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2019年07月21日 13:35:10来源:爱问典范

A has surfaced online showing staff at a Chinese bank being publicly spanked for poor performance during a training session, sparking outrage.中国一家的员工因在培训当中表现不佳而被当众打屁股的视频出现在网络上,引起网民愤怒。The , first posted by the People#39;s Daily, shows a trainer asking eight employees why they did not ;exceed themselves; at training. He then spanks them with what looks like a stick. Reports say he later also cut and shaved their hair.该视频最初由《人民日报》发布,在视频中,一名培训师问8名员工,为什么他们没有在培训当中“超越自己”。随后该培训师用貌似一根棍子的东西打了这些人的屁股。有报道称,其后他还剪了他们的头发。The incident took place at a training session for more than 200 employees at Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank in northern China. The trainer, Jiang Yang, has issued an apology, saying the spanking was ;a training model I have tried for years; and had not been instigated by executives at the bank.据悉,该事件发生在长治漳泽农村商业200多名员工的内部培训上。培训师姜洋已经对此道歉,并称打屁股是“我使用了多年的培训模式”,从未被该的管理者调查过。Mr Jiang is seen reprimanding eight bank employees on stage, asking them why they received the lowest scores in a training exercise. The employees give answers including ;failing to make a personal breakthrough;, ;I did not co-operate with colleagues; and ;I lacked courage.” Mr Jiang then says ;get your butts y; and proceeds to spank them with what appears to be a thick piece of wood.在该视频中,姜洋训斥台上的8名员工,质问他们为什么在培训中获得低分。这些员工的回答包括“个人突破失败”,“我没有和同事配合”以及“我缺乏勇气”等。然后姜洋说道:“屁股准备好了”,接着就用厚木板打了他们的屁股。It shows at least four rounds of spanking, with one woman recoiling each time, apparently in pain. At one point, that women places her hands over her behind, but is told to ;take your hand off;.该视频显示,他至少打了四轮,每一轮中一位女员工都因疼痛而退缩。这个女员工一度用双手盖着屁股,但被警告说“把手拿开”。The spanking was followed by a ;hair cutting punishment;, a statement by the Changzhi local government said. The men had their heads shaved, while the women had their hair cut.长治当地政府在一份声明中写道,打完屁股后,接着是“剪头发惩罚”,男员工的头发被剃光,女员工则被剪短发。According to the statement, the Shanxi Rural Credit Co-operatives Union, which regulates the bank, has set up a group to investigate the incident. The bank#39;s chairman and deputy governor had been suspended for ;failing to strictly check the content of the course;, while the bank would help the employees seek compensation from the training company.该声明还指出,负责管理该的山西农村信用社联合社调动了一组人员调查该事件。该行长和副行长因“没有严格检查课程内容”而被免职,也将帮助员工向培训公司寻求赔偿。People online have been expressing outrage over the treatment of staff.网民已经对员工受到如此待遇表达了愤慨。;Since when does beating employees become a way of raising performance?; one user asked on Sina Weibo, a Twitter-like microblog used in China.新浪微一位用户说道:“什么时候殴打员工成为提升业绩的方法的?”Another user said he was dissatisfied because he felt Mr Jiang had focused on apologising to the banking executives. ;In his apology, he kept emphasising that he had hurt the leadership at Changzhi Zhangze Rural Commercial Bank! He spanked the employees, but apologised to the leadership? What sort of logic is this?;另外一位用户则表达了自己的不满,因为他认为姜洋的道歉是被管理层逼迫的。“在他的道歉视频中,他强调说他伤害了长治漳泽农商的领导层!他打了员工,却对领导层道歉?这是什么逻辑?” /201606/451882。

  • A Beijing official has accused ride-sharing apps of playing a significant role in Beijing#39;s worsening traffic congestion, as such apps battle it out with old-fashioned taxis.近日,一位北京市的官员指责称,在线约车app已经在北京日益恶化的交通拥堵中发挥了很重的作用,而这些app也站在了传统打车务的对立面。Zhou Zhengyu, head of Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport, cited the falling oil price and the surge of online car hailing as two major reasons for Beijing#39;s worsening traffic congestion in 2015, the Legal Evening News reported on Monday.据周一法制晚报的报道,北京市交通委主任周正宇表示,油价走低和网络约车的兴起是2015年北京市道路拥堵加剧的两个主因。More than one hundred thousand drivers have registered on ride-sharing apps, among which some 60,000 daily active users provide 600,000 to 700,000 rides, said Zhou at a session the Municipal People#39;s Congress, the local legislature.在北京市人民代表大会的一次会议上,周正宇说道,网络约车应用的注册司机超过10万,其中每天活跃的有6万左右,一天六七十万单在路上跑。According to Zhou, the city#39;s traffic improved in 2013 and 2014 as a result of China#39;s anti-extravagance rules, but worsened in 2015.根据周正宇所说,北京市交通状况在2013年、2014年有所改善,但却在2015年有所恶化。Zhou#39;s remarks are in line with a report from AutoNavi, a Chinese digital mapping firm, in which it said in last August that ride-sharing apps have provided a new choice for the public, but have also added to traffic congestion.周正宇的言论和高德--一家中国数字地图公司发布的一项报告所一致。该报告显示,在2015年8月份,网上约车这一出行模式为公众出行提供了新的选择,但对城市交通拥堵也产生了一定影响。But ride-sharing apps like Didi-Kuaidi and Uber may disagree on this. Didi-Kuaidi said last week that smart commuting, in which it has played a major part, has helped solve rush hours problems.但是,网约专车平台滴滴快的和Uber都不同意这种言论。滴滴快的方面上周表示,智能通勤发挥了重要的作用,并且已经帮助解决交通高峰的问题。 /201601/424794。
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