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樊城区妇幼保健中医院正规吗会不会乱收费枣阳市第二人民医院评论怎么样According to a news study published Tuesday, there were 1.13 billion people living with high blood pressure worldwide in 2015. 周二发表的一项新研究指出,2015年全球有11亿3000万人口有高血压。Majority of them live in low and middle-income countries. 他们大多数生活在低收入和中等收入的国家。The study found that the number of people affected by high blood pressure has almost doubled in the past 40 years. 研究发现,在过去的40年中,受高血压影响的人口数量几乎增加了一倍。In most countries, men were discovered to have higher blood pressure than women. 在大多数国家,男性比女性有更高的血压。It was also found that Half of the worlds adults with high blood pressure in 2015 were living in Asia. 同样发现,2015年世界有高血压的成年人一半生活在亚洲。The ed States, Canada and South Korea had the lowest rates in the world. 美国、加拿大和韩国具有世界最低比率。The UK had the lowest proportion of people with raised blood pressure in Europe.在欧洲国家,英国血压偏高的比例最低。译文属。201611/478569Even Skype is taking a page out of snapchats playbook as most apps have done recently and adding a feature called highlights that aims to encourage users of the calling service to be more social.和许多应用一样,Skype也从snapchats上拿出了一页并添加了highlights功能,只为鼓励视频电话的用户更善社交。Also new to Skype will be emoji reactions built into the texting part of the app.Skype还在该应用的文本输入部分添加了表情选项。Mobile users will start to receive the update soon with highlights packed in.手机用户很快就能使用带有highlights功能的新版本了。Plex the popular media service that allows access to personal files from anywhere is launching a live TV feature that will let users connect a compatible antenna tuner or live TV viewing theoretically anywhere.能让用户在任何地方获取个人档案的流行媒体务Plex发布了一项新的电视直播功能,从理论上来讲,用户可以在任何地方连接兼容无线调谐器或直播电视。It even includes plexus DVR functionality.它甚至还带有DVR功能。Access to that will cost five dollars a month or 120 dollars for a lifetime pass.使用此功能每月需要花费5美元,或者花120美元获得终身使用权。And finally password managers service One Login has been hacked after the company noticed unauthorized access to its US data region.密码管理器One Login意识到其美国用户的数据遭到攻击者“未经授权的访问”后已被黑客入侵。Because of the breach One Login is recommending all of its customers change their passwords.此后,One Login建议所有用户更改密码。But how the hack occurred though has yet to be disclosed.但是入侵原因现在还未查明。译文属原创,,不得转载。201706/513744襄阳中心医院早上几点开门

襄樊人民医院电话预约襄阳哪家看不孕不育好迷你对话:A:Jenny, whats wrong with you? Why do you keep weeping like that?Jenny,你怎么啦?你为什么一直这样哭泣。B:Mary told me that she had seen you with John last night. I got to know the fact that you are playing the field.Mary说她昨天看到你跟Joan约会,我终于知道你是个花心大萝卜了。A:Honey,cross my heart, Iv never looked at another woman since the first day I set my eyes on you! Believe me, thats the truth.宝贝儿,我向你发誓,自从见到你以后,我就在没有对别的女人多看过一样,这可是千真万确的呀。地道表达:cross ones heart解词释义:改习语也可以写成cross ones heart and hope to die。Cross本来指的是双手合十的样子。该习语形容人发自内心的祈祷,表示说的是真话,可翻译为:诅咒,发誓。词海拾贝:1.be wrong with:有问题,有毛笔Eg.I cant quite lay my finger on whats wrong with the engine.我不能确切地说出引擎的毛病。Eg.There s something wrong with my eyes — I can t see properly.我眼睛有毛病了——看不清楚了.Eg.All the mothers in the ward seemed to have something wrong with them.整个病房里做妈妈的似乎都有点问题。Eg.There s something wrong with this color scheme but I can t quite pin it down.这种颜色搭配不太合适, 可是我也说不清楚怎么不合适.2.keep doing:一直做某事Eg.If I dont nip it in the bud, hell keep doing it.如果我不防患于未然,他会继续干这种事的。Eg.If I keep watching so much TV, Ill turn into a zombie.假如我继续看这么多电视节目,我会变成行尸走肉。Eg.Youll have to keep working hard to stay ahead of the others.要领先于其他人,你就必须不断努力工作。Eg.After another year you will have very good English skills, as long as you keep working at it.只要你坚持练习,一年后你的英语就相当不错了。3. like that:这样Eg.Be nicer to him. You shouldnt mess around with him like that.对他好些, 你不该对他这样随便.Eg.I dont like people who go around bleating out things like that.我不喜欢跑来跑去讲那种蠢话的人。Eg.Does he have enough dexterity to cope with a job like that?他是否灵活到能应付那样的工作?Eg. Dont you have any hobbies, like stamp collecting or things like that?你有什么爱好吗?像集邮之类的爱好?3.play the field:不专一,三心二意Eg.But were in college now. You can play the field and meet lots of new college girls.但我们现在上大学了。你可以脚踏多条船,认识更多新的大学美眉。Eg.Youll never get Mark to go steady with you. He likes to play the field.你跟马克的关系永远也稳定不下来。他喜欢广交女朋友。4.set eyes on sb:看见,见到Eg.Get out of my sight, you wretch ! I never want to set eyes on you again.滚开,你这个混蛋!我永远不要再看见你。Eg. Iknew he wasnt trustworthy the minute I set eyes on him!我第一眼就看出他不是一个值得信赖的人!Eg.This is the first time Ive set eyes on such a ravishing beauty.天下真有这样标致的人物,我今儿才算见了!Eg.As soon as I set eyes on him, I recognized hit as an old schoolmate.我一眼看到他就认出他是个老同学。5.look at:看Eg.Don t look at the dark side of things.不要以悲观的态度观察事物。Eg.Any way you look at it, were on the losing side.不管你怎么看,我们是吃亏了。Eg.I look at this problem from a different viewpoint.我从不同的观点来看这个问题。Eg.It was even more pleasing to look at in the morning light.它在早晨的光线下看起来更悦目。 /201207/190144湖北襄阳妇幼保健院中医院治霉菌阴道炎怎么样Business: The sharing economy-2: Airbnb for canines商业:分享型经济-二:犬类的空中食宿Putting a wolf over their heads.把狼放在他们头顶。The majority of Americans see their pets as family members, surveys show.研究表明,大多数的美国人把他们的宠物看作自己的家庭成员。Those with dogs are more likely to call themselves pet “parents” than canine “owners”.养的人更愿意把自己称为的父母,而并非的主人。There are more of these parents than ever.现在比以前有更多的“父母”。In big cities such as San Francisco and Seattle, (owned) dogs outnumber children.在圣弗朗西斯科和西雅图这些大城市,被饲养的数量比人们的孩子还要多。The ways in which companies are profiting from the trend are also multiplying.公司从这一趋势中获利的方式也越来越多。Not only is there organic dog food on offer, but packaged, raw food for dogs so they can follow a “paleo” diet reminiscent of what their ancestors ate in the wild.不仅仅销售有机粮,而且还为提供生机包装食品,从而让能够回归原始饮食方式,回忆起它们祖先以前在野外所吃的东西。A different sort of indulgence is orthopaedic pet mattresses.一种不同的溺爱方式就是符合宠物身体构造床垫的诞生。This year Americans spent more than 0m on Halloween costumes for pets.今年,美国人为宠物的万圣节装扮花费超过4亿美元。Overall, annual spending on pet food and products in America has risen by around 40% over the past ten years, to bn—a remarkable rate of growth for an aly large industry, says Jared Koerten of Euromonitor, a research firm.总的说来,美国人每年在宠物食品和有关产品上的开销在过去10年间已经上涨了约40%,达到430亿美元。一家名为Euromonitor研究公司的Jared Koerten表示,这个增长率对于体量已然极其庞大的行业来说是惊人的。Now a pack of startups has sniffed a fresh opportunity.现在,一群创业公司已经嗅到了商机。Much as Airbnb has offered travellers an alternative to staying in a hotel, two firms, Rover and DogVacay, want to give pet owners an alternative to kennels when away from home.就像Airbnb已经为旅行者提供了另外一种入住酒店的方式,Rover和DogVacay这两家公司打算为宠物饲主出远门时提供一种全新的寄养方式。Customers search for a nearby sitter and pay for their dog to stay in that person’s home.顾客可以搜寻就近的“宠物保姆”,然后为他们的宠物付“住宿费”。The cost is around a night, with the majority of that going to the sitter and around a fifth to the company—much less than you would spend to check your dog into a kennel.寄养宠物一晚上的花费是大约30美金,“宠物保姆”会收到其中大部分的钱,只有约五分之一的佣金归属这个公司。这比你花钱给宠物店照看要便宜得多。The other big selling-point is that pets by and large receive better treatment.另外一个大的卖点就是,总体上宠物会得到更好的照顾。There are ways, apparently, to vet dog hosts to find the real pet lovers: only around 15% of those who apply to serve as sitters are approved.很明显,这些公司有很多方式去审核“保姆”来找到真正的喜欢宠物的人:只有约15%申请当“宠物保姆”的人通过认。Besides offering pooches more attention and room to roam, the platforms try to offer extra add-ons that appeal to helicopter parents.此外,为了给提供更多的关心和散步空间,这些平台尝试提供额外的附加软件来吸引“直升机式的”父母。Rover has launched a feature that enables customers to see how far their dog has been walked via the GPS in the host’s phone.Rover已经开发出一项新的功能,这能够让顾客通过“宠物保姆”手机上的GPS查看他们的散步路程。Like Airbnb, both DogVacay and Rover insure stays against accidents.和Airbnb一样,Rover和DogVacay都为“入住期间”投保意外险。Another advantage of the model is that, unlike other platforms that match consumers with workers, like handymen or masseuses, for one-off visits, consumers often use dog-sitting services many times a year, and they tend to be loyal.这种模式的另一个优点就是,不像其他平台为了一次性访问量,会把顾客和诸如打零工的人或女师这些工作人员匹配在一起,而这些平台的顾客们可以一年多次使用“宠物保姆”务,他们都会成为这些平台的忠实拥趸。That has helped DogVacay and Rover attract a lot of venture-capital money—around 0m between them.这已经帮助Rover和DogVacay吸引了大量风险投资金,约1400万美元。But firms that connect pets with hosts will face daunting competition as they try to go global.但是,这些使宠物和“宠物保姆”联系起来的公司在打开国际市场时会遇到巨大竞争。Companies offering home-stays for dogs are now cropping up in many different countries, including Australia, Brazil and Britain.为提供寄养务的公司在许多国家如雨后春笋般出现,包括澳大利亚、巴西和英国。And unlike Airbnb, which pulls in customers thanks to its presence in lots of markets that people want to travel to, the network effect for services like DogVacay is local.和Airbnb不一样的是,Airbnb能吸引顾客是因为人们想要去旅行的地方就有Airbnb,而Dogvacay这样的务其网络效应仅限于当地。Despite having anticipated the trend early, such firms may never achieve the same scale as an Airbnb.虽然现在去预测这种趋势的走向为时尚早,但是这些公司可能永远不会像Airbnb一样遍及全球。But then no one ever said it was easy to be top dog.不过,没有人说过做到业内顶尖是很容易的。译文属译者说外刊 /201701/486683襄阳第四人民医院几点下班

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