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Table for three,please.三个人用餐的桌位。Can we get a table for three?请给我们三个人用餐的桌位。Do you have a reservation?请问您有订位吗?I have a reservation for a table for three.我订三个人的桌位。Smoking or non smoking?吸烟吗?This way,please.这边请。 /201503/362822

听力训练Answer the following questions about the .1) Where does Crystal spend her shopping days?a) Pittsburghb) South Korea2) According to Crystal, how much on average is a dish in Korea?a) About 10 dollarsb) About 6 dollars3) Who owns the BBQ set?a) Some strangerb) George#39;s friend本期话题Topic:Is your city expensive?George: Hello, I#39;m George. I#39;m from Honolulu, Hawaii.Crystal: And I#39;m Crystal, I#39;m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.George: Today#39;s question is Is your city expensive? Crystal, is your city expensive?Crystal: Well, I#39;m from Pittsburgh but I spend my shopping days in South Korea, Seoul, and Seoul I think it#39;s quite decent. OK...OK-ish. Compare to like other places that I#39;ve been. I think Korea has really cheap clothes and food. You can get a whole dish of food for only like six thousand won.George: How much is that?Crystal: I don#39;t know American dollars it#39;s...George: Oh...Oh...OK.Crystal: Well, how much is that? Six dollars?...George: Six dollars?Crystal: Six dollars-ish.George: That#39;s pretty nice.Crystal: How about Honolulu?George: Oh...Yeah...well...it is pretty cheap as long as you can avoid where all the tourists are. Like I...what is it...in my hometown, just like a few blocks away, some dude has a barbecue set, and he does it every Wednesday.Crystal: Nice...George: And it sells like, it#39;s got, it#39;s like two pounds of steak for five dollars.Crystal: Wow...George: So I always go over to his house and we usually just cook it and sell it to the local people.Crystal: Wow...George: It is totally awesome.Crystal: People we should all go to Honolulu.George: Yes, steak place.听力b b b /201212/214678

  北京市将在今年春节首次发布烟花爆竹燃放气象指数,以提醒民众天气条件是否适宜燃放烟花。该指数分为三级,逢大风天、雾霾日等天气将建议民众不放或少放烟花。【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道Beijing weather authorities issued a firework index for the first time on Tuesday to ensure safety and reduce pollution, as sales of fireworks for Spring Festival started at 1,337 certified stores citywide.周二,北京天气部门首次发布烟花燃放指数,以保安全并减少污染,今年北京共1337个合法摊点已开始春节期间烟花爆竹的销售工作。【讲解】firework index就是烟花燃放指数。烟花燃放指数分为三级(grades),以提醒民众天气条件(weather conditions)是否适宜燃放烟花(fireworks)。公众可以通过拨打首都气象部门的热线电话(hotline),或者浏览其微(micro blog)查询指数。周二,北京市气象局发布的烟花燃放指数为1级,表示天气条件适宜燃放烟花(setting off fireworks)。该指数在农历新年(Lunar New Year)假期期间每天都会发布。春节(Spring Festival)是中国最重要的传统节日,也是烟花销售的旺季(peak season)。烟花燃放指数以各种天气条件为基础,包括风速(wind speed)、湿度(humidity)及降水(precipitation)等因素,目的是要保安全并减少燃放烟花引起的污染。北京市专业气象台台长丁德平说,比如风力大(strong winds)的时候(五六级以上),或者湿度很小(low humidity)的时候,不适合燃放烟花爆竹,因为易发生火灾(easily cause a fire),但静风和湿度大的时候也不适合,因为不利于扩散(disperse),遇雾霾天燃放会加剧空气污染。一月,北京遭遇了几十年来最严重的大雾天气(hazy weather),整整一个月北京只有5天是无雾(smog-free)天。持续的浓雾天气警示(alert)了市民,许多市民催促政府限制(limit)甚至禁止在雾天燃放烟花爆竹。政府部门已加强对烟花批发商(distributors)的监管以保安全(ensure safety)。 /201302/224696

  bite one#39;s tongue off一想到,就后悔讲解:I could bite my tongue off whenever I think of what I had said yesterday.我一想到昨晚说过的话,就后悔得要命啊!请大家注意,这句话里有个词组,bite one#39;s tongue off, 呵呵,不难理解吧,bite咬的意思,组成这个词组自然就是咬掉舌头的意思,嘿嘿,为啥咬掉舌头呢?还不是在某个时刻,这个舌头乱说话,咬掉舌头就不会说了呗,相信你可以理解了,就是后悔的意思。说出去的话,泼出去的水,一旦说了伤人的言语,再想收回来那是不可能的哦,后面的whenever是个状语从句。记住这句话了吗?不过,这句话只有对自己说有用,跟别人说,等于给自己找借口了。 /201410/327997。

  Background: 中国已经开始面向欧洲市场发放购房贷款。作为全球第三大,中国提供的贷款要比英国当地资金紧缺的更具吸引力,很多业主将会看到中行的利率和信贷紧缩前的利率相差无几。 【文本】Chinese Mortgages in the UK The Bank of China's entry into the British market will come as a surprise to some and a relief to many. It hasn't been crippled by the credit crunch and it's rich with Chinese savings when many big European banks are still struggling with massive government bailout loans. The Chinese also bring with them more than a whiff of old-fashioned banking; the kind of rules that prevailed before the credit crunch, when bankers actually talked first to their customers. The Bank will use its own capital, another return to past practice. Economists will laud what's happening as evidence that the market does work: the Chinese earn money from selling cheap goods to Europeans, then save what they earn in banks which then cycle the money back to Europeans as loans for them to buy property. Others have spotted the same opportunities as the Bank of China. Israeli and Swedish banks, also less affected by the credit crunch than the mainstream European banks, are offering loans in the potentially lucrative British home loans market substantially cheaper than the local alternative. /201007/107888

  台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:You actually think you#39;re THE Buzz Lightyear?你真的以为你自己是“巴斯光年”本尊?Oh, all this time I thought it was an act.我一直以为你是装模作样。 /201405/300457

  台湾籍旅美老师今天交给我们的句子是:There#39;s always more fish in the sea.天涯何处无芳草。 /201405/292981说起起床睡觉,你只会说get up和go to bed? 快来学学这些给你口语加分的说法吧!1) Bright and early 一大早2) First thing in the morning 早起第一件事3) Get a move on 快点4) Hit the hay 去睡觉 /201404/293297

  Rat: If someone told you that you only had five years to live, what would you do? Pig: Easy...I’d scream. Rat: No, you dumb pig...What would you do with the five years you had left? Pig: I’d scream even more. Rat: I think I’m going to start screaming. Pig: Are you dying?


  Are you sure?你确定吗?Really?真的吗?Are you serious?你是认真的吗?Is that right?真的吗?Do you really think so?你真的这么觉得吗?He#39;s quite young, isn#39;t he?他还很年轻, 不是吗?It#39;s beautiful day, isn#39;t it?今天天气真好, 不是吗?He looks so young!他看起来这么年轻! /201412/350664


  10月12日,中国商务部起草的《沐浴业管理办法》正试图将所有性病、艾滋病患者杜绝在公共浴室门外。该《办法》明确规定,沐浴场所应在显著位置设立禁止性病、艾滋病和传染性皮肤病患者入浴等警示标志。沐浴业经营者违反本《办法》并整改不力的,可被处三万元以下罚款。意见反馈截止日期为2013年11月11日。该意见稿立即引发业内人士和公众的热议。【新闻】UNAIDS#39; China office has expressed concern with a draft regulation from the Ministry of Commerce that would ask bathhouses to ban people with HIV.日前商务部公布联合国艾滋病规划署中国办公室起草条例,要求沐浴场所禁止艾滋病患者入浴,联合国艾滋病规划署中国办公室日前对这份草案表达了担忧。【讲解】ban people with HIV是艾滋病患者禁浴。日前这份草案正在征求公众意见(public opinion),征求意见稿规定(stipulate),沐浴场所(bathhouse),包括提供洗浴(bath)、SPA、足浴(foot care)的场所应在显著位置设立禁止性病(sexually transmitted diseases)、艾滋病(people with HIV/AIDS)和传染性皮肤病(infectious skin diseases)患者入浴等警示标志(put up signs,设立标志)。意见反馈截止日期为2013年11月11日。联合国艾滋病规划署中国办公室表示,有必要强调,艾滋病只以三种方式传播:性行为(sexual contact)、血液传播(blood-borne transmission)以及母婴传播(mother-to-child transmission)。在沐浴场所或其他类似场所进行的平常接触(casual contact)都没有传播艾滋病的风险。2006年开始实施的《艾滋病防治条例》(Regulations on AIDS Prevention and Treatment)规定,任何单位和个人不得歧视(discriminate)艾滋病病毒感染者(HIV-positive)。因此,联合国艾滋病规划署要求去除禁止艾滋病患者进入沐浴场所(prevent people with HIV from accessing bathing facilities)的规定。商务部表示,目前已经注意到了公众的意见,考虑进行修改(revise)。 /201310/260426

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