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THE STORY OF A MOTHERA mother sat there with her little child. She was so downcast, so afraid thatit should die! It was so pale, the small eyes had closed themselves, and itdrew its breath so softly, now and then, with a deep respiration, as if itsighed; and the mother looked still more sorrowfully on the little creature.Then a knocking was heard at the door, and in came a poor old man wrapped upas in a large horse-cloth, for it warms one, and he needed it, as it was thecold winter season! Everything out-of-doors was covered with ice and snow, andthe wind blew so that it cut the face.As the old man trembled with cold, and the little child slept a moment, themother went and poured some ale into a pot and set it on the stove, that itmight be warm for him; the old man sat and rocked the cradle, and the mothersat down on a chair close by him, and looked at her little sick child thatdrew its breath so deep, and raised its little hand."Do you not think that I shall save him?" said she. "Our Lord will not takehim from me!"And the old man--it was Death himself--he nodded so strangely, it could justas well signify yes as no. And the mother looked down in her lap, and thetears ran down over her cheeks; her head became so heavy--she had not closedher eyes for three days and nights; and now she slept, but only for a minute,when she started up and trembled with cold."What is that?" said she, and looked on all sides; but the old man was gone,and her little child was gone--he had taken it with him; and the old clock inthe corner burred, and burred, the great leaden weight ran down to the floor,bump! and then the clock also stood still.But the poor mother ran out of the house and cried aloud for her child.Out there, in the midst of the snow, there sat a woman in long, black clothes;and she said, "Death has been in thy chamber, and I saw him hasten away withthy little child; he goes faster than the wind, and he never brings back whathe takes!""Oh, only tell me which way he went!" said the mother. "Tell me the way, and Ishall find him!""I know it!" said the woman in the black clothes. "But before I tell it, thoumust first sing for me all the songs thou hast sung for thy child! I am fondof them. I have heard them before; I am Night; I saw thy tears whilst thousang'st them!""I will sing them all, all!" said the mother. "But do not stop me now--I mayovertake him--I may find my child!"But Night stood still and mute. Then the mother wrung her hands, sang andwept, and there were many songs, but yet many more tears; and then Night said,"Go to the right, into the dark pine forest; thither I saw Death take his waywith thy little child!"The roads crossed each other in the depths of the forest, and she no longerknew whither she should go! then there stood a thorn-bush; there was neitherleaf nor flower on it, it was also in the cold winter season, and ice-flakeshung on the branches."Hast thou not seen Death go past with my little child?" said the mother."Yes," said the thorn-bush; "but I will not tell thee which way he took,unless thou wilt first warm me up at thy heart. I am freezing to death; Ishall become a lump of ice!"And she pressed the thorn-bush to her breast, so firmly, that it might bethoroughly warmed, and the thorns went right into her flesh, and her bloodflowed in large drops, but the thornbush shot forth fresh green leaves, andthere came flowers on it in the cold winter night, the heart of the afflictedmother was so warm; and the thorn-bush told her the way she should go.She then came to a large lake, where there was neither ship nor boat. The lakewas not frozen sufficiently to bear her; neither was it open, nor low enoughthat she could wade through it; and across it she must go if she would findher child! Then she lay down to drink up the lake, and that was animpossibility for a human being, but the afflicted mother thought that amiracle might happen nevertheless."Oh, what would I not give to come to my child!" said the weeping mother; andshe wept still more, and her eyes sunk down in the depths of the waters, andbecame two precious pearls; but the water bore her up, as if she sat in aswing, and she flew in the rocking waves to the shore on the opposite side,where there stood a mile-broad, strange house, one knew not if it were amountain with forests and caverns, or if it were built up; but the poor mothercould not see it; she had wept her eyes out."Where shall I find Death, who took away my little child?" said she."He has not come here yet!" said the old grave woman, who was appointed tolook after Death's great greenhouse! "How have you been able to find the wayhither? And who has helped you?""OUR LORD has helped me," said she. "He is merciful, and you will also be so!Where shall I find my little child?""Nay, I know not," said the woman, "and you cannot see! Many flowers and treeshave withered this night; Death will soon come and plant them over again!You certainly know that every person has his or her life's tree or flower,just as everyone happens to be settled; they look like other plants, but theyhave pulsations of the heart. Children's hearts can also beat; go after yours,perhaps you may know your child's; but what will you give me if I tell youwhat you shall do more?""I have nothing to give," said the afflicted mother, "but I will go to theworld's end for you!""Nay, I have nothing to do there!" said the woman. "But you can give me yourlong black hair; you know yourself that it is fine, and that I like! You shallhave my white hair instead, and that's always something!""Do you demand nothing else?" said she. "That I will gladly give you!" And shegave her her fine black hair, and got the old woman's snow-white hair instead.So they went into Death's great greenhouse, where flowers and trees grewstrangely into one another. There stood fine hyacinths under glass bells, andthere stood strong-stemmed peonies; there grew water plants, some so fresh,others half sick, the water-snakes lay down on them, and black crabs pinchedtheir stalks. There stood beautiful palm-trees, oaks, and plantains; therestood parsley and flowering thyme: every tree and every flower had its name;each of them was a human life, the human frame still lived--one in China, andanother in Greenland--round about in the world. There were large trees insmall pots, so that they stood so stunted in growth, and y to burst thepots; in other places, there was a little dull flower in rich mould, with mossround about it, and it was so petted and nursed. But the distressed motherbent down over all the smallest plants, and heard within them how the humanheart beat; and amongst millions she knew her child's."There it is!" cried she, and stretched her hands out over a little bluecrocus, that hung quite sickly on one side."Don't touch the flower!" said the old woman. "But place yourself here, andwhen Death comes--I expect him every moment--do not let him pluck the flowerup, but threaten him that you will do the same with the others. Then he willbe afraid! He is responsible for them to OUR LORD, and no one dares to pluckthem up before HE gives leave."All at once an icy cold rushed through the great hall, and the blind mothercould feel that it was Death that came."How hast thou been able to find thy way hither?" he asked. "How couldst thoucome quicker than I?""I am a mother," said she.And Death stretched out his long hand towards the fine little flower, but sheheld her hands fast around his, so tight, and yet afraid that she should touchone of the leaves. Then Death blew on her hands, and she felt that it wascolder than the cold wind, and her hands fell down powerless."Thou canst not do anything against me!" said Death."But OUR LORD can!" said she."I only do His bidding!" said Death. "I am His gardener, I take all Hisflowers and trees, and plant them out in the great garden of Paradise, in theunknown land; but how they grow there, and how it is there I dare not tellthee.""Give me back my child!" said the mother, and she wept and prayed. At once sheseized hold of two beautiful flowers close by, with each hand, and cried outto Death, "I will tear all thy flowers off, for I am in despair.""Touch them not!" said Death. "Thou say'st that thou art so unhappy, and nowthou wilt make another mother equally unhappy.""Another mother!" said the poor woman, and directly let go her hold of boththe flowers."There, thou hast thine eyes," said Death; "I fished them up from the lake,they shone so bright; I knew not they were thine. Take them again, they arenow brighter than before; now look down into the deep well close by; I shalltell thee the names of the two flowers thou wouldst have torn up, and thouwilt see their whole future life--their whole human existence: and see whatthou wast about to disturb and destroy."And she looked down into the well; and it was a happiness to see how the onebecame a blessing to the world, to see how much happiness and joy were felteverywhere. And she saw the other's life, and it was sorrow and distress,horror, and wretchedness."Both of them are God's will!" said Death."Which of them is Misfortune's flower and which is that of Happiness?" askedshe."That I will not tell thee," said Death; "but this thou shalt know from me,that the one flower was thy own child! it was thy child's fate thousaw'st--thy own child's future life!"Then the mother screamed with terror, "Which of them was my child? Tell it me!Save the innocent! Save my child from all that misery! Rather take it away!Take it into God's kingdom! Forget my tears, forget my prayers, and all that Ihave done!""I do not understand thee!" said Death. "Wilt thou have thy child again, orshall I go with it there, where thou dost not know!"Then the mother wrung her hands, fell on her knees, and prayed to our Lord:"Oh, hear me not when I pray against Thy will, which is the best! hear me not!hear me not!"And she bowed her head down in her lap, and Death took her child and went withit into the unknown land. Article/200710/18310

  Welcome to English in a Minute!欢迎来到《一分钟英语》栏目!A lot of American English idioms refer to parts of the body. Get off on the wrong foot许多美式英语习语都和身体的某些部分有关。一开始就不顺利Are Anna and Jonathan having trouble learning a dance?难道安娜和乔纳森跳舞遇到困难了吗?How did it go meeting your girlfriend#39;s family?昨天和女朋友家人的见面怎么样呢?Well...it was interesting. First, I was really late…嗯……挺有意思的。首先,我迟到了……Oh, Jonathan! Yeah. And then, at dinner, I spilled my water all over her mom.啊,乔纳森!是的。然后吃晚餐时,我把水全洒在了她妈妈身上。Jonathan, it sounds like you got off on the wrong foot.乔纳森,听起来你刚开始不是很顺利。I haven#39;t even gotten to the worst part…我还没有说最糟糕的部分。If you ;get off on the wrong foot,; you start something new in a bad way.如果你“一开始就不顺利”,表示你以一种糟糕的方式开始某件事。Sometimes it is because of a mistake you made.有时也是因为你犯了错误。You can also ;get off on the right foot; if things go well at the start of a new project or relationship!你也可以“一开始就很顺利”,如果某个新的项目或关系在开始就进展地很好!And that#39;s English in a Minute!以上就是今天的《一分钟英语》栏目! /201703/495757

  今日短语real-time实时的例句:Most computer games are real-time, because they are more exciting.大部分的计算机游戏都是实时联机的,因为这样比较刺激。 /201509/400038。

  每天一个生活口语话题,一段地道的举例回答,并附有详细的词汇,发音及用法讲解。讲解材料选自当今最先进最有效的英语原版教材,更加贴近生活。每天坚持听讲解,并根据问题练习,给自己一个地道输入和输出的机会,你也可以张口自信说英语。主题:Do you like to talk, or are you shy?I never really feel shy around people, because I like making friends. I guess I like talking, but of course with people I feel comfortable with, coz conversation flows only when you are with someone who have similar interests to you. Conversation flows: flow在这里作动词,用来形容谈话畅快,有很多话可以说。 /201701/487550

  get somewhere/anywhere 达到某种程度的成就A:I am very proud of John.A:我真为约翰感到骄傲。B:Me too. No one has expected he can really get somewhere with his business.B:我也是,没有一个人相信他能够成功。A:But he has suffered a lot.A:但他也吃了不少苦。 /201606/438661




  栏目简介:《生活英语视频》栏目是初级英语口语下面的子栏目,用形象生动的方式展示了初级英语在生活中的简单应用,非常适合英语入门学习,能够帮助英语学习爱好者积累英语词汇和表达,培养英语学习的兴趣。 /201601/412034

  leave a nasty (or bad) taste in one#39;s mouth留下一个坏印象A:I had to announce his innocence in court today, but it left a nasty taste in my mouth.A:今天我不得不在法庭上宣布他无罪,可是我心里觉得不对劲。B:You mean you suspect him?B:你是说你怀疑他?A:I#39;m not sure. I#39;ll try to prove my feeling.A:我不敢肯定,我会设法实的。B:I hope I can do something for you.B:我希望能帮上忙。 /201608/455684

  大家好!今天我们来看一看怎么用美语来聊“怎么赞扬别人”?You Are Killin It 你真行You#39;re such a boss 你最棒了I really admire you 我好佩你 /201512/413735

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