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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, maybe I have, maybe, but不知道我之前有没用提到过 也许有 也许没有 但是I have a puppy. Maybe I’ve mentioned it a million times.我有一只小 也许我已经提过无数次He’s name is Kid and this is a picture that we keep showing you.它叫做吉德 这是一张给你们看过很多次的照片This is when we first brought him home.这是我们刚带它回家的时候I know, that’s, he’s Thats ridiculous.我知道 这是 它 这太可笑了So that was in January, so here he is now.所以这张照片是一月份拍的 这是它现在的样子Hes gotten bigger. You cant tell how big he is but thats Auggie next to him.它长大了 你没法看出它有多大 但是 它旁边的是奥吉He used to be Auggies same size. Heres another picture of him. And它曾经和奥吉一样大 这是它另一张照片 然后Auggies like, hes growing too fast. Anyway, you get the idea.奥吉仿佛在说 “它长得太快了” 不管怎样 你们知道它有多大了Hes perfect is what he is. Or what he was.它现在的样子真的是完美 或者说它以前也一直那么完美Until we ruined him and Im gonna say we because I am not taking full responsibility for this at all.直到我们毁了它 我说的是我们这个词 因为我不是唯一负责人Portia ruined him as well.波西娅也要负一部分责任So you know when you have a puppy, if you dont know, you should crate train him.所以你们懂么 当你有一个宠物 而你不知道怎么养 你应该训练它在笼子里过夜Its very important to crate train puppies because they have little tiny bladders and这对宠物来说非常重要 因为它们的膀胱太小了they cant make it through the night.晚上没法不起夜They get up to go to the bathroom every few hours,它们必须隔几个小时就去趟厕所like pregnant women or women over 50.就像怀或更年期的妇女So we crate trained Kid, and he was perfect.所以我们训练吉德 然后它做的很好He made it through the night from a tiny little puppy, from the very beginning, and we go to bed at 9:30.成功的从一只小长到现在 而且我们九点半上床睡觉So make it from 9:30 to 6:30 in the morning, long time.所以从晚上九点半到第二天早上六点半 那么长时间And hed watch us get in bed with Wolf and Augie, Wolfs our other dog.它看着我们和沃尔夫、奥吉一起上床睡觉 沃尔夫是我们另一只And we thought thats just so mean because hes such a good puppy.然后我们觉得这样太刻薄了 因为它是一只那么好的Hes seven months old. Its time to put him in the bed.它七个月大了 是时候让它睡床了So a few weeks ago we put him in the bed with us, and that was a good idea right? No.所以几个礼拜前我们带它上床睡觉了 然而这是个好主意 不是么 当然不It was not a good idea. It was not a good idea at all.这不是一个好主意 这绝对不是个好主意Because hes only had that little area, so he didnt have choices of where to be.因为它以前只有那一小块地方睡觉 所以它没有其他选择And then he was in the bed and he couldnt figure out where he was supposed to be.然后当它到了床上 它不知道该在哪里睡觉了So he would be down under the covers and that was too hot for him.它就会一会钻到被子里 但那里又太热了Then hed get out, and then hed start panting and然后它就钻出来 接着开始喘粗气然后he was uncomfortable like pregnant women or women over 50.完全就像一个怀或者是更年期的妇女一样不舒And all night long he was under the covers, on top of the covers, one leg in, one leg out.所以一整晚它就像钻进被子 钻出被子 一条腿伸进去 一条腿伸出去This is true, at 4 A.M., he did the stanky leg.说真的 早上4点 它竟然开始跳摇摆腿的舞步That was when, at one point, he finally fell asleep in a weird position, so I was not gonna disturb him.有时候 它终于用一种奇怪的姿势睡过去了 我不想打扰它I froze in a horrible position, like, and I thought this is ridiculous.我只能以一种可怕的姿势僵硬着不动 就像这样 然后我觉得这样很可笑Im the one who has a job. So我才是赚钱养家的那个人 所以Anyway, we realized its way too soon.不管怎样 我们意识到让它睡床还太早了So the next night we put him back in the crate.所以第二天我们晚上把它放回了笼子And now he cries all night long. He wants to get back, I know.然后它哭了一晚上 它想要回到床上 我知道And you hear these tiny little你能听见那种细细的轻轻的Its not an annoying, obnoxious, its a tiny little ;But I was in there.;这声音并不让我们觉得烦躁或讨厌 就是那种轻轻的 “但我还在这里”I may as well have a baby, thats what Im thinking.我可能同时还有了一个婴儿 这是我心里的想法But I would ruin that too, cuz I dont know how long to crate但是我可能也会毁了那孩子 因为我不知道训练婴儿睡箱子要花多久babies, I dont know- How long you keep them in the crate.我不知道 你要让他们在箱子里待多久Anyway, I sympathize with all the mothers out there,不管怎样 我同情所有的当妈的人because I think puppies are like babies.因为我觉得小就像婴儿You have to pick a name for them that fits their personality, but你要根据他们的性格取个名字something that you dont mind screaming out at the park.当然这名字你不介意在公园大叫出来And Im not getting any sleep. One more picture.然后我晚上几乎没睡 再看一次它的照片You cant be mad at this face, because hes adorable.你没法对它生气 因为它是那么的可爱I know, Im sleepy but Im still gonna dance.我知道 我好困 但是我还是会跳舞201706/511552

And so, in 1306, Bruce,the most politically intelligent and militarily successful figure,因此 在1306年 布鲁斯 这位在苏格兰中世纪史上最具政治才干 in medieval Scottish history, did just that.伟大的军事奇才 首先解决了内部问题He met with John Comyn, his main rival,and ended up stabbing him before the altar of Greyfriars Church in Dumfries.他与他的主要对手约翰·科明进行了一次会面 在格雷弗利尔斯教堂的圣坛前 一刀结束了他的生命The murder is neither explained nor justified by it being the case of a patriot knocking off a quisling 这一谋杀行为没有掀起任何政治波澜 被简单定性为一次爱国者铲除卖国贼的行动for Comyn had been a lot more consistent in his opposition to the English than Bruce,虽然科明的反英情绪 甚至要比布鲁斯更胜一筹he remained loyal to king Balliol, who still lived,and so had to be removed.但他一直对尚在人世的苏格兰王贝列尔忠心耿耿 因此成了布鲁斯的眼中钉Barely six weeks after he had murdered Comyn,Bruce had himself inaugurated king at Scone.科明死后仅仅六周 布鲁斯在司康加冕为王Instead of unifying the Scots behind a single leader,布鲁斯的行为没有使自己成为统领群雄的君王Bruces actions only intensified what was aly a Scottish civil war,one that he initially lost.反而激化了苏格兰的内部混战局势 他一开始就偏离了正确的道路He fled Scotland and so created a vacuum of knowledge,他不得不逃离苏格兰 造成史料空白filled by heroic mythology the fable of the cave and the spider, 只留下一段英雄佳话 那便是洞穴蜘蛛的传说whose patience gave Robert the resolution to persevere.蜘蛛的坚持不懈给了罗伯特坚持到底的决心There was no cave, no spider,but there was something more extraordinary 没有什么洞穴 也没有什么蜘蛛 但有件事却意义非凡the polished noble turning himself into a guerrilla captain.这位优雅的贵族脱下长袍成了游击队长It was Robert the Bruce, not William Wallace,who wrote the book on partisan warfare.是罗伯特·布鲁斯 而非威廉·华莱士 向我们演绎了游击战的精髓 /201610/475010

TED演讲视频:寻找那个弄断了我脖子的人19岁那年,一场毁灭性的公交车车祸造成Joshua Prager的偏瘫。20年后,他重返以色列,去寻找那个彻底改变了他一生的肇事司机。在讲述这个令人着迷的见面故事过程中,Prager以深刻的眼光探究了自然、教养、自欺以及命运等问题。201703/496868

Hi Im Jon Wiley. Im the director of immersive design for Google VR and AR products.你好,我是乔恩·威利。是谷歌VR和AR产品沉浸式设计的主管。Right now, with current VR technology were pretty good in terms of the visuals and the audio,现在,就目前的VR技术来讲,在视觉和听觉方面还是非常不错的。but what about the other three senses?但是其他三种感官的发展情况怎么样呢?After exploring automated technologies using robotics,通过机器人学探索自动化技术以后,we found that we could actually achieve a better quality simulation with well-trained humans.我们发现可以配合经过训练的人员,来实现更好的模拟。We call them Haptic Helpers, and they can simulate a wide range of experiences.我们称之为触觉助手,他们可以模仿很多的体验。Things like smelling perfume, ing a book, sitting by a fireplace or even petting a dog.比如,闻香水,读书,坐在壁炉旁,甚至是逗宠物。Figuring out how to simulate such a range of experiences has been challenging but rewarding.识别怎样模仿这一系列的体验是很有挑战性的,但是也很有意义。And our helpers inventiveness cannot be overstated.我们没有夸大助手的创造性。AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!啊……Our helpers are constantly updating their repertoires to stay up to date with the latest VR applications being released.我们的助手持续更新它们的计算机指令以跟进最新发布的VR应用程序。And the feedback weve gotten from early user testing has been incredible.我们从早期测试中获得的反馈非常惊人。Ow!啊!Click here to sign up as a beta tester.点击这里可以加入测试。201706/515590

For the pupils and teachers of the Chinese school,对于中式学校的学生和老师们来说these four weeks have been a challenge of endurance...这四周是一场耐力战Tested by cultural differences.经受了文化差异的考验Excuse me, you two!哎哎哎,你们俩You didnt show me your manners.你们很没礼貌I never seen a student like you.从来没见过像你这样的学生You embarrassed the Bohunt.你丢了航特中学的脸And the occasional lost-in-translation moment.还有偶尔的沟通不畅问题Who can tell me what ;Pp; Means?谁能告诉我PP是什么意思You said pee-pee!你刚刚说;尿尿;There was time lost to discipline problems.纪律问题一度无法控制Listen to me, to teacher!听我讲,听老师上课And time spent forming new relationships.还有花在建立新恋情上的时间Too young for it, in my book. Too young.太早了,在我看来,太早了The big question now is, has the Chinese school managed to overcome all the disruption to triumph in the test?最重要的问题是,中式学校有没有克所有的混乱,在考试中获胜呢The results are in,结果出来了and the Chinese teachers will soon know how their students have done.中国老师马上会知道他们的学生成绩如何Luca. Thank you.卢卡,谢谢Angelina.安吉丽娜At Bohunt, the kids are used to grades,在航特中学,孩子们通常会拿到得分but theyve never been ranked against each other.但他们从未排出过名次高低I got 100% in maths!我数学拿了满分Yes. Oh, my God!没错,我的天My academic ability has definitely improved during this experiment.我的学术能力在这次试验中绝对提高了Its all about hard work and not really chatting or messing around.重点是努力学习,不要聊天和打闹And a lot of its getting on with work by yourself,而且在很大程度上需要自主学习and I think Im often quite good at working on my own.我觉得我一直都很擅长自主学习I dont know if this is good or not, Im not sure.我不知道这是好还是坏,我不确定For maths, this is 51%. I can tell you...数学得了51分,我可以告诉你...Is that good or bad?那是好还是坏In our small class group, youre the best. OK?在我们的补习小组里,你是第一,好吗Are you happy? Yeah.你开心吗?开心But you can be much, much better, as I told you, right?但你还可以做得更好,我跟你说过的,是吗This isnt really that bad.并没那么糟糕Well, for me, its not that bad.对我来说,并不糟糕Do you feel happy? Im not that pleased.你开心吗?我不那么开心Why not? Tell me.为什么呢,跟我说说I came nineteenth in Mandarin.我的普通话考了第19名23rd in English, 34th in maths,英语第23名,数学第34名and 32nd in science.So its not what you expected, right?科学32名,不符合你的期望,是吗Im annoyed with myself.我生自己的气I only just passed Mandarin.我普通话才刚刚及格But to be honest, Chinese education isnt the most encouraging thing.说实话,中式教学法不够鼓舞人心OK. Why? Cos theyre always just...好的,为什么,因为他们总是...its just all expectations that maybe you cant always reach.会给你也许没办法实现的期望But if you try hard and you keep, you know, trying hard,但如果你努力,并且持续努力no matter where you go to work, or you go to school,不论你去哪儿工作,或者上学you try your best, then that wont hurt you. You can just...尽力而为,排名就无所谓了,你就...I did try my best!我确实尽力了And youre just telling me my best isnt good enough.而你刚刚告诉我,我尽了全力还是不够好Yeah, Im happy with them.我对这个成绩挺满意的Cos I didnt pay attention, like, do that well in the first two weeks of the Chinese thing.因为对于中式教学法,最开始两个星期的时候我压根没注意听讲So I think I did all right, like, considering I concentrated for two weeks.所以我觉得我表现还不错,毕竟我只听了两个星期201606/451470

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