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【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Step : You will need 1 exercise mat or thick towel comfortable clothing 1 small towel Exercise 1: Abdominal PrepStep 1: To prepareLie down on your mat or towel with your knees bent at a 45ordm; angle and your feet a little less than hip-distance apart. Have your arms on the floor by your sides, palms facing down.Pay special attention to your lower back. Don't have it flat on the floor, or over-arched.Try and find a neutral position, with a small curve in the lower back, and avoid tilting the pelvis towards or away from you.Step 2: BreathingYou will inhale deeply through the nose to prepare, aiming the breath towards the back of the rib cage and exhale deeply through the mouth. When you exhale, think of flattening the abdominal region. Imagine gently pulling your belly button towards your spine. This first exercise will be performed in four breaths.Step 3: The exerciseInhale and gently lengthen the back of your neck, lowering your chin down but not jamming it in. As you exhale, scoop in your abdominals and reach your hands towards your feet, curling your upper back off the floor until you can feel your muscles tense.Inhale here, breathing into your rib cage, now exhale and gently, controlling the movement, roll back down to the mat relaxing your neck at the end.Repeat this eight times. You will feel your central and lower abdominals working.If during the exercise you feel a strain on your neck, put your hands behind your head to support. Keep the elbows wide and don't pull on your neck.Exercise 2: The HundredStep 1: To prepareStay lying in the same position, but join your feet and knees together and gently flatten your lower back down to the floor without squeezing your backside.You're going to be beating your hands up and down while you perform this Pilates exercise, just as Sophie is showing you now. Practise this action before continuing.Step 2: BreathingHere the breathing is very different from before.The same principles apply but you are going to inhale and exhale to prepare for the exercise then inhale and exhale over the count of ten while beating your hands.The sequence will sound like this: inhale, 2, 3, 4, 5, exhale 2, 3, 4, 10 inhale 2, 3, 4, 5 exhale, 2, 3, 4, 20 and so on, all the way to one hundred.Step 3: The exerciseInhale and gently lengthen the back of your neck, lowering your chin down but not jamming it in.As you exhale, curl your upper back off the floor, scooping in your abdominals. Draw your shoulders down and reach your hands off the floor and towards your feet.Then breathe in for five while lightly beating your hands up and down and breathe out for five continuing to beat.Continue like this until you reach 100! Maintaining your own constant rhythm as you go. If you find you're getting tired quite quickly then take a short break after 50 and then finish.You will feel all your abdominal muscles working.Exercise 3: Obliques Step 1: To prepare Adjust your feet to hip distance apart and place your hands behind your head, with your elbows wide and shoulders down.Step 2: BreathingThe breathing is the same as in exercise one but here we will use two breaths.Step 3: The exerciseInhale to prepare, as you exhale, contract your abdominal muscles, flex your upper body off the floor and keeping your elbows wide, reach your left side towards your right knee.Inhale to return to the centre, resting your head back on the mat, exhale, and repeat to the other side.Do this 10 times in total, five times to each side. You will feel the sides of your stomach - your oblique muscles- working.When you finish the series relax your arms back down onto the mat.Exercise 4: The Dead BugStep 1: To prepare If necessary, adjust your back to keep it flat on the floor.Inhale to prepare and as you exhale, gently pick one foot off the floor followed by the other to a tabletop position then turn your palms to the ceiling. This is the dead bug position.Pay attention to your lower back throughout the exercise. Don't let it overarch.Step 2: BreathingThe breathing is the same as in the previous exercise.Step 3: The exercise Inhale to prepare, then as you exhale, contract your abdominal muscles and simultaneously lower the right leg towards the floor, keeping it bent.Inhale to return, then exhale and repeat on the other side.Do this exercise eight times in total - four times each side. You will feel your lower abdominal muscles working.When you finish, slowly bring one foot then the other back down to the floor and relax by hugging your knees into your chest. Article/200912/93349中国将设新的清洁能源标准 Article/201302/224795*[8s4UNN(w;.sHqF;Qo(+%w+_Ap*~OY4J%*hOQi*aIThe wagons carry a precious cargo, 1,000 pounds of supplies and a grubstake for your journey, your entire new life in the West.这些马车载着珍贵的货物,重达1000磅的日常补给和衣物用以撑旅途及日后西部的全新生活P)1.AOYx4og!46x8YY。The pioneering spirit is ingenious. Essential drinking water captured from rain on the wagon canvas. Even the oxen#39;s dung is fuel for fires.开拓者们匠心独运,关乎生计的饮用水源自马车帆布篷顶收集的雨水,连牛粪也被用作燃料mS9;jcP3D9;_%t。And like today, there are tolls. Native Americans charge for road and 0 for river crossings, in modern money. But the greatest toll of all...human lives.和如今一样,当时也有通行费,原住民们向他们收取如今价值10元的过路费和100元的过河费,然而最昂贵的费用莫过于人命jF,|TyAcEnF。In all, 20,000 Americans will die reaching the West. Ten graves for every mile. But one story of suffering and death will show just how far the pioneers will go to conquer the West.共两万多名美国人命丧西迁之路,每英里路伴随着10座坟头,接下来这个满纸血泪的故事足以述尽先驱们征西部之路的遥远与艰辛+~D2HIYxr1e_5。June 1846. A wagon train heads west. Its leader is George Donner.1846年6月,一列马车队正向西行进,队长叫做乔治·唐纳HSbxb|.mb9b1XKzZtT。Good luck. Good, now push! Push!好运,很好,用力,用力BL3aou@41X.Ugg1。His wife, Tamsen Donner, is a school teacher.他的妻子塔姆森·唐纳是一名教师HtqqCY),#g]oP。Yes, okay.就这样,好了!r~EM;MY6_2TBv。But on the trail, women must turn their hands to anything.但是在漫漫长路中,女人们不得不事事亲力亲为@g5yK)Q1k5.Zq;Zdpp。The Donner Party are halfway across the blistering Wyoming Prairie, miles from the nearest doctor, with barely any water.此时唐纳一行正在穿越酷热的怀俄明草原的路上,最近的医生也在好几英里之外,而水源则更是匮乏J(9ejO6Tb6z3,RC.。Good, yes. Okay.很好,就这样,好CY^M%H*5Wg(w95m.。I think the women who came across America in the early days, must#39;ve been made up of the strongest fiber possible.It#39;s unimaginable.早些年那些跋山涉水穿越美国的女人们可能是这世上最坚韧的女性了,简直难以想象zq%ET|U8M_s!6M。Good.Yes.好极了,好了M9VgeahcF9aSZrFi3sWB。The new American#39;s mother and father are Philippine and Ludwig Keseberg. They christen their son Louis.这个新生儿的母亲和父亲分别叫菲律宾和路德维格·凯斯伯格,他们给儿子取教名为路易斯oq99U2%llj;OcP[-q,。The journey is tough... but the going#39;s good.旅途艰苦,但过程还算顺利su-BiO%k(P9psbP。C18wmcZJ3w-X*A4U;_6L8.X9nUx(,TSi1Qx!-llTBPC!9R9!kj21~ /201208/196964昨天上午,国家科学技术奖励大会在北京人民大会堂举行,大会颁发了2009年度国家最高科学技术奖,中国科学院院士、知名数学家谷超豪和中科院院士“两弹一星”元勋、资深航天专家孙家栋荣获2009年度国家最高科学技术奖。中共中央总书记、国家主席、中央军委主席胡锦涛向他们颁奖。Backgrounder: China's State Science and Technology Awards amp; The past winnersChina's State Science and Technology Awards are offered in five categories. And while some have more than one winner every year, others are more elusive. The State Supreme Science and Technology Award is China's highest and most esteemed national science honor. The award is given out each year to no more than two scientists. Winners receive a cash prize of 5-million yuan, or over 730-thousand US dollars. It honors important breakthroughs in basic scientific research, with far-reaching influence. It also rewards prominent scientists who have generated enormous economic returns or facilitated social progress. The first State Supreme Science and Technology Award was given in 2000. Mathematician Wu Wenjun and hybrid-rice expert Yuan Longping were the deserving recipients. Two academicians won the award the following year. They were computer scientist Wang Xuan from Peking University and semi-conductor expert Huang Kun from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.No winner was announced for the Supreme Award in 2004. It was the first and only time in the history of the award. In 2008, neurologist Wang Zhongcheng and chemist Xu Guangxian shared the Supreme Award. The Natural Science Award, the Technology Innovation Award, and the Science and Technology Advancement Award are the three major science awards handed out at the state level. The Natural Science Award honors achievements in basic research and applications. This includes math, physics, chemistry, astronomy, geology, biology and other disciplines. In the past ten years, there have only been winners on 3 occasions.The Technology Innovation Award honors important inventions for manufacturing, processing, and material and systems research. The award declared its first winners in 2004. The Science and Technology Advancement Award focuses on projects crucial to social progress, state security, and social well-being. The International Science and Technology Cooperation Award honors foreigners or international organizations that have contributed to the advancement of China's science and technology fields. Article/201001/94307

From feeling less tired to clearing up spots, drinking enough water can cure all sorts of ills.饮用足够的水能帮你缓解疲劳,还能祛斑,可谓“包治百病”。But the majority of people simply don#39;t drink enough of it.但大多数人都饮水不足。Medical research centre the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota reveals that men should be drinking 13 cups of it a day on average, while women could consume nine.位于美国明尼苏达州的医学研究中心梅奥诊所表示,男性每天应该喝13杯水,而女性应该喝9杯。But every person#39;s body is different - and the amount you really need to drink can be worked out using a simple scientific formula.但每个人的身体都有差异,你需要的饮水量可以通过一个简单的科学公式来计算:Step 1: Take your weight (in lbs) and divide it by 2.2.1. 测量体重(单位:磅),然后除以2.2Step 2: Multiply that number by your age.2. 所得结果乘以年龄Step 3: Divide that sum by 28.3.3. 上述计算结果除以28.3Step 4: Your total is how many ounces of water you should drink each day.4. 计算出的结果就是你每天应该饮用的水量(单位:盎司)Step 5: Divide that number by eight to see your result in cups.5. 第4步的结果除以8,得出到底要喝几杯However if you exercise regularly, you#39;ll of course need to drink even more water to replace the liquid you#39;ll lose through sweat.但如果你定期锻炼,你当然需要更多的饮水量,以补充排汗流失的体液。The American College of Sports Medicine reports that you should drink an extra 12 ounces of water for every 30 minutes of exercise.美国体育医药学院报告说,每锻炼半小时,你就需要多喝12盎司水(约合340毫升)。Your diet can play a large role in helping to keep you hydrated.饮食对帮你补水也起着重要作用。Eating foods with a high water content, such as watermelon, cucumber and celery, can help flush out toxins in your body.食用含水量高的食物可以帮助身体排毒,比如西瓜、黄瓜和芹菜。However, eating salty foods can do the opposite as your body will retain fluids to help dilute the sodium you#39;ve just consumed - which is why we often bloat after eating sodium-rich foods, and get thirsty.然而,食用含盐量高的食物会起到反作用,你的身体会保持体液以稀释你摄入的钠,所以我们在食用了富含钠的食物后经常感到腹胀,也容易口渴。 /201706/515046

Chocolate Mint Smoothie. Chocolate, ice cream and a hint of mint make this smoothie a naughty treat for kids of all ages.Experience our Chocolate Mint Smoothie.巧克力薄荷奶昔。巧克力,冰淇淋和少量薄荷会让这款奶昔成为所有年龄段的人永不厌倦的美味。Step 1: You will need1.你需要#8226;1 blender搅拌器#8226;1 spatula雪糕棒#8226;1 serving glass玻璃杯Step 2: Ingredients2.原料Add 500ml of milk, 4 tablespoons of instant cocoa powder, half a teaspoon of vanilla extract, a few drops of peppermint extract and half a litre of vanilla ice cream to a blender.向搅拌器中加入500毫升牛奶,4汤匙速食可可粉,半茶匙香草精,几滴薄荷油,半升香草冰淇淋。Step 3: Blend3.搅拌Put the lid on securely, and blend until smooth.盖好盖子,搅拌至光滑。Step 4: Serve4.享用Pour into a glass and garnish with a sprig of mint. Drop in a couple of straws and serve.将搅拌好的奶昔倒入玻璃杯中,用薄荷装饰一下。加入几根吸管就可以招待客人了。Thanks for watching How To Make A Chocolate Mint Smoothie.感谢收看“怎样制作巧克力薄荷奶昔”视频节目。 /201212/217821

Until last month, Paul Romer, chief economist at the World Bank, was best known for his brilliant research in the field known as “endogenous growth theory” — the idea that growth comes from the decisions made within an economic system rather than as a result of external factors.直至上个月,世界(WB)首席经济学家保罗罗默(Paul Romer)最为人熟知的还是他在名为“内生增长理论”领域的出色研究。内生增长理论认为,增长来自经济体系内部做出的决策,它并非外部因素作用的结果。Now, however, Romer is creating waves for a very different reason: he is waging war on how economists use the word “and”. Yes, you that right. Last month, Romer sent an email to World Bank staff demanding that they tighten up their writing skills. In particular, he implored them to be more concise and clear when compiling reports, and to avoid creating hopelessly long, confusing documents crammed with lists of pious goals linked by that offending word “and”.然而,如今罗默却在因为非常不同的原因掀起风波:他正对经济学家使用“以及”(and)这个单词的方式发动战争。是的,你没有看错。上个月,罗默向世行员工发出了一封电子邮件,要求他们加强写作技能。特别是,罗默恳请他们在编制报告时更简明而清晰,避免制造冗长难懂的文件,避免文件中大量出现以令人不适的“以及”连接起来的长串不切实际的目标。“Because of...pressure to say that our message is ‘this, and this, and this too, and that...’ the word ‘and’ has become the most frequently used word in Bank prose,” Romer complained. “To drive home the importance of focus,” he added, “I’ve told the authors that I will not clear [a] final report if the frequency of ‘and’ exceeds 2.6 per cent.” The 2.6 per cent goal came about because that was the pattern found in World Bank reports a few decades ago (though Romer says it was merely a symbolic threshold). In contrast, “and” has recently accounted for 7 per cent of all words used in the organisation’s reports.“由于……有压力要表达出我们传递的信息是‘这个、以及这个、还有这个、以及那个……’,‘以及’一词已成为世行文章中最常用的词汇。”罗默抱怨称。“为清楚地表明关注这一点的重要性,”他补充说,“我已告诉各位作者,如果一篇最终报告中‘以及’一词的使用频率超过2.6%,这份报告我不会批。”提出2.6%的目标,是因为这是几十年前的世行报告符合的规律(不过罗默表示这个数字只是一个象征性阈值)。相比之下,“以及”一词最近在该机构报告中出现的次数占了总字数的7%。Is Romer’s request reasonable Not if you talk to many World Bank staff. Romer is not the first chief economist to create angst, but his demands have left some colleagues so incensed that he has been stripped of management control of the research division (Jim Yong Kim, World Bank president, wrote in a note to staff that another senior official would lead the Development Economics Group in order to create a stronger link between the Bank’s research and operational divisions, but that Romer would continue to provide “timely thought leadership on trends directly affecting our client countries”).罗默的要求合理么?如果你问许多世行员工,是否定的。罗默不是第一位在世行内部引发焦虑的首席经济学家,然而他的要求让部分同僚怒不可遏,以至于他被剥夺了对发展经济学部(Development Economics Group)的管理控制权(世行行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)在给员工的一份通知中写道,另一位高级官员将领导发展经济学部,以便在该行研究和运营部门之间建立更紧密的联系,不过罗默会继续对“直接影响我们客户国的趋势提供及时的、思想上的领导”)。Personally, I am inclined to applaud what Romer has done. That 2.6 per cent threshold might seem bizarre; and perhaps it is a little unfair to focus on a single word. But speaking as someone who, in my work as a journalist, has been forced to numerous official reports from bodies like the World Bank, I fully share Romer’s frustration with the impenetrable jargon that is bandied about.从个人角度来说,我倾向于为罗默所做的事鼓掌欢呼。这一2.6%的上限看起来可能很奇怪,而且仅关注一个单词可能有失公平。不过,出于记者工作需要,我不得不阅读大量世行等机构出具的报告,作为一个读者,对于满篇难以理解的行话,我有着与罗默完全相同的不满。It is not only multilateral organisations that fail in this respect. Last month, the veteran British journalist and editor Harold Evans published a guide to good writing, entitled Do I Make Myself Clear, which identifies numerous examples of turgid and impenetrable prose from politicians, philanthropists, company executives and so on.在这方面做得不好的不仅仅是多边组织。上个月,英国资深记者兼主编哈罗德埃文斯(Harold Evans)出版了一本有关好文风的题为《我说清楚了吗?》(Do I Make Myself Clear)的写作指南。该书列出了大量造作难懂的文章范例,这些文章出自政客、慈善家、公司高管等各色人等之手。******The kind of writing that Evans highlights is not merely irritating — it has serious, albeit subtle, implications. If official statements and documents are wrapped in layers of jargon, it becomes difficult for ordinary citizens to have any idea what is going on. And if voters are surrounded by baffling gobbledygook, they find it hard to trust what politicians are saying, or to take their utterances literally. One of the reasons for Donald Trump’s success as a politician is his blunt, no-holds-barred style of speech, which cuts through what Evans describes as the “endless fog” of linguistic complication. And while Trump’s words often seem contradictory, many voters simply ignore this fact — precisely because they have become so cynical about language.埃文斯专门提到的那类文体不仅仅是令人烦恼而已——这类文章会产生微妙却很严重的影响。如果官方声明和文件被裹在一层又一层的行话之中,普通公民就很难了解发生了什么。如果选民被费解的官八股包围,他们将觉得很难信任政客所说的话,或很难照字面意思理解他们的话。唐纳德特朗普(Donald Trump)作为政客会获得成功,其中一个原因就是他直白、毫无顾忌的讲话风格,这种讲话风格能够穿透埃文斯所说的语言复杂性的“无尽迷雾”。而且,尽管特朗普的话经常看上去似乎相互矛盾,许多选民却完全忽视了这一事实——这恰恰是因为他们对语言已变得如此不抱希望。Is there a solution Evans’s book offers plenty of practical advice for those seeking to improve their writing skills, with a 10-point checklist to encourage a clear approach (tips include “Banish clichés” and “Don’t be a bore”).还有解决的办法么?对于那些寻求提高写作技能的人,埃文斯的书提供了大量实用建议,还提供了一份包含十个要点的清单,以鼓励清晰的文风(其中的诀窍包括“避免陈词滥调”和“不要让人讨厌”)。It seems to be a message people want to hear: Do I Make Myself Clear has just hit the New York Times bestseller list, which is startling for a book about language, grammar and “proper” writing.这似乎是人们愿意接受的信息:《我说清楚了吗?》冲上了《纽约时报》(New Yorks Times)的畅销书排行榜,一本有关语言、语法和“规范”写作的书籍能上榜是令人吃惊的。The big question now is how institutions such as the World Bank will respond.如今,最大的问题是世行这类机构会如何回应。Romer was not the first person to complain about the World Bank’s reports; a couple of years ago, academics at the Stanford University Literary Lab declared the Bank’s communications so “codified, self-referential and detached from everyday language” that they were in effect a “technical code”, dubbed “Bankspeak”.罗默并不是第一个抱怨世行报告的人。几年前,斯坦福大学文学实验室(Stanford University Literary Lab)的学者宣称,该行的对外沟通如此“刻板、自说自话和脱离日常语言”,它实质上是一种“技术代码”,别名“语”。But it was not until Romer arrived there last October that anybody tried to reform the language. And I suspect he only acted because he was new to the job and knew he could return to a tenured post as an economics professor if his war on “and” went awry.不过,在罗默去年10月来到世行之前,一直没有人试图改革这种语言。而且我怀疑,他会采取这一举措,仅仅是因为他新官上任,并知道就算他对“以及”发动的这场战争失利,他也可以重返经济学教授的终身职位。Either way, Romer has no intention of abandoning his campaign. “There are many reasons why we must write clearly...it is a commitment to integrity,” he says. Indeed, he hopes this campaign will gather traction thanks to people such as Evans. “I can’t say enough about how much I admire Harry Evans and how important his new book is,” Romer told me. All eyes on the World Bank’s next Development Report.不管怎么说,罗默不打算放弃这一运动。他说:“我们必须清晰行文的原因有许多……这是对诚信的承诺。”事实上,他希望,得益于埃文斯这类人,这一运动的声势会加大。罗默告诉我:“我对哈里埃文斯(Harry Evans)的钦佩无以言表,他的新书有多重要,我怎么讲都不为过。”对于世行的下一份《发展报告》(Development Report),大家都拭目以待。 /201706/513147

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