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信丰县祛斑多少钱赣州俪人美容医院激光祛痘手术多少钱引言:苏有朋第一部执导的电影《左耳》公映,广受好评。《左耳》是饶雪漫编著的作品,讲述了关于青春成长的故事,四个主要人物的塑造尤其成功,是一部倾注着真情实感同时真实深刻表现青春少年们生活、理想与爱情的优秀作品。今天我们来回顾一下电影中的几句经典台词。1. 对不起是你的解脱,不代表我要原谅你的过错。Saying sorry may get you off the hook but it doesn’t mean my forgiveness of your fault. Hook是钩子的意思。Off the hook 脱钩,其实就是脱身,或是摆脱责任的意思。比如:She tried to get off the hook by blaming me.她试图把责任推给我来摆脱困境。其实呢off the hook还常表示“(电话听筒)未挂上”的这样一种状态。比如:He left the phone off the hook so that he wouldnt be disturbed. 他不把电话听筒挂上,以免受到打扰。原谅叫做forgive,名词形式是forgiveness。2.时光只会老去,但时光从不会欺骗我们。“老去”在这里可以说become old吗?Old指事物变旧或者年龄变老,而时光老去实际上是指时光消逝,用单词elapse最合适不过。Three years have elapsed since we met last time. 我们上次相见至今已经三年了。“欺骗”叫做cheat。3. 我还是相信,星星会说话、石头会开花,穿过夏天的木栅栏和冬天的风雪之后,你终会抵达。I still believe that stars can talk and stones can blossom. After going through the fence of summer and the snow of winter, you will eventually arrive. Blossom就是“开花”的意思,可以作动词也可以作名词。比如:The sunshine will bring out the blossom. 阳光将使花朵开放。常用的短语还有in full blossom表示花正开得旺盛。比如:The water lily in the pond is in full blossom now. 池塘里的睡莲正盛开着。您正收听到的节目来自于网,名字叫做可可茶话会,我是Canace,时尚话题、新鲜素材等你来。我们下期再见,拜拜!背景音乐:Light Your Fire本节目属 /201505/374817赣州丰额头多少钱 Subject: I have to keep an ear to the ground. 迷你对话 A: Baby, what about having some beef or dinner?宝贝儿,晚上吃牛肉,如何?B: Oh, no. Mon, I am on a diet now. I have to keep my ears to the ground.哦,不。我现在在减肥。我要时刻提醒自己啊。 地道表达 keep an ear to the ground 1. 解词释义 Keep an ear to the ground的字面意思是“把耳朵保持贴在地上”, 比喻“保持高度警觉,及早发现那些即将会发生的事情的预兆”的意思。其英文解释为:to devote attention to watching or listening for clues as to what is going to happen。也可以用作have one’s ear to the ground或者是keep one’s ear to the ground。 2. 拓展例句e.g. John had his ear to the ground, hoping to find out about new ideas in computers. John密切留意着,因为他希望能发现关于计算机的新动态。 e.g. His boss told him to keep his ear to the ground so that hed be the first to know of a new idea. 他的老板叫他留意着,以便于他最先了解新动态。 e.g. Every two weeks while the Congress is in session, I try to get back home to California to talk to people. This doesnt give me much time to relax with my family, but I have to keep an ear to the ground and hear what voters are thinking about. 当国会举行会议的时候我每两个星期设法抽空回加州一次去和当地的人进行交谈。我没有多少时间可以和家人在一起,但是我得及时了解选民的想法。 e.g. I try to keep an ear to the ground and what I hear these days is that most people think we spend too much money on building roads and not enough on our schools. 我总是设法注意人们的想法。最近我听说,大多数人认为我们在筑路方面花钱太多,而用在学校方面的钱却不足。 咬文嚼字 1. have something for dinner的意思是“晚餐吃……”。“表示早餐吃……”可以套用这个短语为:have something for breakfast,“表示中餐吃……,也可套用这个短语为:have something on lunch。 2. on a diet是个介词短语,意思是“在节食减肥”。这是一个介词短语,使用时可以和系动词be或者实意动词go搭配使用做谓语。例如: Im forever on a diet, since I put on weight easily. 我永远都在减肥,因为我很容易长胖。 No sugar for me , please. I went on a diet. 请别给我加糖, 我现在正按照规定节食。 /201412/348186关键词:sweetness and light 流于表面的温和善良以掩盖生硬无礼的真实面目短语释义:今天我们要学的短语是sweetness and light。首先来了解一下维基百科给出的英文释义:Sweetness and light is an English idiom that today is used in common speech, generally with mild irony to describe insincere courtesy. 这个短语是一个英文习语,常被用于普通语言、日常用语中,通常带一点轻微的讽刺,描述虚情假意、假意的客套等等。现在我们来了解一下它的起源。Sweetness and light起初有相当正面的含义。Sweetness and light原意是蜜蜂制造了两样好东西:甜蜜的蜂蜜和可以用来制作上等蜡烛的蜂腊,也就是说蜜蜂带给人甜蜜sweetness和光明light:所以这个习语最初是是与人为善的意思。但是在长期使用的过程中,这个短语逐渐偏离了当初的意思,指流于表面的温和善良以掩盖生硬无礼的真实面目。情景领悟:1. When he learned who I was he became all sweetness and light.当他明白了我是谁时就变得满脸堆笑起来。2. Their quarrel seems to be over. Everythings all sweetness and light at the moment. 他们的争吵似乎结束了,眼下一切都风平浪静了。本节目属 /201303/230647赣州俪人整形医院祛斑效果好

赣州冰点脱毛一般多少钱关键词:between a rock and a hard place 进退两难;左右为难短语释义:今天我们来学习一个表示处境困难的习惯用语。Between a rock and a hard place. Between就是在两者之间,rock是石头,hard就是硬的,而place是指地方。要是一条船遇到风浪,她的一边是一块大岩石,另一边是峭壁。那么这条船想要从这两者之间很窄的水面安全地脱险,一定是非常困难的。 在这种情况下,你必须做出正确的决定,但是有的时候又似乎没有什么好办法。那么当你身处于岩石与硬壁之间 between a rock and a hard place, 那么是指你面对棘手问题,让你左右为难或进退两难。英语俚语中用到rock的场合实在是不少。又比如steady as a rock 意思是非常稳定,不可动摇, 坚如磐石。情景领悟:1. Id like to help you but I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.我很想去帮助你,但是我现在也是处于进退两难的境地。2. His hand was as steady as a rock.他的手稳稳地操作着.可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201211/209005赣州血管瘤专科医院 赣州双眼皮吧

赣州私处脱毛一般哪家医院好Bussiness商业Schumpeter:They’ve lost that loving feeling熊彼特:爱意已褪Foreign firms were lukewarm on America long before Donald Trump.特朗普上台前,外国公司对美国早已丧失热情。Which is it?以下两者哪个才是美国?The home of free speech, the rule of law and the rich world’s most dynamic economy?言论自由、法治之地、富裕世界中最具活力的经济体?Or a land of social decay, septic politics and the rich world’s worst roads and schools?还是社会堕落、政治腐败、富裕世界里道路和学校最糟糕的国家?America divides foreign observers.外国观察家对美国看法不一。It divides foreign firms, too.外国公司同样如此。Some bosses fall head over heels for its insatiable consumers and dazzling technology.有些公司老板为美国庞大的消费群体和炫目的科技倾倒。Other executives are put off by its insufferable lawyers and hypocritical protectionism.也有高管因美国那些令人讨厌的律师和虚伪的保护主义而却步。Donald Trump promises to give foreign firms a rude awakening when he reaches the White House: last month he beat up Toyota for making cars in Mexico and selling them north of the border.特朗普承诺入主白宫后给外国公司猛敲一记警钟:上月,他便因丰田公司在墨西哥制造汽车并销往美国而向其开炮。But in truth many foreign firms fell out of love with America years ago.但实际上,许多外国公司在多年前便已不再钟情美国。The conventional view is that foreign companies are irresistibly attracted to the place.一般看法认为,外国公司难以抗拒美国的魅力。If one affair ends in tears, there is always a new paramour in the wings.假如一段情缘悲剧收场,总会有新的情人伺机而动。In the 1970s British buccaneers, led by Sir James Goldsmith, picked up neglected firms.上世纪70年代,以詹姆斯·戈德史密斯爵士(Sir James Goldsmith)为首的英国“海盗”把受冷落的美国公司收入囊中。In the 1980s Japanese firms lost their financial virginity by paying too much for Hollywood studios and Californian skyscrapers.80年代,日本公司首度大举投资,高价收购好莱坞的电影公司和加州的天大楼。A decade later continental European firms rushed across the pond, culminating in Daimler’s doomed tryst with Chrysler, a rival carmaker.十年后,欧洲大陆的公司竞相跨越大西洋涌入美国,随着戴姆勒与对手克莱斯勒发生一场注定难有善终的幽会,这一风潮达到顶峰。By this account, Chinese firms are the latest to get the love bug, with China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, in the role of the besotted tycoon, having paid a blockbuster bn to assemble a chain of mature American cinemas since 2012.这样看来,中国公司是美国市场的最新情人。中国首富王健林就扮演了一位为美国疯狂的大亨,自2012年来,他已投入惊人的40亿美元来整合一系列成熟的美国院线。But this narrative is hopelessly out of date.不过这样的故事已经完全过时了。The most accurate metaphor for foreign firms in America today is of disappointed hopes.对于如今在美的外国公司,最准确的形容是“美梦破灭”。Their share of private output has been flat at about 6% since 2000.自2000年以来,它们在私营部门产出中所占份额一直停留在6%左右。The share of sales that European firms make in America has declined from 20% in 2003 to 17% now, according to Morgan Stanley, a bank.据根士丹利的数据,欧洲公司在美国的销售份额已从2003年的20%下降至如今的17%。Foreign firms’ profits in America fell from 4bn in 2006 to 3bn in 2014, the latest year for which figures are available.外国公司在美利润从2006年的1340亿美元降至2014年的1230亿美元(可获得数据的最近一年)。Their return on equity fell to 6%, compared with 11% in 2006.其股本回报率下降到6%,而2006年为11%。American multinationals make 12% on their home turf.美国跨国公司在自家主场的股本回报率则为12%。This souring romance reflects three deep shifts in America’s economy.花残月缺,浪漫不再——这反映出美国经济的三个深刻转变。First, technology has a greater importance than it used to.首先,科技的重要性更胜从前。At the same time the gap between Silicon Valley’s giants and their peers abroad has grown wider.同时,硅谷巨头与其海外同行之间的差距也已拉大。A generation ago Europe and Japan had real contenders in the technology industry, such as Nokia and Sony.二三十年前,欧洲和日本在科技行业还拥有可与美国企业实力匹敌的公司,如诺基亚和索尼。Now they have no answer to the likes of Apple, Google and Uber.而现在,它们并没有能挑战苹果、谷歌、优步等美国巨头的企业。Second, waves of mergers and acquisitions have made the economy more concentrated.第二,并购浪潮令美国经济更为集中。That has raised the barriers to entry for outsiders.这提高了外来者进入美国市场的门槛。If you split the world’s companies into 68 industries, American firms are the largest in two-thirds of them.如果将全世界的公司分为68个行业,其中有三分之二都由美国公司称霸。Foreign companies in America are often subscale and too small to buy the leading firms in their sector.在美国的外国公司通常规模较小,无法收购所在行业的领先企业。So they try to grow organically or buy weaklings instead.所以它们试图内生扩展或转而收购较弱小的公司。In 2013 SoftBank, a Japanese technology group, paid bn to buy a struggling mobile-phone operator, Sprint, which is now losing a billion dollars a year.2013年,日本科技企业软银斥资220亿美元收购苦苦挣扎的美国手机运营商Sprint,而现在Sprint年亏损十亿美元。The most profitable investment in living memory by a foreign firm in America was not a gutsy triumph but a passive stake in a domestic oligopoly: Vodafone’s 45% share of Verizon Wireless, which it sold for 0bn in 2014.记忆中,外国公司在美国投资获利最丰厚的并非是大胆行动获取的胜利,而是来自对美国国内寡头的被动投资:2014年,沃达丰以1300亿美元出售其拥有的威讯无线(Verizon Wireless)45%的股份。译文来源考研英语时事阅读 /201704/502351 关键词:burn the candle at both ends 过分耗费;不顾身体过度劳累短语释义:今天我们要学的短语是burn the candle at both ends.来看插图:两只燃烧着的蜡烛在对话,这名为Bob的蜡烛头和尾同时烧,那可想而知这蜡烛很快就会耗尽。所以他的同伴说:Bob, you gotta slow down.(Bob,你得慢一点儿). This burning at both ends is gonna kill you!(你这样两头烧会烧死你的。)蜡烛叫做candle,burn the candle at both ends就是指蜡烛两头烧,在口语中引申为过份地消耗精力或是财产,更多情况下指某人夜以继日地从事高强度工作以至累得筋疲力竭。最近跟朋友们聊天,大家都说工作太忙了、压力太大了。每天除了吃饭睡觉,时间都献给了工作。有的人甚至整天没精打采,情绪一直很低落。所以想对大家说一句:别太劳累了。别太劳累我们就可以说成 ;burn the candle at both ends;。情景领悟:1. He looks very ill; he must have burnt the candle at both ends.他看上去病得很厉害, 一定是劳累过度了。2. No wonder Mary is ill. She has been burning the candle at both ends for along time.难怪玛丽病了,她长时间劳累过度。本节目属 /201307/248761赣州俪人整形美容医院激光脱毛好吗南康打botox要多少钱



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