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Airplanes are amazing. How does something so big and heavy get off the ground? I’m always amazed at how the millions of different parts work together. Travelling by airplane is always a wonderful experience. I don’t care whether economy class is cramped and has no space. I like playing with the in-flight entertainment system, especially now they have all the latest movies. I also love airplane food. Many of my friends say it’s disgusting, but I love it. I often ask the passenger next to me if I can have the dessert or roll they don’t want. The only thing I don’t like about planes is turbulence. When the airplane hits those air pockets, I always worry we’ll crash. But I once that turbulence has never caused an airplane to crash. Article/201103/129798Luckily, there were some trees by the river and Anne saw a low branch over the water. She jumped up and caught the branch.幸运的是,岸边有一些树木。安妮看到河上低垂着一条树枝。她跳起来抓住了树枝。The boat went on without her and a few seconds later went down under the water.空船顺流而下,几秒钟后沉入了水中。Her friends on the bridge saw the boat, but they did not see Anne under the tree. #39;Oh! Oh! Anne#39;s dead! The boat#39;s gone down and she#39;s in the river! #39;they screamed, and ran back to the village for help.在桥上,安妮的小伙伴们看到了船,但她们没有看到紧紧抓住树枝的安妮。“哎呀!哎呀!安妮死了!船沉了,她掉进河里了!”孩子们尖叫着跑回村里求救。Poor Anne could not move. She held on and held on, but her arms were getting tired and she knew that she would fall in a minute. Suddenly, there was Gilbert Bly the in his boat!可怜的安妮只能一动不动。她努力坚持着抓牢树枝,但她的胳膊感到越来越累,安妮知道很快她就会掉进河里。就在这时,吉尔伯特·布莱思和他的船出现了。#39;Anne Shirley! #39;he cried. #39;What are you doing there? #39;He did not wait for an answer, but quickly helped Anne into his boat. She didn#39;t say a word. When they arrived at the bridge, she got out and turned away.“安妮·雪利!”他呼喊着。“你在那儿干什么?”他没等安妮回答,迅速地帮助安妮进到他的船里。安妮什么也没有说。当他们到达桥边的时候,她下了船,转过身去。#39;Thank you for helping me, #39;she said coldly.“谢谢你帮助我,”她冷冷地说。But Gilbert jumped out, and put a hand on her arm.吉尔伯特跳下船,将手放在安妮的肩膀上。#39;Anne, #39;he said quickly, #39;I#39;m sorry I called you ;carrots. ;It was a long time ago. I think your hair is really nice now. Can we forget it, and be friends? #39;“安妮,”他说,“我很后悔叫你‘胡萝卜’。那是很久以前的事了。我认为你的头发现在真的很漂亮。我们能不能忘掉以前的事,成为好朋友?”For a second Anne wanted to say yes. But then she remembered standing alone in front of the school children all after-noon, because of Gilbert.安妮本想马上说可以。但是她想起就是因为吉尔伯特,她被罚整个下午独自站在学校的孩子们面前。She would never forgive him for that! #39;No, #39;she replied coldly, #39;I shall never be your friend, Gilbert Bly the! #39;她不能原谅他!“不,”她冷冷地回答,“我永远也不会做你的朋友,吉尔伯特·布莱思!”#39;All right! #39;Gilbert jumped angrily back into his boat. #39;I#39;ll never ask you again, Anne Shirley! #39;“好吧!”吉尔伯特愤怒地跳回到他的船里。“我再也不会请求你了,安妮·雪利!”Anne walked home with her head held high, but she felt strangely sad, and wanted to cry.安妮昂着头走回了家,但奇怪的是她感觉很难过,甚至想哭。#39;Why are you always in trouble, Anne? #39;asked Marilla, when she heard about Anne#39;s adventure.“为什么你总是有麻烦,安妮?”听完安妮历险的经历,玛丽拉问道。#39;Well, I think I#39;m learning, Marilla, #39;answered Anne. #39;I learn from my mistakes, and after today, I won#39;t use my imagination so much. I don#39;t think Avonlea is the right place for imagination. #39;“我想我正在学习,玛丽拉,”安妮回答。“我从我犯的错误中学习。从今以后,我不会总是幻想了。我觉得埃文利村不是个进行幻想的好地方。”#39;No, it isn#39;t, #39;agreed Marilla a little crossly.“对,这儿不是,”玛丽拉有些不快地赞同道。When she went out, Matthew, who was sitting quietly in his corner, whispered to Anne, #39;Keep a little imagination, Anne, not too much, of course, just a little. #39;马修一直静静地坐在角落里,等玛丽拉出去以后,他轻声对安妮说:“保留一点幻想,安妮,当然,别太多,保留一点。” /201205/183095I hate junk mail. I’m sick and tired of it filling up my InBox. I mean, who believes the stuff written in it? I love the ones that start with “Dearest” and then tell you how their uncle died during some war and they need your help to transfer million. I wonder how many people fall for those. My spam mail filters do a pretty good job at keeping junk mail away from my InBox. But, I occasionally get a mail trying to sell me medicine. The most dangerous kind of junk mail is called phishing. That’s when a criminal fakes an e-mail to make it look like it’s sent from a bank. It looks exactly the same as a bank’s mail. The mail asks you to reset your password. The criminal then takes your money. Article/201105/137038Aren’t mp3s amazing? Maybe young people today don’t think so. They are part of the “digital generation” and think mp3s are normal. But I was born long before digital music started. When I was a teenager, I had a record collection. You had to go to a store and buy your music. I had hundreds of records. The first time I came across mp3s I laughed. I was totally amazed. I still find it hard to believe I can keep 10,000 songs in my pocket and take them anywhere in the world. I also love the idea of mp3 downloads. It’s much easier than going to a record store. I’m wondering what happens after mp3s. What’s next? I’m sure one day people will laugh at how “old technology” mp3s are. Article/201106/139160有声名著之简爱Jene Eyer Chapter24 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47261

lsquo;But you#39;re still alive.rsquo;;可你还活着。;lsquo;My family know I#39;m alive, but no other people know.rsquo;He looked at me.lsquo;But now you know.rsquo;;我家人知道我还活着,但别人不知道。;他看了看我。;但现在你知道了。;lsquo;How did you do it?rsquo;I asked.;你是怎么做的?;我问道。lsquo;I told my family about my p1an and I told Greta,my wife.At first they didn#39;t like it.But after a long time,they said OK.Then I faked the car crash.rsquo;;我把我的计划告诉了我家里的人,还告诉了我的妻子格里塔。起初,他们不喜欢这个主意。可过了很长一段时间后,他们说lsquo;行rsquo;。后来我伪造了那场车祸。;lsquo;Faked it?rsquo;;伪造车祸?;lsquo;Yes,rsquo;he said.lsquo;I put some of my things in the car.A guitar,and some clothes.Then I pushed my car over a cliff and burned it.The police found the burned car and thought I was dead.Everybody thought I was killed in the car crash.rsquo;;是的。;他说,;我在车里放了些我的东西。一把吉它,还有一些衣。然后我把车从峭壁上推下去并且把车烧了。警察发现了烧毁的车,认为我死了。大家都认为我在车祸中丧生了。;lsquo;But you faked the crash,rsquo;I said.;可是车祸是你伪造的呀,;我说。lsquo;Yes.rsquo;;是的。;lsquo;What did you do then?rsquo;;后来你干了什么?;lsquo;My family hid me away for months.I tried to change into a different person; with shorter hair,a moustache, quiet suits.All my money went to Greta and she changed her name to Ross.I told her to buy this island.Now I invest her money,the money that was mine.And now I#39;m ;James Ross.;;我的家里人把我隐匿了几个月。我尽力想变成一个完全不同的人;;剪短头发,留起胡子,穿着不显眼的衣。我所有的钱都归了格里塔,她把姓改为罗斯。我叫她买下这个岛。现在我用她的钱投资,这钱原来是我的。现在我是lsquo;詹姆斯;罗斯rsquo;。;lsquo;What about;Jake Rosso;?rsquo;I asked.;那lsquo;杰克;罗索rsquo;呢?;我问。lsquo;Jake Rosso took drugs,rsquo;he said.lsquo;Jake Rosso got drunk and crashed cars. He killed a young girl,so he had to ;die;.I can never forget the girl.I think about her every day.rsquo;;杰克;罗索吸毒。;他说,;杰克;罗索喝醉了酒,撞了车。他撞死了一个年轻姑娘,所以他不得不lsquo;死rsquo;。我永远也忘不了那个女孩。我天天想着她的事。;lsquo;And that#39;s why you always look so sad,rsquo;I thought.;而那便是你为何总是显得那么忧郁的原因,;我想。I looked around the room.lsquo;Why do you keep a room like this? Why do you keep the guitars,the posters and photographs?rsquo;我环视了一下这个房间。;你为什么把房间保持这个样子?你为什么保留这些吉它、海报和照片?;James Ross did not speak for a minute.Then he said,lsquo;I need to remember my old life, and what Jake Rosso was like.I#39;m never going to sing again and I#39;m never going to take drugs But I need this room,to remember.rsquo;詹姆斯;罗斯沉默了片刻。然后他说:;我需要记住原来的生活,记住杰克;罗索曾是什么样子。我决不会再唱歌,也决不会吸毒。可是我需要这个房间,以回忆过去。;I looked at the posters and the photographs.And I looked at his sad face.lsquo;I#39;m not going to say anything.I won#39;t tell my mother,I won#39;t tell anybody.rsquo;我望着海报和照片。我还望着他那张忧郁的脸。;我什么也不会说的。我不会告诉我妈妈的,我谁也不会告诉的。;James Ross looked at me.lsquo;I think you understand,rsquo;he said.詹姆斯;罗斯看着我。;我想你理解,;他说。lsquo;I do,rsquo;I said.lsquo;I#39;ve done bad things.I want to forget them,too.I needed to get away,to hide,too.That#39;s why we came to England,to begin a new life Yes,I understatld.rsquo;;我理解。;我说,;我做过错事。我也想把它们忘掉。我也想出走,隐藏起来。那就是为什么我们来到了英格兰、来开始一种新的生活的原因。是的,我理解。;He took my hand,and we walked out of the room and closed the door.他拉着我的手,我们走出了这个房间并关上了门。I never went into the room again,and I didn#39;t tell anybody.我再也没进过这个房间,也没把这件事告诉过任何人。My mother and I left the island at the end of the summer.Soon after,I went to college.夏末,我和我妈妈离开了那座岛。不久之后,我上了大学。My life is bettter now.I work on a farm in England and my mother works in an office. My mother doesn#39;t worry about me,because I#39;m happier now.现在我的生活好多了。我在英格兰的一个农场工作,我妈妈在办公室工作。她不为我担心了,因为我现在快乐多了。I haven#39;t been back to the island.我再也没有回岛上去过。But I know there#39;s a lsquo;dead manrsquo;living there.但是我知道那儿住着一位;亡灵;。 /201204/180212

四个星期过去了,吉英还没有见到彬格莱先生的影子。她竭力宽慰自己说,她并没有因此而觉得难受;可是彬格莱的冷淡无情,她到底看明白了。Jane had aly written a few lines to her sister to announce their safe arrival in London; and when she wrote again, Elizabeth hoped it would be in her power to say something of the Bingleys.Her impatience for this second letter was as well rewarded as impatience generally is. Jane had been a week in town without either seeing or hearing from Caroline. She accounted for it, however, by supposing that her last letter to her friend from Longbourn had by some accident been lost.;My aunt, ; she continued, ;is going to-morrow into that part of the town, and I shall take the opportunity of calling in Grosvenor Street. ;She wrote again when the visit was paid, and she had seen Miss Bingley. ;I did not think Caroline in spirits, ; were her words, ;but she was very glad to see me, and reproached me for giving her no notice of my coming to London. I was right, therefore, my last letter had never reached her. I inquired after their brother, of course. He was well, but so much engaged with Mr. Darcy that they scarcely ever saw him. I found that Miss Darcy was expected to dinner. I wish I could see her. My visit was not long, as Caroline and Mrs. Hurst were going out. I dare say I shall see them soon here. ;Elizabeth shook her head over this letter. It convinced her that accident only could discover to Mr. Bingley her sister#39;s being in town.Four weeks passed away, and Jane saw nothing of him. She endeavoured to persuade herself that she did not regret it; but she could no longer be blind to Miss Bingley#39;s inattention. Article/201110/155821

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