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One of the latest campaigns to use Bruce Lees image is one for the Nokia N96 mobile phone that features Bruce Lee playing ping pong with nunchucks.近期用到李小龙形象的是他在诺基亚N96手机广告里,用双节棍打乒乓球。Since it first appeared in China,its had more than a million hits on YouTube across the world.自从在中国开播以来这广告在YouTube上的全球点击率已经超过百万。People are still finding ways to put Bruce Lee into new context like the recent commercial in which someone dressed as Bruce in the inevitable tracksuit is playing ping pong using a pair of nunchakus.人们还在寻求能嵌入李小龙的场合,像是近期广告里穿着李小龙标志性连体衫的人用双节棍打乒乓球。It all just adds to his legacy in its own way and,you know, sort of passes it on to the next generation.这都以各种方式成为他的遗产之一,以某种方式传给下一代。Its been more than 35 years since Bruce Lees death,but there appears to be no letup in interest,with numerous projects in the pipeline.李小龙去世已经35年多,但对他的兴趣却丝毫未退,还有很多项目在进行中。These include Hollywood remakes of the Green Hornet,and the 80s cult classic The Last Dragon,as well as a broadway musical and a computer-generated Bruce Lee film in development from Spider-man creator Stan Lee .其中包括好莱坞将翻拍;青蜂侠;和80年代的经典;决战功夫龙;,以及百老汇音乐剧和由蜘蛛侠作者Stan Lee执掌的李小龙电脑动画。Its a fictional action movie in which we found a way to have Bruce Lee appear in this movie.这是一部虚拟动作片 我们想了个招让李小龙在片中重现Its Bruce Lees legacy that was foremost in peoples minds when they gathered in Seattle for the 35th anniversary of his death.人们齐聚西雅图纪念他逝世35周年时,首先想到的是他的遗赠。Hes buried alongside his son,Brandon, a rising actor who died in a tragic accident on the set of the film The Crow.他长眠在儿子墓旁,李国豪 在;乌鸦;片场意外身亡的新星。Bruce Lees grave has become a Mecca for fans,with thousands turning up each year to pay their respects.李小龙的墓地已成为粉丝们的圣地,每年都有数以千计的人到此缅怀。Linda and Shannon have returned to celebrate the life of a devoted actor, husband, and father.琳达和李香凝也回来悼念这位忠诚的演员 丈夫和父亲Theyre joined by more than 400 people who have traveled from as far a field as Lees ancestral home of Shunde in China.同行者超过400人,其中有远道自李小龙故乡中国顺德而来的影迷。201403/281609Ukraine Unrest: Opposition Offered Top JobsThe Ukrainian President offers to share power as demonstrators try to seize government buildings across the country.新闻背景:乌克兰议会新通过的一份新的法律,旨在对公众集会进行严格的限制。这遭到了反对派的强烈不满。随后他们准备包围乌克兰议会以示抗议,但是遭到了警方的阻拦,随后爆发激烈冲突。俄罗斯外交部长拉夫罗夫称,俄关注美国国务卿克里的言论,目前重要的是美国不要干预乌克兰事态进程,并避免激化冲突的言论。拉夫罗夫对媒体表示,他在第二次日内瓦会议期间分别与欧盟外交与安全政策高级代表阿什顿、意大利外长尼诺、美国国务卿克里探讨了乌克兰局势。拉夫罗夫说,会议上的相关讨论令他感到,相比此前基辅独立广场示威刚刚开始时,克里等人认识到,向乌克兰反对派示好仅仅为了持他们反对现任政府的做法是危险的。根据乌克兰社会调查机构最新调查显示,对于当前的局势,乌克兰东西部地区立场相差较大。西部地区亲欧,因此对于反对派的抗议示威较为持,目前,不少乌克兰西部城市也爆发了示威集会,声援基辅的示威者。而乌克兰东部地区的居民则大多对反对派的行为表示不满。有东部地区居民就表示,要想生活得更好,需要的不是暴力对抗,而是努力工作。 The fires are still burning by the barricades, the police still holding their line and the politician sticking to theirs. The President had offered major concessions to stay in power to make one of the opposition leaders prime minister, to make Vitali Klischko, former world heavyweight boxing champion deputy prime minister in charge of humanitarian affairs.From the stage in Independent Square, they announced they were prepared to lead the country, but not with Yanukovych still in charge. Negotiations will now continue, but with the President who looks distinctively weakened, the protesters still calling for his head.“I dont think people will admit this propose of Yanukovych. And people will stay here, in the place to continue the fight against this criminal government.”“I think this is not what people on the streets and the Ukraine are waiting for, because they want resignation of Yanukovych, and not just by in a position with some, you know, posts in the government.”This is no longer contained to the capital. This is Vinnytsia, 180km south in central Ukraine. They stormed the government’s regional headquarters. The police are numbered and under attack. This is what they think of their president yet. In Kiev, they briefly seized the energy ministry, forcing their way in with homemade shields and sticks. They barricaded themselves inside with tables and chairs. In streets so as I say, parliament hostilities are going strong, what truces their war still seems to be off. There were elements of the medieval siege to this note. They are using catapults to reach the police lines. And then through the barricades trooped a brigade of mothers, let through the frontline by Orthodox priests. They climbed over the rubble, through remains of burnt-out buses to stand and face the police. “We pleading with you,” they chant.The women have come right all to the frontier. They are holding signs, saying they are mothers and they are repealing to the lines of the police, just metres here in front of them, appealing them to be with their people, not to attack their children. As the mothers were led back, the protesters started to sing the national anthem, hands on hearts on top of the barricades. They feel they are standing here for the future of their country. They have too much to lose to go home. /201402/275278

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