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That ran counter to our core belief.这将同我们的核心信念背道而驰Technology should benefit everyone.技术应当让每个人受益So we worked to close the digital divide.于是我们开始行动 试图缩小这一数字鸿沟I made a priority at Microsoft,我原来在微软and Melinda and I made it an early priority at our Foundation.以及我和梅琳达在盖茨基金会早期都确立了Donating personal computers to public libraries向公共图书馆捐赠个人计算机这一优先事务to make sure that everyone had access.以帮助每个人获得计算机使用权The digital divide was a focus of mine in 1997,1997年 这一数字鸿沟是我的主要关注焦点when I took my first trip to South Africa.当时我是第一次去南非I went there on business.我是出公差So I spent most of my time in meetings in downtown Johannesburg.大多数时间都在约翰内斯堡中心城区开会I stayed in the home of one of the richest families of South Africa.住在南非国内非常有钱的一位富豪家里It had only been three years since the election of Nelson Mandela当时离纳尔逊?曼德拉当选只有三年时间marked the end of apartheid.种族隔离刚刚终结When I sat down for dinner with my hosts,我同屋子的主人坐在一起用餐they used a bell to call the butler.主人用铃来呼唤仆人After dinner, the women and men separated and the men smoked cigars.餐后 女人们会和男人们分开 男人们会去抽雪茄I thought, good thing I Jane Austen,我心想 幸好我读过简·奥斯汀的作品or I wouldnt have known what was going on.否则我估计根本无法理解这里发生了什么201411/341822

I want to wish Eid Mubarak to all Muslims celebrating Eid and a safe journey to those now on Hajj. I know that many of you use this special time to reflect on what’s important to you in your lives: your family, your friends, your beliefs, your commitment to do the best you can for others. It’s also a time to think about sacrifice and struggle – and that is particularly poignant this summer as we continue to see so many innocent people – Muslim and non-Muslim – caught up in the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Gaza and Iraq. It is truly heartbreaking to witness the loss that continues to take place in these parts of the world. More than ever we need to strive for an end to the violence. We need to unite behind peace, tolerance, compassion, generosity towards one and other – the values that are at the heart of Islam and the heart of Eid. Today I want to reaffirm my commitment to those values, my party’s commitment to those values, and I want to wish you all a loving and peaceful Eid.201505/375677

Thank you very much for that warm welcome. Now I guess Im going to have to give a speech. I came today to give you a status report on whats going on and to try and fill you in on some of the steps were taking to get Apple healthy again. As you know, Im the Chairman and CEO of a company called Pixar. Thank you. And I like a lot of other people here are pulling together, to help Apple get healthy again. And I am extraordinarily confident that that is going to happen. Now, when I started to get involved, a lot of people gave me advice, and some of the most popular advice was, ;Apple has become irrelevant.; There was a great one that was, ;Apple cant execute anything.; And another one was, ;The Apple culture is anarchy. No one could manage it.; Youve all these things in the press. After four weeks, here is what I found quite the opposite of these things, actually. Apples not as relevant as it used to be everywhere, but in some incredibly important market segments its extraordinarily relevant. I want to share some of that with you today. Apple is executing wonderfully on many of the wrong things. The ability of the organization to execute is really high, though. Ive met some extraordinary people at Apple. Theres a lot of great people at Apple. Theyre doing some of the wrong things because the plan has been wrong. And lastly, what I found rather than anarchy, I found people that cant wait to fell into line behind a good strategy. There just hasnt been one.非常感谢你们的热情欢迎。现在我就要开始我的演讲了。我今天来,是为了向大家作苹果的现状报告,讲述我们为恢复苹果往日的辉煌而采取的一些措施。正如你们所知,我是皮克斯公司的董事长兼首席执行官——谢谢。我和在座的其他人一样,也在不遗余力地让苹果重获生机,并且我对此深信不疑。当我刚开始参与这件事的时候,很多人给了我建议,其中最普遍的说法就是“苹果已经过时了”;还有甚者,认为“苹果完全没有执行力”;另外还提到说“苹果的企业文化很混乱,已无可救药”。这些说法你们肯定都在新闻里读到过。然而四个星期之后,我发现事实完全相反。虽然苹果可能已没有先前那种无处不在的影响力,但在一些核心的市场领域,它仍然占据着举足轻重的地位。今天我就想和你们分享一下这些优势。苹果的组织和执行力真的很强,可惜对象有误。苹果公司有很多强人,我也见过不少,可他们都在做徒劳无功的事情,因为方案本身就是错的。最后一点,苹果并不是混乱无章的,如果有英明的决策,那些优秀的人才都会迫不及待地追随。只是这决策还有待出炉。201407/309105

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