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UN Agency Suspends Aid Deliveries in Gaza Because of Violence联合国援助机构暂停在加沙救援活动The U.N. relief agency has suspended operations in Gaza because of the danger posed by Israeli military action. The decision was made as Israel pressed its air and ground offensive amid a rising civilian death toll and international efforts to halt the violence. 联合国援助机构暂停在加沙的救援活动,因为以色列的军事袭击构成危险。在此同时,以色列在平民伤亡人数不断增加、国际社会努力制止这一暴力的情况下继续发动空袭和地面进攻。A local U.N. driver was killed as he was loading humanitarian supplies onto trucks at a border crossing. In another incident a clearly marked U.N. convoy in Beit Hanoun came under fire in what U.N. officials described as deliberate targeting. 当地的一名联合国司机在一个过境点往卡车上装载人道救援物资时遇害。此外,一个明显标有联合国记号的车队在拜特汉诺遭到火力攻击,联合国官员说,这是有意针对联合国的袭击。Two days ago Israeli forces fired on several U.N. run schools in Gaza, in one instance killing more than 30 people. 两天前,以色列军队向联合国在加沙开办的几个学校开火,其中一次有30人丧生。U.N. spokesman, Christopher Gunness said the organization had no choice but to suspend operations in Gaza. 联合国发言人贡内斯说,联合国除了暂停在加沙的救援行动外别无选择。"And, they are suspended until the Israeli army can guarantee the safety and security of our personnel, of our convoys and of our installations," he said. 他说:“我们要暂停救援,直到以色列军队能保联合国人员、车队和设施的安全。”Israel also came in for heavy criticism from the International Red Cross and stands accused of hampering ambulance access to civilians. 以色列也受到国际红十字会的严厉批评,以色列被指控阻碍救护车前去抢救平民。ICRC Deputy Director for Operations, Dominique Stillhart described an instance of ICRC and Palestinian Red Crescent Society workers having to wait four days to reach a group of bombed houses. 国际红十字会行动部门的副主任斯蒂尔哈特说,又一次,国际红十字会合巴勒斯坦红新月会的工作人员等了四天才能前往一片被炸毁的房屋。"We reached it and finally found in one house four children still alive next to their dead mothers, in another house 15 survivors, many of them wounded and yet in another house more corpses that we finally managed to evacuate," said Stillhart. 斯蒂尔哈特说:“我们抵达了那里,我们在一栋房子里找到了四个还活着的孩子,他们身边是已死去的妈妈。在另一栋房子里,我们终于设法把里面的尸体搬走。”Israel's military offensive is nearing the end of its second week amid daily air, ground and naval bombardments against what Israel says are Hamas related targets. 以色列的军事进攻已经进行了差不多两星期了,他们每天都从空中、陆地和海上针对他们所称的哈马斯相关目标进行轰炸。The aim, Israel says is to stop Hamas rocket fire into Israel and in the longer-term keep Hamas from being able to rearm.  以色列说,他们的目的是制止哈马斯向以色列发动火箭攻击,而他们的长远目标是阻止哈马斯重新武装。Hamas has continued to fire rockets into southern Israel. And at least three rockets were fired from southern Lebanon into northern Israel, raising initial fears that Lebanon's Shiite militant group Hezbollah may be trying to open up a second front of fighting.  哈马斯仍继续向以色列南部发射火箭弹。而其中至少有三枚火箭是从黎巴嫩南部发射到以色列北部的,这令人担心黎巴嫩的什叶派真主党可能企图开辟第二条战线。But, Hezbollah says it had nothing to do with the attack and the general view now is that it was an isolated incident, likely the work of a splinter Palestinian group in Lebanon. 但是,真主党表示,他们与有关袭击无关。人们一般认为,这是一次个别事件,很可能是在黎巴嫩的一小股巴勒斯坦集团势力所采取的行动。01/60725。

But you’re still smacking your foot directly on the ground, without any padding. Wouldn’t this lead to more foot injuries? Possibly. And, of course, it takes time to develop calluses on your feet thick enough to make barefoot running comfortable. And I suppose running in cold weather could be a problem. So like most things in science, there’s more than one side to this story. Running barefoot may have certain advantages, but there are some pitfalls, too.【生词注释】smack v.啪的一声甩(或扔等)padding n.衬垫callus n.老茧,皮肤硬厚处pitfall n.隐患,易犯的错误但是光脚跑步你仍然是将脚直接猛烈地接触地面,中间没有任何衬垫。这会不会导致脚受伤?当然很有可能,而且要花上一段时间脚才能生出足够厚的老茧让你舒地跑步。我猜在寒冷的天气中跑步也是个难题。像大多数科学中的事情一样,这个说法不只有一面。光脚跑步有一定的优势,但是也有些隐患。201110/159382。

Conflict, unsustainable government debt and the need for new ways to tackle global challenges in a post-crisis era are among the key issues as the World Bank and International Monetary Fund gear up for the groups' Spring meeting in Washington next week. Complicating prospects for the uneven global economic recovery is the turmoil in the Middle East and quake devastation to the world's third largest economy.暴力冲突、巨额债务,以及应对后危机时代全球性挑战所需的新的路径...这些都是世界和国际货币基金组织春季会议面对的主要问题。此外,中东的动荡局势,以及地震给世界第三大经济体带来的灾难,也使得原本就不平衡的全球复苏的前景更为复杂。Unforeseen events, including the massive quake and tsunami in Japan that triggered a man-made nuclear disaster - and the political unrest that has roiled the Middle East and North Africa are expected to loom large as members of the World Bank and IMF gather in Washington. 世界和国际货币基金组织的成员在华盛顿召开今年的春季会议,象日本强震和海啸这样无法预见的天灾,及其触发的核灾难,再加上席卷中东和北非的政治动荡等问题,都成为与会者关注的焦点。"I think they'll be an important focus, precisely because the developments there are not only critical for people of the region but they have the possibility of having enormous global implications as well," said Marcus Noland, deputy director at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.华盛顿智囊机构彼得森国际经济研究所副所长马库斯·诺兰(Marcus Noland)说:“我认为这些都是关注的焦点,因为那些地区的发展状况不仅关系到当地人民,还有可能造成巨大的全球性影响。”Among the implications is the rapid spike in oil prices and its potential to trigger another global economic slowdown. Although the world economy is projected to grow at a moderate pace this year, IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, said the recovery remains lopsided, with China and other emerging economies growing faster than Western economies. 这些影响包括骤然上涨的石油价格,以及由此可能引发的另一场全球经济衰退。尽管世界经济今年预期会以温和的步伐增长,但国际货币基金组织总裁施特劳斯-卡恩(Dominique Strauss-Kahn)说,复苏仍然不平衡,中国和其他新兴经济体的增长速度比西方国家快。"Beyond Japan and more for a longer term, the question of European countries is certainly an important one," he said. "Some of these countries are at crossroads because of sovereign debt problems, because of financial sector problems."施特劳斯-卡恩说:“欧洲国家面临着切实重要的问题,而且比起日本,这是个更为长远的问题。这些国家中,有些因为主权债务问题,或者金融部门的问题,现在正处在一个十字路口。”Ahead of the meeting, Portugal, one of the poorest countries in the eurozone, is now the third EU country to ask for a bailout to deal with its crippling debt. Economists say other countries could follow. 会议之前,在欧元区位居最穷之列的葡萄牙,成为欧盟中第三个因沉重债务而申请救援的国家。经济学家说,其他国家也有可能陷入同样境地。201104/131632。

N. Korean Nuclear Test Triggers Global Condemnation美国及国际社会谴责北韩核试验 The ed States and the international community are reacting with outrage and strongly condemning North Korea's latest nuclear test and the launch of three short-range missiles.美国和国际社会对北韩核试验并发射短程导弹作出强烈反应,予以严厉谴责。Speaking from the White House, U.S. President Barack Obama denounced North Korea's nuclear test and used blunt language to describe his concerns.美国总统奥巴马在白宫对北韩的行为表示谴责。他以措辞强硬的语言表达了美国对北韩行为的严重关切。"North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs pose a grave threat to the peace and security of the world and I strongly condemn their reckless action," said President Obama. "North Korea's actions endanger the people of Northeast Asia, they are a blatant violation of international law, and they contradict North Korea's own prior commitments."奥巴马说:“北韩的核武器和弹道导弹项目对世界和平和安全构成了严重威胁。我对他们这种粗暴行为表示强烈谴责。北韩的行为威胁到了东北亚人民的安全,是对国际法的公然践踏,并违背了北韩自己曾经作出的国际承诺。”President Obama says North Korea's actions have flown in the face of ed Nations resolutions banning the country from developing weapons of mass destruction.奥巴马总统还指出,北韩的核试验也公然违反了联合国禁止发展大规模杀伤性武器的决议。"North Korea will not find security and respect through threats and illegal weapons," said Mr. Obama. "We will work with our friends and our allies to stand up to this behavior and we will redouble our efforts toward a more robust international nonproliferation regime that all countries have responsibilities to meet."他说:“以威胁的手段、靠非法武器是得不到安全与尊重的。美国将和其他盟友一起坚决反对北韩的行为,并将加倍努力完善适用于所有国家的国际反核扩散体系。”Seismologists from around the world reported a tremor of about 4.5 magnitude in northeast North Korea, near where Pyongyang conducted its first test in 2006.North Korean official media confirmed a test had taken place.世界不同地区的地震学家都监测到了在北韩2006年进行第一次核试验的东北部地区发生的一次相当于4点五级地震的震动。A North Korean newser says the country "successfully conducted one more underground nuclear test," demonstrating what Pyongyang calls its "self-defensive nuclear deterrent" to the entire world.北韩的媒体也实了这次核试验。一名北韩播音员说,北韩成功地进行了一次地下核试验,向整个世界明了,北韩拥有所谓的“自卫核威慑力量”。Russian and South Korean military officials say the nuclear explosion had a force of up to 20 kilotons, the same size as the bomb the U.S. dropped on Nagasaki, Japan in 1945.俄罗斯和韩国军方认为,这次核爆威力在两千顿级当量,相当于1945年美国在日本长崎投下的原子弹爆炸能量。South Korean officials say North Korea test-fired three short-range missiles shortly after the nuclear test.韩国官员表示,在进行核试验以后,北韩又进行了弹道试射,发射了三枚短程导弹。The U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, says he sees a growing belligerence on the part of North Korea and a rising defiance of international law.美军参谋长联席会议主席迈克·马伦说,北韩越来越好战,越来越无视国际法。"All of those things point to a country that I think continues to destabilize that region and actually in the long term, should they continue on to develop a nuclear weapons program, pose a significant threat to the ed States," said Admiral Mullen.他说:“所有这些都说明北韩继续破坏这一地区的稳定,而且从长远的角度来说,如果他们继续其核项目,对美国来说也是一个重大威胁。”America's top military officer says the ed States has the ability to deal with any danger from North Korea.他补充说美国有能力应对北韩所构成的威胁。"I am very confident that we can deal with the threat posed by North Korea," he said. "And it is not just the ed States because there are many other countries, and certainly those in the region, who are equally concerned."他说:“他对美国对付北韩的能力充满信心。北韩的问题并不是美国一个国家感到关切,包括亚洲国家在内的很多国家都同样深感问题的严重性。”Worldwide, governments condemned North Korea's actions.世界很多国家都对北韩的行为表示谴责。U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says the test is a clear and grave violation of Security Council resolutions.联合国秘书长潘基文说,北韩的核试明显严重违反了安理会有关决议。U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke with the foreign ministers from South Korea and Japan. A State Department statement says Clinton stressed the importance of a strong and unified approach to a "threat to international peace and security."美国国务卿克林顿跟韩国和日本外交部进行了接触。国务院的一份声明说,克林顿强调了在对付这一“国际和平与安全”威胁时一致采取强有力行动的重要性。South Korean officials say the test is a serious threat to peace and stability in the region.韩国也表示,北韩的核试是对该地区和平和稳定的严重威胁。The Russian Foreign Ministry says the six-party talks on North Korea are the only solution to the crisis.俄罗斯外交部说,六方会谈是解决危机的唯一途径。The Chinese government says it is resolutely opposed to its communist neighbor and ally's actions.在中国方面,中国表示坚决反对北韩进行核试验。Speaking while on a trip to Beijing, John Kerry, the chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations committee, says North Korea is trying to attract international attention.美国参议院外交关系委员会主席克里正在北京访问。克里说,北韩企图通过这样的方式吸引国际社会的注意力,而这样的行为只会有损于重启谈判的努力。He says this latest action is likely to hurt efforts to restart negotiations with Pyongyang."I do not think you reward it [nuclear test] by immediately going back to the table and having talks," said Senator Kerry. "I think North Korea is going to have to indicate some better willingness of how it intends to proceed in order to get immediately back to talks."他说:“不能用立即回到谈判桌前开始谈判的方式来奖励北韩。要想谈判,北韩就必须展现出如何解决核武问题的更大的意愿。”Some analysts say North Korea may be trying to gain leverage for negotiations with the international community. 一些分析人士说,北韩此举可能是要在跟国际社会谈判时有更多的筹码。They say the test may be part of an internal struggle. North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who is believed to have suffered a stroke last year, has not named a successor.在另一方面,这次核试也可能是北韩内部斗争的反映。金正日去年曾有过一次中风,他到现在为止还没有指定自己的接班人。05/71633。

US Economy Experiences Worst Job Cuts in Decades美失业人数激增 房贷违约破记录  New government figures show a rise in U.S. unemployment last month, with U.S. employers cutting some 533,000 jobs - the most in 34 years. President George Bush says his administration is taking action to help strengthen the economy. 最新的经济数据显示,美国的失业人数在上个月猛增,美国雇主裁减了53万3千个职位,这是过去34年来单月裁员人数的最高纪录。美国总统布什表示,联邦政府正在采取行动帮助加强美国经济。The Labor Department says the unemployment rate rose to 6.7 percent in November.  美国劳工部报告说,美国的失业率在11月攀升到了6.7%。President Bush told reporters the job data reflects the fact that the American economy is in a recession, due in large part to severe problems in housing, credit and financial markets. 布什总统告诉记者,这些数据反映出美国经济陷入衰退这个事实,主要由于房屋、信贷和金融市场问题严重。He says his administration is taking steps to address the problems by extending unemployment benefits to the jobless, making credit more affordable and available, and taking action to prevent home foreclosures. 他表示,联邦政府正在采取措施来解决这些问题,其中包括对于失业人员延长失业救济期限、扩展信贷发放范围和防止房主丧失抵押住房赎回权。"It is going to take time for all the actions we have taken to have their full impact. But I am confident that the steps we are taking will help fix the problems in our economy, and return it to strength." 布什总统说:“要让我们所采取的所有行动都彻底发挥作用需要时间。但是我坚信,我们所采取的措施将帮助解决我们经济中的问题,使我们的经济恢复活力。”At a hearing on Capitol Hill, Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keith Hall, described the unemployment figures as dismal. 在国会联合经济委员会举行的一个听会上,劳工统计局局长凯斯.霍尔表示,新的失业数据的确令人沮丧。"There is very little in this report that is positive," he said. "This is maybe one of the worst jobs report the Bureau of Labor Statistics has ever produced." “在这个报告中实在没有什么正面的东西。这恐怕是劳工统计局迄今为止所拿出的最差的就业报告。”"Families are conserving their dwindling resources and simply not buying much of anything, including durable goods, such as cars," said Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, who chaired the hearing before the Joint Economic Committee. 国会议员卡罗琳.马洛尼主持了这次听会。她说:“(美国)家庭都在努力保存他们日趋减少的资源,根本不买多少东西,包括汽车之类的耐用品。”Elsewhere on Capitol Hill, executives from the three major automakers testified at a congressional hearing for the second straight day, making their case for billion in loans to help shore up their industry, which has seen thousands of job losses. 与此同时,在国会山的另一则,来自美国三大汽车公司的主管们连续第二天出席一个国会听会,谋求获得340亿美元的政府贷款,帮助撑美国的汽车制造业。成千上万的美国汽车工人已经失去了工作。President Bush urged Congress to act on a proposal that would redirect billion in loans to help the automakers, but only to those that can survive.  布什总统敦促国会采取行动,把一笔250亿美元的救市款转贷给汽车制造商,不过,这笔贷款只能发给那些有能力生存下去的厂商。Congress could vote on an aid package to the auto industry when it returns for a brief post-election session next week. 国会有可能在下个星期投票表决一个向汽车工业提供援助的计划。200812/58064。

Redistricting rows重新划分选区之争Not so easy并不容易Republican hopes of snagging extra seats following last year’s census look doomed to disappointment 共和党人想要通过去年的人口普查数据再获得一些新席位,不大可行May 5th 2011 | AUSTIN, TEXAS | from the print edition ..REDISTRICTING, so the old saying goes, is when politicians get to choose their voters. Every ten years, following the national census, each state must redraw the constituency boundaries for both its members of Congress and its state legislators. In most states, the party in power controls both those processes, either directly through the state legislature or indirectly through the appointment of members to commissions charged with the job.老话讲,重新划分选区就是政治家选择投票者。每隔十年,在全国人口普查之后,各个州要为国会代表以及州立法委员重划选区界限。在大部分州,执政的党派决定着选区界限的划定,或直接通过州立法机关、或间接地通过指派人员处理这项事务。The whole business has been riven with conflicts of interest for at least two centuries. This time around, though, Republicans are in charge in far more states than Democrats, so should be able to weight the political odds in their favour for the next decade. But that is proving trickier than normal, for a variety of reasons.这项事务为利益冲突成为的焦点已经至少有两百年了。这一次,共和党执掌的州大大多于民主党,所以共和党应该会争取在接下来的十年时间里获得政治优势。不过,有许多原因导致情况非常复杂。201105/135177。

Australia Debates Revamping Controversial Citizenship Tests澳大利亚修改入籍考试注重新国民权利义务Australia is revising controversial citizenship tests, to make sure applicants are more aware of their rights and responsibilities rather than examine their general knowledge about sports and culture.澳大利亚将修改引起争议的公民入籍考试,以确保申请入籍者更多地了解他们的权利和责任,而不是仅仅考查他们对体育和文化的一般知识。The government wants to make the tests more helpful for prospective citizens settling in to life in their adopted country.澳大利亚政府希望公民入籍考试能更有助于新公民把生活融入他们的新国家。In the new version of the test, to be rolled out October 19, there will more questions about gender equality, compulsory voting and the Australian legal system.今年10月19号开始实行的新入籍考试将包括更多有关性别平等、投票义务以及澳大利亚法制系统的问题。In unveiling the test this week, Immigration Minister Chris Evans, who was born in Britain, says the amendments will help immigrants better understand their responsibilities to the community.本星期宣布新入籍考试的澳大利亚移民部长埃文斯在英国出生。他说,有关修改将帮助移民更好的理解他们对社区负有的责任。Evans and many immigrant activists think questions on the current test about famous sports personalities and explorers are irrelevant.埃文斯和很多移民权益活动人士认为,目前入籍考试中有关知名体育界人士和探险者的那些问题无关紧要,没有意义。The country on Thursday celebrated Citizenship Day and to mark the occasion 4,000 people were sworn in as new Australians.星期四是澳大利亚的公民日,当天有4千人宣誓成为澳大利亚公民。Among them was China-born opera singer Sharon Zai, who gave up her Chinese citizenship to become an Australian."I would love to have both but because I have been in Australia for six years and I feel very, very involved with this Australian life and I love to live here forever," she said.Critics say the citizenship tests are a waste of money, do nothing to help newcomers integrate into society and discriminate against those from a non-English speaking background.批评人士说,公民入籍考试是浪费钱,丝毫不能帮助新移民融入社会,并且歧视那些母语不是英语的移民。Migrants must pass the test to gain citizenship. 所有移民必须通过入籍考试才能获得澳大利亚国籍。Under the proposed changes, those taking the test will have to answer 20 multiple-choice questions in English and the passing grade will rise from 60 percent to 75.根据新提出的修改,入籍考试参加者将要回答20道英文的多项选择题,及格分数从60分改为75分。The tests were introduced in 2007 and were intended to enhance social cohesion. Recent studies have found that some prospective citizens had been deterred from applying for citizenship, wrongly fearing they would be deported if they failed the test.现行的入籍考试于2007年开始实行,目的是促进社会和谐。最近的研究显示,一些有意入籍的移民不敢提出申请,错误地担心如果通不过考试就会被遣返。Applicants can take the exam as many times as they like until they pass.澳大利亚对移民参加入籍考试没有次数限制,可以多次参加考试,之至最后入籍。09/84771。