the relationship. With many ladies today being financially independent, they no longer seek long-term relationships early in their adult lives. They are more interested in having fun and gaining experience before finally settling down for marriage or parenthood.在当今的约会界中,一夜情和长情罗曼史比比皆是。在你约个子出去前,要知道她钟情何种“剧本”,以及你是否能够适应她在关系中的索求。当下,随着许多女性在经济上越来越独立,青年女人已不再追寻长久关系。在最终安稳下来结婚生子之前,她们更感兴趣的是享乐和汲取恋爱经验。If you are interested in having fun and gaining experience as well, then matching up with a girl with that same mindset would work out well for you. However, if you are in it for the long haul and want to build a partnership that is geared more toward marriage and raising a family, you should find out if the woman you are interested in has that same goals in mind. You can ask her directly or take clues from her in everyday conversations that prelude you actually asking her out on a date. At least you can go into the dating relationship with some idea of whether or not you will be together for the foreseeable future.如果你也对找乐子和汲取恋爱经验感兴趣的话,那去找一个拥有同样观念的子会更管用些。但是,若你想打恋爱持久战,想建立一个适合婚姻家庭的关系的话,你应该搞清楚你倾心之人是否也在心里有着同样的目标。你可以直截了当地问她,或者从她平日里的谈吐寻找些许线索,这些是你真正该在约会前去了解的东西。至少在恋爱关系中你会清楚一点,你们在一起的话是否能够看到未来。It used to be that women would forgo a career and seeking out their own self interests in favor of marriage and motherhood. Today, however, that scenario has changed greatly. Before you ask someone out, you should find out if the girl you like has the same romance goals as you or if you both are incompatible for dating entirely.曾经,女人会放下事业与自身兴趣,去找寻婚姻关系和母亲身份。今天,这个局面已然大为改观。在你约别人之前,你就该清楚你的伊人是否与你有着同样的恋爱目标,还是你们两个连约会都可以免了。4.Background and Upbringing4.个人经历与家庭教育Your childhood proves to be a significant factor in the person you are today. Many people bring their childhood experiences, memories, and influences with them into adulthood. Given this fact, you would be well served to tell the girl you like about your background and find out about hers before asking her out on a date. These details can help you both learn if you can create a bond with each other or if your backgrounds are so different that you could never have anything in common in the future.你的童年经历对你现在是一个怎么样的人有重大影响。许多人都将他们的童年经历、记忆以及影响带入了成年期。鉴于这一事实,在约你喜欢的女孩出去前告诉她自己的个人经历并问问她的经历,这对你大有好处。这些细节能帮助你们俩搞清楚你们是会彼此有所交集,还是会因为你们过去经历太不一样导致未来也不会有任何共同语言。For example, if you had a conservative upbringing and were subject to strict discipline as a child, yet the woman you want to ask out had a very liberal background, it could be difficult for you to see eye-to-eye with her on even simple topics like who should pay the restaurant check or whether or not you should open the door for her. Even the smallest of differences can build to major arguments if you both have led very different lives.例如说,如果你们谈到家庭教育方式,并且讲到自己童年时受到严格的管教,而你想要约会的女性却有着宽松自由的童年,你就可能和她在甚至是很简单的问题上无法达成一致,再比如吃饭时谁买单或者你是否应该为她开门。如果你们过着非常不同的生活,即使是一点小小的差异也会让你们大吵一场。Further, it could influence how you raise your own children. It is important for people to have some common ground as they build a relationship with each other. By knowing her background and upbringing, you know upfront what challenges could present themselves to you if you pursue a relationship with her.进一步说,这也会影响到你们抚养自己的孩子的方式。人们在建立关系时很重要的一点就是能有一些相同点。了解了她的个人经历和家庭教育方式,你就能提前知道如果和她在一起会遇到什么挑战。审校:小飞侠 编辑:Freya然 校对:丸子 /201507/386231

China#39;s ban on the harvesting of organs from executed prisoners for transplant will not cause the shortage of donated organs, an expert said on Wednesday. Huang Jiefu, head of the country#39;s human organ donation and transplant committee, made the remarks at a press conference on the sidelines of the annual session of the National Committee of the Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in Beijing。3月11日,在京举行的全国政协记者招待会上,全国政协常委、中国器官捐献与移植委员会主任黄洁夫表示,中国取消死囚作为器官移植来源不会造成器官捐赠短缺。;The ban is aimed at addressing the problem of organ shortage,; Huang, also a member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC National Committee said. ;The more respect we pay to death-row prisoners, the more voluntarily donated organs from citizens we will have.;。“取消死囚器官来源就是为了解决器官短缺的问题,”黄洁夫表示,“我们给予死囚更多的尊重,就会有更多公民自愿参加捐赠。”Voluntary donation from Chinese citizens has become the major source of organs for transplatation, accounting for 80 percent of the total donated organs in 2014, Huang added。他又称,2014年,80%的器官移植来自于公民自愿捐赠,公民器官捐赠已经成为器官移植的主要来源。Statistics show that nearly 1,000 body parts were donated by about 380 citizens in the first two months this year, an increase of 50 percent compared to the same period in 2014.数据显示,今年年初的两个月内,中国公民捐献器官大约有380例,接近1000个器官,与2014年同比增长了50%。China announced to ban the harvesting of transplant organs from executed prisoners on January 1, 2015, demanding all hospitals stop using organs from death-row prisoners。中国宣布从2015年1月1日起,全面停止使用死囚器官作为移植供体来源,所有医院将不得再使用死囚器官。 /201503/363731How to make the perfect omelette Arnold Bennett如何制作美味的阿诺德·贝内特煎蛋EGGS 煎蛋You might think that the omelette part of proceedings was relatively straightforward, but even here, there is room for innovation. While Hugh Fearnley-hittingstall and Nick Fisher#39;s River Cottage Fish Book instructs ers to cook the eggs ust as you would any omelette, most other recipes simply pour the egg in and leave it to set, rather than going for the classic stir and tip technique. Even more unusually, Marcus Wareing, who claims the dish was he first thing I put on the when I took over at the Savoy Grill, goes for two layers of softly set scrambled eggs instead.你可能认为炒蛋的过程相对而言比较简单,但是这里仍然有可以创新的空间。烹饪大师休.弗恩利.惠汀斯托和尼克·费舍尔编写的《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)这本书指导着读者煎蛋。就像你做任何炒蛋一样,大多数食谱只是倒蛋,把它放好,而没有采用经典的搅拌技术。更不同寻常的是,马库斯.沃宁声称他做这道菜时第一件事,便是拿出适合于两层炒鸡蛋的萨沃伊烤架。 THE FISH 鱼的制作The dish was originally made with smoked haddock, stocks of which were probably in a healthier state in Bennett day. But, as River Cottage observes, it works with almost any smoked, firm white fish, including pollack if you can get hold of it. That fish should be poached very gently indeed, so it remains soft and juicy.这道菜本来是用烟熏鳕鱼,将其放置在班尼特天气情况相对较好的一天里。但是《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)却表示,几乎可以用任何烟熏的白色硬体鱼类,当然如果你能抓住的话,鳕鱼也行。烹饪过程也应尽量采用小火慢炖。所以它能够保持柔软多汁。THE SAUCES 酱汁This is where things start to get really interesting. According to Simon Hopkinson and Lindsey Bareham’s book The Prawn Cocktail Years, the original recipe is topped with a mixture of hollandaise and bechamel sauces cut with whipped cream. Not only does this require an entire battery of pans and take nearly an hour, but, though delicious, the results are so rich and thick that we struggle to finish one. I would recommend a trip to the Savoy to enjoy one made by someone else, but at home, I’m not sure this is the best option.这就是事情开始变得有趣的地方。西蒙霍普金森和林赛贝尔塞姆合著的书《 鸡尾酒虾年 》(《The Prawn Cocktail Years》)提到原来的秘诀是在顶部淋上奶油酱和调味酱混合包。这不仅需要平底锅集中的电量,还需花费近一个小时,但由于我们竭尽全力做出这道菜,结果也是那么的让人满意。然而我建议你去萨瓦享受别人做的,我相信自制绝不是你最好的选择。CHEESE 奶酪The Savoy and Kerridge recipes are finished with parmesan, River Cottage and Marcus Wareing go for cheddar and Emina suggests gruyere. Cheddar is a little too aggressively cheesy for my liking in such a rich, fishy dish, while the gruyere, though better, is rather sweet. 意大利干酪配萨帕尔玛和凯里吉食谱,埃米纳建议去切达配《 河边小住 》(《River Cottage Fish Book》)和马库斯.沃宁食谱。我喜欢的在这样一个丰富的鱼菜中添加有些刺激的奶酪味的切达干酪,而格律耶尔干酪,虽然更好,却太甜。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/380402

Most people do a little decorating for the holidays, but for Bunny Williams it’s a major undertaking. Ms. Williams, the Manhattan interior designer, likes to focus on the mantelpiece — or in the case of her Connecticut house, which has five fireplaces, all five mantels.每逢节假日,大多数人都会在自己家里稍作布置,但对于邦妮·威廉姆斯(Bunny Williams)来说,这就是一项大工程了。威廉姆斯在曼哈顿做室内设计师,喜欢在壁炉架上下功夫。她在康涅狄格州(Connecticut)的别墅里有五座壁炉,也就有五处壁炉架可供她打理。“I have things on the mantel that I love,” said Ms. Williams, 70, who recently designed a line of stone fireplace surrounds for the British company Chesney’s. “But at holiday time, I take it all off and start over again. Every year, I try to incorporate something different while using some of my old favorite things.”“我会把自己喜欢的东西放在壁炉架上,”威廉姆斯说。她现年70岁,最近为英国奢侈壁炉品牌Chesney’s设计了一款石砌壁炉架。“但是在节假日里,我会把它们都拿下来,重新布置。每年我都会试着融入一些新东西,同时搭配一些我最喜欢的旧物件。”There are conflicting schools of thought on how to go about creating a composition. “Some people are very symmetrical; some people are not,” Ms. Williams said.在怎样布置壁炉架的问题上,人们分成了截然不同的流派。“有些人很注重对称美;有些人则不。”威廉姆斯说。But whether you prefer a balanced composition with pairs of objects or a free-form configuration, there is one principle that holds true, she insisted, “You need some things with height: Overscale is better than under scale.”但是,不管你是喜欢装饰品成对摆放的平衡布局,还是自由随性的不规则造型,有一个原则是不变的,她坚持这么认为,“你需要一些有高度的东西:超大号的饰品比偏小的饰品更好看。”Ornamental trees are an obvious choice, especially around the holidays. The ones Ms. Williams found at the Silverleaf store in the flower district were made out of sparkling leaves set in silver urns. “These are just fabulous,” she said, explaining that the color gave them a glamour above and beyond that of the average green topiary.装饰树显然是个很好的选择,尤其是在节假日期间。威廉姆斯在曼哈顿花卉区(flower district)的Silverleaf精品店找到了一些。它们由闪闪发亮的叶子和底部的银色小瓮组成。“这些树真是太漂亮了。”她说,并解释道,这种色泽能够赋予它们特殊的魅力,超越了一般的绿色修剪植物。She was also drawn to a cluster of silver-colored birds dusted with glitter, she said, because “glittery things make a room look festive.”同样吸引她的还有几只身上洒着亮粉的银色鸟儿。她说自己之所以被它们吸引,是因为“亮晶晶的东西能够让房间显出节日气氛。”But before you add sparkle, Ms. Williams said: “Start by layering garlands and greens. They can be real or artificial.”不过,在你准备为房间增添闪亮元素之前,威廉姆斯说:“你可以先用花环和绿色植物营造出层次感。植物可以用真的,也可以用人造的。”A five-foot-long artificial garland, like the one she found at Jamali Floral amp; Garden Supplies down the block, would be nice with little pine cones, she suggested: For fullness, “you’d use two of them on top of the mantel.”一条五英尺(约合1.5米)长的圣诞花环——比如她在贾迈利花卉与园艺用品店(Jamali Floral amp; Garden Supplies)找到的那款,搭配上小松果效果会不错。她建议说:为了让布局显得饱满,“你需要在壁炉架台面上装饰两条这样的花环。”If you want to add fresh flowers, she said, you might use something like the metal-wire flower-holder with glass bud vases that she found at Ronaldo Maia Flowers. “It makes flower arranging very easy,” she said. “You put a flower in each.”她说,如果你想点缀一些鲜花,就可能需要用到插花容器,比如她在Ronaldo Maia Flowers物色到的那款带有几个玻璃花瓶的金属丝花架。“它能让插花变得非常容易,”她说,“你可以在每只瓶里放一朵花。”You could also incorporate an unexpected element, Ms. Williams said, like the sea grass deer she found at Mecox, on the Upper East Side.威廉姆斯说,你还可以融入一些意想不到的元素,比如她在上东区的Mecox店里找到的那款海草鹿。Or for a more polished look, try adding a collection of mercury glass balls. “Mixing these with mercury Christmas trees would be very contemporary,” she said. “You could do a mantel with no greens, and all mercury and votives.”或者,如果你想打造更加光鲜的效果,可以尝试点缀一组水银玻璃球。“把它们和水银玻璃圣诞树搭配起来,会显得很有现代感,”威廉姆斯说,“你可以不用绿色植物装点壁炉架,而完全使用水银玻璃和许愿蜡烛。”The only rule is a simple one: Don’t be afraid to experiment.唯一的规则很简单:别害怕做尝试。“A mantel is like a blank canvas,” Ms. Williams said. “You can do so many things with it.”“一座壁炉架就好比一张空白的画布,”威廉姆斯说,“你可以在上面尽情发挥。” /201412/350219Being a tall girl has its difficult moments. Between being gawked at in public and struggling to find the perfect pair of jeans, tall people have a special set of grievances.高个女孩儿有她们的难处。在公共场合被人傻傻盯着,想找到一条合身的牛仔裤比登天还难,这种苦只有她们自己才懂。Let#39;s start with the top 20:我们来看看高个女孩儿最常见的20个烦恼:1. That whole ;fingertip length; rule in grade school was your worst nightmare.小学时的指尖规则(指女孩子穿裙子/短裤时,裙子的长度要正好和手臂下垂时手指尖所在的腿部位置齐平或更长)是你一生的噩梦。2. Pants are never long enough, so you have to shop at specialty stores.裤子总是不够长,专卖店是你唯一的选择。3. You were the tallest person in your grade until at least sophomore year of high school.小学时你永远都是学校里的擎天柱,直到差不多高二,形势才可能有改观。4. Parents and friends always said you#39;d ;find someone your height in college.;父母和朋友总会对你说:“到了大学你就会找到和你一样高的人了。”5. You still dream of marrying a basketball player or rando giant.你还不死心,希望嫁给一个篮球运动员或者随便一个巨人。6. Occasionally, doorways present a very real threat to your forehead.你的额头偶尔会狠狠地撞到门框。7. You inadvertently look over bathroom stall walls because they#39;re shorter than you.洗澡时,你总能放眼整个浴室,因为浴室隔间的墙没有你高。8. Long limbs make you look clumsier than you really are.手长腿长让你看起来更加笨拙。9. When you trip and fall, it really is a long way down.跌一跤还要花很长时间才落地。10. People ALWAYS assume you played basketball or volleyball.别人总觉得你会打篮球或是排球。11. You visibly cringe every time you#39;re asked, ;How#39;s the weather up there?;每次被问到:“上面的空气怎么样?”,都很尴尬。12. Grown men and women, as well as little kids, actually point and stare.男女老少都会对你指指点点,盯着你看。13. Finding someone to dance with is always hard.要想找个人做舞伴真是难乎其难。14. You can#39;t wear heels without everyone you know commenting on it.一穿高跟鞋就被周围的人评头论足。15. You know your future daughter will also hate you when she#39;s 6 feet tall in middle school.你知道,将来你的女儿在中学就飙到6英尺高时会恨你。16. Shirt sizes -- S, M, L or XL -- mean nothing to you because they#39;re all too short.衣尺寸-小码,中码,大码,加大码——对你来说这些都是浮云,因为它们对你而言都太短了。17. Shaving your legs is not only a feat of strength and balance -- it#39;s a true test of perseverance.刮腿毛并不仅仅只是力气和平衡感的问题——这是对你毅力的真正考验。18. Being a gymnast or ballerina was just NOT in your future.你的未来与“体操运动员”和“芭蕾舞演员”永远都沾不上边。19. People loudly complain when you stand in front of them at concerts.听音乐会坐在前排时,你总能听见后面一大群人在大声抱怨。20. Doing pushups, lunges, benching and squatting are way harder for you. It#39;s just SO FAR DOWN, people.做俯卧撑、弓步、弯腰和下蹲对你而言更加困难,因为离地太远了。Regardless, everyone knows the truth. Tall girls ROCK.不管如何,人人都知道,高个女孩儿都棒极了。 /201507/384049Helen was on her deathbed ,海伦躺在她临终的病床上奄奄一息。with her husband Jack at her side.她的丈夫陪在她的身旁。He held her cold hand and tears silently streamed down his face.他握着她冰冷的手,泪水静静地从他的脸上流下来。Her pale lip moved. ;Jack,; she said,;她苍白的嘴唇颤动着。她说:“杰克,”Hush,; he quickly interrupted, ;Don#39;t talk.;他很快就打断说:“嘘,不要说话。”But she insisted,;Jack,;she said in her tired voice.但是她坚持要说。她以疲惫的声音说:;I have to talk.I must confess.”“杰克,我一定要说。我必须向你坦白。”"There is nothing to confess,;said the weeping Jack.满脸泪水的杰克说:“没什么好坦白的。;It#39;s all right.Everything#39;s all right.;没关系。一切都没事。”;No,No!I must die in peace.I must confess,Jake ,that I have been unfaithful to you.;“不,不,我必须死得安心。我一定要坦白我对你不忠;红杏出墙。”Jack stroked her hand .杰克抚摸着她的手。;Now ,Helen,don#39;t be concerned.I know all about it,; he sobbed.他啜泣着说:“海伦 ,现在你不要担心了。我全部都知道了。;Why else would I poison you ?;不然我为什幺要毒死你呀?; /201503/361469

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