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美国版《西游记Badlands(不毛之地) -- :9: 来源: 美国版《西游记Badlands(不毛之地)许多人或许会对美国孙悟空表示反感,但同时也会有人觉得这是个有创意的想法但是不管人们怎么想,《西游记就要被翻拍成美剧啦!美国版的《西游记暂定名为“Badlands(不毛之地)”,由AMC制作,将于明年或者年春上映据AMC消息,吴彦祖冯德伦将加入制作团队,参与中国古代四大名著之一《西游记的改编Many people would squirm at the very thought of an American Monkey King, while some might welcome it as a creative idea. But no matter what people think, Journey to the West is set to be made into an American TV series.Titled Badlands, the series will be produced by AMC and will hit the small screen next year or in early . According to AMC, actors-directors Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu will join the production team to give shape to the TV series based on one of the "Four Great Classical Novels" of Chinese literature.Compared with the other three great novels (Outlaws of the Marshes, Romance of the Thee Kingdoms and Dream of the Red Mansion), Journey to the West has been a favorite of filmmakers, according to a survey. In fact, 96 percent respondents to the survey said they have seen one or more such adaptations.Besides, this is not the first time that overseas filmmakers have shown interest in the Journey to the West. The novel has aly been adapted films andor TV series in the ed States, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam. Since the story is rather popular in Japan, it has found its way into films, animations, TV series and even games.In fact, the recent past has seen Japanese TV stations churning out at least five versions of the classic tale. And perhaps the most bizarre version was made by Fuji TV in . The TV station did invite popular actors, including one from Japanese national idol group SMAP, to play the role of the three apprentices of the Buddhist monk. But then it offered the role of the monk to Eri Fukatsu, that year's most popular actress. As if the absurdity of the monk being turned into a nun was not enough, the series makers also made her fall in love with the Monkey King.Fuji TV's treatment of the novel was as ridiculous as the one in the 01 American version, The Lost Empire, which portrayed the monk (tunately, played by a male actor) and Guanyin (the goddess of mercy) as lovers.Quite naturally then the news of an American Monkey King is generating a lot of buzz on the Internet, with most netizens fearing that it would be another bad adaptation of the classic work. The fact, however, is that film and TV series makers across the world have adapted, extended, altered andor distorted even the best literary works, Shakespeare's plays, example. And despite that, we cannot deny filmmakers the liberty of interpreting a work of literature the way they want to.Journey to the West, written by Wu Cheng'en in the th century, is itself a creative and extended interpretation of the trials and tribulations of Tang Dynasty (618-9) monk Xuanzang during his journey (with his three disciples, including the Monkey King) to India to obtain the sacred Buddhist texts (sutras).The "original", and by far the most popular TV series on Journey to the West was made almost three decades ago (1986, to be precise). And it owes much of its popularity to Zhang Jinlai, better known as Liuxiao Lingtong, who immortalized the role of the Monkey King. Local TV stations (and even China Central Television) have been re-telecasting the series during summer and winter vacations since then. According to rough estimates, the 1986 Monkey King production has been re-telecast more than ,000 times - the most any TV series based on a classic work of literature.A measure of the popularity of the 1986 series is that the adventures of the Tang Dynasty monk and his three fantastic, and at times quirky, disciples have found their way into eight productions but none has been even half as popular as the "original" one with the Chinese audience.In contrast, despite the use of advanced American filmmaking equipment and technique, The Lost Empire couldn't attract viewers and folded up with one of the lowest ratings a miniseries on N.So, instead of reaching hasty conclusions on the outcome of the new TV series based on the Journey to the West, we should wait until it is telecast and let viewers decide whether it's good or just another ridiculous attempt to capitalize on the popularity of the novel.

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首页>英语教学>英语教学反思>小学英语教学反思 如何撰写教学反思 -01-19 19:33:38 来源: 对于教师来说,"反思教学" 就是教师自觉地把自己的课堂教学实践, 作为认识对象而进行全面而深入的冷静思考和总结,它是一种用来提高自身的业务,改进教学实践的学习方式,不断对自己的教育实践深入反思,积极探索与解决教育实践中的一系列问题进一步充实自己,优化教学,并使自己逐渐成长为一名称职的人类灵魂工程师简单地说,教学反思就是研究自己如何教,自己如何学教中学,学中教,如何写好教学反思呢?笔者从以下几个方面与大家探讨:   (1)写成功之处  将教学过程中达到预先设计的教学目的、引起教学共振效应的做法;课堂教学中临时应变得当的措施;层次清楚、条理分明的板书;某些教学思想方法的渗透与应用的过程;教育学、心理学中一些基本原理使用的感触;教学方法上的改革与创新等等,详细得当地记录下来,供以后教学时参考使用,并可在此基础上不断地改进、完善、推陈出新,达到光辉顶点  ()写不足之处  即使是成功的课堂教学也难免有疏漏失误之处,对它们进行系统的回顾、梳理,并对其作深刻的反思、探究和剖析,使之成为今后再教学上吸取教训,更上一层楼  (3)写教学机智  课堂教学中,随着教学内容的展开,师生的思维发展及情感交流的融洽,往往会因为一些偶发事件而产生瞬间灵感,这些"智慧的火花"常常是不由自主、突然而至,若不及时利用课后反思去捕捉,便会因时过境迁而烟消云散,令人遗憾不已  ()写学生创新  在课堂教学过程中,学生是学习的主体,学生总会有"创新的火花"在闪烁,教师应当充分肯定学生在课堂上提出的一些独特的见解,这样不仅使学生的好方法、好思路得以推广,而且对学生也是一种赞赏和激励同时,这些难能可贵的见解也是对课堂教学的补充与完善,可以拓宽教师的教学思路,提高教学水平,将其记录下来,可以补充今后教学的丰富材料养分   (5)写"再教设计"  一节课下来,静心沉思,摸索出了哪些教学规律;教法上有哪些创新;知识点上有什么发现;组织教学方面有何新招;解题的诸多误区有无突破;启迪是否得当;训练是否到位等等及时记下这些得失,并进行必要的归类与取舍,考虑一下再教这部分内容时应该如何做,写出"再教设计",这样可以做到扬长避短、精益求精,把自己的教学水平提高到一个新的境界和高度  总而言之,写课后教学反思,贵在及时,贵在坚持,贵在执着地追求一有所得,及时写下,有话则长,无话则短,以写促思,以思促教,长期积累,必有"集腋成裘、聚沙成塔"的收获以上是笔者对教学反思的撰写一些看法,可能还有很多错误,希望老师们在教学实践中批评指正笔者也将根据自己的教学反思认知和研究深入进行修正


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