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On sunday,a girl friend of mine...they ...were having a playdate.这周日 我和一闺蜜约好把各自的孩子带出去玩She was like,;so honor has this new fashion thing that shes doing,闺蜜告诉我‘honor仔摆一个酷炫的新姿势the one shoulder look.; and I was like,;what are you mean?;Shes like,;she taught...; yeah....秀香肩造型’ 我一头雾水 ” 她说“honor在教我拗个造型” 对 就是这个She does the pose,i cant with the pose.Its out of control.她做起来倒是毫无压力 我可做不到这太难了So she like puts her arm through the hole...the neck hole.她把手臂绕过整个脖子And like wants always show her shoulder. to make it over the shoulder?感觉像是要显摆自己的肩膀 手臂穿过来放在肩膀上吗Honor does that at kindergarden?Honor在幼儿园也这么干吗Honor does that in life.Honor每时每刻都在秀这个动作and Haven is just funny.Haven超有趣的And she follows her sister. so she like always wants to make Mummy laugh.她跟她有样学样 总想逗我开心She has like mustache on her finger.她在自己手指上贴两撇八字胡She like has like silly glasses.带些傻乎乎的墨镜Yeah,we dress her up.我们把她打扮成And pretty much anyting. well, theres nothing cuter than that.各种样子 萌得我一脸血Thats ridiculous. shes really sweet.太搞笑了 她真的很可爱She looks like David Beckham a little bit in that picture though. she does.这张看起来有点像小贝 还真像Doesnt she? people call her boy all the time.很像是吧 大家都叫她假小子Yeah,no wonder. shes precious.不足为奇 她就是个小活宝And what are they gonna be for Holloween. did they have outfits?小姑娘们万圣节要办成什么 装准备好了吗Um...they... we havent figured out Haven.我们还没想好把haven装扮成什么Shes still the age we can kind of have fun with it.她还小 我们可以随心所欲逗她玩Like we can make her... you can make her anything.我们可以把她扮成 你们想把她扮成什么都行You can make her a pumpkin or something.可以把她扮成大南瓜啥的yeah, or a hotdog or like you know that something funny.或者热之类的 关键是有趣Well honors like, i wanna be a mermaid with theHonor跟我说 我想扮成美人鱼You know dress with no straps.穿着无吊带的裙子And Im like,no.And then shes like我告诉她 ‘没门儿’ 她又问我how about if im the mermaid that has the tail that you cant walk,那我扮成长尾巴的美人鱼好不好 这样一来我没法走路so you can just carry me up to the front door.你就可以把我抱着出门and Im like, thats not happenig.我赶紧让她断了这个念想Shes very smart, that girl. Shes so entitled ,its crazy.真是个极致的娃 她在这方面太有想法了 很不可思议注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201311/265469You make me happy, twitch,你真让我开心 twitchyou make me very happy,我真是太开心了our first guests are best friends in real life,我们第一组嘉宾是生活中的好朋友and also on their hit show Two Broke Girls. Take a look.也是热播剧《破产》的主演 一起来看一看Venti triple cap, no whip.超大杯三份卡布奇诺 不要奶油Meow,meow, shmeow, meow.喵喵屎喵喵Grande double soy latte.大杯双倍浓缩豆奶拿铁Grande double soy latte. got it, max?大杯双倍浓缩豆奶拿铁 记住了吗 MaxNope.没You two, switch.你两 交换Ill have a tall cap, triple shot half caf.我要中杯三份浓缩办咖啡因Small scrap nipple slap half half.小碎奶头啪啪一半一半Thats not what i said.我不是这么说的Tall cap triple-shot half caf?中杯三份浓缩半咖啡因Girl, youre good at this, you should work at Starbucks.妞 厉害哈 应该去星巴克上班Please welcome kat and beth.有请kat和beth注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201401/272372Some are little more than rocks, others substantial mountains, covered in woodland. 有的也就比岩石大点,其他的则是覆盖着森林的山脉。The first British person to see that was captain Cook, who stood here in 1770, and for the first time, realized the scale of the Great Barrier Reef. 第一个到达这里的英国人是库克船长,他1770年来到这里,第一次意识到大堡礁的规模。He also realized that the scale of the problem that faced him. 但他也意识到眼前的问题。For Cook and his men without benefits of modern charts and sonar, it represented nothing more than a deadly labyrinth. 对库克和他的船员而言,没有现代航海图和定位装置。这就是致命的迷宫。But its exactly this complexity and the sheer size of the reef that has created so many opportunities for life. 但也正是它的复杂和庞大,大堡礁才能提供各种生物各种生存机会。There are fish of almost every imaginable kind. 这里有各种能想得到的。Coral eaters, plant eaters, plankton eaters, the hunters and the hunted. 以珊瑚为食,以植物为食,以浮游生物为食。Bluefin trevally, powerful predators that hunt in packs. 蓝鳍鰺,非常强悍的群体捕食者。One minute that apparently minding their own business, the next, charging their prey with a sudden rush. 前一分钟还在独自晃晃悠悠,下一秒随即就对他们的猎物展开攻击。Working together, they create confusion. 它们一起合作,制造混乱。The trevally depart as quickly as they arrived, and the colorful reef fish regroup again to feed.它们来无影去无踪,随后这些色缤纷的鱼又重新聚集在一起觅食。201409/326415

Last time, we talked about “motional induction,” aphenomenon by which the ocean generates a magnetic field.上次,我们提到过动生电磁感应:海洋产生磁场的一种现象。It works like this: earth has its own magnetic field.地球有自己的磁场,The oceanhas plenty of charged atoms in it, in the form of dissolved salt.海洋有无数溶解盐形式的带电原子,These atoms are in motion because the ocean flows.随着海洋运动而运动。Charged atoms moving through a magnetic field will induce an electric current.在磁场中运动的带电原子会引起电流,And an electriccurrent will, in turn, create another magnetic field.而电流反过来又回形成另一个磁场。The ocean should generate its own magneticfield.这样海洋应该就形成了自己的磁场。You said should. How could we know this “motional induction” is happening?你说“应该”,我们怎么知道这种动生电磁感应确有其事?Direct evidence came in 2003 from scientists working at the University of Washington and aresearch institute in Potsdam, Germany.直到2003年,华盛顿大学和德国波兹坦的某研究学院。These researchers used a magnetometer on board anorbiting satellite.研究人员将磁力计放在轨道卫星上,实海洋的磁场真是存在。First, they figured out what the magnetic field of the planet should be.最初,磁力计上的数据让科学家以为是地球磁场作用的。After subtracting thisfigure, they found there was still some leftover magnetic field.而后,他们发现除去这个因素后,仍然有磁场存在。Next, the team made a computer model of what kind of magnetic field the ocean shouldgenerate through motional induction.研究人员又电脑模拟在动生电磁感应让海洋产生哪种磁场,Sure enough, their prediction matched the excessmagnetic field measured by the satellite.当然,科学家的推论和卫星上测出的“另一个”磁场吻合。The satellite also found that magneticintensity over the oceans peaked every twelve and a halfhours, but not over the land. Can you guess why?卫星还发现,海洋磁场每隔12个半小时就会出现高峰,但是地球磁场不受影响。你能猜到原因吗?Every twelve hours…Oh, I get it— tides!每隔12个半小时?我知道了!是潮汐。Exactly right!完全正确!The tides rise and fall every twelve and half hours, just as that extra magneticenergy swells and diminishes.潮汐每隔12个半小时潮起潮落,正好和“另一个”磁场高低峰吻合。This is very strong evidence that motional induction is real… andthe ocean has its own magnetism.这正是磁场感应存在的真凭实据,海洋确实有自己独特的磁力。201405/302437

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