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青原区妇幼保健人民医院口腔科吉安县妇幼保健人民医院做隆胸手术多少钱ed Nations Warns of North Korean Food Crisis粮农组织呼吁紧急行动缓北韩饥荒 The ed Nations World Food Program says urgent action is needed to prevent what it calls a "serious tragedy" because of food shortages in North Korea. A bad harvest and soaring world food prices may be creating one of the leanest years in the North since a period of mass starvation in the mid-1990's.  联合国世界粮农组织说,需要采取紧急行动以防止北韩因粮食短缺而导致的严重悲剧。粮食歉收以及世界粮价大幅上涨,可能使北韩步入自上世纪90年代中期的大饥荒以来最为贫困的一年。 The ed Nation's World Food Program warned Wednesday "time is running out" to avert a "humanitarian food crisis." Jean-Pierre de Margerie is the WFP's representative in Pyongyang. 联合国世界粮农组织星期三警告说,缓解人类粮食危机的时间紧迫。该机构在平壤的代表马杰里说:"We have a bit of a 'perfect storm' here, because we have all these factors lining up," he said. “北韩有点像置身于一场大风暴,因为我们面临这一系列的困难因素。”The main factors are a dramatic spike in world food prices and the consequences of last year's severe North Korean flooding on harvests. De Margerie says prices for basic foods, like corn and grain, have at least doubled since last year.  主要因素是世界粮价大幅上涨,而北韩去年的水灾严重影响收成。马杰里说,像玉米和谷物之类的主要食品价格自从去年以来上涨了一倍。North Korea has experienced food shortages because of decades of self-imposed economic isolation, culminating in the mid-1990's, when hundreds of thousands of North Koreans are estimated to have died of starvation. The WFP says North Korea was able to meet about 80 percent of its basic survival food requirements, last year. De Margerie says, this year, the North will probably only produce about 60 percent of its basic needs. 北韩由于几十年来自行采取的经济封闭政策而一直粮食短缺,到上世纪90年代中期达到最严重的程度,据估计,当时有数十万北韩人死于饥荒。世界粮农组织说,去年,北韩的粮食生产能够满足维持基本生存所需要的80%。马杰里说,今年北韩的粮食产量可能只能满足60%左右的基本需求。He says there are signs of severe strain on the North's Public Distribution System, or PDS - the government office responsible for providing food to citizens. 他说,有迹象显示,北韩的公共分配体系,也就是负责向民众提供粮食的政府部门的情况非常严重。"Officials - government officials at the local, county, and provincial level, are telling us - maybe for the first time - that they're experiencing difficulties in ensuring that PDS dependents are receiving their rations," de Margerie said. "And, they're telling us that there is a chance that they will have have to suspend PDS rations in the future. We've never heard this before." 马杰里说:“县级和省级的地方政府官员告诉我们,他们难以保依靠公共分配体系的民众得到配给,他们这样说可能是前所未有的。他们还告诉我们,有可能不得不中断公共分配系统的配给。这也是我们闻所未闻的消息。”The WFP is intensifying talks with donor nations who, according to de Margerie, are "asking a lot of questions" about North Korea's delays in nuclear weapons negotiations and recent bellicose rhetoric to the South. 世界粮农组织正在加紧与捐赠国的谈判,马杰里说,捐赠国针对北韩推延核武器谈判以及最近对韩国的舆论攻击提出了许多问题。Last month, Pyongyang publicly threatened to turn South Korea "into ashes." The North has cut off most official contacts with the South, in disapproval over conservative President Lee Myung-bak's North Korea policies. The Lee administration says aid and economic cooperation with the South depends on the North fulfilling promises on nuclear disarmament. 平壤4月公开威胁要把韩国化为焦土,北韩还切断与韩国的大部分官方接触,以显示不赞同保守派的韩国总统李明的北韩政策。李明政府说,韩国向北韩提供的援助和经济合作取决于北韩是否信守解除核武装的承诺。Since Mr. Lee's February inauguration, the North has gone without the massive transfers of South Korean rice and fertilizer it had received for years under other administrations. De Margerie says, unless the North receives fertilizer soon, it may have to prepare for another bad harvest in the near future. 自从李明2月就职以来,北韩就再也没有得到韩国的大批粮食和化肥援,而以前的韩国政府曾提供这样的援。马杰里说,除非北韩很快得到化肥援助,否则近期内将再次准备承受农业歉收。"The thing is, is that we're running out of time," he said. "You know, this fertilizer needs to be applied on the field before the end of May. So, it's unlikely that they'll be able to meet this critical deadline." 他说,问题是我们现在时间急迫,因为必须在5月底之前给土地施肥。现在看来不大可能赶上这个关键性的农业季节。The ed States is preparing a donation of half a million tons of grain to North Korea this month, via the World Food Program. 美国准备4月通过世界粮农组织向北韩捐赠50万吨粮食。200804/35296吉安保仕柏丽整形医院光子嫩肤手术多少钱 Wild Europe - Genesis 肇始之初- 7 And when this rock was quarried, it also revealed traces of real monsters, the bones of huge dinosaurs. 117 million years ago, Oxford was a real-life Jurassic Park. Dinosaur fossils have been found throughout Europe. In La Rioja in Spain, the traces they've left are not only the bones. Hundreds of dinosaur tracks have been discovered in this mountainous region, some revealing an ancient struggle between predator and prey, a deadly drama from the Age of the Dinosaurs frozen forever in a layer of rock. As reptiles conquered the skies above ancient Europe, dramatic changes were affecting the western shores. Pangea continued to disintegrate, Europe was tearing itself away from what is now North America. This separation gave birth to one of the world's great oceans, the Atlantic. As this ocean grew, pterosaurs were not the only creatures exploring the air. And the most famous evidence for that is found here, in Solnhofen in Bavaria. This tiny community is famous for the unique qualities of the local rock. The limestone quarried here is extremely fine-grained and can be worked into thin and very light slabs.words and expressionsquarry: (v.) To obtain (stone) from a quarry, as by cutting, digging, or blasting. 采石grain : (v.) To cause to form into grains; granulate 使...成为粒状slab: (n.) A broad, flat, thick piece, as of cake, stone, or cheese.200809/47510吉安鼻头缩小哪家医院好

吉安专业整形美容医院Please join me in welcoming Jeff Colvin and Sallie Krawcheck.I wanna ask you a little about your own career starting with the fact that Wall Street is not just a mainly male environment; it is an aggressively male, an aggressively macho environment. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage to be a woman in that world? There's something about having gone, gone to an all-girl school in Charleston South Carolina. It was tougher than Wall Street. (Yeah.) You don't know what it was like. I had the glasses, literally, the glasses, braces, corrective shoes, right, half Jewish half sort of a waspy. I, I couldn't have been a further outcast. I have all the stories, and they mocked. It was, it was not pretty, it was not good...(Girl, girls are tougher than boys),(right?), girls are tough. (yah, I've heard this, that..) Girls are tough. There was nothing they could do to me at Salomon Brothers ( the company she used to work in Wall Street) in the 80's that was as tough as what happened at Ashley Hall (the school she went to)in seventh grade. Awful.You have said that everybody makes one false step coming out of biz schools. (Sure) what was it in your case?My, my false step coming out of business school was I couldn't, I actually couldn't find a job coming out of business school. My mistake was as a young investment banker er, I became very happily and joyfully pregnant. But rather than doing what I would advise any young lady to do, it's ok you know. Work out the hours, work out you know, maybe you could go, not work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and try to figure out can you go to another department, if it's not working. I quit, full-out, quit. Right, no plans and it took me about two weeks to realize that I had, I didn't mean to quit. I further compounded my error by trying to interview to go back to work on Wall Street while very pregnant. (Tough) It didn't work. (It didn't work) It didn't work, I've been rejected by every firm, every firm on Wall Street. The great news about it is, is that I spent the time sort of stewing, right, and it was during that year that I had off that it hit me. I want to be a research analyst. I'm not sure if I hadn't taken the time and thought, really thought about what I liked and didn't like, I would have found the right path. And the other lesson is you can try to kill a career, but if you are persistent to get back in, there,there may not be anything as career suicide. Now, you were a research analyst. That is largely a solitary job. You went from that to becoming the CEO of Sanford C. Bernstein. Suddenly you were leading 400 people. What was the most important element in making that change successful?To be an analyst, to be a successful analyst, to your point, solitary, fine. But you actually have to, you have that healthy ego, right? You have to want to be ... want to embrace the spotlight, say it's ok for people to look at me, it's ok for me to be out there, make mistakes. The job of running the business was very different, it had to then be completely turned to other people and I think a lot of folks stumble on the transition because they move from "It's all about me" to "No, it's all about you". And now what I'll be very excited about is that Jeff is successful, not that Sallie is successful.You seem to have a particularly easy, erh, particular ability to be blunt, to be frank. Do you have any insight into why it's easy for you, or why it's hard for so many other people?You know what? What's the worst thing that's gonna happen? Right? If, if you don't tell the truth and you don't act ethically, you don't deliver the bad news. There's a lot of downside there. Right? And, and careers are ruined, and reputations are ruined. The worst thing that can happen is if I tell you something you don't want to hear, is you don't like me. Right? Or, I get maybe, you know, my job, maybe I'll get fired. That's not so bad. 200809/49059吉安妇保医院韩式隆鼻多少钱 big-rig ———— 商用大卡车(名词,俚语)英文释义 (noun, SLANG) A large commercial truck, usually having eighteen wheels.例句 The narrow road was completely blocked by a big-rig that had collided with a bus.一辆商用大卡车与一辆公交车相撞,狭窄的道路被彻底阻塞了。 /201609/464989吉安祛痘印医院

吉安做隆鼻哪家好South Korea Lifts US Beef Ban, Warns Demonstrators韩国正式解除对进口美国牛肉禁令  South Korea has lifted a formal ban on U.S. beef imports. Authorities are also taking a harder line on street protesters opposing the imports, now that an amended deal has been reached with Washington. 韩国正式解除了从美国进口牛肉的禁令。与此同时,韩国当局在跟华盛顿达成了一个经过修改的协议之后,也对反对进口的街头抗议者采取了更加强硬的立场。South Korean authorities says inspections of warehoused U.S. beef can begin immediately. They took final administrative steps which could make the beef available to South Korean consumers as early as next week. 韩国当局表示,可以立即开始检查库存的美国牛肉。当局采取了最后的行政措施,从而使韩国的消费者最早在下个星期就可以买到美国牛肉。More than 5,000 tons of U.S. beef are being held in South Korean customs facilities. It was shipped in expectation that South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's April deal to resume U.S. beef imports would soon go into effect. 目前韩国海关设施里存放著五千多吨美国牛肉。这些牛肉早些时候运抵韩国,因为外界预期李明4月跟美国的谈判会导致很快恢复进口美国牛肉。South Korea banned U.S. beef five years ago, after a single American animal was found to have mad cow disease. Doctors say the brain ailment can be transmitted in some cases to humans who consume tainted beef. 韩国5年前禁止进口美国牛肉。当时,美国发现一头牛有疯牛病。医生说,这种牛脑疾病在某些情况下可以通过牛肉传染给人。There has never been a documented human case of such brain disease linked to consumption of U.S. beef. Regardless, many South Koreans have become convinced U.S. beef poses a health threat, and have conducted about two months of street protests against President Lee. 到目前为止,还没有出现人类因为食用美国牛肉感染疯牛病的案例。但许多韩国民众还是深信美国牛肉具有健康威胁,并发动针对总统李明的长达两个月的街头抗议。South Korea and the ed States have now amended the beef import deal to bar shipments of older beef, seen as having a higher risk of mad cow disease. Prime Minister Han Seung-soo urged the nation to accept the new deal. 韩国与美国政府修改了牛肉进口协议,禁止美国出口月龄较大的老牛的牛肉,因为老牛肉被认为比较容易感染疯牛病。韩国总理韩升洙呼吁民众接受新的协议。He says the beef deal may not be perfect, but the government has done its very best to safeguard the people's health. 韩升洙说:“这个牛肉进口协议或许不算完美,但韩国政府已经尽一切努力来保障民众健康。”Han adds, the government will take strict measures against illegal protests. Violence and illegal actions, he says, are intolerable. 韩升洙还表示,首尔当局将对一切违法人员采取严厉措施,绝对不允许暴力和非法行为。South Korean police are aly taking a more robust approach toward protesters, who have dwindled in numbers but become more aggressive.  韩国警方已经开始对抗议人士采取更强硬的手段,抗议群众的人数虽然有减少,但行为更加激烈。About 130 people were detained early Thursday after assaulting police vehicles, and engaging in scuffles with officers on duty. 星期四,大约有130名抗议人士在攻击警车以及与警察抗争后遭到拘留。200806/42881 I hope you have received our Imperial Lemons and that you are happy with the order.我希望你收到了我们的皇家柠檬,并对订单感到满意。Yes, very very happy.是的,非常满意。The lemons are… fantastique!柠檬太棒了!Oh thats good.太好了。Erm… we do hope you are pleased with our service and that you may use us again.我们希望你能对我们的务感到满意,并且再次合作。We certainly will. Thank you.当然,谢谢。Do you have any questions you may want to ask?你还有什么问题吗?No… actually yes…. err, can I… err… buy you dinner sometime?不,事实上是的,我能找个时间请你吃晚餐吗?Very funny Tom.真搞笑,汤姆。They wont ask that!他们才不会这么问呢!No. Im asking you.不。是我在问你。Oh right… erm… OK then… yes!好的,那么,好!Hooray! Or should I say oh dear?好哇!还是我应该说天啊?Silly Anna has agreed to go on a dinner date with Tom – but there is still some business to attend to.傻安娜同意和汤姆共进晚餐了,但仍然有一些公事要处理。Dont forget to make that call to your client Anna.安娜,别忘了打电话给你的客户。No I wont – in fact Ill do it right now.不会忘的,事实上我现在就要打了。Good! While she makes that call, here is a reminder of some of the phrases she could use…很好!她电话的时候可以温故一下她的表达方式。 /201705/508478吉安注射玻尿酸哪家医院好青原区妇幼保健人民医院激光脱毛多少钱



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