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2017年10月20日 09:14:59 | 作者:飞资讯 | 来源:新华社
A: I came here to get a chest X-ray.B: I will need you to take your clothes off from the waist up and put on the gown, leaving the opening in the back.A: What comes next?B: I will need you to face this glass plate right over here.A: Should I do anything else?B: Your arms need to be raised to shoulder height.A: Is this OK?B: So far, so good.A: How come you are walking away?B: I am not leaving. I just need you to take a really deep breath, hold it, and then let it out.A: Will I be finished then?B: You will be able to put your clothes on as soon as I have checked the film. 57A North Carolina woman hellbent on looking like animated 1990s movie vixen Jessica Rabbit has sunk more than Tombili, the pudgy cat whose relaxing demeanor captured the hearts of fans worldwide, has been honored with a bronze statue in her home city of Istanbul, Turkey.一只名为;Tombili;的小肥猫以其慵懒的姿态赢得了全世界粉丝的心而在它的家乡土耳其伊斯坦布尔,人们也建了青铜像来纪念它The cuddly feline — whose name is a Turkish word often used chubby pets — was a beloved figure in the neighborhood of Ziverbey, the Daily Sabah reports.据土耳其《沙巴日报报道,这只惹人喜爱的喵星人是齐沃比街区的吉祥物,它的名字;Tombili;在土耳其语中是胖胖萌宠的常见名字;Tombili was a freely living cat, like most cats in Turkey,; Batu Aksoy, one of the founders of the Anatolian Cat Project, told The Huffington Post in a Facebook message. ;The commy took care of her.;安纳托利亚猫咪工程创始人之一巴图·阿克索伊通过脸书网信息告诉《赫芬顿邮报:;Tombili是一只慵懒生活的猫,就像土耳其的大多数猫一样全社会都在照顾它;Tombili shot to online fame after someone snapped a photo of her reclining outside.Tombili因为一张慵懒倚在人行道上看风景的照片而在网络爆红It unclear when she became known outside of her local neighborhood, but the photo appears at the top of a 9Gag post from February .虽然不知道照片是不是在她所在的街区拍的,不过这张照片依然在年月在9Gag图片网站上登顶When she died in August after an illness, someone put up a poster in the neighborhood as a tribute. But a cat as awesome as Tombili deserved more than just a poster.在它8月份因病离世之后,有人在它生前所在的街区贴上海报作为纪念但是像Tombili这样可爱的猫咪,理应得到比一张海报更多的纪念The Anatolian Cat Project — an educational commy cat lovers — launched a petition asking that the neighborhood have a statue erected to commemorate the popular feline.安纳托利亚猫咪工程是一个爱猫人的教育社区,他们发起了一项请愿,希望这个街区能够立雕像来纪念这只人气超高的猫咪Artist Seval Sahin stepped up to the challenge, and the bronze sculpture was unveiled on Tuesday — World Animal Day.艺术家萨瓦尔·萨希因接下了这个挑战,这座青铜像在世界动物保护日揭幕Tombili was a ;very friendly cat,; Aksoy said, which untunately may have led to some of her health problems. ;The neighborhood loved her so much and used to feed her a lot,; he added.阿克索伊表示,Tombili是一只;非常亲人的猫咪;,这可能很不幸地导致了她的健康问题他补充说道:;邻居都太喜欢她了,所以喂她吃的东西太多了;;Tombili was a very proud cat and did not like to spend her time with other cats,; Aksoy said. ;Because of obesity, she could not move much, so preferred calmly to lie on [the] sidewalk.;;Tombili是一只骄傲的猫咪,不喜欢和别的猫一起玩儿;阿克索伊说,;因为太胖,她也不怎么能活动,所以她喜欢静静地在人行道边上趴着; 1969,000 into costly surgical procedures to fulfill her bizarre dream — including the removal of six ribs.一个来自北卡罗来纳州的姑娘皮茜想要成为现实版大胸细腰的性感人物;兔女郎;,为此花费超过万美元接受整容手术,锯掉了6根肋骨;I am transming myself from human to living cartoon,; wrote aspiring fashion model Pixee Fox on her blog Plasticdoll Transmation, which chronicles her dangerous transmation from woman to sex rabbit.模特皮茜在客上写道:;我现在正在从人类转化为现实中的卡通人物;她还记叙了自己从一个女性变身为性感兔女郎的整个恐怖的整形过程To date, Fox, a mer electrician from Sweden, has gone under the knife a whopping times and invested an estimated ,000 on risky operations that include four breast augmentations, four nose jobs, liposuction a Brazilian butt lift and — most shockingly — the removal of six ribs by a doctor in Indianapolis.皮茜之前是瑞典的一名电工,到现在她已经接受了十五项整容手术,花费约万美元用于四次丰胸、四次隆鼻以及提臀,更令人震惊的是她取出了六根肋骨The 5-year-old ignored doctor orders of six-week recovery, instead jumping into action in a stomach-cinching corset and a tiny -inch waist two days later.这个5岁的姑娘没有听从医生要求她休息六周恢复身体的叮嘱,在手术两天之后就穿上了束腰Fox shrugged off critics, who she claims approach her on the street — simply to tell her that she looks like a cartoon character.她不屑于别人的批评,一些人在路上靠近她只是为了告诉她很像卡通人物;I know the concern but I think my health is much better than most people in the western world today,; Fox wrote to her 70,000 followers on Instagram earlier this month.;我知道这些危害,但是我的健康情况远比西方国家大部分人好得多;皮茜本月初在instagram写道;I dont smoke, drink or do drugs,; she added in the post. ;I eat only organic food and workout. I try not to take any other meds than antibiotics after surgery because I dont want to poison my body. Not even pain meds. Yes, I do surgery because it is a passion of mine. I love it and it makes me feel great.;;我不抽烟喝酒吸毒,我吃有机食物,进行锻炼手术后,我只吃抗生素,连止痛片的没吃,就是为了不破坏自己的健康我整容是因为我喜欢,这让我感觉很棒;Still, Fox massive group of online fans havent come out in droves to support the would-be model obsession — a Gofundme page launched Oct. to raise money more surgery has garnered only a paltry 7.她的粉丝们并没有疯狂持这位模特对整容的执着,在一个筹集资金的网站上,她目前仅仅为她的整容事业筹到了557美元Besides Jessica Rabbit, her other cartoon idols include Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and Holli Would from Cool World.除了兔女郎jessica,她还喜欢睡美人和美女闯通关中的荷莉 0

Let face it, divorces can be messy.面对现实吧,离婚真能把你的生活搞得一团糟Whether it arguing about who gets the cat or even trying to organise who keeps the car – it a long winded process.不管是宠物猫应该归谁,还是谁能分得家里的车--离婚都是一场漫长而曲折的征程However one wealthy couple, there was no arguing about who was going to be living it their house…不过对于一对富裕的夫妇来说,最终谁能得到两人的豪宅却毫无异议And that because a judge ordered it to be split in TWO… by building a wall straight through the centre.这是因为一位法官判决,通过在中间修个墙,将这栋房子一分为二The million pounds mansion in Moscow elite Rublyovka suburb was divided 50 to both Margarita Tsvitnenko, 5, and her ex-husband.这套价值0万英镑的豪宅位于莫斯科的富人区Rublyovka,5岁的Margarita Tsvitnenko和她前夫各分到一半However, it wasnt straight ward.但是,分房子的过程还是一波三折Tsvitnenko claimed that the wall meant that her ex side had a staircase – and hers did not.Tsvitnenko表示,这栋别墅的楼梯在它前夫那边,而这堵墙修完之后,她就没办法下楼了What made things even worse is that her friend was sleeping upstairs when the wall was built, so the police had to be called to help her get down again.更糟糕的是,工人过来修墙的时候,她的朋友还正在楼上睡觉,无奈之下,她只能求助警察,把朋友从楼上接下来Speaking to Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda, she said: The court said I should build my own staircase upstairs. I appealed and asked delay until 7 March as had no money to build it right immediately.在接受俄罗斯《Komsomolskaya Pravda报社采访时,Tsvitnenko称:“法院说我应该自己修楼梯,我当时提起了申诉,希望时间可以推迟到年3月7号,因为我实在是没有钱立马就把楼梯装上”Me and my son were downstairs when it was happening, but my friend was asleep in one of the bedrooms upstairs. So she got blocked, marooned there. She couldnt get down, it was too dangerous because of the height. I called police.“当时我正跟儿子在楼下,而我朋友在楼上一间卧室里睡觉于是她就这样被孤零零地困在上边了,因为楼上太高,安全起见她也没法下来无奈我只能拨打了报警电话” 77

投资风险Risk of investmentA: Well, Im thinking of establishing a food joint venture of big scale.我正在考虑建立一家大规模的食品合资企业B: That great. We have so many favorable conditions you to invest in China.那很好啊,在中国合资企业有很多优待A: Yes, China is a big country with a large population, rich resources and a comparatively low level of wages and salaries. However, the problem is that were still doubtful of investment in China.是的中国是一个大国,人口众多,资源丰富,而且工资水平低然而问题是我们仍然对在中国投资表示怀疑B: Let me put your mind at ease. The way I see it, a joint venture means, primary, less taxation and more benefits the investors.让我来解除你的顾虑吧依我看,搞合资企业,对于投资者来说,首先可以少上税,多收益A: That sounds good.听起来不错B: Well, a joint venture means preferred treatment the investors. A joint venture pays less income tax or even no income tax at all under certain conditions in the first five profit making years.搞合资企业,投资者可以享受到优惠的待遇合资企业头5个获利年度可以省缴所得税,在某种情况下,甚至完全不缴所得税A: Profit-making years? You mean the years of production?获利年度?你是指生产年度吗?B: No. I mean the years when you make a profit. What more, all lawful rights and interests of eign investors are protected by Chinese law.不,我指的是企业生产开始产生利润的头5年而且,外国投资者的一切合法权益都受到中国法律的保护A: Oh, I see. It is very good.我明白了,不错!;think of somethingdoing something;意思是;考虑到某事情,多指考虑某事情的可能性,未作出决定亦未采取行动;,例如:You cant expect me to think of everything! (你不能指望我把什么事情都想到了!)又如:Theyre thinking of moving to America.(他们有意移居美国) 8

3.May I help you?我可以帮你吗?May I help you?我可以帮你吗?Are you looking something in particular?您在找特定的东西吗?Im just looking,thanks.我只是看看,谢谢No,Im fine.不用,没关系.Just looking,thanks.看看而已,谢谢.Im looking a gift.我正在找礼物.Yes,where are your men sweaters?是啊,请问男式毛衣在哪里?Could you show me shis,please?你可以拿这个给我看吗?May I see that silver bracelet please?我可以看看这银手镯吗?Cash or charge?付现金还是刷卡?Will that be cash or charge?付现金还是刷卡呢?Would you like to pay by cash or charge?您要付现金还是刷卡?Will you be paying by cash or credit card(charge)?您要付现金还是信用卡(刷卡)?Cash,please.付现金,谢谢.Charge.刷卡.Do you accept American Express?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Can I use Master Card?我可以用万事达卡吗?Do you take VISA?你们接受VISA卡吗?May I help you?(Just looking,thanks.)我可以帮你吗?看看而已,谢谢.May I help you?(Im just looking,thanks.)我可以帮你吗?我只是看看,谢谢.May I help you?(No,Im fine.)我可以帮你吗?不用,谢谢.May I help you?(Could you show me this,please?)我可以帮你吗?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Are you looking something in particular?(Could you show me this,please?)您在找特定的东西吗?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Are you looking something in particular?(Im looking a gift.)您在找特定的东西吗?我正在找礼物.Are you looking something in particular?(Just looking,thanks.)您在找特定的东西吗?看看而已.Are you looking something in particular?(No,thanks.)您在找特定的东西吗?不用,没关系.Are you looking something in particular?(Yes,where are your men sweaters?)您在找特定的东西吗?是啊,请问男式毛衣在哪里?Are you looking something in particular?您在找特定的东西吗?我可以看看这银手镯吗?May I see that silver bracelet,please?付现金还是刷卡?付现金,谢谢.Cash or charge?(Cash,please.)付现金还是刷卡?现金.Cash or charge?(Charge.)付现金还是刷卡?刷卡.Will that be cash or charge?(Cash,please.)付现金还是刷卡呢?付现金,谢谢.Will that be cash or charge?(Charge,please.)付现金还是刷卡呢?刷卡,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Cash,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?付现金,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Charge,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?刷卡,谢谢.Would you like to pay by cash or charge?(Can I use Master Card?)您要付现金还是刷卡呢?我可以用万事达卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Cash,please.)您要付现金还是刷卡?付现金,谢谢.Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Charge.)您要付现金还是刷卡?刷卡.Will that be cash or charge?(Do you accept American Express?)付现金还是刷卡呢?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Will that be cash or charge?(Do you take VISA?)付现金还是刷卡呢?你们接受VISA卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Do you accept American Express?)您要付现金还是刷卡?你们接受美国运通卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Do you take VISA?)您要付现金还是刷卡?你们接受VISA卡吗?Will you be paying by cash or charge?(Can I use Master Card?)您要付现金还是刷卡?我可以用万事达卡吗?A:May I help you?B:No,thanks,Im just looking.A:能为您务吗?B:不用,谢谢.我只是看看.A:All right.Let me know if you need any help.B:Thanks.A:好的.如果有任何需要请告诉我.B:谢谢.A:Hi,how are you today?B:Im fine,thanks.A:嗨,你好.B:很好,谢谢.A:Are you looking something in particular?A:你要找特定的东西吗?B:Actually,Im looking a pair of jeans.B:事实上我在找牛仔裤.A:The jeans section is over here.What kind of cut are you looking ?A:牛仔裤放在这儿,你要什么式样的呢?B:I think I want a straight leg.B:我想要直筒的吧.A:What size?B:30-30.A:什么尺寸呢?B:30-30.A:Here you are.Do you want to try them on first?B:No thanks.They should fit.A:这件.您要试穿吗?B:不用,谢谢,应该适合吧.A:Would you like to look at our sweaters or T-shirts to go with that?A:您要不要看看我们的毛衣或T-shirt一起搭配?B:No thanks,Ill just take these.B:不用了谢谢.我买这件就好.A:All right.Thatll be .95.Will that be cash or charge?A:好的.那是.95.要付现金还是刷卡?B:Do you take American Express?B:美国运通卡接受吗?A:Yes,we do.B:All right.Charge then.A:Please sign here.B:Thank you.A:是,我们可以.B:好,那刷卡.A:请在这儿签名.B:谢谢.A:Thanks shopping with us,and have a nice day!A:谢谢您的光临,祝您愉快.Im just looking,thanks.我只是看看.Could you show me this?你可以拿这个给我看吗?Cash,please.付现金,谢谢.Charge.刷卡. 185


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