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《地心引力与《为奴十二年双获电影类最佳影片制片人奖 -01-1 :36: 来源: 《地心引力与《为奴十二年双获电影类最佳影片制片人奖Hollywood producers injected drama into the race Oscars on Sunday by choosing not one but two movies as their best films of the year, the space thriller "Gravity" and the slavery drama " Years a Slave".It is the first time the Producers Guild of America has declared a tie in the 5-year history of its awards. The PGA has correctly chosen the eventual Academy Award winner best picture the last six years, including Iranian hostage drama "Argo" a year ago.The PGA decision clashes with that of the Screen Actors Guild (S), which on Saturday chose the 1970s-set corruption caper "American Hustle" from director David O. Russell its top prize, best film ensemble cast.But S has a mixed record on eshadowing the Oscar best picture with its ensemble cast award, correctly predicting the Academy Award in six of the last years.Nevertheless, after an intense week of awards, the Oscars are shaping up to be a three-way race between these films. "American Hustle", with its strong permance, and "Gravity", with its technical innovation, lead nominations with nods a piece, while " Years a Slave" and its brutal depiction of pre-Civil War slavery in the ed States has nine.The highest honors of the film industry from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be handed out on March . Voting among the 6,000 members runs from February to 5.It was a crucial night " Years a Slave", which won the coveted Golden Globe last Sunday best drama but failed to bring in any other awards that night. It has also lost out on key acting awards.Director and producer Steve McQueen, in accepting the PGA award along with co-producer and actor Brad Pitt, addressed an issue that could complicate the film's Oscar potential: talk that it is too difficult to watch."When the film first came out in Toronto, some people were saying that this was a brutal film, that no one would go to see it," said McQueen, a British filmmaker. "Box office here in the ed States and in the UK has proven differently."'AMAZING YEAR IN CINEMA'The film from Fox Searchlight Pictures is based on the true-life story of Solomon Northup, a free man tricked and sold into slavery in Louisiana plantations who witnesses and is subjected to horrific treatment. He is played by British actor Chiwetel Ejio."Gravity," from Mexican director and producer Alfonso Cuaron, is based on a script he wrote with his son Jonas Cuaron inspired by their own setbacks as filmmakers. It is about an astronaut played by Sandra Bullock who is stranded in space after a space station is destroyed and her fight to return to Earth and a life marked by deep loss.Cuaron said that it took more than four years him and co-producer David Heyman to make "Gravity" and that the director (himself) "was difficult, stubborn and uncompromising".Cuaron tested the patience and budget of Warner Bros. with his technical innovation to portray the weightlessness and the vastness of space.Cuaron also touched on one of the big themes of the year, the extraordinarily high number of quality films that have made this awards season a celebration of a thriving industry."This has been an amazing year in cinema and I am talking about these amazing films that were nominated and many other films that were not nominated," Cuaron said.The next big test these films comes at next Saturday's Directors Guild Awards. Cuaron, McQueen and Russell are all nominated the top DGA award and the Oscar best director.But the longer time lag this year between Oscar nominations, voting and the ceremony could spell some unpredictable voting among Academy members, adding more uncertainty to the highly competitive race. 地心引力 为奴十二年

,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活 好记性不如烂笔头,但是为什么明明有简单、自然、有时候有些奇怪的方法能提高的时候还要用写的方法呢?Practical tips on improving your memory 有效提高你的记忆Eat brain foods.吃益智的食物 Food is fuel the body, and also fuels the brain!食物是身体的养分,同样也是大脑的能量来源Eating a well-balanced diet will not only improve your memory#8;it can reduce your risk of dementia in old age. 饮食均衡不仅能改善还能降低患老年痴呆的风险Eat plenty of omega-3s,which can be found in a variety of fish. If you dont like seafood,try eating more walnuts, spinach, broccoli, and kidney beans. Eat more fruits and vegetables; theyre packed with antioxidants that protect brain cells from damage.多吃鱼类的脂肪酸,要是你不喜欢吃海鲜,可以试试核桃,菠菜,花椰菜,芸豆,还要多吃水果和蔬菜,这些食物都含有大量的抗氧化剂,可以保护脑细胞dementia n.[医]痴呆例句:She is suffering from senile dementia.她患有老年痴呆症antioxidant n.抗氧化剂,硬化防止剂例句:Dates, cranberries and red grapes have high concentrations of antioxidants, he said.枣子 、 蔓越苺和红葡萄的抗氧化剂含量很高, 他说.更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 73

掷硬币决定谁睡下铺吧 Bottom bunk- :53: A:Alright, we need to have a plan here. First of all, which bed do you want?好吧,我们需要有个计划首先,你要哪一张床?B:Well, everybody wants the bottom bunk. Why don't we flip a coin it?嗯,每个人都想要下铺我们何不掷硬币来决定呢?A:Alright. Do you have a coin?好吧你有硬币吗?B:Yes. Here's a quarter. I flip it, you call it in the air.有的这儿有一枚两毛五的硬币我往上丢,你来猜A:Heads.正面B:Sorry, it's tails. You lose.很抱歉,是反面你输了A:Oh, well. So you get the bottom bunk. What about our stereos?It looks like we both brought our stereos. Probably we only have room one.喔,这样吧你睡下铺我们的立体音响又怎么办呢?看来我们都带了各自的音响可只能放得下一台B:Your stereo is better than mine. Do you mind if we use yours?你的音响比我的好,你介意我们合用吗?A:No, I don't mind.I just don't know where we can put the speakers in this tiny room.不,我不介意我真不知道在这么小的房间我们能把喇叭放在哪里B:Probably we can put one on that counter. And we can put one on the floor by the bed. Over there.我们或许可以把一个放在那个柜台上,可以把另一个放在床的旁边在那边A:Alright. That's a good plan. What about the desks?We have two desks, one by the window and one by the door? Which one do you want?好真是个好主意书桌要怎么分呢?我们有两张书桌,一张靠窗户,另一张靠门?你要哪一张?B:Well, the desk by the window is nicer, of course. Don't you think?嗯,当然是靠窗户的书桌是比较好你认为呢?A:Yes, I agree.是呀,我同意B:So since I got the bottom bunk, why don't you get the desk by the window?That would be more fair.既然是我睡下铺,你何不用靠窗户的书桌呢?那会比较公平A:Alright.好吧B:I mean, we could flip a coin it, but I would probably win again.I'm incredibly lucky you know. Especially with girls.我的意思是,我们可以掷硬币决定,但是我很可能会再赢一遍你知道的我的运气好得不得了特别是跟女孩子交朋友方面A:Is that right?真的吗?B:Yes, that's right.当然喔A:Well, I hope you let me hang out with you then. Maybe I can learn from you.嗯,我希望你能让我跟着你一块儿出去玩,或许我可以跟你学学B:Oh, certainly. Certainly. I'm always willing to help beginners.Just call me Big Brother Dave.喔,没问题我一直都很乐意帮助初学者只要叫我迪夫大哥就好了A:Are all lucky people so stuck up?所有有好运的人都那么臭屁吗?B:C'mon, don't take it seriously! I'm just kidding.好了,不要那么认真!我是开玩笑的A:Anyway, I get the desk by the window, you get the bottom bunk. That's it.无论如何,我用靠窗户的书桌,你睡下铺就这样说定了B:Why don't we start unpacking these boxes?我们何不开始把箱子打开?A:I will go get something to eat. You unpack first.Then, when I come back, I'll unpack.我去吃点东西,你先整理等我回来,我再整理B:Alright. See you later.好吧,待会儿见,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活Ways to be happy快乐的秘诀 How to share.学会分享Share. Not in a Facebook sharing way, but reallyshare.去分享吧不是指社交网站上的“分享”,是真正的“分享”How to make friends.学会交友Some people think it that your friends keep you from doing things that are bad you. Frankly, we think it’s just that theymake your life more fun and worthwhile.有人认为,好朋友能够阻止你做一些对你有害的事情其实呢,他们只是给你的生活带来了更多的乐趣和价值How to listen.学会倾听Sure, you probably hear just fine. But do you reallylisten? Do you body language, facial expressions, what the eyes aretelling you and not just the mouth?是啊,你也许会说我这不是听得好好的嘛可你真的有认真在听吗?你有在解读对方的肢体语言、面部表情以及其他眼睛看到的,而不仅是耳朵听到的吗?【知识点讲解】keep from 阻止,妨碍例句:Hearing the words, he couldnt keep from laughing.听了这话,他不由得笑了起来He was argumentative, loud and just plain rude. We bit our tongues the entire weekend to keep from telling him where to go!他好争论,大嗓门并且毫无礼貌整个周末我们强忍住未向他下逐客令更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏 个人微信:DJ_Ukki 微信公众号:致亲爱的自己[本节目属] 57788

关于个人所得税英语对话--30 :50: 关于个人所得税英语对话 个人所得税(Individual Income tax)是调整征税机关与自然人(居民、非居民人)之间在个人所得税的征纳与管理过程中所发生的社会关系的法律规范的总称Lily: Do you know the policy of personal income tax ? 你了解个人所得税政策吗?Bill: I've heard about it. 我听说过Lily: What about the tax rate in America ? 美国的税率怎么样?Bill: Taxes in America are a bit heavy. The highest personal income tax rate is 35%. 美国的税收比较重.个人所得税最高是35%.Lily: Oh, so heavy! What will happen if I refuse to pay? 哦,这么重!如果我拒绝付呢?Bill: Without all the money the State just might have to switch off the lights. 没有这些钱可能政府会切断你的电源Which cities in China are the most romantic? A recent ranking is out of many people ranking since it put Foshan the first. All the major cities fail to make the top . Is the ranking reasonable? 73

是不是忘了我们的订餐了-31 ::35 A:Hello! We’ve been waiting our lunch order over an hour. Did you get our order?喂!我们等午饭等了一个多小时了你们是不是忘了我们的订餐了?B:I’m sorry, sir. Could you tell me your name and order again, please? I’ll check on the delay.对不起,先生您能再告诉我一遍您的姓名以及您订的东西吗?我在订单上查一下A:The name’s Stanley Morris and the order was two chef’s salads.姓名是斯坦得·瑞斯先生,我们订的是两份名厨沙拉B:Thank you, Mr. Morris. Please wait one moment and let me check on the order. Would you like anything to drink, sir? On the house.谢谢您,瑞斯先生请稍候,我这就查一下订单您想来点饮料吗,先生?本店免费赠送

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