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2019年11月15日 12:39:11 | 作者:飞度云热点 | 来源:新华社
The majority of people who look at their health usually start off their quest for wellness with losing weight. In this month of February, as people are still working on their goals and resolutions, there are more advertisements and promotions for weight loss and fitness s, programs and workouts.I set myself on the quest to compile a list of 40 ways one could lose weight fast and more importantly keep off putting the weight back on. The list is by no means conclusive, but it is a collection of ideas, methods and strategies from all around the world.1. Count your calories - the most straightforward method is simply to count up the number of calories you take in and the number of calories you give off and then you simply give off more calories than you take in.2. Increase your dietary protein by having a protein shake at least once a day. Protein will help your body facilitate weight loss and can be important to a good plan.3. Pay attention to what you eat. Document it daily in your journal and consciously create more water-rich healthier meals.4. Buddy up. Find a friend who is also interested in weight loss and work together, giving each other support in your plans. The support and accountability a friend gives is massive. The Get A Life 2008 system provides a great structure for this.5. Decrease your carb intake. Eat less b and pasta.6. Avoid junk food altogether. No more McDonalds, Burger Kind, KFC. Junk food gives you “empty calories” and unneeded weight loss.7. Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water throughout the day. Read about starting your day with a pint of water in the free How to Live Healthy in an Unhealthy World book.8. Plan your workouts. Your workouts need to be planned - journal exactly what you’re going to do and make sure you follow it strictly for a few weeks.9. Get some good sleep. Sleep is vital to body rejuvenation and repair so make sure you get some good sleep and keep your timings consistent. Lack of sleep can contribute to lack of weight loss.10. Go on a juice detox.11. Listen to subliminal or self-hypnosis weight loss CDs or downloads.12. A positive attitude. Get your attitude in check and realise the outlook is positive when you get going and sheding the amount of weight you want to lose.13. Accept how weight loss works. This one is important. Some people don’t want to accept the natural processes of body and are looking for quick rewards. Weight loss takes place over time so be consistent and committed, and you will see big results.14. Keep hunger quiet. When you feel hungry, opt for fresh fruit or a glass of water. This will help cover the hunger.15. Get your free gym trial and see if it’s for you. Meet with a personal trainer and map out your plan for weight loss. These guys are the experts in helping you get a safe plan that meets your time schedules.16. Follow Honey Kalaria’s Bollywood Workout, also used by Madonna - a fun way to workout and lose weight.17. Read Tom Venuto’s “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” and all his extra free bonuses.18. Increase Metabolism. If you’re having trouble losing weight, try a natural supplement that helps do this.19. Go on a low fat diet. Low fat is good for your heart too.20. The Atkins Diet. This seems to work as there are success stories but many people feel nauseated by the high fat content. It also doesn’t seem to keep you healthy for life.21. Lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.22. Try the Lemonade Diet and Master Cleanse.23. Form a new weight loss habit in 21 days.24. Take Suvaril. This is a revolutionary weight loss pill helping people achieve healthy and great looking bodies the natural way.25. Eat only until satisfied. Too many people eat and eat and eat even if they’ve had enough. Eat only till your satisfied.26. Jog up a hill. Hills are like lifting weights for runners. Do this only if you have enough endurance built up. It will also help convert useful fat to a little muscle.27. Follow Leo’s Zen Weight Loss plan.28. Stay away from sweetened and fizzy drinks.29. Drink a glass of water before you start the meal. Water naturally needs some space so that you feel fuller without actually having to stuff yourself.30. Stay away from fried foods. Fried foods are fried in oil or fat. And even if the external oil is drained away, there is still a lot of hidden oil in it so stay away from it.31. Avoid chocolate. Chocolates are not or at least they should not be a part of your diet. So do not indulge too much in them.32. Consider going Vegetarian or Vegan. Here’s how.33. Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day instead of three large meals. It is an excellent way of having smaller quantities of food.34. No more beer. Beer can be fattening if had on a regular basis.35. Boil your vegetables instead of cooking them, or even better, eat them fresh.36. Do not be a couch potato.37. Try out Carol Vorderman’s 28 Day Detox Diet.38. Attend The Raw Food Party with Peter Pure.39. Try yoga. Yoga is one of the best ways of losing weight. And it seems to be massive in 2008!40. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone’s plans, body and patterns are different. Work at your own pace. /200810/51290打造“生活健身馆” 让身体动起来Fifty years ago, most people's daily levels of activity were equivalent to walking three to five miles a day; today, the average person fails to cover that distance in a week.It's no wonder the incidence of obesity has soared - with serious implications for health.The culprit? Inertia. What we have gained in convenience from labour-saving devices over the past half-century, we have paid for in terms of a sharp decline in physical activity.We use cars, buses or trains to get to work; our children are driven to school; escalators and lifts have replaced conventional stairs in shopping centres, offices and apartment blocks.Washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers and electric mowers all minimise the effort required to maintain a clean and tidy home.Television has us tethered to the sofa.Almost one third of adults spend over ten hours sitting down every day, adding up to a staggering average of 32 years and four months over a lifetime.Hardly surprising, then, that researchers blame this sedentary lifestyle for our weight gain.Of course, our diets have changed, too, but the fact is we consume fewer calories now than in the 1960s.Our waistlines are expanding for one major reason: increasing inactivity.So what is the solution?The secret is integrated exercise. This involves going about your normal daily life - but doing it with more gusto.It might mean standing to answer the phone and pacing the room, tapping your feet on the floor as you work.It means never taking the car when you could walk; it means standing on short train and bus journeys, or walking at a pace where you feel you might break into a run if you were to go any faster.A Dutch study found that people who spend more time doing moderate, integrated-style exercise burned more calories than those who performed shorter, sharper workouts. 半个世纪前,大多数人每天的活动量相当于步行三至五英里,而如今,普通人一周的活动量还不到这个水平。所以肥胖率的上升不足为奇,而这一问题则对健康造成了严重影响。罪魁祸首是谁?懒惰!半个世纪以来,我们从各种节省人力的设备中得到很多便利,但这是以我们身体活动的大大减少为代价的。我们上班要么开车、要么乘公交或坐城铁;我们开车送孩子上学;购物中心、办公大楼和公寓里传统的楼梯都换成了扶梯和电梯。洗衣机、吸尘器、洗碗机和除草机让我们不费力气就能保持家庭整洁。电视机让我们陷入沙发,不能自拔。近三分之一的成年人每天坐着的时间超过十小时,照此计算,他们一生中坐着的时间竟达到三十二年零四个月!所以,研究人员将发胖归咎于这种久坐的生活习惯不无道理。当然,我们的饮食也发生了变化,但事实在于,与上世纪60年代相比,如今我们消耗的能量减少了。身体活动的日益减少是我们腰围见长的一个主要原因。那么如何解决这个问题呢?秘诀就是“综合性锻炼”。这得从你的日常生活做起——但一定要充满热情地去做。比如,你可以站着接电话、可以在房间里溜达、办公时双脚可以拍拍地板。可以步行时,绝对不要“以车代步”;乘短途火车和坐公交车时最好站着;快步走,以再快一点就会跑起来的速度走路。荷兰一项研究发现,经常进行适度综合性锻炼的人比在短时间内进行高强度健身的人消耗的热量多。 /200803/30967世界各地咖啡文化各地咖啡文化 每个咖啡国度都有其特定的咖啡文化及饮用方式,赶快看看吧!#8226;美国:百无禁忌美式风美国人喝咖啡,像进行一场不需要规则的游戏,随性放任,百无禁忌。欧洲人冲调咖啡时的种种讲究,美国人是不屑一顾的。美国人喝咖啡喝得自由,咖啡也同时深入他们的生活中难以分离,影响之深甚至到达没有咖啡不算生活的地步。据说第一次载人类上月球的阿波罗十三号宇宙飞船,在归航途中曾经发生生死关头的故障,当时地面人员安慰三位航天员的一句话就是:加油!香喷喷的热咖啡正等着你们归来。不论在家里、办公室、公共场合还是路边自动贩卖机,美国人几乎一天二十四小时都离不开咖啡。如此喝掉了世界咖啡生产量的三分之一,是全球咖啡消耗量最大的国家。一般而言,美国生活比较忙碌紧张,不像欧洲、中东一带的人民那样能以悠闲心情享受生活,表现在喝咖啡上头,经常就是一大壶电热过滤式咖啡(Drip Coffee Marker),从早到晚,由于水加得多,咖啡少(一杯十公克的咖啡量对两百CC的水),滋味特别淡薄,因此也多有人批评美式咖啡实在难喝。其实,在美国各地,咖啡嗜好者只要多费点心力,还是可以品尝到自己喜爱的咖啡口味。如果单纯美式咖啡分为浓淡两大类,美国东岸比西岸喝得浓,南方又比北方浓。以民族而言,南欧及拉丁裔比英、德、北欧移民较嗜好浓烈咖啡。  另外,美国虽然是最大的即溶咖啡外销国家,但美国本身喝即溶咖啡的人却不多。近年来他们日益重视饮食健康的结果,市场尚无咖啡因(Coffeeineless Coffee)的销路渐增,而喝咖啡不加糖的风气也越来越普遍。#8226;土耳其:摄人心魄土耳其咖啡在中东古国,宛如一千零一夜里的传奇神话,是蒙了面纱的千面女郎,既可以帮助亲近神,又是冲洗忧伤的清泉。 要说咖啡,不能不提中东(土耳其)咖啡,是因为无论从回教或是基督教立场说咖啡起源,它的故乡都是在遥远神秘的中东山上。经过十三到十五世纪,长达三百年的回教宗教界禁止角色,咖啡在十六世纪正式传入土耳其,开始商业化,并且迅速传至欧洲大陆。这种盛行于希腊、东欧、中东、北非等地的咖啡饮用法,一般人惯称土耳其咖啡或阿拉伯咖啡,至今仍保持着早期宗教仪式话的神秘感。传统土耳其咖啡的做法,是使用烘培热炒浓黑的咖啡豆磨成细粉,连糖和冷水一起放入红铜质料像深勺一样的咖啡煮具里(IBRIK),以小火慢煮,经反复搅拌和加水过程,大约二十分钟后,一小杯五十cc又香又浓的咖啡才算大功告成。由于当地人喝咖啡是不过滤的,这一杯浓稠似高汤的咖啡倒在杯子里,不但表面上有黏黏的泡沫,杯底还有渣渣。在中东,受邀到别人家里喝咖啡,代表了主人最诚挚的敬意,因此客人除了要称赞咖啡的香醇外,还要切记即使喝得满嘴渣,也不能喝水,因为那暗示了咖啡不好喝。阿拉伯人喝咖啡,喝得慢条斯理,它们甚至还有一套讲究的咖啡道,就如同中国茶道一样,喝咖啡时不但要焚香,还要撒香料、闻香,琳琅满目的咖啡壶具,更充满着天方夜谭式的风情。一杯加了丁香、豆蔻、肉桂的中东咖啡,热饮时满室飘香,难怪阿拉伯人称赞它:麝香一般摄人心魂了。#8226;意大利:热情洋溢意大利到意大利观光要小心两件事:一个是男人;一个是咖啡。在意大利,咖啡和男人其实是异曲同工的两样东西,因此意大利有一句名言:男人要像好咖啡,既强劲又充满热情!英文名称为Espresso的意大利咖啡,近年来在国内已经普遍为爱好咖啡的人所熟知,这种又浓又香,面上浮着一层金黄泡沫的纯黑咖啡,浓稠滚烫好似地狱逃上来的魔鬼,每每叫人一饮便陷入无可言喻的魅力中,难以忘怀。意大利咖啡的特色,表现在它的英文名字上,就是一个快字;作得快不超过十秒钟,喝得也快,因为只有两三口。一般意大利人起床第一件事马上煮一杯咖啡,不分男女几乎从早喝到晚,街上到处可见叫做BAR的咖啡小店,贩卖一杯四百里拉左右,约合台币十多元的咖啡,供人站着一饮而尽。意大利人平均一天要喝上二十杯咖啡,调至意大利咖啡的咖啡豆是世界上炒得最深的一种豆子,这是为了配合意大利式咖啡壶瞬间萃取咖啡的特殊功能。由于一杯意大利咖啡的份量只有五十cc,咖啡豆用量只要六至八公克便够了,因此这种看起来很浓的咖啡,其实一点不伤肠胃,甚至还有帮助消化呢!意大利咖啡还有一种加了牛奶的喝法,叫做Cappuccino,利用意大利咖啡壶摄氏一百三十度以上的蒸汽,先将牛奶打成泡沫,再漂浮在浓黑的咖啡上。甜美的新鲜牛奶,纯白可爱;迷人的Espresso魔鬼在它的点缀之下,顿时就换化成美妙的天使了! #8226;中北欧:温和理智中欧式不像意大利人那么热情如火,也不像法国人那么浪漫似水,中北欧一带的人喝咖啡,喝得理智又温和,正像他们一板一眼的民族性一样。欧洲人的生活与咖啡,几乎已经结成密不可分的环节,除了意大利和法国一带与众不同的咖啡喝法,从奥地利、瑞士、德国,以致于北欧几个国家,品尝咖啡的习惯与口味可以说是大同小异,他们深深了解中庸之道,完全属于中浓度口味。中、北欧人民在家煮咖啡,最常使用的大多式简便的手冲式滤纸咖啡壶,以及台湾常见的家庭用电热咖啡壶(Drip Coffee Maker)。其中,滤纸冲泡咖啡法(Paper Drip)就起源于中欧,是德国人MERITA夫人在本世纪初发明,并在欧陆各国广为流传。但是营业场所的咖啡,由于需要大量快速供应,还是Espresso咖啡机的天下,只不过使用的咖啡豆口味不同。在这些国家的咖啡馆喝咖啡,与台湾最大的差别,可能是他们把咖啡、糖、奶三项分得很清楚,许多咖啡馆的价目表上都名列黑咖啡与加奶咖啡的不同价格,有些甚至连份量也列入价格差别差异的因素。中欧一些国家,像奥地利、瑞士,点心做得有名,花样繁出的各式糕点,理所当然也跃为咖啡桌上另一项出色的演出。近几年来,北欧四国人民平均的咖啡饮用量一直名列全世界前四名榜上(每人每年一千杯以上),他们对咖啡的钟爱,用巴哈一出歌剧中的一段唱词形容最为恰当:这么美妙的咖啡,比一千次香吻更甜美,比陈年加酿更醉人! 日本咖啡:讲究的年代最初咖啡传到日本是元禄年间的长崎出岛。而人们正式接受是从明治时代开始。以下我们来看看日本的咖啡史吧!最初,其味道香醇日本人还不太习惯西欧诸国的咖啡屋接二连三地开幕之际,可谓咖啡文化的文学与艺术正值开花时期,而日本正处于江户时代严历的锁国政策中。当时最先端的饮料咖啡是在长崎出岛的荷兰商馆设立(1641年)推测是当时被携带进来的。然而能与外国人接触的是役人(官员)商人通译与游女。1776年记载的"尊贝鲁日本纪行"上"二、三个通译终于知道咖啡的美味。特地传到出岛来象征洋文化的"咖啡"在当时也无法普及。"   日本人喝咖啡的是1804年狂歌师戏作者,大田蜀山人在"琼浦又缀"一书中,在红毛船上被请喝叫"咖啡的东西,豆炒得黑黑呈粉状,与白糖搅和后饮用,味道焦苦的臭味与苦味无法适应。从咖啡自出岛输入而无法广为接受的背景来看,锁国政策的确影响了日本人对新饮料味道的不习惯。   1823年到日本驻地出岛的荷兰公馆的西饱尔特,好像蛮喜爱咖啡。在"江户参府记行"一书中记载着"日本人与我们相处时,喜欢喝咖啡"。真正的普及是从明治中期开始。 创刊的文艺杂志"昂"的会员北原白秋、石川啄木、高村光太郎、佐藤春夫、永井荷风等以日本桥小网町的"鸿之巢"场所作为每月会合的地点。在那店里可以饮用道地的法国料理与洋酒、咖啡也是道地法国式深烘焙咖啡。鸿之巢就好像文人的社交场。   从明治时代到大正时代,像这样的文化沙龙的确帮助产生了几家咖啡屋,日本也终于进入咖啡文化的风气。然而对一般人来说依然是一种难得的店铺罢了。   当时所形成的咖啡沙龙是文人或文学青年们的社交场所,但同时平价化的咖啡屋在不知不觉中盛行。大正时代的最盛时期,全国约有二十多家分店。为何咖啡沙龙如此受人欢迎呢?因为在高级西洋料理店的咖啡,当时一杯15钱,而模仿巴黎或纽约的咖啡店,则彻底实施一杯5钱的低价位咖啡。因此以三分之一的价格就可以以道地且味香的巴西原味咖啡。在全国知名的咖啡沙龙,品尝到美味咖啡的日本人难以数计。咖啡沙龙为大众化咖啡留下不可磨灭的功绩。   在大正时代咖啡的爱好者确实增加很多,进入昭和时代更受大众的喜爱,第二次世界大战却因咖啡乃"敌国饮料"而停止输入。在日本人的生活中,咖啡一时销声匿迹。咖啡以"和平的使者"身份受到人们的感激和喜爱。   目前日本咖啡市场的情况竞争相当激烈。包括沏茶店与家庭普通咖啡与即溶咖啡,家庭咖啡与办公室咖啡,各种罐装咖啡,加上好客咖啡,美味咖啡等。 特别是进入平成时代更加道地的咖啡需求也随之增加了。英国最早的咖啡屋1650年,在某大学附近开了英国第一家咖啡屋,取名"雅歌普的店";两年后伦敦也开了一家"罗杰的店",虽产品不精致却挤满顾客经常爆满。有鉴于此,脑筋动得快的生意人看好咖啡市场,纷纷仿效"罗杰的店",英国的咖啡屋犹如雨后春笋般的展开,短短数年之间咖啡店店数已经达到3,000家了。事情起源是这样的,商人耶德华兹因缘际会在土耳其与罗杰相识,邀请罗杰做生意上的伙伴一起回英国开店,看到耶德华兹每天沉迷于咖啡中而引起罗杰及其它朋友的好奇心,罗杰对咖啡渐渐产生兴趣并虚心学习,待时机成熟时,耶德华兹出资让罗杰开咖啡店,名为"罗杰的店"。"罗杰的店"标榜的是健康,以"咖啡的益处"为标题,散发传单给民众。上面写着可提振精神,对胃或痛风都具某种效果。 此传单为世界上最早出现的咖啡广告,堪称是近代广告先驱。 "罗杰的店"当时位在伦敦塔西北边的商业中心,券交易所附近,尔后,伦敦的咖啡屋都依此形态发展。 因英国商业活动热络,利用"罗杰的店"的人自然不在少数,在交易所内无法取得的情报可间接在咖啡店内得知,俨然成为第二交易所了。伦敦的咖啡屋不但是交换经济情报的场所,亦是民众讨论政治、学术最爱的地方。也被称为「Penny University」(便士大学;Penny便士是英国币单位),也就是说只要付1便士就可在店内阅读各种报章杂志、交换情报、参加讨论。另外,伦敦的咖啡屋还有一个特征是"禁止女人"。这项禁令引发女性的不满,1674年一群主妇向市长提出陈情抗议。请愿书中指出他们的丈夫因喝咖啡导致体力衰退,夫妻关系不和睦。 据此,这些男人提出反击,指她们中伤并无握有确切的实,双方各执一词,此事件一直无法顺利解决,无疾而终。 /200803/31604Could You Be A Target For Layoffs?摘要:随着裁员风潮的蔓延,兼职者、享受弹性工作制的员工、以及电子通勤族担心自己会是首先被裁掉的,有时候还真不幸被他们言中了。As layoffs sp, part-timers, flex-timers and telecommuters fear they'll be the first to go. Unfortunately, they're sometimes right.The outcome depends on where you work. At some employers, people on reduced-hours or work-at-home setups are the first to fall under the budget ax; other employers revert to an 'all hands on deck' mode and revoke flexible arrangements. At other companies, however, oddball work setups are considered an advantage in the drive for efficiency. Either way, hanging onto a flexible work setup during a recession requires planning -- and luck.In tough times, many employers revert to thinking critical jobs can only be done full-time, flat-out and under the boss's nose. Hilary Achauer, a San Diego marketing specialist for a nonprofit concern, sought to return to work part-time from maternity leave last year, but was offered a full-time management job instead. When she passed it up, she was diverted to a marginal job, then axed in February, while the employee who took the full-time slot was spared. 'When the going gets tough,' she says, some employers say, ''That person is only part-time, let's get rid of them.''On the other hand, employers who are equipped to measure output against costs may see an efficient part-timer or telecommuter as an asset. A part-timer hired last fall by a retailing client of Flexperience, a Burlingame, Calif., consulting firm, thought she'd be the first to be laid off, says Sally Thornton, president of Flexperience. But she was so productive at reduced pay, Ms. Thornton says, that her employer chose to keep her over more senior full-timers. Work-at-home employees also confer savings, on real estate and office costs.Indeed, in the current recession, more employers are using flexible setups to save money. Based on an April survey by Towers Perrin of 700 employers, 21% to 32% are either implementing or considering part-time shifts or four-day workweeks, as a cost-cutting tool. Of course, employees usually don't have a choice under these circumstances and may not welcome the change. /200905/68744

1. If you think he is a good man, think again.  如果你认为他是好人,那你就大错特错了。 /201103/129509

Small boxes are a godsend. Large boxes become too heavy and unwieldy fast. It’s a lot easier to deal with lots of small boxes rather than fewer big ones that are too heavy to lift. As a rule, try to keep all boxes under 50 pounds to make sure they’re manageable.最好使用小纸箱子。大箱子笨重,不好挪动。相比较而言,多搬几个小箱子比搬大箱子更方便。 /201003/99474

Spilling Salt Since ancient times salt has been highly valued because it can be used to preserve food, help wounds to heal, and make food tasty. At one time salt was regarded as being almost as valuable as gold, and soldiers, officials, and working people in Greece and Rome received all or part of their pay in salt. So spilling such a valuable thing has been regarded as a sign that something unlucky is going to happen. Some people believe that if a person has spilled salt, he or she may cancel the bad luck by throwing a pinch of salt over the left shoulder.自古以来盐就受到珍视,因为盐可用来防腐、疗伤、调味。人们曾一度将盐视为几乎与黄金一样贵重的东西。古希腊罗马的军人、官员和工人的薪水曾部分或全部用盐来代替。所以平白无故将盐撒落就被认为很不吉利。不过,万一撒了盐,还有办法补救,就是再捏起一小撮盐,从左肩上向后扔,据说可以辟邪免灾。 /200906/75461

Once upon a time, there was a man who always forgot things. One day, he went out with his little son. He was so happy that he put the son ride his neck.  After a time, he suddenly thought of his son, he asked people: "Have you seen my child?"  One of his villagers laughed and said: "Don't you know he is on your neck?"  Hearing this, the man took down his son from his neck, he was so angry that he hit the son on the face, then shouted: "I have told you not to go here and there. Where did you go just now?" 原来有个人记性极差。一天,他带着小儿子出去玩。一高兴,便把小儿子举起来,让他骑在自己的脖子上。  过了一会儿,他忽然想起儿子来,逢人便问:“你看到我孩子了吗?”  “哎,你脖子上的那个不是吗?”有个邻居见了大笑。  这个人一把将小儿子从脖子上揪下来,狠狠地打了一耳光,骂道:“混蛋,叫你别乱跑,刚才你到哪里去了?”

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