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北京大学第六医院激光祛太田痣多少钱中国中医科学院西苑医院打美白针多少钱9 things you’ll love about iOS 9爱上iOS9的9大原因1.Proactive Siri1.Siri更主动Of all the upcoming iOS 9 features for the iPhone and iPad, the biggest updates are coming to Siri. Siri is going to become ;proactive,; predicting what you want to know before you even ask it. It’s a feature similar to Google Now or Microsoft’s Cortana. The new, proactive Siri will display relevant information based on your location, search history, emails, calendar and habits.在iPhone和iPad中所有iOS9即有的特点中,更新最大的当属Siri。Siri将更主动,甚至可以在你发问之前预测你的想法。这与Google Now和Microsoft的 Cortana类似。新型智能Siri将根据你的位置、搜索历史、电邮、日历和习惯呈现相关信息。2.Transit2.公交导航Finally, transit directions are coming to the Apple Maps app. It’s only in 12 cities to start, but Apple said it will expand its transit maps in the future. Transit has been a long time coming. The lack of public transit information is one of the many reasons Apple CEO Tim Cook apologized for its subpar Maps app in 2012.公交导航终于出现在苹果地图APP中,仅在12个城市启用,但苹果公司表示,今后会扩展城市地图。公交导航经历很长时间才得以推出。公共交通信息缺乏是主要原因之一,苹果CEO库克曾在2012年为其低水准的地图APP道歉。3.News3.苹果新闻Apple’s new News app is a Flipboard-like personalized news er that will replace the oft-ignored Newsstand store. News will be powered by 20 publishers and 50 titles, including ESPN, CNN, Conde Nast, and The New York Times.苹果新型News APP是一款类似于Flipboard的个性化新闻阅读器,将取代之前备受忽略的Newsstand。News将得到20家出版社和50书刊杂志技术持,包括ESPN, CNN,康德纳斯特和《纽约时报》。4.Wallet4.苹果钱包Apple’s Passbook app is getting a new name (Wallet) and some welcome new features. IPhone users will be able to double-click the home button when their iPhones are locked to access the Wallet app.苹果的Passbook app更名为Wallet,并有一些新功能。锁屏时,iPhone用户可以双击home键直接进入Wallet app。5.Notes5.苹果笔记The Notes app is getting a big makeover in iOS 9, letting you draw sketches, drop in photos, maps and links and add items from other apps.iOS 9为笔记应用添加了一些新功能,包括绘画涂鸦、添加照片地图等,进一步向其他互联网笔记应用靠拢。6.Multitasking6.分屏多任务Soon, iPad owners will be able to run two apps at the same time on the same screen. With a split-screen function, picture-in-picture , a new app switcher and keyboard shortcuts, the iPad is getting closer to becoming a serious word-processing device.很快iPad用户可以在同一时间同一屏幕运行两个APP。分屏多任务、画中画视频、侧屏应用功能以及快捷键,将使iPad逐渐成为重要的文字处理器。7.Quicktype7.QuickType键盘In addition to multi-tasking, Apple is introducing gestures for the iPad in iOS 9, turning the keyboard into a trackpad. Using two fingers, iPad owners can select text and move the cursor like a mouse.除了分屏多任务功能,苹果为iOS9的iPad引入新的手势,将键盘变为触控板。iPad用户两个手指就可以选择文本并像鼠标一样移动光标。8.Better battery life8.持久续航Apple says iOS 9 will give iPhones and iPads up to an hour more battery life every day. It’s also adding a low-power mode to squeeze out three extra hours of juice.苹果声称iOS9将为iPhone和iPad每天多提供一小时电量,也添加了低功耗模式,可以挤出三小时电量。9.Public beta9.公测Excited about iOS 9? It doesn’t debut until the fall, but you’ll be able to get your hands on it early. For the first time ever, Apple will let anyone test out its new iPhone software -- before it gets released to the general public. In July, iOS 9 will go into ;public beta,; meaning anyone with an iPhone or iPad will be able to noodle around with iOS 9.为iOS9感到激动吗?但是秋季才会正式启用,但你可以早些接触到iOS9.苹果有史以来首次在正式发行之前,让人们测试新iPhone软件。7月,iOS9将进行公测,也就意味着任何iPhone和iPad用户将体验iOS9. /201506/380126北京地坛医院做双眼皮多少钱 Heaven in the Eyes of Ancient Chinese People古人观天It is said in the ancient times, Gong Gong (a half man and half snake monster) and Zhuan Xu (a god) had a hard fight for control of the heaven, with Zhuan Xu emerging as the victor.Exasperated by failure, Gong Gong went to the northwest corner of the earth and knocked down the Buzhou Mountain,which was one of the eight pillars supporting the sky. As a result, the northwest sky collapsed and the southeast earth sank. Subsequently, the sun, moon, and stars in the sky all slid to the northwest, while the water and silt on the earth flowed to the southeast.相传在远古时候,共工和颛顼两人为了争夺天下发生了争战。共工失败后,一气之下跑到了大地的西北角,撞倒了那里的不周山。不周山原是八根擎天柱之一,撞倒之后,西北方的天就塌了,东南方的地也陷了下去。于是,天上的日月星辰都滑向西北方,地上的流水泥沙都流向了东南方。Whenever encountered with natural phenorpena they could not explain, the ancient Chinese people tended to create various legends with their imagination to show their conjectures.The abovementioned is a legend vMdly showing their spec-ulation on the cosmic structure.当古人对自然现象的成因不能理解时,他们往往会借助想象,创造出各种各样的神话传说,以表达他们对自然界发生的各种现象的揣测。这则神话生动地反映了古人对于天地结构的推测。The period between the 3rd and 6th centuries witnessed enormous develop-ment in China#39;s astronomy, with the rise of many theories on the cosmic structure.The most important of these were the theory of canopy-heavens, the theonrt of sphere heavens, and the theory of expounding appearance in the night sky.公元3到6世纪是中国天文学快速发展的时代。在这段时期内,涌现了许多讨论天地结构的学说,其中最重要的是盖天说、浑天说和宣夜说。The Theory of Canopy-Heavens盖天说The oldest theory on cosmic structure, the early school of canopy-heavens claimed that the heaven, shaped like a big pan, covered the earth, shaped like a chessboard.盖天说是中国最古老的讨论天地结构的体系。早期的盖天说认为:天就像一个扣着的大锅覆盖着棋盘一样的大地。According to the theory, the sun moves all year round along seven paths,called Qi Heng, and the innermost one was called Nei Heng (Inner Path) , along which the sun moved on the Summer Solstice ( around June 22~ 23).he outer-most one was called Wai Heng ( Outer Path) ,and the sun moved along on the Winter Solstice (around December 22~ 23).During other solar terms, the sun moved along the middle five paths.Advocators of this school also claimed the sun-light could only reach a maximum distance of 167,000 11 (83,500 km) , and noth-ing could be seen beyond. Therefore, they said, the sun moved within the said distance during the day, and beyond during the night.盖天说认为,太阳在天盖上的周日运动一年中有七条道路,称为“七衡”。最内一道叫“内衡”,夏至日太阳就沿内衡走一圈;最外一圈叫“外衡”,是冬至日太阳的路径;其他节气里,太阳沿中间的五道运行。他们还主张,太阳只能照射16.7万里(83500千米),超过这个距离就什么也看不见了。因此白天就是太阳走到距离我们16.7万里以内的范围,而晚上则在该范围之外。The Theory of Sphere-Heavens浑天说In his book Note to the Arm,illary Sphere , Zhang Heng(78~ 139) , a famous astronomer in the Eastern Han Dynasty,wrote that the heaven was like an egg,with the earth as the yolk inside, and that the heaven wrapped up the earth just as the eggshell did the yolk. This represents a classic elaboration on the theory of sphere-heavens.东汉著名天文学家张衡(78—139)在《浑天仪注》一文中写道:“浑天如鸡子,天体圆如弹丸。地如鸡子中黄,孤居于内,天大地小……天之包地如壳之裹黄”。天就像一个鸡蛋,大地像其中的蛋黄,天包着地如同蛋壳包着蛋黄一样。这是对浑天说的经典论述之一。According to the theory, the heaven was higher in the north and lower in thesouth, revoMng around a north-south axis. The east-west axis, vertical to the north-south one, was the heavenly equator. The plane to which the equator is tilt-ed 24。was the ecliptic, and the sun moved along the plane.浑天说还认为.天球北高南低,通过南北天极的轴旋转。垂直于南北极轴把天球平分成南北两半的大圆就是天赤道。与赤道斜交成大约240角的大圆是黄道,太阳在黄道上运行。The theory of sphere-heavens played an important part in the history of Chi-nese astronomy, exerting significant influence on the design and manufacture of anaent astronomic instruments, as well as on the explanation of relevant astro-nomic theories.浑天说在中国天文学史上占有重要的地位,对中国古代天文仪器的设计与制造产生了重大的影响,对天文学的有关理论问题的解释也产生了重大影响。The Theory of Expounding Appearance in the Night Sky宣夜说As a legend goes, during the Warring States Period, a man from the Qi State,having known that the heaven was constituted of gas, in which the moon and stars floated, feared the heaven might collapse one day. Thinking that he would have nowhere to go by then, the man became deeply worried, and lost his appetite.One of his friends brought him to a wise man that helped him to put the things in the right perspective by saying, ;The sun, the moon, and the stars are also com-posed of gas. Even if they drop from the heaven, it would mean a collision be-tween gas, and no harm will be caused.;传说战国时期,杞国有一个人听说天是由气体形成的,日月星辰就漂浮其中之后,他非常担心天体会掉下来,让他无处躲藏,于是整日忧心忡忡,茶饭不思。朋友1把他拉到一位智者那里,智者开导他说:“日月星辰也是气体形成的,即使它们掉下来,也是气体落入气体中,不会造成任何损伤。”In the previously two cosmic theories, the sun, the moon, and the stars all had a shell, meaning there was no reason for them to fall from the heaven.Later,however, the ancient people found the celestial bodies moved freely from one place to another at a fast or slow speed, and sometimes, they might not move atall, hence giving rise to the new theory of expounding appearance in the night sky.盖天说和浑天说中的日月星辰都有一个可供附着的天壳,都不用担心会掉下来。但是后来人们观测到日月星辰的运动各自不同,有的快、有的慢,有的甚至在一段时间中停滞不前。所以就又产生了一种新的理论“宣夜说”。The advocators claimed the heaven was composed of boundless gas with no shape.They said the reason that people felt themselves so small was that the heaven was too far away from earth. The celestial bodies floated in the gas with no support, following their own movement rules. The theory broke the boundary ofheaven, exhibiting a boundless universe.宣夜说主张:天是无边无涯的气体,没有任何形质,我们之所以看天有一种苍苍然的感觉,是因为它离我们太深远了。日月星辰漂浮在空气中,不需要任何依托,因此它们各自遵循自己的运动规律。宣夜说打破了天的边界,为我们展示了一个无边无际的宇宙空间。 /201511/409354北京中医医院丰胸多少钱

北京友谊医院祛疤多少钱北京航天中心医院脱毛手术多少钱 北京玻尿酸隆胸哪家医院好

中国医学科学院整形外科医院祛疤手术多少钱 In 1950, at a time when there were fewer than 10 digital computers worldwide, Bill Pfann, a 33-year-old scientist at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey, discovered a method that could be used to purify elements, such as germanium and silicon. He could not possibly have imagined then that this discovery would enable the silicon micro-chip and the rise of the computer industry, the Internet, and the emergence of the information age. Today, there are about 10 billion Internet-connected devices in the world, such as laptops and mobile phones, and at the heart of each of these devices, there is at least one such micro-chip that acts as its “engine”.1950年时,全球只有不到10台数字计算机。时年33岁的新泽西贝尔实验室科学家比尔o芬尼在这一年发现了一种提纯锗、硅等元素的方法。他当时可能想不到,这一发现促成了硅制微芯片的诞生,推动了计算机和互联网的发展,导致了信息时代的出现。如今,全球已有超过100亿台联网设备。而所有这些设备中,都至少有一块这样的微芯片充当“引擎”作用。The reason behind this relentless progress is neatly contained in a prophetic law that was announced 50 years ago this Sunday, called Moore’s Law. The micro-chip is built with tiny electrical switches made of purified silicon called transistors and the law stated that the number of transistors on a chip would double every year. In 1975, Gordon Moore revised his forecast to state that the count would double every two years. The law has held true since.50年前,一个预言式的定律巧妙地揭示了科技不断进步背后的原因,它就是尔定律。微芯片上有许多由纯净硅制成的微型电子开关,它们被称作晶体管。而尔定律认为芯片上的晶体管数量每年都会翻倍。1975年,戈登o尔修正了他的预测,认为晶体管数量会每两年翻一倍。从此以后,这一定律从未失准。Why is Moore’s Law relevant? Because this doubling of the number of transistors led to computer chips that could be packed with increasingly sophisticated circuitry that was both energy efficient and cheap. This led to the widesp adoption of computers, mobile phones, and the information technology revolution.为何尔定律经年不衰?因为晶体管数量的倍增让计算机芯片能够搭载越来越复杂的电路系统,它们不仅节能,还十分便宜。这导致了计算机、手机的普及,推动了信息技术的革命。The price of computation is about 10 million times cheaper than it was 40 years ago, and the computing power held in a smart phone outstrips the workstations that computer scientists used in their offices in the 1990s. That we have been able to so far hold true to Moore’s Law is the reason that the electronic circulation of information has been commoditized, changing the way many of us learn, bank, travel, communicate and socialize.计算机的价格比起40年前,已然便宜了一千万倍,而一部智能手机拥有的计算能力,已经超过了20世纪90年代计算机科学家使用的工作站。至今为止,尔定律依然适用,也因为如此,信息的电子流通变得商品化,改变了我们当中许多人学习、储蓄、旅行、沟通和社交的方式。Take the example of social networking using a mobile phone. It works because the cost of a transistor has dropped a million fold and computing is about 10,000 times more energy efficient since 1980, when this writer first went to engineering school. Consequently, a 0 smart phone powered by a biscuit-sized battery contains a micro-chip with a few billion transistors in it and enough computing power to digitally process an image, and then upload and share it wirelessly using powerful mathematics to encode the data. This is a consequence of Moore’s Law in action.以使用手机进行社交为例。之所以能实现这一点,是因为从1980年(当时笔者才刚进入工程学院)至今,晶体管的价格降低了几百万倍,计算的能效提高了几万倍。因此,售价200美元、由一块饼干大小的电池作为能源的智能手机中,拥有一块包含几十亿晶体管的微芯片,其计算能力足以对图片进行数字化加工,运用强大的数学运算能力编码其数据,再通过无线网络上传和分享它。这就是尔定律作用下的成果。Yet, on its 50th anniversary, there are tell-tale signs that Moore’s Law is slowing, and we are almost certain that the law will cease to hold within a decade. With further miniaturization silicon transistors will attain dimensions of the order of only a handful of atoms and the laws of physics dictate that the transistors and electronic circuits will cease to work efficiently at that point. As Moore’s Law’s slows down, innovations in other areas, such as developments in software, will pick up the slack in the short-term.然而,在它诞生50周年之际,已有迹象表明尔定律下的增长开始放缓,我们也几乎可以确定,在接下来的十年内,它恐怕将不复成立。硅晶体管继续微型化下去,将达到仅含有少量原子排列的维度,根据物理定律,这种情况下晶体管和电子电路将无法有效工作。随着尔定律下的增长放缓,其他领域的创新,如软件方面的发展,将在短期内补上这一缺口。But in the longer-term, there will be fundamental changes in the essential design of the classical computer that, remarkably, has remained unchanged since the 1950s. Designed for precise calculations, today’s computing machines do not make inferences, and qualitative decisions, or recognize patterns from large amounts of data efficiently. The next substantive leap forward will be in computers with human-like cognitive capabilities that are also energy efficient. IBM’s Watson, the computing system that won the television game show Jeopardy! in 2011, consumed about 4000 times more energy than its human competitors. This experience reinforced the need for new energy efficient computing machines that are designed differently from the sequential, calculative methodology of classical computers and are inspired, perhaps, by the way biological brains work.但从长期来看,从20世纪50年代至今未曾改变的传统计算机的基本设计,将会出现根本性的变革。如今的计算机可用来进行精确计算,但它们无法高效地从大量数据中得出推断,做出定性决策或识别模式。下一个实质性的飞越将会出现在那些拥有类人认知能力且高能效的计算机上。IBM的计算机系统沃森在2011年的智力挑战节目“Jeopardy!”上取得胜利,但它消耗的能量是与它同台对垒的人类选手的4000倍。这一经历凸显了对新型高能效计算机的需求。它们要与使用顺序计算方法的经典计算机有所区别,设计者也许将从生物大脑的运转方式中汲取灵感。A journalist recently asked me whether the continuation of Moore’s Law was indispensable. It is the beauty of the collective enterprise of human innovation that which ensures that nothing is indispensable indefinitely for technology to progress. Decades later one might look at the era of Moore’s Law as a golden period where computers came of age through a masterful display of an industry’s ability to miniaturize and create billions of flawless and identical copies of tiny circuits at factories throughout the world. But, much as a pack of migratory birds flying in V-formation rotate in at the lead position, there will, at that future time, be many other technologies that will have carried us forward in the information age.一位记者最近问我,尔定律的持续是不是不可或缺的。人类创新这项集体活动之美,就在于保了没有什么对于技术进步而言是不可或缺的。几十年后,人们或许会将尔定律的年代看作黄金时代,这个年代的计算机起初是一个行业实力的体现,后来计算机逐渐小型化,全球的工厂制造了数以亿计一模一样的完美微型电路。但就像候鸟群会以V字队列盘旋在领头者旁边一样,未来会有许多其他技术引领着我们在信息时代继续前进。 /201504/371646北京做双眼皮那家医院好北京清华大学玉泉医院瘦腿针多少钱



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