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福州性激素检查哪里比较好The world this week-Politics本周政治要闻In Pakistan an Islamist suicide-bomber killed 74 people, including many children, in a park in Lahore, capital of the province of Punjab.一名伊斯兰教徒在拉合尔(Lahore)的公园内引爆自杀式炸弹,造成74人死亡,其中有多名儿童。Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a splinter group of the Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility, saying that it intended to target Christians.拉合尔是巴基斯坦旁遮普省(Punjab)的首府。巴基斯坦塔利班分之一自由者大会(Jamaat-ul-Ahrar)宣布对此事件负责,称袭击目标为基督教徒。Separately, in Islamabad thousands of protesters who overran the central governments security zone left after extracting assurances that the government had no plans to amend the countrys draconian blasphemy law.此外,在伊斯兰堡(Islamabad),数千名抗议者越过中央政府建筑的安全区域,但在得知政府无意修改严苛的亵神法后,人群自行消散。The high court in New Delhi, Indias capital, ruled that calling your husband mota hathi, or fat elephant, was grounds for divorce.印度首都新德里(New Delhi)最高法院规定,妻子称呼丈夫为“mota hathi(顽固脂肪)”或者“大肥象”即构成离婚理由。The Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, the main governing partner of the Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff, quit the coalition.巴西民主运动党(the Brazilian Democratic Movement)宣布退出与政府的联盟,该党是巴西总统迪尔玛·罗塞夫(Dilma Rousseff)的最大执政伙伴。Although some of its ministers may stay, its departure increases the chances that Ms Rousseff will be impeached on charges that she used accounting trickery to disguise the size of the budget deficit.尽管该党的部分成员仍会继续留在政府中,但该党的退出增加了罗塞夫因用会计手段来掩饰财政赤字金额而遭弹劾的风险。Venezuelas National Assembly, which is controlled by parties opposed to the left-wing government of Nicolas Maduro, passed a law that would free 70 political prisoners.委内瑞拉全国代表大会(Venezuelas National Assembly)近日通过一项法律。根据此法,70名政治犯将被释放,其中包括反对派领袖莱奥波尔多?洛佩斯(因在游行中煽动暴乱获刑14年)。They include Leopoldo Lopez, an opposition leader who was sentenced to 14 years in jail for inciting violence during protests.委内瑞拉全国代表大会由反对派掌权,反对以尼古拉斯·马杜罗(Nicolas Maduro)为首的左翼政府。Mr Maduro has said he will veto the bill.马杜罗称自己将否决这项法案。Colombias government and the ELN, the countrys second-largest guerrilla group, are to begin formal talks to end half a century of conflict.为结束长达半个世纪的冲突,哥伦比亚政府和该国第二大叛乱组织哥伦比亚民族解放军(the ELN)开启正式会谈。The two sides agreed on an agenda, including terms for disarming the rebels and their participation in politics.双方共同签署了一项议程,其中包括解除叛乱者武装的条款以及双方参政的事宜。Colombia has been holding peace talks with the largest rebel group, the FARC, since 2012.自2012年以来,哥伦比亚政府一直在与该国最大叛乱组织哥伦比亚革命武装力量(the FARC)进行和谈。Syrian government troops retook the ancient city of Palmyra, captured by Islamic State last May.叙利亚政府军队夺回帕尔米拉(Palmyra)古城。Although two famous temples at the site were blown up by IS vandals, it looks as though the bulk of the antiquities have survived unscathed.该城自去年五月以来一直为伊斯兰国(Islamic State,以下简称IS )所控。尽管两座著名的寺庙已被IS炸毁,但似乎城内大量的文物完好无损,逃过一劫。Meanwhile, the Pentagon said that a senior commander in IS had been tracked down and killed in Syria by American special forces.与此同时,五角大楼声称,美国特种部队已在叙境内追踪并击毙一名IS的高级指挥官。 译文属译生译世201604/436805三明市精子检查多少钱 Atlanta’s zoo announced Thursday that its three-year-old giant panda twins will be leaving the zoo on November third. 亚特兰大动物园周四宣布,其3岁的双胞胎大熊猫将于11月3日离开动物园。The National Zoo in Washington said it will also be saying goodbye to panda cub Bao Bao in 2017. 华盛顿国家动物园表示,将在2017送走大熊猫幼崽“宝宝”。The zoo didn’t give a date but said the cub will move to China within the first few months of the new year. 动物园没有给出具体的日期,但表示新年的头几个月幼崽将运往中国。When they leave, there will only be a dozen pandas remaining in the ed States: four in Atlanta, three in Washington, three in San Diego and two in Memphis. 当它们离开的时候,美国就只有12只大熊猫了:亚特兰大四只、华盛顿三只、圣地亚哥三只以及孟菲斯两只。Both the Atlanta zoo and the National Zoo say that they’re preparing for the pandas’ departure. 亚特兰大动物园和国家动物园都表示,他们正在为熊猫的离开做准备。In Washington, a travel crate will soon be placed in Bao Bao’s habitat so she can get used to it. In Atlanta, a crate is aly part of the pandas’ enclosure.在华盛顿,一运输箱将很快被放置在“宝宝”的栖息地,所以她可以去适应它。在亚特兰大,一装货箱已经成为熊猫圈地的一部分。译文属。201610/473019南平哪家医院看不孕不育

宁德那家医院检查封闭抗体And do you find now that youre back you.You looked comfortable from the beginning but回归了之后会不会感觉 当然你一直状态就很好do you find youre more comfortable and more...able to be critical, not that youre ever mean?但今年你有觉得更加自如了吗 比如发表批评意见的时候Yeah,yeah no I do, I...I feel like I can cut to the chase a little bit more.是啊 嗯我确实 我觉得更能一针见血了Last year I was trying to find my way, kind of how to say things to people um, without really crushing their spirit.去年还算是在摸索 要怎么跟选手说话 才能不打击他们的自尊Cause Im not into that.You know what I mean? I like it when people are nice to me.And so I like to be nice to people.因为我不乐意那样 我就乐意别人对我有好点 所以我就想对别人友好点But,um...it was hard for me to find like how do I say this to somebody, you know.这个恰当的表达方式 我的确找得很艰苦But now its a little bit easier, I found my own kind of style of doing it, so...但现在我大概形成自己的风格了 就容易多了Yeah,cause Randy seems like hes cutting right to the chase this year.He dont care! He dont care.因为Randy就是那种见血封喉的 他洒脱得很呢Im like;are you so heartless? How can yo do...; You know but I think hes been doing it for 11 years.我就老跟他说 你长点心啊 干嘛这样 但毕竟他是已经做了11年了You know, so hes kind of like,;I dont lose any sleep.;Im like, Okay!I do! I actually do!他自己都说 哥们从不为此失眠 我心想 算你狠 我可会啊 实打实的失眠啊Well hes laughing while theyre singing. Im like ;thats rude!;他会在人家表演当场发笑 我觉得好伤人啊Hes laughing in their faces!Yeah, I know. Hes crazy.But I love him.当着人家的面笑话人家 是啊是啊 他特奇葩 但是我爱他I think with the 3 of you, I really do.I think its...I think the show is better than ever this year. Thank you.我真心说句 有你们三个 今年的美偶要超越历届 谢谢The 3 of you all agreed together and theres a great chemistry.And how, um, how are those little babies of yours?你们三个共进退 气场很和谐 那么 你的宝贝们怎么样了Theyre good, theyre really really good, um...How old are they now?Theyre gonna be four.他们很好 非常好 几岁了来着 马上就四岁了Thats not right, 4 years old?Theyre gonna be four.How did that happen?I dont know! Its crazy.真的啊 不会吧 都四岁了? 四岁啦 怎么会这么快的 我不知道! 受不了了I remember you sitting here, I know when I was like, I babysat them.Yes! and I knew youre gonna have twins我还记得你坐在这 我还记得他们还是婴儿的时候呢 是啊 还有那次我才刚知道你怀了双胞胎 /201604/440140 福州哪里可以检查激素六项晋安区什么医院看不孕



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