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Just 10 percent of the 30 million Chinese currently suffering from depression are getting proper medical care due to a lack of psychiatrists and social prejudice against mental illness, experts have said.At a meeting in Shanghai last week, mental health professionals said that China has just 17,000 registered psychiatrists, or one for every 76,000 people.Most Western countries have a 10-times better ratio.Hao Wei, vice-director of the Chinese Psychiatrists' Association, said that more than 60 percent of those currently suffering from depression could greatly benefit from proper medication or professional psychiatric help."But there are just too few doctors available," Hao said, adding that investment in mental healthcare was also insufficient.Hao said that about 25 percent of depression cases are first diagnosed by physicians."We need to help our physician colleagues recognize the early signs of depression, so that they can refer those patients to psychiatric professionals," Hao said.However, the greatest problem, Hao said, comes from society, in the shape of the widesp prejudice people have toward those with mental health problems.Because of public prejudice, many patients are reluctant to visit hospitals specializing in mental care, he said. As a result, 75 percent of all anti-depressants are prescribed by physicians.Some patients are reluctant to take such pills, as they are concerned about the side effects, Hao said.The economic cost of depression, in terms of medical bills and lost manpower, is about 60 billion yuan a year, experts said.A survey conducted recently in Zhejiang and Hebei provinces found that depression was more prevalent in rural communities. Women were also more likely to suffer from it than men, the survey said. 据专家介绍,由于精神治疗医师的缺乏及对于心理疾病社会偏见的存在,在我国目前3000万的抑郁症患者中,仅有10%的人正在接受正规治疗。出席上周在上海召开的某会议的心理健康专家们说,中国目前仅有1万7千名注册心理医师,即每76000人仅有1名心理医生。这一比例在大多数西方国家要高出10倍。中国精神医师协会的副主席郝威说,在目前的抑郁症患者中,超过60%的人通过适当的药物治疗或专业的心理咨询务可以使抑郁症状大大减轻。据他介绍,由于在心理保健方面的投资不够,“这方面的医生太少了。”郝威说,约25%的抑郁症是由内科医生诊断出来的。他说:“我们要帮助内科医师识别判断抑郁症的早期征兆,这样内科医师便可以建议这些病人向精神科医师求助。”然而,最大的问题来自于社会上对于心理疾病患者的广泛歧视和偏见。他说,由于社会歧视的存在,很多病人不愿意去心理疾病专科医院就诊。这造成75%的抗抑郁药物都是由内科医师开具的。有些病人不愿用这些药物,因为他们担心这些药会产生副作用。据专家介绍,从医疗费和损失的人力上来看,抑郁症所造成的年经济损失达到600亿元。浙江省和河北省近日开展的一项调查发现,抑郁症在农村地区更为普遍。而且女性比男性更容易患抑郁症。 /200805/39038。

Wife: Bill, the man in that house opposite always kisses his wife when he leaves in the morning and he kisses her again when he comes back in the evening. Why don#39;t you do that too?妻子:比尔,住在对面那所房子的那个男人早上出门前总要吻一下妻子,晚上回来时再吻一下,你为什么不那样做呢?Husband: Well, I don#39;t know her very well yet.丈夫:哦,我跟她还不是很熟。 /201308/250751。

1. Whole Grains1. 全麦食物Menstrual Cycle Food - Whole Grains来大姨妈时必吃的食物——全麦食物。Whole grains are important throughout the month, but provide many benefits to women during their menstruation cycle. Eat things like oats and whole wheat to provide your body with lots of B-complex vitamins and vitamin E which all help with mood swings and fatigue. They’re also useful eaten one hour before bed to help with PMS.每天吃全麦食物很重要,除此之外它还能为月经期的女性带来更多益处。吃些燕麦和全麦这样的食物,能为你的身体提供大量的复合维生素B和维生素E,来帮你战胜情绪波动和疲劳感。睡前一小时吃些全麦食物还能帮你减轻经前综合症。2. Pineapple2. 菠萝Manganese is another important nutrient for having a healthy menstruation cycle, and pineapple just so happens to be packed full of the stuff. Women who have a sufficient intake of manganese have decreased menstrual flow, which is a really good thing. Pineapple also contains an enzyme known as bromelain that helps in relaxing muscles.锰是能让你拥有健康月经周期的另一种重要营养元素,而菠萝就含有大量的锰元素。摄入足够的锰元素能让女性减少月经量,这可是件好事儿。菠萝还包含菠萝酶,能帮助你放松肌肉。3. Legumes3. 豆类Beans, lentils, chickpeas, split peas, and other legumes are an excellent choice for lunch or dinner while you’re having your period. Legumes are high in fiber which helps with congestive problems and alleviates water retention by ridding the body of excess fluids. They’re also high in B vitamins which are great for menstrual symptoms.豆子、扁豆、鹰嘴豆、去皮的豌豆及其他的豆类食物,在月经期间都是午饭或晚饭的极佳选择。豆类富含纤维,能帮助减轻充血问题、缓和水肿、消除体内多余的液体。它们也富含B族维生素,这对减轻月经症状是极好的。4.Yogurt4. 酸奶There are many benefits to eating yogurt during your menstruation cycle. Of course, the bacterial cultures (all good!) in yogurt help to regulate your gastrointestinal system, but yogurt is also high in calcium which helps to reduce menstrual pain and discomfort. Just don’t eat too much dairy since it all has arachidonic acids which can contribute to cramping.月经期间喝酸奶有很多益处。众所周知,酸奶中的益生菌能调节你的肠胃系统,另外酸奶也富含钙质,能帮助你减轻痛经和不舒的感觉。但是不要吃太多乳制品,因为里面含有花生四烯酸,可能会导致痉挛。5. Broccoli and Kale5. 西兰花和甘蓝These super foods are high in antioxidants and loaded with vitamins. But they also contain a lot of calcium which is important for women’s health and helpful for mitigating menstrual pain.这些食物富含抗氧化剂和维生素,而且还含有大量钙质,这对女性的健康来说是非常重要的,能减轻经期疼痛。6. Miso, Shoyu, or Tamir6. 味噌或酱油These fermented soy bean products are used to make all sorts of Asian dishes that are delicious and healthy. And the best news is that they can be used in traditional recipes, too, as salt alternatives. And that’ll help with any water retention issues you may be having.这些经过发酵的豆类产品在亚洲美食中广泛使用,能做出美味又健康的食品。好消息是它们也可以用在我们传统菜谱中,可以作为盐的替代品。它们还能帮你解决水肿的问题。7. Flaxseed Oil7. 亚麻籽油High in omega fatty acids (EFAs), flaxseed oil is a wonderful choice for women going through their periods. EFAs help in the formation of prostaglandins, which in turn help to ease cramps.亚麻籽油富含ω-3脂肪酸(必需脂肪酸), 对经期的妇女来说是非常好的的选择。必需脂肪酸有助于生成能缓解抽筋的前列腺素。8. Water8. 水Above all else, be sure that you’re drinking enough water during your menstruation cycle. Water amazingly is what you need to ingest in order to fight bloating and fluid retention which cause aching pains, cramping, and other menstruation symptoms. If you don’t drink enough, your body may overcompensate by retaining fluids.除了上面的这些食物,确保在经期喝足够的水。令人惊讶的是,要想减轻腹胀、痛经、痉挛或其他月经症状,只需要多喝些水,这些月经症状是由腹部肿胀和体液潴留引起的。如果你没有喝足水,你的身体为保持体液可能会矫枉过正。 /201302/226076。

The Supreme Court#39;s first rulings on same-sex marriage produced historic gains for gay rights Wednesday: full federal recognition of legally married gay couples and an opening for such unions to resume in the nation#39;s most-populous state.本周三,美国最高法院首次就同性婚姻作出判决,这意味着同性恋者权益取得了历史性进步:在美国人口最多的纽约州,同性伴侣得到联邦政府的承认,同性婚姻合法化。But in striking down a key part of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the court declared that gay couples married in states where it is legal must receive the same federal health, tax, Social Security and other benefits that heterosexual couples receive.法庭驳回1996年《婚姻保护法》的关键内容,宣布在同性恋婚姻合法的州,同性恋必须享有和异性夫妻同样的医疗、税收、社会保险以及其他福利。In turning away a case involving California#39;s prohibition of same-sex marriage, known as Proposition 8, the justices left in place a lower court#39;s decision that the ban is unconstitutional. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said he would order same-sex marriages to resume as quickly as possible.美国最高法院驳回一宗涉及到被称为8号提案的加州同性婚姻禁令的案件,认为同性婚姻禁令违宪,并将其发回该州下级法院。州长杰瑞-布朗称他督促恢复同性恋伴侣结婚的权利。The ruling means that same-sex marriage is now sanctioned in 13 states and the District of Columbia — a list representing more than a third of the population of the ed States.该判决意味着允许同性婚姻的州将增加至13个,再加上哥伦比亚特区,这超过美国总人口的三分之一。Justice Anthony M. Kennedy joined the court#39;s four liberals in declaring unconstitutional DOMA#39;s prohibition on federal recognition of legally married couples.法官安东尼-肯尼迪和法庭的四为自由党党员一起,一同声明《婚姻保护法》关于联邦政府承认的合法夫妻的禁令是违反宪法的。The decisions on the final day of the term set off a loud celebration in front of the court#39;s marble plaza and elsewhere in the country.判决宣布的最后一天,一场大型的庆祝活动在法庭前的大理石广场和其他地方举行。Edith Windsor, a New Yorker who brought the suit against DOMA after she had to pay an estate tax following the death of her wife, Thea Spyer, said she burst into tears upon hearing the court#39;s decision.这一诉讼由纽约妇女伊迪丝·温莎提出。她在同性婚姻配偶西·斯佩尔过世后继承遗产,但联邦向她征收遗产税。伊迪丝·温莎说自己在听到法庭的这一判决时当场大哭。President Obama, whose administration said it would not defend Section 3 of DOMA, because it believed the provision was unconstitutional, called Windsor and the challengers of Prop. 8 to congratulate them.总统奥巴马内阁称不会持《婚姻保护法》的第三部分,因为他们认为这个条款是违反宪法的,并给温莎和8号提案的反对者致电祝贺。In a statement written on Air Force One en route to Africa, Obama said,“This ruling is a victory for couples who have long fought for equal treatment under the law; for children whose parents#39; marriages will now be recognized, rightly, as legitimate; for families that, at long last, will get the respect and protection they deserve; and for friends and supporters who have wanted nothing more than to see their loved ones treated fairly and have worked hard to persuade their nation to change for the better.”奥巴马在飞往非洲的空军一号上签署的声明中说到:“这条法令对于那些一直争取法律平等的同性恋者,对于父母的婚姻现在被合法化的孩子们,对于获得本应得到的尊重和保护的家庭,对于那些别无所求、只希望看到他们深爱的朋友被平等对待,竭尽全力使他们的国家变得更好的人们来说,是巨大的胜利。” /201306/245886。

This year, resolve to drop your daily deal habit. Buying coupons can be extremely addictive, because sometimes the deals are just too tempting. But oftentimes, you#39;ll end up doing something that you never planned on doing in the first place and trying restaurants that you had no intention of trying to begin with. The problem is that you might forget about them if you#39;re not carefully keeping track of them, and you may end up losing money when the coupon expires.今年要下决心戒掉每天买东西的习惯。买抵用券会上瘾,因为有时候商品太诱惑人了。但结果是你经常会做本来不准备做的事,去本来不想去的餐馆。问题在于如果你不够细心能想起这些抵用券,你很可能会忘记它们,而且当抵用券快到期时,你的钱包可要遭罪了。Do yourself and your budget a favor this year, and unsubscribe from all the daily deals sites except your all-time favorite. I know there may be deals that seem too good to miss out on, so limit yourself to buying one or two online coupons this year. If you#39;re worried about missing out on an amazing deal, I#39;m sure you#39;ll catch wind of it through friends or social media. And if you miss one, either scout for it on sites that sell unused daily deals or patiently wait for it to show up again.今年让你自己和开预算都轻松些吧,除了你一直喜欢的东西,注销所有“每日购物精品”网站的账号。我明白有些商品很棒,错过了很可惜,所以今年可以限制自己买一到两张网购打折券。如果你担心错过好商品,我相信你从社交网络和朋友那里也会得到消息的。如果你真的错失了机会,你可以在卖二手货的网站上找找(类似的商品),或者耐心等待它再次出现。 /201302/223979。